My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 135: They provoked the wrong monsters.

The supernatural world was in a frenzy.

Someone worthy enough to be called a Vampire Count has appeared! King Vlad Tepes has recognized someone as a new Count!

And this man was bold enough to create a Clan with the king ’s own name just written backwards! A clear demonstration of challenge!

The vampires were crazy with curiosity. They wanted to know everything about the new Count! They wanted to know what kind of person the new pillar of vampire society was!

But all attempts to obtain information about the new Vampire Count were futile! Like Scathach Scarlett, he was a difficult man to get information about!

The only thing they had was the recording of the fight that took place in the arena!

And when all the vampires in the entire human world and the vampire world saw that recording, they understood something.

That man is crazy! He ’s a battle maniac!

It was a consensus that everyone arrived at while rewatching Victor ’s battle.

’We need to know more about him! ’ Those were the thoughts of the entire vampire community.

But it wasn ’t just vampires who were interested in the new Count.

Hunters, wolves, and witches were too!

The witches wanted to contact the new Count to provide whatever services the new Count desired. Their thoughts were simple.

The new pillar is responsible for exploring the world of Nightingale, so what does that mean?

Unexplored lands, unexplored resources. There may even be some new resources that could help them research future spells…

The common consensus of all witches was… MONEY!!! The new Count Victor Alucard reeked of money! They needed to get in touch with him!

”Daughter, find the new Count, and try to form business ties with him. We can ’t miss this chance. ” A woman ’s voice echoed throughout a forest that had a gigantic tree.

”Yes, Mother. ” A woman with long red hair that reached the floor responded while kneeling in respect.

The witches moved, but they weren ’t the only ones.

The werewolves, beings said to be the eternal rivals of the vampire race, were moving too. Their motive?

They did not have one…

The King of Wolves spoke, ”If that old man has entrusted someone with the important position of a Count, and if he had the balls to create a Clan with the opposite name to that old man, then he must be strong! HAHAHAHAHA~ ”

”MY SON, Anderson! You will visit him! ”

”Yes, Father! ”

In a way, Victor would get along with them…

On the other hand, the rise of a new Count was terrible news for the Vatican.

”Sigh… ” Pope Alexander was quite depressed.

After Scathach ’s little ’visit ’ six months ago, Alexander had all of his generals killed, and even Mizuki lost an arm. The damage done around him was unimaginable, but that wasn ’t what he was depressed about.

After all, houses can be rebuilt, the dead can be revived, and a small loss of an arm is easy to cure.

As long as ’God ’ and the Pope existed, generals could be resurrected at any time.

’As expected, the glory of God is eternal. ’ Alexander thought in praise.

”Your Holiness, you need to get some rest, ” Mizuki spoke in a neutral tone. She seemed to have completely accepted her role as general.

”Yes… I know, but I don ’t have that luxury, look. ” Alexander showed a recording to Mizuki.

Mizuki looked at the notebook and saw Victor ’s fight against Tatsuya and Einer, ”Is this… Is it that boy? ”

”Yes, and he is also the new Vampire Count. ”

”… Eh? ” Mizuki thought she was suddenly deaf.

Alexander exhibited a small smile when he saw Miyuki ’s surprised smile, then he showed off the recorded audio of what the vampire king said.

A few minutes after listening to the audio, she said:

”Shouldn ’t vampire counts be existences like walking atomic bombs that can destroy countries? That boy has already reached that level!? Isn ’t it too fast!? ” She very much doubted that this was possible. After all, the time barrier is an absolute for vampires.

”I don ’t think he ’s at Count level…I think he has the potential to reach that level in the future. Because of that, the king recruited him as a Count. Watch the video, you ’ll understand. ”

”… ” Mizuki nodded and started watching the video, and soon she understood.

”The three powers of the Counts… ”

”Yes… The word Super Vampire sounds like it was created exclusively for him. ” Alexander sighed again; he was too old to handle this shit!

A baby vampire who has the power of the three strongest vampire count clans!? Huh!?

