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After interrogating Julian, Victor went to interrogate Zandriel, but the man didn ’t know anything and just looked like a broken human who kept talking.

God is this, God is that. His mindset was totally broken, and the torture that Victor caused him didn ’t help much either.

All Zandriel became was a messy puddle of blood and flesh.

Since it was a waste of time trying to speak to a mentally broken man, Victor created a sword of ice and pierced Zandriel ’s heart and brain.

Despite having killed the man, he didn ’t dispose of the body since he thought that this man ’s body could tell more things to him than the man himself.

’I will send someone experienced to check this corpse for me. ’

Soon after, Victor went to interrogate the werewolf.

The werewolf was the most useless of the three; he was just a tool. He took a job at a place called ’The Lost Club ’, and because of that, he was here.

His job was the same as the hunter Julian. He was going to help capture Sasha, and then he would get his money, a quick job.

”Tsk, useless. ” Since the werewolf didn ’t know anything either, he killed him too.

Now Victor was sitting on top of three corpses with an annoyed expression, and his mood was horrible.

The disfigured image of Kaguya wouldn ’t get out of his head, and that only made his mood worse and worse.

Suddenly, he felt his cell phone vibrate. Victor took his phone out, seeing that he had an unread message. He raised his eyebrow when he saw that it was a message from June, clicking on the message from the witch.

”Hey! Hey! I know I ’m in the way, but I did something for you! Thank me later! ”

/ / / /

[Contact Number for Countess Scathach.]

When he read the witch ’s message, he laughed a little and said:

”That witch does weird things, even though I didn ’t ask for anything. ”

”… ” Victor stared at the cell phone screen for a few seconds; he was thinking about what he should do with this phone number, then he came to a decision.

He saved the number June sent him, and then he called it.

’Will it connect? ’ He thought.

The call sound was heard for a while until it suddenly connected:

”Victor? ”

Hearing the voice of the person on the phone, Victor exhibited a small smile, ”I didn ’t think it wouldn ’t connect, considering we ’re too far away. As expected from a witch, I guess…? ”

”How are you, Scathach? ”


A woman was sitting on a throne of ice, and she looked very bored.

”Two days … ” she murmured. Only two days had gone by since Victor had left Nightingale to go visit his relatives in the human world.

And these past two days were a boring hell for Scathach. She didn ’t feel like doing anything, so she just sat on her throne and waited for something interesting to happen.

She felt like she was going back to her days of utter boredom.

”Mother… ” Siena appeared in the room.

”What? If it ’s that old man, tell him to fuck off, I won ’t create an army. ”

A few days ago, Vlad, the vampire king, sent Scathach to build an army, but the woman strongly refused. She didn ’t want to make an army; it was too much work, and in the end, it was not worth it. She alone was enough to handle anything.

”It ’s not that… Look. ” Siena took something from her pocket and showed it to Scathach.

Scathach raised an eyebrow, ”What is this? ”

”It ’s the phone I asked June to get for you before she went to the human world. ” Siena lied, but she didn ’t have a choice since she couldn ’t say she went to the human world and asked June to make her a phone.

Why did she do it? It ’s quite simple. Even though it had only been two days, Scathach ’s mood just got worse. She had gone back to what she was before she met Victor.

And Siena didn ’t like that. Although it was a little frustrating for her, she couldn ’t deny that she preferred her mother when Victor was around.

Because of that, she asked June to make a phone for Scathach. She thought that by getting in touch with Victor, even if it was by phone, her mood would improve.

’My mom can ’t go to the human world now, the king seems to be more active lately. I don ’t know what he ’s planning, but my mom better be around just in case. ’ Siena felt that something big was going to happen at some point in the future, and as Clan Scarlett ’s strongest protector, their mother needed to stay home.

”Oh? ” Scathach rose from her throne and walked towards her daughter.

When she got close to her daughter, she picked up the phone and saw that it was an old red phone, ”Why did you ask her to do this? ”

”Well, I thought you would need… ”

Suddenly the phone started to vibrate.

”Is someone calling? ” Scathach looked at the phone and saw Victor ’s name.

Unconsciously, a small smile appeared on Scathach ’s face.

Siena peeked a little at the phone screen, and when she saw Victor ’s name, her gaze twitched a little as she thought; ’Fate is a bitch sometimes. ’

Scathach answered the phone and called out:

”Victor? ”

”I didn ’t think it wouldn ’t connect, considering we ’re too far away. As expected from a witch, I guess…? ”

”How are you, Scathach? ”

”…I ’m fine, just a little bored. ”

”I see, that is like you. Is Vlad harassing you too much? ”

”Yeah, he ’s asking me to make an army, can you believe that? ”

”You accepted? ”

”Of course not. ”

”Hahahaha, that old man must be having a hard time. ”

Seeing the smile on her mother ’s face that appeared after just talking to Victor for a short while, Siena thought, ’Cringe! Why don ’t you get married already! Or better yet, why don ’t you get a room!? What hate! Ughyaaaaaaa! ’ She had her childish side too.

”Humpf ” Siena turned her face away and walked towards the exit with heavy steps!

’I don ’t want to be here listening to my mother and her future husband! ’

”What ’s happening? Why can I hear helicopters? ”

”… ” Siena stopped walking and looked at her mother.

”Oh, don ’t worry, that ’s just some annoying bugs. ”

”Victor…- ” Scathach was about to say something, but Victor interrupted.

”I called because I wanted to ask something. ”

”… Which is? ”

”What would you do if you found out someone was hunting Ruby? ”

”… ” Scathach ’s gaze immediately turned icy.

