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How To Gain Closure

o longer hear the words that were being spoken.

Looking around the room once more to confirm that she wasn dreaming, she looked into the eyes of all her loved ones, feeling their pitiful gazes.

Her mother was sobbing uncontrollably. Her father furiously shouting, and her current boyfriend seemed to be averting his gaze and staring at the ground for some reason.

She passed out yet again.


Standing outside of the door, Max couldn refrain his mouth from twitching after everything he had heard.

It felt as if the universe was playing a prank on him.

He was granted his wish after months of suffering in silence.

He felt as light as a feather at this moment.

”Ahh, is this what it feels like to gain closure? ”

”Aha ha hahaha ”

He couldn help but laugh as he made his way towards a trash can and threw away the bouquet of orchids in his hand.

He felt as if all his troubles had washed away as he skipped down the corridor, singing as if no one was watching him.

♫ Una mattina mi son svegliato ♫

♫ O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao ♫

♫ Una mattina mi son svegliato ♫

♫ Eo ho trovato linvasor ♫

”Haha, this day couldn get any bett— SH*T THE USB! ”


F*ck this is degrading.

Stop staring you plebs, don you have anything better to do with your miserable lives?!

”Ahaha, don mind me, I lost my wristwatch in here. ”

Max couldn help but feel embarrassed as he stood inside a dumpster, watching students pass by.

At this moment, he regretted throwing away the USB.

It had already been several minutes since he threw himself in. Fortunately, trash disposal only happened on Thursdays.

He had a realisation after todays events.

He didn want to believe it at first, dismissing it as a coincidence.

Even going so far as to throw away the flash drive to dispel any suspicion that could be traced back to him.

But, after overhearing the doctor say that Sarah would never be able to walk again, and recalling his actions the day before, he came to a conclusion.

The USB was the real deal.

No matter what, he had to get it back, even if it meant losing his dignity.

After several more minutes of going threw piles of junk, rotten food and disgusting used products, he noticed a small transparent stick.


He couldn help but want to scream in delight but restrained himself because he didn want to draw more attention to himself while still inside the dumpster.

Holding the flash drive in his hands, he couldn contain his happiness and kissed it.

”… ”

Note to self… scrub lips with soap later.

Raising the USB flash drive high in the air as if it was Simba in The Lion King, Max couldn help but feel as if a heavy weight dawned on his shoulders.

They say the goddess of opportunity has hair on her forehead but is bald from behind. Meaning if you meet her, seize her, for once you let her slip, you cannot catch her again.

I was not given this power. But I sure as hell will seize it.

”Today the Sword of Damocles hangs high over my head. ”

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