’Ugh… As if four Counts weren ’t enough of a problem. Now… I have this boy to deal with… ’

”Anyway, do you get the spear back? ”

”Yes, we found the spear in the hands of a civilian, but don ’t worry, we ’ve already retrieved the spear, and the civilian completely forgot about that matter, ” Miyuki replied.

”…Eh? ” Alexander looked very surprised.

”Was this civilian human!? ”

”Yes…? ”

”What ’s this human ’s name!? ”

”I do not know? ”

”Ugh… ” Alexander facepalmed.

”Your Holiness? ”

”You do not understand? ” He sighed.

”…? ”

”If an ordinary human took hold of the sacred spear and survived, that means he has the potential to be a Hunter! ”

”Oh… ” Miyuki didn ’t know that.

”Recruit him immediately! ”

”Yes! ” Mizuki quickly exited the pope ’s office room and began giving orders to her subordinates.


”I ’m too old for this shit. ” In a way, despite looking young, he had the mentality of an old man.

Of course, upon learning of a new Vampire Count, some forces that had inside information didn ’t like this imbalance of power, and they sought a chance to kill the new Count. After all, what could a baby vampire do? Even though he has the power of an adult vampire, that is still only equivalent to a 500 year old adult vampire!

He would not have too keen senses to find almost undetectable threats.

What about Scathach ’s territory? It was well known that by entering Scathach ’s territory without permission, the chance of the intruders disappearing is 100%. But…

They completely ignored this little detail. They were blinded by their noble purposes, and even if they fail, some lost subordinates won ’t be missed! They needed to take the chance while the new Count was still weak!

On the outskirts of Scathach ’s mansion.

Several shadows were running towards Scathach ’s mansion. They crept like silent ninjas, and not even a footstep could be heard.

The mission of these Assassins was simple, to kill the new Count.

When the mission is complete, clear the entire place and, if possible, return with the body of the new Count. After all, a vampire who can use all three powers can be a very valuable specimen.

A quick and simple job, they didn ’t need to talk, they all knew their mission.

When the Assassins were near Scathach ’s mansion.

Two swords of ice covered with flames pierced the heads of two Assassins.

The swords flew so fast that they couldn ’t even react. Some Assassins looked at the swords and saw that it was covered with the lightning elemental energy too.

”!!! ” This sudden change had the Assassins on their toes.

”Breaking into my house. ” A voice that sent shivers down the Assassins ’ spines was heard, and they quickly looked in the direction of the voice and saw Victor standing on the roof of the mansion as the moonlight reflected his appearance.

He looked like a king who came to judge those guilty of their crimes.

”I must admit you are brave, you maggots. ”

Looking into Victor ’s blood red eyes, all the Assassins felt the chill down their spines grow colder.

The Assassins quickly hid in the forest, and by using enchanted equipment, they could become one with nature. They were confident that a baby vampire like Victor wouldn ’t notice them.

”Assassins, even if you are hundreds, I can see you in the shadows. ” Victor ’s eyes gleamed dangerously. It was pretty obvious that his mood wasn ’t good.

Victor faced a hidden Assassin.

When Victor ’s gaze fell on this Assassin, the assassin felt his entire existence tremble in fear. They were wrong! This man is not a baby vampire. He is a monster!

”The crime of breaking into my house where my wives live must be paid for in blood. ”

Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red as cold air rushed out of his body, and soon thousands of ice guns began to be created behind him.

”W-Wh… ” Some Assassins were speechless when they saw the vision in front of them.

Victor snapped his fingers, and those weapons were suddenly covered by fire and by lightning.

”Don ’t think that any of you are going to run away from here today. ” Victor ’s gloves began to glow furiously.

The cold air around Victor started to get colder, his skin started to become paler, and soon he said:

”Cocoon. ”


The cold air around Victor exploded and spread across Scathach ’s territory.

And soon, a gigantic cocoon was created.

When the Assassins saw this demonstration taking place in front of them, they finally understood something…

’Ahhh… He really is a Vampire Count. ’ They all dropped their weapons in a sign of surrender, they thought that doing so would satisfy Victor, but they were wrong.

