My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 134: The supernatural worlds interests in the new Count.

After a long discussion, the whole group went back to their respective rooms.

Upon arriving in the room where Victor slept with his wives, he fed his dear wives his blood, and soon after, he told them he was going to visit Scathach.

”We need to resolve this in the future, ” Ruby said as she laid down on the bed while wearing a very sexy black nightgown.

”Yes, when our husband returns to the human world, we can talk to him, ” Sasha spoke and soon laid down too. She decided to sleep in bunny pajamas today.

”Tsk, that woman, why did she fall in love with my husband? ” Violet ’s eyes weren ’t pretty. She was wearing a long black shirt that looked like it was Victor ’s, and black panties.

”Are you okay with this, Ruby? ” Violet looked at Ruby.

”…Huh? ”

”I mean, she ’s your mom, right? ”

”Yes… But what am I going to do? I ’ve never seen my mom like this before, I don ’t know what to do. ”

”The mighty Countess Scathach Scarlett blushing like a teenage girl in love… ” Ruby spoke in a sarcastic tone.

”… ” Sasha and Violet were silent.

”The funny thing about all this is that she doesn ’t even notice her own feelings, even though it ’s pretty obvious. ” Ruby continued…

”…Hmm, I think she better never find out about this… ” Sasha commented.

”Oh? Why…? ” Violet spoke.

”Well, she ’s Scathach Scarlett, a warrior woman… I ’m 100% sure that if she were aware of her feelings, she ’d say something like- ” Sasha suddenly got up on the bed and said:

”I will not accept a husband weaker than me! ” She perfectly mimicked Scathach ’s voice.

”… ” Violet and Ruby were surprised by Sasha ’s performance, but when they registered Sasha ’s words, they said:

”Yes… My mother would say something like that. ” Ruby

”That is something that woman would say. ” Violet.

”Right? ” Sasha laid back down on the bed. ”In the end, this is a complicated situation… ”

”Yes… ” The three felt that if Scathach knew about her feelings before Victor was strong enough, something horrible would happen.

”Ugh, I ’m glad she ’s emotionally dumb. ” Violet felt the problems coming miles away.

”Hey, that was rude, ” Ruby spoke.

”… ” Violet stared at Ruby with a dry look.

”But you are correct. ” Ruby agreed. It was well known that when Countess Scathach Scarlett wanted something, she would burn the world, to get what she wanted.

”So, what do we do? ” Sasha asked.

”Nothing, ” Violet spoke.

”E-Eh? ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t understand.

”If we explain to Scathach what she is feeling, she will do anything to make our husband stronger quickly. She is quite impatient when she wants something. ”

”And that ’s bad. Our husband needs to train for years to control his powers. We can ’t rush his pace even though he ’s so strong. Remember, he ’s still a newborn Vampire. ” She didn ’t want Victor to harm his soul again. Just imagining her life without Victor made her feel fear deep in her heart.

”… ” Ruby and Sasha thought it made sense, considering, normally, a vampire takes years to fully mature. Victor was just too freaky.

”But what if she loses control out of jealousy? ” Sasha asked.

”She ’s not going to do anything drastic since she loves Ruby so much, and Darling… ”

”The only thing we can do is leave everything in Darling ’s hands. He knows how to deal with her. After all, they are very similar. ”


The three women sighed. They felt tired of dealing with Scathach; it ’s very difficult to deal with a vampire who has the power of an atomic bomb.

Stopping to think… Ruby looked at Violet, ”You ’re growing up, Violet. ”

”Hmm…? You think? ” Violet raised an eyebrow.

”Yes, I thought you were going to freak out… ” Ruby said.

”If it were the old you, you would say something like; ’My Darling!? Huh? I ’m going to kill that bitch! ’ ” Sasha was becoming quite proficient at imitating people…

”Hmm? I don ’t need to do that anymore. ”

”Huh? ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t understand.

”Darling, loves me… ” Violet ’s eyes darkened completely, and slowly her smile began to grow disproportionately.

”!!! ” Ruby and Sasha ’s hearts started pounding wildly as they were taken by surprise! They didn ’t expect this! She was much scarier than before!

”And I was his first wife, his first wife, his first lover, I was his first love… I am everything to him, and he is everything to me… I don ’t have to worry about other women, because in the end, no matter how many years pass, I will always be with him, and he will always be with me. ”


The two gulped.

Her eyes cleared, and she smiled gently, ”And I became greedy. At first, I didn ’t like it. But now, I can ’t live without my childhood friends… And it ’s not like Scathach was unknown to me, she taught me some things in the past… ”

”My Darling will always love me. And for me, that ’s enough… You ’ll understand in the future. ” Violet laid down on the bed and exhibited a listless smile. She still remembered the night she had with Victor, and she felt ’the love ’ he had for her. She knew he was like her. Because of that, she was not worried.

