My Perfect Storm

Chapter Seven

Oh sweet Jesus in heaven, what was she gonna do now? her boss was around, damn was she gonna get fired? Or what should she be expecting from him? Lately he is being acting like someone stole his cat, it won be a surprise If he decides to reduce her salary.

Ashley stood up and walked to the huge double door. She stood there for about two minutes debating whether to go in or not. She did a cross sign over her head, because she was preparing for a battle with a vampire or something like that.

”Come in. ” she heard her boss say from inside his office. Ashley became a little scared then, how did he know she was there? Did he have a camera stalking her or what? ”I know you are there, so stop that foolishness of yours and come in. ”

She sighed and opened the door ready to face whatever wrath he was going to unleash. She saw Mr Greg Marshall seated by his desk, head down, scribbling something on a sheet with a pencil. He looked up at her about to say something before she raised up her hand in defeat shutting him up. ”I know what I did is punishable by death, but please will you look at this humble servant of yours with mercy, just for this once. ” She finished with her head down in a loyal bow.

”Why were you late? ” he asked calmly, not a single note of the anger she had expected in his voice. ”Let me guess you forgot to set your alarm…or what? ” And he hit the nail right on the head.

”It is more like the alarm got broken since it didn bother to wake me up, ” Ashley said finally confirming how stupid she was; she felt like running away at that moment. Mr Marshall chuckled lightly at her response, pulling at his grey tie, ”I know I should have being the one to set it, but you know sometimes it… ”

”Alarms don set themselves Ashley, I won tolerate this reckless behavior from you. Do you know how annoying it was for me to come to the office and not see my personal secretary on seat? How do you think that made me look to those hot-headed investors who just wants a chance to rile me up? ”

”I can recall I didn ask to be your personal secretary Dear Mr Marshall, ” she said in a sassy tone.

”Dear… ” he said twirling the pencil in his hand like Dear was the only thing he heard out of what she said, ”and if I can also recall Ashley I am the Boss, I can choose whoever I want as my secretary. And you didn seem to be complaining before. ” There was a devilish glint shining in his eyes.

”That was because you are the boss and being a secretary also went with my line of my work, ” she said growing quiet with realization that she had just repeated the same thing he said. ”Well I didn really have a choice then…so. ”

”Either way I won tolerate that behavior thats all I know. Check my schedule, any free day? ” he asked his attention now back to what he was doing before.

She quickly got her iPad and checked, ”none for this week sir. ”

”Then free Thursday evening for me, ” he said curtly.

”But sir you are to meet with the investors from China, ” she said not quite understanding her boss.

”That can wait, this is important. ” Mr Marshall pulled at his grey tie again as he said this. What was wrong with him and pulling his ties?

Ashley opened her eyes wide; her workaholic boss was gonna ditch work, for what? ”And what should I replace the appointment with? ”

”Theres no need, I will be having dinner with someone, ” he said with a dismissive tone. Ashley felt kind of hurt, but what right does she have to complain. She was still nonetheless curious about one thing, her brain was telling her not to voice her curiosity out, but her mouth thought otherwise.

”Who are you having dinner with? ” she asked, regretting it the moment she said it.

”None of your business Ashley, ” he said. And once again she had crossed her boundary, she stomped out of his office. She was sure her curiosity would be the death of her one day.

Ashley sat down on her seat and started work on the files Her Boss gave to her .

She felt a shadow fall over her, how come she didn hear the persons footsteps approaching? She must have being so immense with her work, Ashley looked up to see Chloes glinting eyes and smile peering down at her over her desk.

”You! how dare you! ” She said fuming.

”What? ” Chloe asked with an innocent look on her face.

”You…why didn you wake me up? ” Ashley asked trying to give her friend a chance to plead for mercy before she started the digging of her grave.

”Its the first time you woke up late, so I thought you and the boss got crazy together…so maybe he won mind you coming in late. ”

”What! I…my boss! how could you think up something like that? ” she asked appalled, Ashley wondered how Chloes brain Worked at times, ”if at all Im gonna get crazy with anyone not that crazy rude boss of mine. ”

”Well you both are rude, ” Chloe said quietly probably scared of the look she will get if she says it too boldly, ”and moreover lets forget about that, did you know the boss mom is dead? Well I overheard some of the staffs saying it kind of was the reason Mr Marshall decided to just retire. He must miss his wife so much …awwn, ” Chloe continued to talk not realizing the way Ashley had turn pale within the mere seconds.

Ashley tuned her friend out. She now realized how wrong it was for her to be actually working here. She should have ran away immediately she realized who he was that day, she shouldn have stayed on and even become his personal secretary, this only makes her look more evil. Fear suddenly filled her heart as she recollected the events of that night, she should get out of his life now, before it becomes too late.

”Ashley! ” Ashley immediately jerked up as she felt her friend poke her in the arm, ”what is it? You are crying, does the story of the boss mom touches you so much, well me too. I heard Greg Marshall was really attached to his mother, that was why he went AWOL for sometime. ”

”I guess it does touch me, ” Ashley said quietly not even realizing when she had started crying. If only Chloe knew the reason she was crying, maybe she wouldn be here. ”Would you excuse me I have something to deliver to Mr Marshall. ”

She stood up not even sparing a glance at Chloe as she made her way to her boss office, she knocked on the door very quietly dreading what she was about to do, but she had no other choice.

”Come in, ” Mr Marshall said curtly. Ashley went in to see that he was now facing his desktop working, ”what is it, Ashley? ”

”I would like to… resign. ”

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