“U-umm, Sir Fierce Fire, I dont think that is possible. It was my sons friend that was lucky and discovered them. I dont think that he has more vismian grass” Robert replied

After all, top-grade spirit plants are not random cabbages. A person could be lucky and find some, one time but for the second time? Fat chance!

“Contact the friend of your son and ask if he has more” Fierce Fire said

The effects of those spirit plants were nothing but miraculous. It was already set that top-grade spirit plants would make a mages elixir field shaky but spirit plants that dont have such side effects actually appeared

Fierce Fire must seize this chance to obtain more of such treasures!

“A-alright, sir” Robert answered before hurriedly taking his phone

Fortunately, he has Rezens number and he can contact him immediately

The phone rang yet moments passed with Rezen not answering the call

Cold sweat formed on Roberts forehead as he dont want to offend Fierce Fire and he tried calling Rezen again

Fortunately, this time, Rezen finally answered the call

“Uncle, I am kind of busy. What is it?”

“R-Rezen, do you have more top-grade vismian grass on you?”

“Oh, so that was it. If uncle wants them, I could give you 50 blades and the same as before, I will give you 30% commission! But uncle please pick it up at my house. If thats only it then I will hang up now and I wont be able to answer uncles call in the meantime!”

With that, Rezen ended the call, showing how impatient he was and Roberts face paled a bit

They have to pick up the grass when a VIP wants them? This Rezen is courting death!

With an ashen face, Robert turned back to Fierce Fire as he smiled awkwardly

“Sir Fierce Fire, my sons friend said that he still has 50 blades more. I-I will go there now and pick it up!”

In that, Fierce Fire shook his head. “Its fine, give me the address, I will go personally”

This is a chance for Fierce Fire to check whether the grasss seller just got lucky or not


When Robert called him, Rezen was in the middle of cultivating or more like… playing

As a man from the earth that doesnt have the presence of mana, magic is naturally an interesting thing for Rezen

As such, he was back in the woods near his house to play

His mystic gem was flying all around him. Sometimes it would be behind his head and sometimes it would be in front of him

With theenlightenment he received from the mysterious peach, he found out that his control over his mystic gem and mana has been improved

At the very least, it was at the level of veteran 1st fusion mage

After all, to use magic spells, the corresponding comprehension and mana control is required

[Sun Blast] is a magic at 1st fusion and naturally, at the very least, one must have the comprehension and mana control of 1st fusion mages

“Damn, this is fun” Rezen exclaimed while watching his mystic gem flying around him

“Hmm, lets see how much I improved. When fighting the wolves, my life is at stake and I was not able to enjoy using magic”

With that in mind, Rezen raised his palm and in front of it, a light yellow magic circle has appeared

“[Sun Stream] go!” Rezen tried the first ever magic that he had learned and used as he broke down another tree with it

The [Sun Stream] also received some improvement but of course, its lethality was still at the 1st fusion stage

Rezen nodded his head, quite satisfied at the improvement and he raised his palms again

This time, a different magic circle was formed by him

“[Sun Blast!] go!]

An orb of condensed sunlight flew out of the magic circle and it collided with another tree before exploding with abang

The damage on that tree was clearly much more severe than the tree that received Rezens [Sun Stream]

Every level of a spell has a different level of lethality!

“Are you Rezen Virion?”

A mans voice suddenly entered Rezens ears and he squealed in surprise

He was actually so engrossed with play—, training that he didnt notice that he has a company

Realizing his reaction, Rezen blushed in shame. As a fully grown man at 18 years of age, he actually squealed like a teenager that just saw their crush! How embarrassing!

“Y-yes, and you are?” Rezen asks unsurely while staring at the man

“You can call me Fierce Fire. I came to inquire about the top-grade vismian grass” Fierce Fire said while secretly scrutinizing Rezen

He cant feel something special from Rezen and that made him even more surprise

He clearly saw Rezen using a magic spell 1 level higher than his rank. Onlygeniuses could do such a thing!

Even if Rezen doesnt have a powerful backing now, many people would still want to recruit or nourish him

In fact, even the Ceres Family would take it as a great blessing if they have atalent like Rezen

“Oh, the vismian grass!” Rezens eyes glowed as he stared at Fierce Fire that felt like he was being treated as some kind of treasure trove

And indeed, Rezens eyes were twinkling as in his eyes, Fierce Fire is his walking wallet!

After the slap from the system regarding the blessing points, Rezen suddenly felt like he is a very poor man

If he wants to expedite receiving a blessing, Rezen has to use a thousand mana stones but even then that is just a single blessing!

