”Hey look, its that loser! ”

The crowd of boys laughed at me as I walked past them to reach my locker. It was a hot summer afternoon and the sun had been glaring down at me for the past twenty minutes as I walked to school. The school building wasn much of a consolation however, as it wasn much cooler inside as it was outside. My clothes were a hot, stinky mess from all of my sweat, I just wanted to relax and get away from everything.

As I went to touch the handle of my dirty, vandalised locker, I was greeted by the sensation of a viscous, honey-like liquid covering my hands. As I pulled open my locker, I was met by the sight of ink all over all of my belongings.

Suddenly, I heard the bully behind me, Louis, behind me burst out laughing.

”Haha! Look at that, your shits a bit wrecked isn it? ”

A dribble of deep black ink came out of the bottom of my locker.

”How are you going to class now? Idiot. ”

I closed up my locker again. There was nothing I could do about that now, I guess I would just go to class without my things.

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my back, then I fell down to the ground.

”Haha ”

Louis was looking down at me with a despicable grin on his face. His cronies, Molly and Jack, were standing beside him, also laughing at me.

”Look at this bitch! ”

”Lets pour some water on him. ”

”Nah, thatd cool him down, hes already covered in sweat! ”

They continued joking and bullying me as I lied on the ground. There was nothing I could do. No one liked me. No one would help me. Even the teachers would ignore me.

I just wanted to disappear.


Suddenly, everything went white. I couldn see anything. What was going on?

Was I dead?

No, wait, I can see something.

[You are now being transported to The Apocalypse]


Suddenly, I felt the sensation of dirt on my hands. I looked around and all I could see was trees and plants. The area was quite dark from all the light being blocked by the trees. It was also quite cold, very cold.

My head was a little dizzy but slowly, I pulled myself up off the ground and looked around.

Im in a forest?

What just happened?

Where was everyone?

I could hear nothing except the distant clatter of insects and the scarce call of some birds in the sky. I was covered in dirt and mud which had stuck to the sweat on my clothes. I tried to wipe as much of it as I could off my body.

[You have been given the ???-Rank System, Minion Controller]

[You have received 1x Woodcutter Minion and 1x Warrior Minion]

[You can buy more minions in the shop]

What was this?

Suddenly, two small humanoid-shape, robotic creatures appeared beside me. They were dressed in bland grey clothing and were very geometric in shape. One was holding an axe and the other was holding a short sword.


Suddenly, a menu appeared in front of me.

[1x] Woodcutter Minion – STANDING BY

[1x] Warrior Minion – STANDING BY

Beside each other the minions, I saw a few choices.

< [Level 1] Woodcutter Minion {1}>

Experience: 1/10

[Health] 100%

[Stamina] 100%


– {Scout}

– {Chop Wood}

– {Fight}


There was so much information.


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