ied taking it off the table, but Chloe beat her to it.

Chloes eyes went round with apparent shock, Ashley knew it was definitely going to be for a stupid reason. She reached for her phone but Chloe raised it up.

”Greg Marshall! ” She read out loud with round eyes, ”you already got his number! ”

”Well, what do you expect? Im to be his secretary from tomorrow. Now hand over my phone to me, ” She said, but Chloe been Chloe answered the call and put it on speaker.

”What took you so long? ” She heard Greg Marshalls voice say with impatience. She wanted to ask him if he forgot to take his mannerisms pills, but she knew better than to offend her boss when she was just starting out.

”I was looking for my phone, ” Ashley lied because she really couldn tell him her best friend had decided to be stupid.

”Typical, ” he said with an unsurprised tone like he had been expecting her to be searching for her phone. She just wished he wasn insinuating that she was clumsy. ”I hope you are not this disoriented with your work because I won have that. ”

It took everything in her not to snap at him.

”What did you call me for…sir? ” She asked dragging the sir.

”Aren you supposed to give a reply to what I just said? ” Greg Marshall asked briskly, making her groan internally. He was proving to be worse than she anticipated.

”I didn know it deserved a reply, ” she said with sass, why? because she just didn care anymore.

”A simple yes sir, would have done the job, ” he said quietly. He made it look like he was talking to a two year old, and she wanted to bash his head in right now, ”Im your Boss you know. ”

Ashley inhaled deeply calming herself so that she wouldn explode, it was too early to start showing him her inner angry monster, ”yes sir. ”

”Thats more like it. ”

”Now why did you call me sir? ” she asked ignoring the look on Chloes face that was begging her to be more polite.

”Well I just wanted to confirm if the number you put down on your file was correct, ” He said ever so slightly, like he hadn just disrupted someones peace.

”What! ” Ashley said with utter bewilderment, this guy had some nerves. ”Im very sure the next thing I should be expecting is for you to come to my house just to confirm if the address I left was correct also, ” like how could he be so inco…

”You are so **ing right. Im at your doorstep right now, thats if the address you left is correct. ”

”What! ” both her and Chloe said at the same time, this had got to be a joke.

”Your hot CEO seems to be a little bit nut. ” Ashley said to Chloe covering the phone with her palm and as if on cue the doorbell rang. Chloe ran to the doorstep immediately without even a glance at her.

She stood up from her bed reluctantly, walking slowly to the sitting room with a silent prayer that it wasn her new boss at the door but one of their crazy neighbors. But on getting to the sitting room, Ashley saw Chloe ushering in a misplaced Greg Marshall who was looking out of place in their small apartment.

Greg was still in the same clothes he had worn earlier today, but the suit and tie was off. The first two buttons on the shirt were gone and she could see his hard chest from where she was, every bit of muscle rippling in that toned body of his.

He gazed at their apartment with curiosity and after some time he looked at her and gave her a dashing smile, her heart did a flip-flop right then. Her throat suddenly felt dry and patchy. She remembered those same lips that are smiling at her now sneering at her with disgust two years ago. She wondered why he came into her life so suddenly again when she thought she could finally live freely, free from guilt and everything else. But she was mistaken because she walked right into the Lions den herself unknowingly.

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