This pathetic display only made Victor angrier.

Victor ’s expression distorted into anger, a dark killing intent began to leave Victor ’s body.

”Disappointing. ” Although he spoke quietly, his voice was heard by everyone inside the cocoon.

”!!! ” The Assassins couldn ’t move under Victor ’s pressure.

”You disgust me. ”

The guns that were behind Victor suddenly made a move and were pointed towards all the Assassins.

When Victor was going to fire the guns at all the Assassins, he felt someone hugging his body.

”Take it easy, Victor. ” Scathach, who had dressed in her usual outfit, spoke in a calm tone as she hugged Victor as if she were a loving wife and seemed to be floating around Victor.

”…Scathach? I said I would settle this matter. ”

”!!! ” Seeing the red-haired woman hugging the man so gently and seeing the man calling the woman so intimately, only one thought crossed the minds of the Assassins, ’ ’This man is Scathach ’s new husband!? Was he not your disciple!? ’

”I know, but I noticed your anger, and when you ’re angry, no enemy will be left to tell the story, and, because of that, I decided to interfere… After all, these worms dared to invade my territory, I need to know who it was who ordered them. ”

As she hugged Victor, she glanced at the Assassins, ”Right? ”

When the Assassins saw Scathach ’s blood red eyes, they felt their entire existence tremble in fear, and they immediately understood something:

They were fucked on every possible level.

They hadn ’t expected the new Count to be something like a husband, an existence so close to Countess Scathach…

”… ” Seeing the Assassins unwilling to fight, Scathach made a face of disgust similar to Victor, and she had the same feeling as Victor.

”Disgust. Now, I understand your anger. ” Scathach looked at the Assassins.

”Right? This garbage dared to invade my house, and demonstrate this pathetic attitude in front of me. ”

”Yes. ” Scathatch agreed with Victor ’s words and felt the same way he felt about the Assassins.

”Oh? ” She seemed to have noticed something.

And with a speed the Assassins couldn ’t react to, she appeared in front of a man wearing a completely black outfit.

She grabbed Assassin by the neck and raised him in the air. Then, seeing a small black ball on the body of the Assassins, she says:

”I see… These worms dare to spy on me… ” If before she was a little angry, now she was furious!

”What did you say…? ” Victor ’s dark voice sent shivers down every Assassin ’s spine.

”Look. ” She threw the Assassin towards Victor.

Victor grabbed the Assassin by the leg and lifted them into the air.

”M-Monster, I ’m going to kill-… ” He was going to say something, but Victor just ripped out his throat.

”Silence, Worm. Your voice makes me sick. ” Victor didn ’t want to hear bullshit right now.

He looked to the Assassins outfit, and soon he found what Scathach discovered:

”Was it this black ball? ”

”Yes, it ’s one of the many observation tools created by the witches… And those tools aren ’t cheap… ”

”Who sent you? ” Victor ’s voice left the Assassin paralyzed with fear, ”Answer me. ” He forced them to speak, but suddenly.

”Cough. ” Suddenly an Assassin who was around Scathach began coughing up blood. He fell to the ground and began to convulse.

”You will not die without my permission. ”

A cold air rushed out of Scathach ’s body, and soon all the Assassins were frozen.

Looking at this, Victor said, ”They tried to kill the Assassins, huh? ”

”Yes, they used them as disposable parts, I froze these worms, they are not very strong, but they can serve as a punching bag for my daughters to get better. ”

”… ” Victor exhibited a gentle little smile when he saw that Scathach had decided to do something he ’d said in the past.

Scathach walked towards an Assassin and cut off his head, ”He appears to be the leader of the group, so he will tell us what we want to know. ”

Victor nodded. He understood that he should use his power to force this vampire to speak, but he had a doubt:

”Do you take care of it, or do I take care of it? ” He asked.

Scathach thought for a moment, and then she flashed a small seductive smile:

”We take care of it. ”

”Oh? That sounds like a nice plan. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

The two smiled at each other and soon disappeared, leaving behind only frozen bodies.


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