My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 216 - 216: The Day Victor Motivated His Mother-in-law.

Victor was sitting on a sofa, and lying on that same sofa was a beautiful woman with red hair.

Victor looked at Scathach ’s feet that were in his lap with a small amused smile.

’She ’s getting really lazy these days. ’ He thought to himself.

Soon Victor, along with Scathach, who was already watching Natashia, looked at the woman.

”My daughter… ” Natashia stroked Sasha ’s hair a little while looking at the girl with a little concern.

Seeing Natashia ’s affectionate attitude towards Sasha, Victor ’s lips curved a little.

”You look happy, did something good happen? ” Scathach asked in a lazy tone.

”Not yet. ” Victor replied with a small smile on his face.

”Not yet, huh? ” Scathach repeated what Victor said as she seemed to be thinking about something.

”… ” Victor looked at a spot, and his eyes shone blood red for a few seconds while his smile seemed to widen a little.

Soon he looked back at Natashia; specifically speaking, he looked at Sasha.

And when his eyes fell on Sasha, and a slight amount of pressure left his body, he remembered what James looked like, and thought:

’Use her as an experiment, huh… ’ Victor didn ’t know what James ’ plan was, and he didn ’t care either. He didn ’t give a damn if the man wanted to destroy the vampires, conquer the world, no matter what  James ’ plan was.

Victor was sure of one thing, he didn ’t care.

A man can do whatever he wants as long as it doesn ’t harm him, his wives, or his family.

… And that was something he did.

”Oh? ” Scathach looked at Victor ’s face out of the corner of her eye:

”… ” Her eyes narrowed, and she stared at Victor more closely, as even the drowsiness she was feeling was completely erased.

”Are you getting stronger? ” Scathach had a strange feeling that it was like this man was getting more dangerous than before? Although it was small, she could feel a slight sense of ’danger ’, but this sensation was as small as a mosquito, but she was sure that it was there.

And even though she ’s saying he ’s as dangerous as a mosquito, to Scathach, this is surprising. After all, he shouldn ’t have a power increase for 500 years, and if his power is increasing, it only means one thing.

… He ’s breaking the rules again.

”I don ’t think I am. ” Victor was honest since he didn ’t feel himself getting stronger, which frustrated him a lot, he just felt a slight increase in the power of his blood, and that was because he ’s been feeding too much these days, but that ’s just it…

He did not feel a significant increase as in the past.

”Lies. ”

”… ” He looked at Scathach with a neutral gaze.

”It ’s not a lie, I really don ’t think I am. ”

”… ” Scathach was silent while she seemed to be thinking about something.

’Normally, when a vampire enters adulthood, he must train for 500 years, and when he reaches the age of 500, all the training experience he has had in that time will be converted into power for his body… But it ’s hard to say if this will happen to Victor, considering he ’s not just any vampire… ’

”Tell me what ’s going on. ” In the end, she decided to ask Victor.

”… ” He displayed a gentle smile and spoke:

”Maybe I ’ll tell you another day. ” Victor couldn ’t say anything, but it ’s not that he didn ’t want to. It ’s that he doesn ’t know what ’s going on.

”…Oh? ” Scathach ’s eyes widened a little, is he growing balls?

…Actually, she ’s dealt with ballsy people before, she was just a little surprised because it ’s been a while since someone disregarded an order from her.

She knows that Victor has always been that way, even when he didn ’t have the power he had now, he never changed, but she ’d forgotten a little because they ’re not interacting as much these days.

”Fine. ” Scathach rolled her eyes and went back to the scene of Natashia taking care of her daughter.

”… ” Looking at this scene, a memory from the past couldn ’t help but pop into her mind, a memory from a long time ago, a time when Scathach had just become a Countess after being tricked-… Cough, convinced by the King of Vampires:

As usual, Scathach was seated on her throne in the mansion she created.


Soon the sound of doors opening was heard.

Scathach slowly opened his eyes and looked at the woman.

She had long golden hair and a big sadistic smile, and, at that time, she didn ’t wear that white dress; she wore something lighter and easier to move around in. It was like a small noble dress that wasn ’t very suitable for that time.

”I heard from my mother that the new countess was strong. ” She looked full of confidence.

”Who are you brat? ”

The woman narrowed her eyes a little.

”How rude, I ’m about the same age as you, old woman. ”

A vein popped in Scathach ’s head as she watched the woman more closely.

”… ” Seeing the woman ’s features, Scathach remembered Countess Carmila:

”I see, you ’re Carmila ’s daughter, huh? ”

”Of course! ” She beat her chest proudly even though… There was almost nothing in that region.

Remembering the woman ’s mother, who was a voluptuous blonde who could charm any being in this world with her beauty alone, she flashed a small smile:

”…Well, it looks like that woman ’s genes weren ’t completely inherited. ”

A vein popped in Natashia ’s head.

”I think it ’s your father ’s fault, all the women in your father ’s family are just like you, thin and breastless… Poor Carmila. ”

… Scathach was quite childish at the time…

Several veins started popping in Natashia ’s head.

Rumble, Rumble.

Golden lightning began to cover Natashia ’s body.

Her hair began to defy gravity, and she looked at Scathach with an angry face.

…She was very easy to tease at the time… Well, both women were young.

”Oh? ” Scathach ’s smile grew wider.

”Bitch, I ’m going to kill you! ” Her voice was like a rumble of lightning.

Natashia disappears, leaving behind trails of lightning, and appears in front of the ice throne.


Natashia attacked Scathach with all her strength!


Scathach just held back Natashia ’s attack with bare hands.

”…Not Bad… ” Scathach ’s eyes began to glow blood red, ”But it ’s not enough. ” A gigantic pressure left Scathach ’s body.


