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Chapter 3: Contest of Fate

in rage.

” Come on Evelyn! Our darling Luke is willing to give so much for you but you keep rejecting him! How can you call yourself human?! ”

” Yeah, how could you call yourself human? Are you perhaps related to snakes, you cold blooded witch! ”

” I think she is more likely to be related to demons, you succubus! How dare you seduce our precious Luke! ”

Hearing the shouts of the female students Evelyn felt uncomfortable and couldn talk back for a moment.

Seeing the scene before him, Lake roughly figured out the situation but didn care to interrupt as he was mostly concerned by what he was seeing happening above the two students heads. Lake didn know exactly how to explain what was happening but it intrigued his curiosity nonetheless.

Above Evelyns head was a vibrant green thread that was currently fighting a long black thread that extended from Luke. The two threads were intertwined as if the two fates where fighting to see who would come out on top. When the group of girls shout had silenced Evelyn, Lake observed as the black thread covered more of Evelyns green thread.

Seeing this scene had left Lake curious as he began to observe the two students past. Looking through Evelyns past first, Lake observed how she lived her life. It seems that throughout her life Evelyn had rarely suffered and even had great luck in whatever she did. She always came out in the top 3 of the academic leaderboard for the school and was above average in terms of physical qualities as well. However it seem she lived a lonely life and had very few friends.

As Lake observed the fate of Evelyn he began to come to a small conclusion. It seems that the color of the threads indicate to a higher level of fate. By making a comparison with the countless white fate Lake had observed today he felt that the green thread had a higher level of luck and power than the white fate.

After observing a bit of Evelyns past Lake looked over to the eerie looking black thread. Lake could feel a deep suppressing aura being emitted from the long black thread above Lukes head. This aura made Lake feel inexplicably uncomfortable. With caution, he carefully began to observe the black threads fate.

As Lake looked into the past of Luke, his face started to get darker and darker. The more he looked the more disgusted he felt. Although Luke had a kind personality and a handsome face, Lake could see through his past and can confirm that what he is looking at isn a human, but a beast bearing its fang at the little rabbit in front of him.

” Never had an improper relationship with others, huh? ” Lake sneered as he looked at the blonde beast in front of him, but didn do anything about it. He felt that the situation had nothing to do with him and was about to continue watching when he suddenly saw a notification from the system.

[The System has detected a battle of Fate before the host. Generating quest…]

[Quest successfully generated]

[Quest Name: Changer of Fate]

[Quest Description: The host has seen through the past of the Fate Destroyer, Luke Chaser. As the Master of Fate, how can you allow others to destroy and manipulate Fate right in front of you? That is the same as slapping you in the face and disrespecting your authority]

[Quest objective: Save the Green tier Fate of Evelyn Gwent from being devoured and destroyed by Luke Chaser]

[Quest Reward upon completion = 10 RP Points, 1 random low tier martial skill]

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