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The Magic of Instant Noodles~ (Arc 1)

rned red. ”S-sorry, Master. Last night, I was afraid of sleeping alone, so I went to Shu Ges room… Ill sleep by myself tomorrow! ” He said.

Feng Yongrui nodded. It was understandable. The two boys needed time to adjust to the change in environment, and since they were really close, no doubt they had stayed together.

”Alright, anyway, I cooked some breakfast for you two. Here you go, ” he handed one bowl to each child.

The boys eyes widened but they accepted the bowl. Hou Renshu and Ma Bo could see the curly wisps of steam rising and disappearing into the air.

A delicious fragrance was emitted from the bowl, wrapping them in a comfortable embrace full of warm, fuzzy joy.

A small smile could be seen in Hou Renshus eyes. Master was a Nascent Soul Cultivator, meaning he did not need to eat. However, he remembered them and even personally cooked noodles for them. Master was really…

Meanwhile, Ma Bos red eyes were starting to get teary. ”Master… thank you so much, ” he sniffed.

Except for his Shu Ge, Ma Bo had never been treated this kindly by anyone else. He was used to the cold treatment from the world — this ugly world that only wanted benefits and did not see him as a person…

Ma Bo and Hou Renshu silently noted down their Masters kindness. They thanked Feng Yongrui and were about to bring the bowls inside their room, when Feng Yongrui thought of something.

”Why don we eat together? ” Feng Yongrui asked.

The boys were instantly stunned. Eat together? Master wanted to eat too?

Feng Yongrui was also slightly surprised. He had said it on the spur of the moment, and slightly regretted it afterwards.

His cool, mature image as their Master would probably be ruined because of this, right? Which elder would sit down and eat breakfast with his disciples, as if they were friends?

While Feng Yongrui wanted to look like an awesome Master, Feng Yongrui also wanted to foster a good relationship with his disciples.

Feng Yongrui felt that eating and talking would be the best way to do so. This would be considered one step closer to the task completion, right?

Not caring about the disciples stunned expressions, Feng Yongrui told them to meet him in the main hall and eat together. He rushed back to his room, took his bowl and chopsticks, and sat down in the main hall. The disciples were sitting on the available chairs, looking extremely well-behaved.

Feng Yongrui seated himself and took his chopsticks. He started eating and urged the two boys to eat, saying, ”Come on and eat before it gets cold. ” The boys took their chopsticks and began eating.

At first, the three of them were reserved, eating slowly and carefully maintaining their image. However, over time, their chopsticks started moving faster and their eating speed increased.

Ma Bo did not know what was wrong with him. Obviously, he wanted to eat slowly and savor the taste of the noodles his Master, a Nascent Soul Cultivator, had cooked for him.

However, it hadn even been one minute but he was eating so fast that he almost swallowed his own tongue.

It tastes good! Very good! Master must be a genius in cooking!

System: Pfft… As if.

Even Hou Renshu, who usually acted more mature, was busy chewing and drinking the soup. He even licked his lips from time to time, obviously satisfied.

Feng Yongruis situation was slightly better. Unlike his two disciples, this was not his first time eating instant noodles, so he managed to exercise some self restraint.

Feng Yongrui noticed, however, that this instant noodle was tastier and more fragrant than the ones back on Earth.

System: Heh, how can you compare the Systems products with the ones on Earth?

When the three of them were finished eating, all of their bowls were clean, not even a single drop of soup was left.

Ma Bo let out a small, satisfied burp and blushed. He took a glance at Feng Yongrui and mustered up the courage to ask.

”Master, a Nascent Soul Cultivator does not need to eat anymore, right? So… why…? ”

Why do you eat here with us? Don cultivators look at the mortal world with disdain? These were Ma Bos unspoken questions.

Hou Renshu also turned his eyes at Feng Yongrui, looking at him with interest.

”Why not? ” Feng Yongrui asked back. ”Shouldn good things be shared together? Eating is a form of joy, a form of art. Enjoying food is a part of life. No matter who you are or where you come from, its good to take a step back from the complicated ways of life and enjoy simple things… ”

Feng Yongrui wanted to add more chicken soup, but he was momentarily confused and didn know what to say. As he was mulling over his words, the System sent a prompt.

”Congratulations, Host. The progress for
urturing the protagonist is now 5%~ Please continue to work hard~ ”

Feng Yongrui smiled. See? This is the magic of food and the result of eating together…


Author: Feng Yongrui is really silly… instead of spending his points for food, he couldve just went outside the sect and buy some food from outside, right? Why didn he think of that?

System: Heh, you don need to tell him that. Our dear Feng Yongrui knows how to spend money in the right place~~

Author: =_=



*Xiao Shu = term of endearment for Hou Renshu

**Boer = term of endearment for Ma Bo


Question: Do you agree that eating food together (with family/friends) brings people closer? And, what is your favorite food?

Comment below~

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