’He will always be with me, no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the world… he will always be there… My beloved Darling~. ’

”… ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t know what to say. Were they happy that Violet had matured or not? But the way she matured went in a completely strange direction! What is that!? They couldn ’t understand the current Violet.

Room of Scathach.

Victor entered Scathach ’s room without knocking.

”… ” Scathach looked at Victor with a neutral gaze. She was completely the way she came into the world due to her being in the middle of changing into more comfortable clothes.

”Hmm. ” Victor looked Scathach up and down and said, ”The red one suits you better. ” Victor saw that she was holding a black nightgown…

”Hmm, okay. ” Scathach threw the black nightgown she took from the wardrobe and took another very similar one but red in color, then she put on her nightgown and put on some panties of the same color.

As Scathach changed clothes, Victor felt nostalgic. He remembered that this happened many times while they were training together. ’Although the situation is a little more different than before… ’ He chuckled in amusement.

In the past, he hadn ’t looked to Scathach as a possible future wife.

”What do you think? ”

Victor displayed a gentle smile, ”Beautiful… ”

”Oh… ” Her heart began to pound furiously, ”Good, I think. ” Her ears turned a little red.

’Ahhh~, why do I have such a beautiful, cute, and at the same time so problematic mother-in-law? ’ His smile grew warmer.

”What are you doing here? ” She asked as if trying to change the subject.

Victor closed his eyes and thought, ’Well, I think that ’s her charm. Now, I have another reason to get stronger. ’

Like his wives, Victor understood Scathach ’s personality very well. In fact, he was the one who understood the woman the most.

Victor didn ’t say anything and just unbuttoned his suit.


Unconsciously, Scathach gulped when she saw him unbuttoning his suit.

Victor exposed his neck to Scathach, opened his eyes, and displayed a gentle smile:

”Come, Scathach. ” He held out his hand for her to take:

”… ” Scathach ’s eyes glowed blood red.

She sniffed the air a little and smelled his delicious scent, and, slowly, as if she was being bewitched by something, started walking towards Victor.

When her hand touched Victor ’s hand, she suddenly found herself being pulled by Victor.

Despite being tall by the standards of women at 186 CM tall, in front of Victor, she was still a little short.

Victor held Scathach ’s waist, lifted her chin, and looked into Scathach ’s blood red eyes, ”What did I say in the past? ” Then, using his hand, he caressed Scathach ’s cheek gently.

Scathach looked into Victor ’s eyes, seeing his smile, feeling his gentle touch, she somehow felt very sweet inside:

”If I was thirsty, I was supposed to come to you… ” That was something Victor said while the two were training.

”Are you thirsty now? ”

Scathach ’s eyes flashed, ”Yes… I am… ”

Victor exhibited a small smile as he slowly lowered his hands, grabbed Scathach ’s ass, and used it to lift her up.

Scathach wrapped her legs around Victor ’s waist. She looked at Victor, not understanding why he did it, but she didn ’t have time to think too much as Victor presented his neck and said:

”Come. ”

Scathach ’s eyes seemed to glow brighter, and she opened her mouth wide. Slowly all her teeth changed, becoming sharper, then she bit into his neck!

’Delicious!! ’ Like a thirsty beast, she began to suck Victor ’s blood quite greedily.

Gulp, Gulp!

She was very thirsty!

”…Calm down, I ’m not going anywhere… ” Victor gently patted Scathach ’s back.

As she drank Victor ’s blood, she suddenly felt something hard touching her private part. She stopped sucking Victor ’s blood and looked at him.

”…Are you attracted to me…? ”

”… ” Victor opened his eyes wide.

The sight of Scathach in that rather sexy red nightgown that accentuated her ripe, seductive body. The sight of her with his blood oozing from her mouth as she made a surprised face caught him off guard.

Badump, Badump!

His heart was beating like crazy.

’Ahh~… This is bad… This really is bad… If it goes on like this, I won ’t be able to let you run away from me anymore… If it goes on like this… something really terrible will happen… . ’ Victor ’s eyes slowly began to lose their shine, and he slowly raised his arm towards Scathach.

”!!! ” Scathach felt her whole body tremble as she looked into Victor ’s dark eyes and felt herself slowly falling into the abyss of Victor ’s eyes.

Touching Scathach ’s face, he spoke as he caressed her face:

”Of course… My beloved Scathach is so beautiful, how can I not be attracted? ”

”Oh… B-Beloved… Huh? ” She flashed a loving little smile as her thoughts were replaying victor ’s words like a broken record; ’Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved. ’

”… ” Victor exhibited a gentle smile:

”Don ’t think about anything for now, just come. ” He pulled Scathach ’s face toward his neck.

”!!! ” Smelling Victor ’s ’golden blood ’, Scathach stopped thinking about bullshit and did as he said; she bit his neck again!

”Ah~ ” Unconsciously, Victor let out a moan as he patted Scathach ’s back, staring at the bedroom ceiling with his eyes completely listless. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something.


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