My Roleplay System

Chapter 5: Exposing the Beast

Looking at the quest that had just appeared before him Lake was slightly stunned. The system also had a quest function?

After reading through the notification, Lake quickly understood what the system wanted him to do, and also understood what was happening in front of him.

”Fate Destroyer, huh… ” Lake murmured, his gaze turning icy as he stared at the scene that had escalated once more while he was distracted.

While Lake was distracted with the system, Evelyn had been silenced under the constants shouts of the female students. Unfortunately this silence didn help here situation anymore as the shouts started to get louder and louder as the crowd stared her down, making her feel sick inside.

Luke stared at the scene as he jumped in joy in his mind. Looking at Evelyn who seems to be breaking down under the constant pressure, Luke knew it wouldn be long before she came his way. All he needed to do was give her an out and watch as she takes the bait, falling right into his trap.

Staring at the figure before him, Luke felt as if he could already see her naked in his bed as he had his ways with her, however he did not let any of this show on his outward appearance.

Still keeping that pitiful expression on his face, Luke said in an almost begging tone, ”Miss Evelyn, would you please give me one chance? Im not asking for much, just a simple meal with the two of us. Could you please just do me that one favor? ”

Hearing the pleads of their prince charming, the other female students like a bunch of loyal dogs barked out at Evelyn.

”Come on, Evelyn! Our Luke is only asking to have a meal after going through so much, and you are still unwilling to give him a chance! ”

”Did you hit your head when you were little causing your sense of beauty to be messed up?! Our Luke is such a handsome person and comes from a rich family, yet here you are rejecting his kind grace! ”

”You snake! Youve already sunk your venomous fangs into our Luke, making him so deeply in love with you, yet you still reject him! ”

Facing all this pressure alone left Evelyn feeling dizzy and she just wanted to end this all as quick as possible. She opened her mouth to speak, about to compromise and agree to Lukes request.

However before she could even say a word she felt a warm hand wrap around her waist pulling her closer. As she leaned on the figure, she felt a sense of security and comfort. All the noise that were previously giving her a headache slowly started to die out.

Raising her head slowly she saw the face of someone she vaguely remember being in her class. As she wondered what was going on, she heard the person say something that left her stunned.

”Sorry, but she has plans with me and can afford to waste time on you. So would you please take your wild dogs and ** off. ” Lake said as he held Evelyn by the waist, staring at Luke and the group of female students.

Immediately silenced fell on the entire crowd as they stared with wide eyes at Lake. In response to all the stares Lake was getting he simply smiled as he held Evelyn.

Still remembering Evelyn was in his arms, Lake turned his head slightly and whispered into Evelyns ears, ”Play along if you want to get out of this safely. ”

Evelyn hearing Lakes words finally snapped out of her daze as she blushed slightly before nodding her head slightly in agreement.

Although the two of them were simply whispering to each others, it didn look that way to others. To everyone else, they saw Lake holding Evelyn by the waist as he intimately whispered into her ears causing her to blush deeply.

People could only imagine what Lake said to make her blush so much, not to mention Luke whos face had turned darker as he watched the intimate action between the two.

”Excuse me, May I ask who you are to interrupt the conversation I was having with Miss Evelyn? ” Luke looked at the two people as his anger started to boil but he kept his cool for the time being.

”Hmm, did you not hear me? Why are you still here? Didn I tell you to take your pack of dogs and ** off? ” Lake looked at Luke with a small smile.

”Bastard, who are you calling dogs?! ” At this point the female students snapped out of their daze as they started to shout back at Lake.

”Who are you to tell our precious Luke to ** off! Are you even qualify to stand here?! ”

”Look at the way that bitch is blushing in his arms, shes clearly a slut who was trying to seduce our innocent Luke! ”

Hearing the female students last comment placed a small smirk on Lakes face as he turned his gaze towards the female student who shouted it out, ”You just said that your oh so precious Luke was innocent, didn you? Can you tell me what do you mean by innocent? ”

Hearing Lakes words, Luke suddenly felt a deep sense of foreboding, but before he could figure out why, he heard the female students reply.

”Our Luke is clearly innocent! He has never been in a relationship before nor has he ever got into any trouble, yet this vixen dares to seduce and hurt his heart! ”

Hearing the female students reply Lake simply smiled, ”You said he has never been in a relationship before but what if I told you that not only has he been in a relationship before, but he also had countless illicit affairs with countless women, even going so far as to drug some of them to have his way with them. ”

As Lake spoke he turned his gaze toward Luke as he said, ”I bet you were planning to drug Evelyn today as well, thats why you invited her to have a meal. ”

Everyone was instantly silenced upon Lakes word as they were deeply shocked. Evelyn who was still in Lakes arms was also shocked by his words. If what he said was true then that would mean she was in a much more dangerous situation than she originally thought.

Luke was also shocked internally but he didn let it show on his face as he quickly tried to defend himself, ”What nonsense are you talking about! Ive never done such horrible things, yet you wrongfully accuse me? ”

”Y-Yeah, our Luke would never do such horrible things, You don even have proof, yet dare to claim something that could ruin his reputation… ” The female student who was previously defending Luke spoke in his defense but here voice was clearly weaker than before as she subconsciously took a step back from Luke.

”But I do have evidence. ” Lake said as he smiled casually, ”In fact, I have enough evidence that I went ahead and called the Law Enforcement department regarding this matter. They should arrive in the next 5 minutes. ”

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