My System Is Unreliable, What To Do?

A Mission A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (Arc 1)

on the blue screen in front of him. Seems like the System was getting better…

Feng Yongrui chose the Daily Mission and 3 tasks popped up:

1. Smile in front of a woman (easy)

2. Call a random person your mother (medium)

3. Injure the Sect Master (hard)

Feng Yongruis eyebrows curled and twisted into a frown. The first task was considered quite easy, but the second and third task were simply ridiculous.

Also, why were all the daily tasks so weird? Shouldn the daily task have something to do with the Main Mission?

Feng Yongrui swallowed the complaints in his throat and asked, ”It doesn matter how I do the task, as long as its done, right? ”

”Correct. Host, it seems your intelligence has increased~ ”

”Shut up. ”

Feng Yongrui thought about it. Actually, the first two tasks were not that hard. As for the third task, he was afraid the Sect Master would get angry at him and expel him from the sect, so maybe he shouldn do it.

Feng Yongrui used a face changing spell and successfully changed his face into an old mans face, with wrinkles and deep, sunken eyes.

This kind of disguise should be enough. He turned his face back to his original countenance and got out of the Main Hall.

The Immortal Pathway Sect was located in a mountain range. At the foot of the mountain there were villages and towns.

Feng Yongrui planned to complete his tasks in one of the towns, where there were fewer cultivators, meaning his chances of being discovered or meeting an acquaintance was less.

Its not that Feng Yongrui was doing something bad. Its just that Feng Yongrui found it embarrassing.

He had to call a random stranger his mother, but what if a fellow elder from the Immortal Pathway Sect recognized him and thought that lady was really his mother?!

It would lead to many misunderstandings, alright?!

Feng Yongruis thoughts almost flew to the sky, but he got a hold of himself quickly. He left a note on a piece of paper, telling his two disciples that he went out for a while and was expected to be back by noon.

Feng Yongrui flew to the entrance of the sect, enjoying the breeze and watching the scenery unfold before him. Everything was surreal — it reminded him that he was really in another world and he had indeed died.

Feng Yongrui walked out of the sect, passing the disciples guarding the door and walking away with an expressionless face.

When he felt that he was far enough from the sect, Feng Yongrui used the face changing spell and turned his handsome face into that of an old mans.

His eyes became foggy and listless, and wrinkles covered his entire face. He had a long white beard, which he stroked from time to time, and his hair was as white as snow.

Back in the sect he had changed into a grotesque old man, but now he looked like a more refined elder. He would use this face to perform the first task and switch to the grotesque old mans face when he had to do the second task. Feng Yongrui walked to the town.

”Host, it would be better for you to live with this face. After all, this is better than your original face~ ” The System said, its words like thorns piercing his heart.

”You are a terrible System, you know? When I get 200,000 points… the first thing Ill do is complain about you to customer service, ” Feng Yongrui threatened.

However, his threats were meaningless as the System jeered even more and mocked him. ”Sure, sure, Host. Based on your capability, Host, you will probably need 1,000 lifetimes to reach 100 points, much less 200~ ”

Feng Yongrui rolled his eyes and stopped arguing. They had arrived in a small town, and Feng Yongrui took a deep breath to survey his surroundings.

There were street stalls set up here and there, hawkers selling various goods, and townspeople going about their way… It was a bustling town.

Feng Yongruis first task was to smile in front of a woman, and the System had no specific instructions about the kind of woman. Therefore, Feng Yongrui looked around and saw an old lady selling vegetables in her stall.

”Hello, ” Feng Yongrui said quietly. The woman looked at him, and he immediately gave her a big warm smile.

”Ding~ The first task is completed! 5 points have been added to your profile. Host, please continue to work hard! ”

Alright! Feng Yongrui was happy and gave himself a thumbs up. Now, he just needed to call a random stranger his mother, and that was it.

Feng Yongrui had no idea… that he would regret thinking that way.


Feng Yongrui: Hmm… calling a random person mother should be fine…

System: Of course~ The Systems tasks were made for your comfort and happiness~~

Feng Yongrui: …


What is the most stupid or ridiculous thing you have ever done?

Comment below~

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