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Chapter 3: Contest of Fate

Lake looked at the screen in front of him as he slowly began to come back to his senses. It seems that he is neither sleep deprived or insane, the knowledge that was painfully imported into his brain just now can testify as proof that this was real.

Lake looked at the message displayed by the system as his mind began to slowly devour the knowledge he had just gained.

[Does the host wish to see the status screen?]

Looking at the message, it didn take Lake much to agree as he was still very curious about this new system but before he could see the status screen he was called back to reality as a slightly shocked voice called out to him.

” Lake? ” The teacher called out as he stared at him.

Hearing the teachers voice, Lake looked down to see the teacher and everyone else staring at him.

Seeing everyone staring at him made him feel a little uncomfortable. As he was about to ask the teacher what was the problem, he was suddenly startled by the scene that was appearing before him as he scanned the classroom.

Above everyones head was a strange illusionary thread. Some peoples thread were grey while most where white. When Lake looked closely at these threads he could feel a stream of knowledge flowing into him.

Some of the knowledge contained in the thread held simple information about the person it was above such as their name and gender. The knowledge also contained simple information about their past events. Looking towards the teacher he could read even what he had for breakfast this morning.

The teacher still seeing Lake looking around him in a daze was beginning to wonder if the boy had forgotten his class and called out to him again, ”Mr. Lake Egoven, are you finally awake for one of my class? ”

Lake looked towards the teacher whos past was the same as an open book to him and nodded his head simply, ”Im sorry for my rude behavior just now teacher Matt. It wasn my intention to sleep in your class. I was just really tired this morning. ”

” I honestly don care about whether your tired or not. I only wonder if you have finally decided to change your mind about choosing the martial arts course. ”

Hearing the teachers words this time, Lake face turned serious as he had completely snapped out of his daze.

” Sir, I appreciate the kind gesture that you have been constantly giving me but I will not changed my mind when it comes to my choice to choose the Martial Arts Course. ”

Seeing Lakes serious gaze, the teacher sighs once more as he turns around to start writing on the board to begin class, completely ignoring Lake this time.

As the teacher began his lesson, Lake could hear some of his classmates laughing at him in the classroom but he simply didn care.

Seeing that the teacher has began class properly, most students payed attention to the lesson as they all knew that they would need any help they can get for the Entrance Exams.

Lake too also looked as if he was paying attention to the teacher as well, something that surprised anyone who managed to see him in the back of the classroom.

However, these students would be sorely let down if they knew what he was truly paying attention too.


Host = Lake Egoven

Age = 18

Primary Role = Master of Fate


Strength = 1.15

Agility = 1.23

Stamina = 0.91

Mana Strength = 0

Mana Capacity = 0


Observer of Fate lv.1 – As the Master of Fate, you can clearly see through the fate of others as if you were reading a book. At the current level you can only observe the past of the target.

Writer of Fate lv.1 – As the Master of Fate, destiny is within your hands and is yours to control and change as you see fit. At the current level you can change the fate of others slightly at the cost of your mana.

[RP(roleplay) Points = 0.023]

Looking at the Status screen before him, Lake began to analyze as much information as he could.

The first part of the status screen showing his name, age and role didn require to much thought but the second part showing his stats caused him to ponder.

The strength, stamina and agility stat were self explanatory in their meaning. The value besides them should relate to his actual physical fitness, however how those values are measured how much does each point correlate to is still a mystery to him.

The other two stats left were mana capacity and mana strength. These two stats made Lake begin to ponder. In this world, around 100 years ago, rifts had suddenly began showing up all around the world. From these rifts countless terrifying monsters and creatures emerged. These creatures with their astonishing power wreaked havoc across the world, causing countess causalities leaving the world in a state similar to an apocalypses.

Life was like hell on earth in those days. It wasn until 7 years had passed did humanity manage to find a way to barely fight back against the creatures that appeared through the rift. This method to fight back involved a unique energy that appeared around the same time the portals opened.

Through countless experimentation and test humanity founded a method to utilize this mystical energy. The method involved absorbing the mystical energy through specially crafted techniques and refining it inside the human body. This process was later dubbed marital cultivation and the mystical energy was named Mana.

However even if humanity managed to find a method to fight back, it didn stop monsters from wreaking havoc. It wasn until around 50 years ago did humanity managed to regain a proper footing in the world and begin a proper counterattack against these monsters.

Eventually humanity got back on its foot again and proper order was established once more. When this happened it also signaled the birth of a new profession, the hunters. Hunters simply put are people who hunt down the monsters that are still loose in the world and explore the rifts that these monsters come out from in hopes of closing them.

These hunters lived a dangerous job in life but because of this, and the importance their role serves to humanity, it is this profession that currently makes the most money in the world with hunters earning anywhere from hundreds of thousands to billions. It was also this profession that Lake inspired so much to achieve and is the reason for why he trains so hard.

The martial course Lake wishes to join is a course for young warriors to train their mana and begin their martial cultivation before they set them of into the world as either a hunter or soldier for the military.

Looking at the status screen Lake was able to roughly figure out what Mana strength and capacity should relate to. Mana capacity should be the amount of mana that my body could hold and utilize while mana strength should be the power and force that can be exhibited using the mana. However these two stats were currently useless to Lake who didn possess the mana circulation skill needed to train and use mana.

With a sigh Lake, moved on to the final section of the status screen. Looking at the skills section of the screen, Lake observed the two skills he had just acquired, [Observer of Fate] and [Writer of Fate].

Lake read through each skills and roughly got an idea for their uses. The Observer of Fate skill should be the skill that allowed me to see through the past of the people in my classroom and the thread above their head.

The Writer of Fate skill, if Lakes understanding of it is true, should be a skill to edit the future of a persons fate, however looking at the mana requirement for the skills and the Mana Capacity stat showing 0, the skill seem unusable at the moment.

It was at this moment that Lake also seem to noticed a slight change in his personality. If it was him before he woke up to the system he would have been freaking out right now at the thought of having such a broken ability. It seems that ever since his brain was imported with the knowledge of Master of Fate, Lakes thinking pattern had changed a bit. It felt a bit uncomfortable but he managed to adjust to it.

Looking at the status screen, the only thing left is the small line of text at the bottom.

[RP Points = 0.023]

As Lake was beginning to wonder what this RP could be used for a system message appeared before me explaining its uses.

[RP Points function as the currency of the system. With it you can use it to buy new Roles and Skills. It is also used to upgrade any skills or stats the host currently possess]

[RP Points can be gained by correctly playing your main role]

Lake looked understandingly at the system message as he began to wonder how one plays the role of Master of Fate.

Staring at the small amount of RP he currently possessed, Lake wondered where he got the points from when it suddenly struck him.

Lake turned his head to look at one of his classmates that was next to him. Seeing that he was currently paying attention to the teacher, Lake sneakily took a peek at the white strand of thread that floated above the classmates head.

Gazing into it he began to read the past of the classmate next to him.

As Lake was reading through the Fate of the classmate, he opened up the systems status screen and kept and eye on the RP points.

After observing the classmates past for a small bit their was a small change in the screen.

[RP Points = 0.023->0.024]

Looking at the increases in RP, Lake gave a devious smirk as his gaze turned to the rest of his classmate whos fate he had yet to read.

That day, everyone in the classroom felt a chill go up their spine as they had their past read through like an open book, revealing all their dark past and embarrassing moments.

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