My Roleplay System

Chapter 2: Master of Fate

Sunset City, Eastern Wind High School.

In a corner located at the last row of seats in the classroom a young man had his head on the desk, seemingly fast asleep.

The teacher in front of the classroom gave the young man no mind as if he was already used to it.

The other students in the classroom were also ignoring the sleeping student as they payed attention to the words of the teacher.

” As you all are aware, your college entrance exams are in a couple weeks and this is no time for you to be slacking off, ” as the middle age teacher spoke his eyes swept towards the young man in the back as he released a soft sigh.

” Since the exams are so close I will take the time to explain the exams to you once more. The exams are divided into two courses. The first course is the normal college entrance exams. This course is for those who wish to further advance their education. ”

” The second course is the Martial Course. This course is for those who which to pursue the martial path and either join the military or become Hunters. The school is willing to allow you to reconsider your options once more and is willing to give you a second chance to repick the course you which to pursue. However you only get one chance at this so make sure that the course you choose is the one you truly wish to pursue as if you were to fail in the course of your choice you will have to pay an expensive fee to retake the exam. ”

It was at this point that one of the male students in the back laughed as he looked at the teacher, ” Sir, their is no point in explaining this to us. We already know everything that your saying, ” as he spoke he casted a disdainful look towards the student sleeping in the back, ” You
e only explaining this in hope that a certain someone would reconsider his choice. ”

Everyone in the classroom released a small laugh at the students remark but the teacher paid them no mind as he shakes his head with a sigh.

” Alright, thats enough. Everyone take out your textbooks, today Im going to go over some revision questions and things to look out for in the exams. ” The teacher took up a book, and was prepared to begin class until he noticed something that left him slightly stunned.

Looking in the back of the classroom he could see the student who was previously sleeping sitting up as he looked at the ceiling in a daze. The student had messy black hair that covered half of his eyes. His deep blue eyes that were hidden underneath them were staring at the ceiling in a daze as his jaw was slightly opened.

The teacher looked towards the student in a slight daze as this was the first time in almost a month where the student he was looking at was awake for one of his classes. As he looked at the dazed student he subconsciously called out the students name which he hadn said for a long time.

” Lake? ”

Lake Egoven, a student at Eastern Wind High School of sunset city.

Usually he spends his days in class sleeping to make up for the lack of sleep he gets from his late night training.

Today was the same as any other day. As Lake rested his head on the desk in the corner seat at the back of the classroom he is suddenly disturbed by a long beeping noise.

With a deep frown, Lake slightly raised his head as he searched for whatever was making that loud annoying noise.

His attention was immediately attracted by the blue holographic screen that appeared before his eyes.

” The heck? ” Still half a sleep, Lake read through the message that had appeared on the pop up window that was still admitting a loud noise.

[Roleplay system successfully bonded to the Host. Do you wish to begin roleplaying?]

[Yes?] or [No?].

Lake looked at the screen for a bit as his mind went blank for a moment. At this point he was honestly contemplated weather or not this was an effect of sleep deprivation or if he had finally gone insane. Either way Lake honestly didn think it was out of place for him to go insane in this day and age so this pop up didn seem so strange.

He didn think to much about it and just went along with it.


[Host approval confirmed. Please select Hosts primary role from the options provided.]

In the next instance, Lake deeply regretted his decision to go along with it as his entire vision was covered by thousands of pop ups with various roles on them. Looking at all the roles, Lake felt dizzy as he read through a few of them. [Martial Saint], [Heavenly Sage], [Demon Lord], [Harem King], [Slaughterer]…

As Lake read through the countless roles, his eyes were starting to get tired from the numerous pop ups. As Lake was starting to get even more annoyed as he read through them he spotted one particular role that caught his attention. The name of the role didn sound impressive as the previous ones he read but for some reason the words called out to him.

[Host has selected Master of Fate as his primary role. Confirm?]

Lake didn think much and internally nodded his head in confirmation.

[Master of Fate has been selected as the host primary role. Beginning synchronization.]

Lake looked at the system as he wondered what did it mean by synchronization, however in the next instance he immediately found out as his vision went black as he felt his brain being imported with various knowledge and techniques he simply didn understand. Lake felt as if his head would split open with the amount of information that was being transferred. He wanted to grasp his head and scream out because of the pain but soon found out he couldn even move his own body. Starting to feel scared Lake hurriedly started to absorb the information in hope that he would gain back control of his body when this process ended.

After what felt like an eternity passed, Lake regained his senses as he leaned back on his chair. With sweat dripping from his forehead and his eyes staring at the ceiling in a daze as he read the line of text that appeared before him as the robotic sound of the system played out in his head.

[Role Successfully Synchronized. Congratulations host for successfully inheriting the role of Master of Fate.]

[Skill – Level 1 Observer of Fate has successfully been acquired]

[Skill – Level 1 Writer of Fate has successfully been acquired]

[Host Status is being calculated…]

[Status has successfully been updated]

[Does the host wish to see the status screen?]

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