My Perfect Storm

Chapter Five

Ashley Wells walked out of his office fuming; she was sure smoke would be coming out of her nostrils by now if it were to be some cheeky cartoon.

She scoffed loudly as she sat at her desk. She still didn believe what just happened, like who would believe that the same guy who had come to her with smiles for God knows what reason would behave that way to her this morning. She couldn wrap her mind around what just happened.

Ashley gulped down her coffee with fury, she so much wish Chloe was here but to her horror her desk had being transferred to the front of Mr Marshalls office this morning, and his office was on the twentieth floor. It would be very nice if you knew that as big as this floor was, it only housed Mr Marshalls office, and a private conference room where he held meetings with important personnel. So she was pretty much isolated here. She was totally alone now.

Ashley typed with anger as she tried to correct the mistake which was actually no mistake at all. Who the ** complains about some crazy letter missing in the contract? This was a contract not some **ing examination. She hissed to herself as she kept on typing on her desktop with unfounded anger. She was torturing the poor keyboard but who cares.

She heard the sound of the elevator open, and footsteps. She hurriedly typed the last bit of the contract and looked up. As she did so she saw a bag being dropped harshly on her table, she looked up to see a young lady in a pretty little blue gown. The lady had jet black hair and blue eyes, she would have being described as beautiful if not for the heavy makeup that covered most of her beauty. She had once thought make-up was made to enhance beauty, but it didn look like it in the ladys case.

The lady sized her up with pure hatred, she was confused at first and needed to know what she did to deserve such hatred on their first meet. Ashley kept on staring at her with a questioning look on her face; she knew the lady must be intimidated by her look now and she chuckled internally. Although Ashley wasn proud, but she likes the idea of people cowering when they beheld her beauty.

”How may I help you? ” Ashley finally decided to ask tired of the staring contest.

”Is Greg in? ” The lady asked quite rudely, this got Ashley sizing her up again. If she was right this lady can be pass twenty, was she his sister? but she hadn heard of a sister, and it was known that Greg Marshall was the only child of the Marshalls, she knew that first hand.

”Do you have an appointment? ” she asked her. She definitely doesn want her bipolar boss eating her head off just because she allowed a person without an appointment in. The lady might be one of his female friends, but Ashley doesn care.

”Do I need an appointment now to see my fiance? ” The lady asked again giving her an annoying glare.

”Fiance? ” She asked looking at the ladys hand to check for a sign of engagement ring which she found none. ”Well whats your name, I think I can help you fix an appointment, if you are that desperate. ”

The lady gasped. Ashley knew she was rude but she didn mind because she was **ing right. The lady was definitely desperate if she was claiming to be Mr Marshalls fiance.

”Look here lady, I won have you insulting me, call Greg for me now, ” The lady said again this time with ultimate anger. Ashley wasn fazed by her outburst it won be the first time she would experience this. ”Ill make sure I have you sacked. ”

”I won get sacked young lady, instead it will be you getting thrown out, ” she said picking up the telephone to call the security. How the heck did she get up here in the first place?

”Whats going on here? ” She heard Mr Marshall voice saying, coming out of his office. Mr Marshall turned to face the young lady in her front and he smiled, as in a real and genuine smile. ”Nora. ” He came close to the lady and hugged her close to him. Ashleys face was filled with shock, she was damn sure that her jaw was apart. ”Are you okay? why are you here? ” She could hear the obvious concern in his voice.

Damn, she was so loosing her job, she had being rude to her boss fiancee. Mr Marshall looked at her and she immediately bent her head in shame.

”Lets go in to talk Nora, ” he said leading her into his office.

”Youve gotta sack her Greg, she was rude to me, ” the girl whined cutely and for once her voice sounded like that of an innocent teenager, but only she knew best.

She sat still at her desk awaiting her boss call, but was she gonna get sacked? No she can get sacked now, this job pays too well and it was the only place where she felt genuinely happy. She started biting on her nails unconsciously, then like a movie the lady who is now known to be Nora came out of the office with a triumphant grin on her face which made her look a bit younger than she had first looked. And please this make-up was disgusting, she wanted to tell her, but she was her boss fiancee.

”He wants to see you in his office, now! ” she said with her grin still In place then darted off with a triumphant smile. And Ashley could say the lady looked like a stupid teenager. She really wanted to pull her head off but she controlled herself, Ashley saw her walk up to the private elevator which was supposed to be used by Mr Marshall, but she couldn complain, not when she still had another issue to focus on.

She tried to focus on the problem at hand and walked gently to the front of his office. She knocked lightly praying that he hears it.

”Come in. ” She heard his voice say gently from inside. Ashley opened the door and walked in head bent.

”Im very sorry sir, I didn mean to be rude to your Fiancée. I thought she was just some desperate leech trying… ”

Ashley stopped talking as she heard Mr Marshall burst into laughter, she looked at him not knowing what he found so funny. Now she was damn sure that her boss was definitely bipolar, like how could he be angry one minute and be laughing the next. Well she had to confess, his laugh was the most beautiful thing shes heard in all the twenty three years of her life.

”I don see anything particularly funny in this situation sir, ” she said curtly.

”She said that… ” Mr Marshall said amidst laughing, ”Nora is so damn funny…she said she was my fiancee? ”

”Yes, and I realized she was after the way you reacted at the hallway, ” Ashley said.

”Well never mind, but I won have you disrespecting her again. She is one of the very few important people in my life, ” he said now completely serious. ”Ill let you off this time and you make sure theres no next time. ”

”Yes sir, ” she said. Ashley was curious as to who the lady was, but she decided it was none of her business, but her damn curiosity got the better of her, ”who is she to you? ”

”None of your business Ashley, ” he said quite too coldly for her liking. She totally deserved it for being too nosy, this was a very bad habit she hadn been able to stop. She stormed off to her desk with a mental warning never to get involved in her boss issues again.

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