My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 127: The love of a goddess.

”Sanguis Noctis Regis… Or rather: The Blood of the Night King ”

”And just like you, I also have this blood running through my veins. ”

”… ” Victor was shocked that the king shared the same blood type as him; ’That explains why Ophis calls me father… ’

Realizing that the king seemed to know a lot about his blood, he asked:

”… And what are the benefits of this blood? ”

”Enhanced learning speed, superior adaptation capabilities, the ability to grow stronger more efficiently. You are also immune to any mind-related damage, while also being able to control special individuals with your vampiric charm. ”

’That explains why I could control those hunters and even the vampires… Immune to any mind-related damage, huh? Does the power of Ophis fit into this category? ’ Victor began to understand several strange things that happened in the past.

”These are just the initial benefits. The true power of this blood lies elsewhere. ”

”What do you mean? ”

Vlad continued, ”Our blood is special. Depending on which creature of the night you are born as, the potential contained within the blood will put you at the top of the hierarchy. ”

”Huh…? ” He did not understand.

”One example, if you were turned into a wolf instead of a vampire, you wouldn ’t become a Beta who was subordinate to someone. You would go straight to Alpha status, and not just any Alpha. You would be a true Alpha with the potential to become the king of the wolves. ”

Vlad looked at Victor, ”Are you going to tell me you never thought it was weird? That irregular transformation that no other vampire had? How quickly you evolved and became stronger? The weird sense of pride you have that won ’t let you bow your head to anyone? ”

”That is… ”

”These are all tied to the qualities of your blood. How could someone who is destined to be at the top of the hierarchy, lower their heads to anyone? It doesn ’t make sense, right? ”

”That ’s why this blood is called The Blood of the Night King. Whoever possesses this blood has the potential to become the king of an entire race. ”

”And as a main feature… Our blood is very tasty to the creatures of the night. If the creatures of the night were to drink our blood, they would slowly get stronger. Isn ’t that right, Little girl. ” Vlad displayed a small smile on his face.

”… ” Scathach turned her face away and ignored the king.

”As an added bonus, any vampire who drinks our blood will be satiated more easily. It is because of these traits that you were able to help this little girl with her little problem. ”

Scathach looked at the king, her eyes glowing blood red:

”…Keep talking, and I swear I ’ll kill you. ”

”Hahahaha~ ” Vlad ignored what Scathach said.

Then he continued to explain, ”Of course, the same goes for you. When you drank this little girl ’s blood, you felt it, right? Controlling your power just got easier, and you got stronger. ”

”… That ’s true. ” He remembered that the same thing happened with Natashia. When he drank his mother-in-law ’s blood, his lightning control improved a little.

’This also explains my wives ’ increased power… And Scathachs. ’

”… ” Understanding how special his blood was, he looked at his master, with a face that said, ’why didn ’t you tell me? ’

”Knowing you have The Blood of the Night King running through your veins, you would definitely be more proud than you already are, and I don ’t want an arrogant disciple… Pride is good, but don ’t let it get to your head. ” Scathach spoke stiffly as if she were a teacher.

”… You are right. ” He didn ’t deny his master ’s words, but he also didn ’t fully agree with her words. He knew he was only proud when it came to his enemies…

”Ah… ” Now he understood why she hadn ’t told him everything.

”Although your case is even stranger than mine. ” Vlad put a hand on his chin and looked at Victor as if he was sizing him up.

”… ” Scathach looked at Vlad.

”What do you mean? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”I was born with this blood, I was born a vampire. But you? You were an ordinary human who was turned into a vampire through a ritual. ”

”And…? ”

”Somehow, the ritual influenced your blood in a strange way, and you acquired the powers of those three heiresses who were at the scene the moment you turned into a vampire. Your case is quite interesting… ”

”This I already know… It was a mistake or a coincidence, right? ”

”Hahaha, kid. When witches are involved, nothing is ever a mistake or a coincidence. ”

”How do you know that? ” Scathach narrowed her eyes.

”Little girl, you are very naive to think you can hide something from me. You can kill as many shadows as you like, but they aren ’t all my underlings. ”

”Tsk. ” She turned her face away in annoyance.

”… ” Vlad gazed with his red eyes at Victor ’s body. His gaze seemed to be analyzing Victor ’s entire existence.

”Oh… I see… ” He seems to have understood something.

”Boy, two pieces of advice from an old man. ” The king leaned back against his throne.

”Hmm? ”

”Your wives are your treasures, never leave them. Because in the future, you ’re going to need this unbreakable bond. ”

”… ” Scathach heard what the king said in silence. ’This old man never says something useless… I better remember that. ’

”Huh? I would never do that, they are everything to me. ”

”Good. ” The king displayed a smile.

