My Perfect Storm

Chapter Nine

”You sure I can change your mind? ” Greg tried asking again. There was one thing he was awfully sure of, and that is the fact that he was going to get her to stay whether she likes it or not. He followed behind her as she walked to her front door.

”Why don you want me to resign? ” Ashley asked him stopping to fish out her keys.

”Why do you want to resign? ” he asked her in return.

”You don answer a question with another one Mr Marshall. ”

”Are you trying to lecture me now Ashley. ” His voice was stern and she flinched a little, but besides that she seemed not to be fazed by his over dramatic reply. He doubted if there was anything that made her scared. ”There must be a reason, is it something I did? ”

”I just… ” He saw that expression again, the expression of guilt, she had that when he had first met her, and that expression seemed to be sticking with her.

”What did you do that is so wrong, Ashley? I can help but feel the guilt coming off you. Did you by any chance steal some of the company files? If you did I can assure you that Ill ask the judge to be gentle with you, ” he said with sarcasm, making her laugh a little. That was good, she seemed to have loosened up.

”Goodnight, Mr Marshall, ” she said opening her door.

”Think about it Ashley, I really don want you to resign okay, ” he said giving her a bright smile. Why the heck does he want to keep her around him? He would say this, she had grown on him, and he liked riling her up.

Greg noticed her staring continually at his lips, her face was beginning to heat up, only heavens knew what was going on in that head of hers. And whatever that is, its definitely not helping with the bulge in his trousers. So he bent closer to her ear, and said in a husky tone, ”I know how amazing my lips look, but with you just staring I don think well ever get any job done. ”

”We are not getting any job done dear old Mr Marshall, ” she said shoving his chest, only to run into her house.

”Goodnight, dear old Miss Wells, ” He called to her before she locked the door. He laughed to himself as he remembered her little display and jogged to his car. He decided to drive straight to his private apartment now, its been a long time since he had been there he missed that place. It housed every last bit of memory he had of his mother.

As he drove home he couldn put out that expression of guilt that seemed to be glued to Ashleys face, he wondered what she felt so guilty about. Most times she had her emotions on display and he could read her like an open book, and most times also she hid her emotions so well, she sometimes seems like two people rolled into one.

Greg thought of her hazel eyes they were quite unique, hazel eyes are a little bit common, but hers has some flecks of green and blue and they seemed so similar to that of the girl from that night two years ago. Could she be the one? Is that what she was so guilty about? That is not possible also, Ashley isn capable of such a thing, he didn want to give room to such thought in his mind. That girl had a mass of curly auburn hair, Ashleys hair was also auburn but straight with light waves to it. He could remember clearly that Humphrey said the girl died that day from his bullet, and the fact that she had sustained some injury before didn help, but…

He quickly swerved right before he collided into the truck that was almost at his front, what was he thinking? He nearly caused an accident, he pressed the break and came down from his car to see that the truck driver had also come down. The road was eerily quiet which wasn unusual, this particular area was always quiet and that was the main reason he bought a house there.

”What the ** were you thinking? ” The man yelled with anger.

”Im so sorry, I just… Im sorry I have no excuse, ” he apologized.

”Thank heavens no one got hurt, and that this road is not very common, who knows what could have happened, ” the man said sounding friendlier now. ”Take care and be careful. ” He got back into his truck and drove off.

Greg stood there for a few more minutes, glued to the spot. After some minutes he decided that he needed to get his mind off Ashley Wells.


Ashley woke up to the ringing of her alarm, she put it off with anger. She had decided that she wasn going back to the Marshall Enterprises, come high and low. She was stupid enough to have been working there for the last six months without knowing the people she was working for. Now that she knew, it would be better if she leaves the Marshalls alone and leave New York all together. She had done enough damage. she left Boston two years ago believing she would never come across that family again, but she had walk right back into their hands. Its true what people say, karma is a bitch, and hath no Friend.

Ashley was going to have to leave New York, before Greg finds out who she really is.

”Ashley… ” Chloe peeped into her room to see her seated on her bed in deep thoughts, ”just came to check if you were awake. ” Chloe said and was about turning back on her heel when she turned back, ”Ashley. ” Chloe walking into the room and tapped her slightly. Ashley jerked up, ”is anything the matter? ”

”No… nothing, I just feel a little cranky this morning, ” she said with a smile.

”Ashley, are you sure everything is okay? Is the nightmare… ”

”I am fine Chloe… Im just tired. ”

”Okay… You need to get ready for work, you don wanna be late again. ” Chloe said with energy to show her that she had dropped the issue. Ashley knew that the matter would still be on Chloes mind, oh how she hated lying to Chloe.

”Im not going in to work today… I took permission from Greg. ”

”Ohhh Greg… Huh so first name basis, ” Chloe said smiling peevishly. She scooted closer to Ashley, ”did something happen between you and Mr hotty? ”

”Nothing like what is going on in your mind, so go get ready for work, ” Ashley said now genuinely smiling.

”Whatever… I know something will soon happen, I can just imagine it, he hot boss and his secretary, wow such a sweet romance, ” Chloe said with a huge grin on her face .

”Just go Chloe, nothing of that sort is going to happen. ”

”Oh yes I see, ” Chloe stood and made for the door. ”But when it does happen, I will be waiting with my wide grin and a lovely I told you so, look, ” she laughed and left Ashleys room.

Ashley smiled, she really hated lying to Chloe. She remembered how she had told Chloe she wanted to move out of Boston urgently that night two years ago and Chloe had chosen to follow her, not even asking a single question. The girl was God sent, her own personal fairy godmother.

Which is why this time she won let Chloe know as she moves. She really can let her drop everything and leave with her again, two years ago they both didn have anything much personal in Boston. Her dad had left her to her mercy that night which was more of a blessing for her. And Chloes parent were both staying in New York, but this time was different. They both had a job and a life, and Chloe still needed to reconcile with her parents. So Ashley was going to leave quietly.

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