After Rezen got all the money that Claude has, he asked him to stay at his Mushroom House first along with Dominant Sky

He also asked them not to take a peek at whatever he would do while he was gone to prevent exposing himself on other people

“Brother Claude, I trust you, please dont peek at me… I-I mean dont look at what I am going to do” Rezen said, his cheeks blushing a bit

His first sentence sounds a bit… indecent and he had to clarify what he meant by that on his second sentence

“I understand. Miss Dominant Sky and I will not do that” Claude said while giving the 6th fusion rank mage a look indicating that she has to behave

“Good” Rezen replied while nodding his head before walking out. He made sure to go to the part of his farm that is the farthest from his Mushroom Home before dumping all the 50 million mana stones for his system to absorb

“Please have what I need, Im counting on you, system!” Rezen said, his heart beating fast. He hopes that the 50 million mana stones would be put to good use

If this failed, he wouldnt have any face to show to that handsome brother in his home again. He might as well bury himself personally to flee from the disgrace

“[Ding! Detecting 50.16 million mana stones. Does the host want to receive the Truth-seeking Rod, upgrade the farm completely, or receive 25.06 million lottery tickets and 25.10 million blessing points?]”

Rezen has an urge to either upgrade his farm for it to let him grow spirit plants in the 4th grade or receive literally millions of lottery tickets and blessing points but he cant

He can only stare at the system window on his vision regarding the lottery tickets and blessing points but he forced himself to focus on theTruth-seeking Rod

“System, what does the Truth-seeking Rod does?” Rezen asked, his heart hoping that it would help him with the rescue of his subordinates

[Name: Truth-seeking Rod

Quality: Special

– A rod that upon contact with the subject would dispel any and all illusion and lies in the world]

Rezens eyes lit up after reading the system description

This is precisely what he needed!

Sure, it wouldnt automatically save his subordinates but the main reason why the military and their allies cant attack the Twighlight Beast was because of the Clay Doll Master

The executive was afraid and wary of him and there was a high chance that the military and their allies have already been infiltrated by him

Impersonating in whatever way should still fall under the illusion and lie category, right?

The Clay Dolls are not thetruth or thereal people. They should be lies and the Truth-seeking Rod should also work against them

Without an ounce of hesitation, Rezen chose to receive the Truth-seeking Rod and it instantly appeared floating in front of him

“Fuck!” Rezen cursed after seeing what the Truth-seeking Rod looks like

If the Spirit Plants Essence Condenser was a blender then this Truth-seeking Rod is a… bamboo… a bamboo stick

Rezen almost coughed blood because of its appearance

The blende— the Spirit Plants Essence Condenser was at least gold in color. It looks like a high-class item or at least it tries to be

As for the Truth-seeking Rod… it was a plain ass bamboo with nothing special about it

The system could have at least also made the color gold to make it look convincing!

“How am I even supposed to say to Brother Claude that we have to give abonk to people to check whether they are an impersonator or not?” Rezen muttered while giving himself a facepalm

He is thankful for the system but he also doesnt know how to convince Claude that this item is authentic when even Rezen finds it hard to believe that the bamboo was the real deal


“Cough… cough… s-so this is the item you got?” Claude asked while holding the bamboo in his hand, his face twitching

Its not like he thinks that Rezen would lie to him but… a bamboo… a bamboo is what is supposed to help him identify who the Clay Dolls are considering that even 6th fusion rank mages would find it hard to do that.

“Young Master, hes clearly scamming you” Dominant Sky said coldly while giving Rezen a glare

Rezen wanted to be angry for them doubting him but… who can blame those two?

If it was other people that did this to Rezen then he would also find it hard to believe

“Miss Dominant Sky…” Claude called out in a tone that tells her not to act like that toward Rezen

“E-ehem… I get that its hard to believe b-but why dont the two of you try to change your appearance then I will bonk— I mean lightly hit you with the Truth-seeking Rod and lets see what would happen” Rezen offered

Thats the only way he thinks that he would believe him

“Ill go” Dominant Sky said coldly. Even if she focuses on offensive spells, most mages would still have some auxiliary spells

“[Disguise of the Wind]” Dominant Sky muttered. She casts a spell on herself and her appearance instantly changes to that of Rezen

“Hit me as hard you could” She said while still showing her displeasure towards Rezen

‘Shes doing this on purpose. Does she think that because she looks beautiful, handsome, powerful, boss girl, and I want to call her mommy sometimes, that I would like how she acts? Rezen thought indissatisfaction

Its not his fault that such a mystical item looks like that, okay?

Now, Rezen has to hit someone disguised as himself. It felt like he would be hitting himself and it was horrible

Even then, to prove that he was not lying, Rezen picked up the bambo— the Truth-seeking Rod and used it tolightly hit Dominant Sky in the arm


Dominant Sky was about to scorn Rezen but her disguise was instantly deactivated on its own

Instead of having the face and body that is identical to Rezen, she returned to her original appearance

“No way…” Dominant Sky muttered while looking at Rezen with an incredulous look on her face

She thought that she had already seen almost everything in this world but such a mystical bamboo actually exists?

Dominant Sky might not be a mage that is great at disguise but she is still a 6th fusion rank mage

Even a mage at the 5th fusion rank would almost not be able to notice her disguise appearance wise

But now, a simple piece of bamboo did it? What is Dominant Sky supposed to feel?

“Im not a scammer Momm— I mean Miss Dominant Sky” Rezen said proudly, his nose sticking in the air though he felt embarrassed that he almost used theM word

It cant be helped, maybe, he is only noticing it now but Rezens type seems to be the strong and powerful type

I mean, look at Claude. Rezen thinks hes handsome (platonically) because he is strong and the same is true for Dominant Sky

“Momm— were you just about to call m—”

“Ehem. I believe the Truth-seeking Rod is indeed a treasure. Im sorry, Rezen. I honestly doubted you earlier” Claude cut off before these two starts a fight

Thats the last thing he would like to see especially with the current situation at hand

“Rezen, will you lend us your Truth-seeking Rod?” Claude asked and Rezen nodded his head

“Brother, I got that all because you entrusted your money to me. Its yours” Rezen replied

Although he wants to claim the item for himself, in any case, it was Claude that paid for it

If Claude didnt give him that much money, he wouldnt get a hold of that item

“Still, I feel bad for taking it from you. I believe that if you want to sell it, it could go for hundreds of millions if it can help us identify who the Clay Dolls are”

Rezens eyes almost turned into a symbol of money but he still decided to at least bekind andfair

“Yeah… its yours brother Claude, you exchanged your money for it. Although… I wont you know…” Rezen hinted while rubbing his palms together

His plan of obtaining the mana stones he required to upgrade his farm was foiled because of Terroms presence. Even his subordinates were abducted and are now in danger of becoming ingredients for the werebeast nuclei

Rezen would be happy if he were to receive cash assistance for him to upgrade his farm

“Hahaha” Claude chuckled at that. He really likes people that are honest that cunning

“Tsk” unfortunately, Dominant Sky was different

In the past, she was just always ignoring Rezen. But now, she felt great displeasure towards him

She even thinks that Rezen is shameless to ask for more money

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