What Rezen wants is to be filled with all sorts of blessings. Hence, the system turned him into a money hungry man

“I see, I see, uncle come with me! I am sure that you would love my grass!” Rezen said enthusiastically as he guided his walle— customer, into his small farm house

“Wait for me here sir, I will retrieve the spirit plants!” Rezen said as soon as he had Fierce Fire sit on his small sofa

To not arouse suspicions, Rezen went to his room to act as if he was retrieving the items inside even though a wave of his hand was enough to retrieve them

Rezen has 120 blades of grass yesterday but now, only 50 remained as he already consumed 70 blades to fight the grey wolves and also for his cultivation

Originally, Rezen wants to consume all of them but he stopped himself. If he does consume all of his grasses, he wouldnt have the money to buy more seeds!

Rezen is aware of what compound growth is and he decided that he should set aside a portion of his crops to be exchanged for mana stones that he would then use to buy seeds

The more grass Rezen sold, the more seeds he could buy that in return would mean that he can sell even more grass!

This is a cycle!

“Hmm, I cant just place the grass on the table, right? That uncle might give me a 1-star rating for customer service” Rezen muttered as he found out that he doesnt have proper storage for the vismian grasses

He doesnt want to give a lousy customer service

“Well, meh, who cares? If anyone were to complain about my customer service then I would slap them with top-grade vismian grass! Top quality items dont need a proper container to shine!”

With that, Rezen decided to just grab a small white hand towel and he placed the vismian grasses on them

If ever, he just has to order more hand towels online. He doesnt even need to go out of his house as his parcel would be delivered right to his doorstep

Hurray to technology! Hurray to capitalism!

After counting and making sure that the amount is right, Rezen went out of his room and placed the vismian grasses on the table in front of his sofa

“Uncle, I am an honest businessman, please count them all, uncle, lest you say that I am scamming you!” Rezen said while pounding his chest

Looking at the spirit plants that were carelessly placed in a hand towel that might not even cost a hundred credits, the side of Fierce Fires lips twitches

If it was just normal top-grade quality 1 spirit plants then fine, that is alright. There are many rich people in the world that wouldnt care about these spirit plants

However, the special thing about these grasses was that they dont have any side effects. In fact, their benefits are even better compared to normal top-grade vismian grasses

As such, Rezens careless action without him knowing causes Fierce Fire to think that there is a formidable person or group of people backing him

After all, Fierce Fire doesnt believe that the ones behind Rezen dont know about the peculiarity of these grasses. They might know it but are just too rich and powerful to care

“May I know where you got these spirit plants?” Fierce Fire asks to probe and Rezens heartbeat thumped

‘What the fuck? Is this uncle investigating me?

Rezen immediately went on high alert but as a man that has read fantasy and cultivation novels before, he know what to do at this moment

Instead of showing how nervous he is, Rezen gave a confident smile

“Uncle, everyone has secrets right? Its not good to pry on other peoples secrets” Rezen said, showing exemplary confidence and without him knowing, this time, it was Fierce Fires heart that raced

To show such a confident demeanor in front of Fierce Fire… indeed! There are really people backing Rezen

The act of prying secret could easily offend those formidable people and Fierce Fire became nervous

After all, even in just the Greenwood City, Fierce Fire is already not omnipotent

There are people and families stronger than him but even they dont have the same spirit plants as Rezen and his backing has!

“M-my apologies, that wasnt my intention. I-I was just curious” Fierce Fire said hurriedly

‘Oh, hes actually a kind uncle. I was thinking too pessimistic again! Rezen thought as he evaluated Fierce Fire as a kind uncle

“Its fine! Its fine!” Rezen waved his hand and Fierce Fire sighed in relief

“These 50 blades… I will buy them for 400,000 credits” Fierce Fire offered. That is the max amount of money he could offer

After all, even with the miraculous effect of these vismian grass, at the end of the day, they are still quality 1 spirit plants

These grasses are effective until a person reached the 1st fusion but above that, the effects would greatly diminish

Rezens heart jumped in joy. 400,00 credits are equal to 400 mana stones and 400 mana stones are 40 seeds that would then yield 400 blades of grass!

If 50 blades can be sold for 400,00 credits then what more if there are 400 blades? Wouldnt that make Rezen a multi-millionaire?

“Then uncle could take all of them! And in the future, I can sell more vismian grass. I could also sell them to uncle!” Rezen offered and although Fierce Fire was tempted at that, he still has to make things clear

“Young lad, actually, I offered that price to show my goodwill but the next time, I cant buy the vismian grass for that price again” Fierce Fire explained

His family is quite well-known in the city but at most, they are a top middle-class

Of course, the standards he used was different from the standard of normal people that only ranked themselves by their income

The Ceres Familys rank is based on the power of the mages and the foundation of families and organizations!

“Ah, I see” Rezen was disappointed at that. He is in dire need of money!

400 mana stones cant even let him buy 1 blessing!

Rezen sigh as he thinks that earning money is reallyhard

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