My Perfect Storm

Chapter Five

ue some leftover work on his laptop. This work was gonna be the death of him, but he wasn complaining. People already saw him as a fearful boss, and he had to maintain that personality.

”Drive to Boston. ” He ordered the driver.

”Boston? It is a little too late to go there tonight you can go tomorrow. ”

The driver tried to put some sense into him which he ignored him. He just needed to go, he missed that place and he was just too busy nowadays to visit.

The drive to Boston was actually pretty fast, he didn even notice when they got home.

Greg got down from the car and stared at the building in front of him, feeling his heart rate increase. At some point in life this place had actually felt like home, but now all he saw was the evil place where all his bad memories are kept. And the worst of it was what happened two years ago, he couldn believe he was back there. He didn want to be there, but this was home no matter what, and he missed whatever good memory that was ever created here. Most especially her, he missed her, his mother.

Greg walked into the house and saw his father sitting on one of the couch in the sitting room, he was surprised to see the man there. For all he knew his father had abandoned this place long before Greg did. It seemed the old man was reminiscing, but who cares. Greg ignored him walking past him. His father was one of the reason he never wanted to be here, he was in fact the major reason. He couldn bear every bad thing he remembered of his father whenever he was here.

”Don I even deserve a greeting now Greg? ” The old man asked. Greg stopped, turning to look at him, he looked older than his fifty three years of age, it was almost like he was worn out, but Greg didn care.

”I didn notice you were there, I thought you would be in New York, you know doing what you do best, ” he said, and continued in his tracks.

”You know I think we should try to get past what has happened In the past and now focus on our future together as a father and son. ”

Greg stopped not believing his father would say something like that, like what happened to the man who didn even remember he had a son until the day he wanted to retire? The man who had done nothing but made him wish he had no father all his life, the man who had let his mother die. He chuckled wickedly, ”so now you want to be a Father? ”

He walked off not wanting to get angry.

”At least give me a good memory of my last days, Im not getting younger son. ”

Greg ignored him still and went into his room. He dropped his briefcase sitting down on his bed. He remembered all the days he spent locked in this room, days he spent crying, wishing he had a better father, wishing his mother didn have to go through what she went through daily.

Greg hated this man so much for everything he had done, like damn him, now he wants a father-son relationship. ”Fucking bastard. ” He tugged at his tie.


Ashley ran all the way into the lounge not minding the way people were staring at her. She had woken up late and her dear best friend hadn thought of waking her up, ”how dare Chloe go to work without me. ” Chloe definitely had a lot of explaining to do when she sees her.

Damn what was Mr Marshall gonna do? She just prays he hadn arrived yet which is quite impossible considering the fact that the man was a workaholic. She had expected him to be different from his Father but **, the whole Marshall family had to be workaholics.

As Ashley got to the elevator, luckily for her she was able to squeeze herself in with some people. Most of them looked at her like she had grown two heads, it must be really unusual for them to see the ever efficient Ashley Wells come to work late.

Getting to her floor the only prayer on her lips was for Mr Marshalls absence, she wished some stupid situation would be holding him down. Not that she was wishing him bad, but anything that would make him absent would do.

On getting to her desk, Ashley sat down and stared in horror at her desktop,what surprised her wasn the fact that it was on, it was the words staring back at her.

”Ashley, I won tolerate this tardiness from you. Keep this up and you might just loose your job. ”

The words said, damn he was around.

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