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Macy was stunned at Claudes words. Bitch? Did Claude just call her a bitch?

This dazzlingly handsome man that is the dream of countless people actually insulted her like that?

Macy wanted to be angry but she found herself unable to do that

Claude… he is too handsome!

This man has always treated everyone with kindness. He doesnt discriminate against people whether they come from a humble background or powerful mage families

He always holds himself in a proper way but that is only if Claude doesnt despise a person

As long as Claude hated a person for their wickedness, his attitude would instantly change

He would be crueler and more merciless than these cruel people were

“Apologize now!” Claude repeated, his tone indicating that he would not take no for an answer

“Young Master, thats enough. Shes still a 6th fusion rank mage”

Because of Claudes words and actions, Dominant Sky was forced to come out

No matter what, Macy is still a strong mage and Claude is still just a 5th fusion rank mage

The only reason why Claude has the courage to say such a thing was because he knew that Dominant Sky will protect him

Claude is not a man that is 100% white. He is not a pure Saint

If need be, he wouldnt hesitate to borrow another persons power to do his bidding. Thats what made him quite terrifying

“Tsk” Claude can only click his tongue. He is aware of why Dominant Sky is stopping him

Even if his guard can defeat Macy, there is still the Daydream that they need to give some face

“Scram!” Claude said coldly as if he was merely shooing a dog but with his appearance, it would be hard to hate him

People with degrading kink would even fall for him with how he is acting right now

“W-wait!” Rezen cried out

Scram? Thats it? No! Rezen is unwilling!

As much as Rezen is happy to see his Brother Claude again, the latter still hindered his great plan

He wants to enslave Macy and make her his walking bank! Just imagine the number of mana stones he can extort from her!

To hell with apologies that he didnt even receive, Rezen needs a compensation

“Brother, I was really frightened earlier. I feel like I would suffer nightmares for more than a month. Shouldnt that bit– that girl do something about it?” Rezen hinted while showing his puppy eyes

Compensation! Money! Rezen absolutely needed all those things!

Fortunately, Claude understood the hint and since he never showed mercy tobullies and oppressors, he is more than happy to help Rezen

Rezen was not disappointed as Claude looked at Macy again that almost melted from his gaze

“You see, my little brother here is traumatized. I think he should receive a compensation fee, right?” Claude asks and Macy decided to just end things here

Shes afraid that if she stays longer here, she might lose her mind. No matter how harsh Claude was, as long as Macy looked at his face, all of her anger would melt. This is not a good thing for her and she needs to escape

“I-I understand… w-will ten million mana stones do?” Macy said, being really agreeable

“Huh? I suffered this much of a trauma and youll only give me that much? Brother Claude, I dont think shes being sincere” Rezen complained and Claude shot Macy a look that felt as if an arrow of love struck her chest

“F-fine, fifteen million!”

“No, this is not something that money can solve!”

“Then what do you want?!”

Out of all the people here, Macy was the one that really suffered, okay?!

Since Macy is unable to hate Claude, she can only vent her anger on Rezen who although handsome is nowhere near Claudes level

“A contract. I want a contract!” Rezen said straight to the point. Since he missed his chance to enslave Macy then he can only go for the next best thing

“A contract?”

“Yeah. You know, if you just asked me nicely, I would cooperate with you but you resorted to threatening my and my beloved Masters life” Rezen said while shedding crocodile tears and Macy almost passed out from anger

When did she do that? All she did was release some of her aura to intimidate him! This jerk really knows how to twist right from wrong!

“Rezen…” hearing that, Claude stared at Rezen with pity in his eyes. He knew how horrible it is when ones life was threatened and they were unable to do anything

Just howbadly did Rezensuffer?

“As you already know, I have some interesting things with me. Im willing to supply Daydream with them but as my compensation, I want the contract to be favorable for me” Rezen explained

As for the reason… it was not as simple as him receiving more benefits

If Rezen accepted the mana stones, he would be rich for a bit but then become poor and powerless again

However, with the contract… hehehe

Rezen wants Daydreams help not only for money but also for protection. If he made a contract with them, wouldnt they be forced to protect and cherish him to secure exclusive rights?

Not only would they not pursue Rezen for his spirit plants and also Macys revenge, they would also become one of his backers!

Not to mention, with this incident, the contract would be in favor of him. This is obtaining fortune amidst a misfortune!

“Fine, fine! Whatever, Im gonna go now!” Macy said and she was about to fly away when she heard Claude

“Rezen, take this Token of Gratitude”

Macy stops in her tracks after hearing that. The Token of Gratitude? Isnt that something that the Preston family only gives to people that helped them greatly?

Macy thought that she was hearing things but indeed, a golden token a few inches in size was given by Claude to Rezen that stared at it curiously

“Whats this?” Rezen asks in confusion

“Thats a token from my family and only three people have them excluding you. This token means that you will be under the Preston Familys protection” Claude said but his tone sounded a bit guilty for some reason

“He really gave the token…” Macy thought in her head before she saw Claude looking at her with a meaningful gaze

That was a warning… if the Daydream doesnt want to have a complete fallout with the Preston Family then Macy cannot play a trick on Rezen

“Just what is the relationship with these two?” Macy wondered before she flew away

“Brother, from what it sounds, this is a great thing. Why are you giving one to me?” Rezen asked curiously

As a person that is not a stranger to fantasy theme web novels, a token like this is not beyond his comprehension. From Claudes explanation, he more or less already knew what the token meant

“Miss Fairy of the Forest, please give us some privacy first” Claude said respectfully

In his eyes, Macy is the only one in the wrong. The Fairy of the Forest is a powerful mage but she is alone. She is no match for Daydream

It was possible that she was simply forced by Macy

Florine nodded her head before she flew not far from them

“Rezen, I apologize!” Claude said sincerely. He even bowed his head deeply causing Rezen to worry

What if that handsome forehead hits the ground? That would be an injustice!

“B-brother… why are you apologizing?”

“Rezen… I told you that I will keep your secret when you saved me from the traitor Leon but my father still learned about it. He knew that you have a treasure like that!” Claude said guiltily

Claude is not gullible to not know what might possibly happen to weak people possessing priceless treasures

“I-I see…” Rezen muttered. Indeed, this is a problem. What if Claudes father were to have somefunny thoughts?

“B-but I promise to do my best to protect you! I cant say much but you saving my life was my luck! If I died back then, I wouldnt be as fortunate as I am now!”

“I wont let my father or the clan harm you and I negotiated this token for you!”

Rezen almost blushed from head to toe. A handsome man saying that he wont let people harm you is just too visually appealing!

“A-as long as they wont hurt me then all is good” Rezen said awkwardly

Even if he thinks that this situation is bad, what can he even do? Besides, from how tokens like the one he has worked on various novels, the Preston Family wouldnt harm someone that possesses their token, right?

“Im really sorry for that” Claude apologizes again and it took a lot of effort for Rezen to drive him away

If he let Claude stay longer, Rezen might drown from his apologies. His straight heart cant be shaken!

After Claude and Dominant Sky went out, only Rezen and Florine remained

“Now then, how should I deal with you?”

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