”Second advice, don ’t use that transformation too much, at least until you ’ve completely mastered all five of your powers. ”

”Yes, I know, it damages my soul, right? ”

”Yes, but that ’s not all. You may not realize it, but this transformation is slowly changing your entire being. ”

”… ” Victor was silent. He seemed to be thinking of something. ’By five powers, is he speaking of my power of ice, water, lightning, fire, and blood? Do I have to completely master them all? How many years will this take? ’

”… What do you mean? ” Scathach didn ’t like Vlad ’s tone one bit.

”You didn ’t notice it from his eyes? From the information I got, his eyes were sapphire blue, right? What color are his eyes now? ”

”… ” Scathach looked into Victor ’s eyes.

”Red… ”

”Indeed… Although he ’s not bloodthirsty like you, his eyes are blood red. It ’s like he ’s a creature that came out of the deepest corners of hell. ”

”Doesn ’t that apply to you too? ” She looked into Vlad ’s eyes.

”…Yes, that ’s why I told him that. I don ’t want him to become a monster like me. ”

Vlad flashed a smile that showed all of his sharp teeth:

”Two monsters cannot coexist in the same habitat… ” Soon he was silent as if he didn ’t want to talk about anything else.

”… ” An unsettling silence fell into place.

Scathach who was facing the king of the vampires as if trying to understand his actions.

Victor who was in deep thought, as if trying to understand his own existence.

And Vlad Tepes, the king of the vampires who just had his eyes closed like he was waiting for something.

Soon the three vampires could hear the footsteps of someone approaching.

”You took your time. ” Vlad opened his eyes.

”I ’m sorry, Master… The ladies were asking for you, and as this is an important meeting, I couldn ’t let them interrupt. ”

”They can be very irrational at times, and since you spoil them so much, they do whatever they want. ”

”… ” Vlad ’s eyes twitched a little when he heard what Alexios said.

”Pfft… ” Victor almost smiled, but in the end, he couldn ’t help himself, ”HAHAHAHAHA~! ”

”What are you laughing about, boy? ”

”…Pfft, Cough… I mean. ” Victor was trying to contain his laughter.

”The king of vampires, the strongest being in existence, can ’t handle his wives. ”

”HAHAHAHAHA~ ” He couldn ’t take it anymore.

Vlad ’s eyes flared blood red, he flashed a sneer:

”Don ’t laugh too much, boy. After all, the same will happen to you soon. ”

Vlad ’s words made Victor stop laughing, ”…Eh? ”

”Unlike your wives, mine are kind as a mother who is at home welcoming her child back after a long journey… They are just a little spoiled… ”

”But, I ask you, my dear ’friend ’… ”

”How would you describe your wives? ”

Remembering the personalities of Violet, Ruby, Sasha, and possible future problems:

”… Well… Hmm… I don ’t see any problems. ” Victor had never had any problems with his wives so far.

”Have you already forgotten the two monsters in your hands now? ” Vlad ’s smile grew.

”…Hmm. ” He looked out of the corner of his eye at Scathach, who was looking at the item that was in Alexios ’s hand and remembered Natashia ’s words.

”Fuck… ”

”HAHAHAHAHA~ ” The king laughed as if he had earned his revenge.

Veins started popping on Victor ’s head, but soon he got an idea:

”Oh, but at least my wives are loyal, they ’re just a little… explosive. But that ’s also their charm. ”

”… ” The king ’s laughter died, and an overwhelming feeling began to leave his body.

”What are you implying? ”

”A beautiful milf, all alone in an ancient castle, and she is so lonely~. Her husband is never home~, and she is a loving housewife… ”

”The castle is always patrolled by the royal guards… ” Victor sniffs the air and puts his hand to his nose as if he smells a horrible stench.

”I smell the stink of an unfaithful woman. ”

”… ” The king ’s eyes began to shine brighter.

”…Don ’t look at me like that, it ’s advice from a ’friend ’ and a future vampire count. ”

Victor ’s eyes were frighteningly serious now:

”Vlad, are you absolutely sure you weren ’t presented with a green hat? ”

Looking into Victor ’s eyes, Vlad realized the boy was speaking for his own good:

”… I ’m sure-… ”

’Now that he said that, my first wife is always unavailable when I look for her… And she ’s always with my son. ’

The vampire king ’s first wife was the mother of the first prince, Theo.

’It can ’t be… No, it ’s not possible. She ’s the woman who has spent the most time with me, and she knows my personality. She wouldn ’t do that… ’

”Looks like you have your doubts, huh? ” Victor gave a sympathetic look, but inside he was laughing a lot:

’HAHAHAHAHAHA~, nobody talks bad about my wives! Absolutely nobody! ’

Victor couldn ’t defeat Vlad with force, but words are a weapon too.

And it ’s not like these stories weren ’t common. He heard a lot of similar stories from his friend Andrew who was a playboy.

Seeing that Vlad didn ’t seem to trust his wives, Victor thought, ’Even though we ’re alike because of our blood, I don ’t want to ever be like him. ’


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