”What would you do if you found out that this someone planned to use Ruby as a lab rat to create hybrids? ”

”And most importantly… ” Victor ’s voice seemed to grow heavier, ”What would you do if the people targeting Ruby sent a group of humans to hunt you down? ”

”… ” A silence fell in the place, and the only thing that could be heard was the noise of a helicopter coming from Scathach ’s phone.

”Victor, you already know my answer, right? ” Scathach ’s tone was quite cold.

”Yes, I know, but I want to hear it from you. ”

”Raise your hands, and drop the phone! ”

Scathach and Siena heard a man ’s voice.

”… Mother. ” Somehow Siena was starting to get worried; ’This fool, how can he get so much trouble in just two days? TWO DAYS! ’

”… ” Scathach was silent, her answer was obvious, everyone knew what she was going to do, but the question was; ’Foolish disciple, are you really prepared to take this step? ’

Unlike Victor, who was a human in the past, Scathach was never human, so she never had this feeling called ’humanity ’. She was born a vampire and grew up a vampire. But Victor was different and still had his humanity.

”Scathach, they set a trap for my wife, and hurt my precious maid. ”

”…What…? ” Scathach suddenly felt she misheard, and all the worry she had had just died away with that simple phrase. ’Did they dare try to hurt Ruby? My daughter!? ’

”When I arrived at this location, Kaguya was between life and death, she was without arms and legs, her stomach was open, and half of her face was disfigured. ”

”How do you think I ’m feeling right now!? I ’m so angry, I ’m so angry I don ’t know what to do, torturing these bastards isn ’t enough! ”

”…Why don ’t you leave this place? With your power it should be easy, right? ” Siena suddenly spoke.

Scathach looked at Siena with an annoyed look, but Siena ignored that.

”That voice… It ’s Siena, huh? ”

”I said, drop the phone! ” The two women heard the man ’s voice again.

”Siena, you know my personality. Do you think I would run away from this place? ”

”… I do not think so. ” Victor was a man who never turned his back on a challenge. No matter who it was, if someone pointed a gun at him, he would point his gun too. He was that kind of man. And those humans have already pointed their guns at Victor.

’If he hasn ’t done anything yet, it ’s because he ’s expecting something from my mom… ’ Siena looked at her mom.

”In front of me now are just ordinary humans, humans with no power at all. They ’re not super powerful vampires, they ’re not werewolves who are powerful like a vampire or a witch who uses complex magic. They are ordinary humans, just ordinary humans… Humans who like me have a family waiting at home. ”

”Tell me, Scathach… what am I supposed to do? ” Despite speaking in a neutral tone, Victor ’s voice carried a weight never before heard by Siena.

’Mother, please make the right decision. ’ Siena thought.

”…Victor, what are you waiting for? ” Scathach spoke.

”Huh? ” Victor didn ’t understand.

”They set a trap for your wife! My daughter! They hurt your precious maid, why are you wasting your time calling me!? ” Scathach roared, her eyes starting to glow blood red.

”… Fuck. ” Siena facepalmed.

”… ”

”You know very well what to do! ”

”Search for everyone responsible for what happened today and, when you find everyone responsible, destroy everything and everyone! ”

”Everyone who challenges you must die! ”

”Everyone who raised a sword against you must die! ”


”Search and destroy! It ’s simple, right!? Why are you wasting time!? ”

”… ” Victor continued in silence.

Scathach ’s face took on an obvious expression of annoyance, ”Why are you showing this pathetic side to me!? Are you feeling sorry for these humans!? What is this cheap sentimentality!? Victor, remember what you are! ”

”You are a vampire! ” Her voice echoed throughout her mansion, and it didn ’t stop there; her voice entered Victor ’s ears and shook his entire existence.

”… ” A moment of silence fell around them, suddenly they heard Victor ’s voice:

”Yes, indeed… Yes… You ’re correct… I am… I am a vampire. ” Victor ’s eyes flashed a dangerous red glow:

”Pfft… It was so simple, why was I thinking so much? HAHAHAHAHAHA~ ” Victor started to laugh, it was a relieved laugh, it was the laugh of someone who has just given up on something.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing and said,

”Thank you, Scathach. ” Victor suddenly hung up the phone.

”… ” A moment of silence fell around them, and all they heard was the sound of the phone.

Siena looked at Scathach ’s face, which now had a big satisfied smile:

”…Mother, is everything alright? ”

”About what? ”

”Mother, you just encouraged Victor to lose his humanity. ”

Scathach squinted her eyes a little, ”Do you care so much about humans? That ’s not like you. ”

”Mother, don ’t change the subject. You know damn well I don ’t care. I ’m just worried about my sister ’s husband ’s mentality. ” She spoke the truth. For Siena, no matter how many humans died in front of her, she wouldn ’t even feel a thing. For her, humans were just cattle, and that has never changed.

”… ” Scathach was silent for a few seconds, as she seemed to be thinking about something. She finally opened her mouth and said:

”It ’s okay… Eventually, he would have to lose this cheap sentimentality, it would hurt him in the long run. Now is a good opportunity. ”

”… ” Siena nodded. She didn ’t agree or disagree and just listened in silence to her mother ’s thoughts.

”And Victor has me. As long as I exist, he ’ll always be fine. ” Scathach exhibited a small loving smile, and soon she started walking past Siena. But, as she walked towards the exit, her face slowly began to change, and it became an annoyed face:

’These idiots, they never learn, huh? ’

”… ” Siena opened her mouth wide in shock. She turned and looked at her mother; ’Did she really not realize what she just said? ’

”Siena, Lacus, Pepper! Pack your things! We ’re leaving!

”Yes, Mother! ”


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