Natashia swallowed hard.

The result of that fight? Of course, Scathach won… But she gained a nuisance that would always visit her to fight.

But… It ’s not like she disliked the woman. After all, she was talented and evolved fast.

’Who would have thought that woman could make such an expression… ’ Scathach thought as she looked at Natashia. Of all the countesses, Natashia was the one Scathach knew best.

She had few interactions with Agnes, the countess of Clan Snow, and the mother of her disciple, who was from Clan Adrastea.

”… ” Hearing what Scathach said, Victor ’s gentle smile turned into a loving smile.

He crawls towards Scathach.

”…? ” Scathach looked at Vitor ’s face that before she knew it was close to her:

”What are you doing? ” For some reason, she didn ’t know her heart was beating too fast.

Victor caresses Scathach ’s cheek and slowly lowers his hand to Scathach ’s neck, which is in full view, considering, she was wearing baggy clothes different from her usual clothes, a sight that almost no people outside of Scathach ’s family saw:

”It ’s time to eat. ”

”Oh… ” Understanding what Victor wanted, Scathach didn ’t deny it, considering she ’d already done it several times, and she was getting a little hungry too…

But after Victor became a count, she couldn ’t help but feel her heart pounding like a running horse when he did. She had no idea why she felt that way, but… It ’s not like she disliked it.

Scathach adjusts her position while she looks at Victor ’s neck and starts to unbutton his suit shirt.

Victor brings his face close to Scathach ’s neck.

He opens his mouth a little and then bites Scathach ’s neck.

”Hmm~… ” Scathach held back the groan.

’As expected, her blood is better… ’ Victor felt like he was feasting. Unlike the blood he had tasted before, the blood of Scathach, Violet, Sasha, and Ruby were the best blood for him.

Slowly her eyes start to turn blood red, then she opens her mouth and bites the area of ​​Victor ’s collarbone.

Feeling that taste she never seems to get enough of, unconsciously, she pulls Victor into a tighter hug.

She wraps her legs around Victor ’s waist and squeezes him like she ’s trying to possess him!

Victor grips Scathach ’s waist a little tighter. ’That ’s not enough. ’ His eyes seemed to glow blood red.

’I need more. ’

”…?! ” Suddenly Scathach felt a wave of heat invade her body, her body started to get a little hot, and strange liquids started to come out of an important place.

’I… I ’m being sucked~. ’

Her emotions started to get out of control, she felt excited, she felt her body warm, it was as if Victor ’s fire was invading her body, she felt hungry, her state was in chaos, but despite everything, she never stopped biting Victor ’s neck.

She just squeezes Victor tighter.

If Victor didn ’t have a tough body, his entire body would already be completely broken by this Scathach grip.


”… ” Natashia ’s eyes were twitching a lot when she saw this vision in front of her.

Victor was sitting on the couch with Scathach on his lap, while both of their clothes were completely torn, they were both breathing heavily.

Scathach had her head resting on Victor ’s chest, her hair was completely messed up, and her mind was blank. She couldn ’t form coherent thoughts.

”… ” Natashia ’s vision dimmed a little, and then she saw a suspicious liquid falling from an important place for Scathach and thoroughly wetting the entire sofa area.

’… Why isn ’t she wearing anything? And more importantly, she is leaking a lot! Was she that excited? ’ ’ Natashia ’s eyes began to glow blood red as she realized that someone like Scathach was reacting so strongly to Victor ’s ’love ’.

’That ’s so lewd! So jealous! I want to feel it too! ’ She was very honest with her thoughts.

Natashia felt warm to see this vision in front of her, even though she knew they didn ’t do anything much, and they just sucked each other ’s blood.

’But why are the two of them reacting as if they had sex like rabbits for 7 days straight!? ’ She really wanted to know why they were reacting this way.

Weren ’t they just eating?

Come to think of it now, she ’s jealous of that too! She wants to feel that taste again! She wants the same treatment.

”…Ugh. ” She puts her hand to her head as a vein seems to pop in her head. She was irritated, she was frustrated, and at the same time, she was a little scared.

She was afraid to let her desires take over and fuck up the current ’relationship ’ she has with Victor.

’I should just wait… Yes, I should wait… Wait-… ’ She tried to convince herself as best she could, but the sight of something rigid touching the important part of Scathach, her thoughts stopped completely.

Natashia ’s face turned a little red, and a seductive smile appeared on her face:

’I want I want I want! I want that inside me! I want him to paint my insides with his color! ’ Her eyes were blazing madly, her breathing was completely messed up.

She had completely lost control…

”… It ’s time… ” Victor suddenly spoke up.

”!!! ” Hearing Victor ’s voice, Natashia quickly regains control of her.

’That was close… I almost lost my control. ’ She sighed in relief and, at the same time, felt frustrated.

”Hmm…? ” Scathach raised her head and asked:

”Where are you going again? ” Scathach asked curiously.

”For a date. ”

”…Oh. ” Scathach ’s mood seemed to have gotten a lot worse, and not only her, Victor could sense a slight killing intent from someone who was in the same room as him, but he completely ignored the woman for the time being.

”… ” Victor flashed a faint smile, ”Do you want to go with me in the future? ”

”… Go to where? ” She looked at Victor, confused.

”For a date. ”

”… ” Scathach opened her eyes wide, seeing Victor ’s smile, somehow she felt an itch on her cheek, she turned her face and spoke:

”… whatever. ” Her mood seemed to have improved a lot.

Victor flashed a gentle smile since he knew that even though she hadn ’t confirmed it, what Scathach said was basically a ’Yes ’.

’She is so cute! ’ Victor was freaking out internally, but he just stood up, holding Scathach like a princess, and soon he puts Scathach on the couch.

”… ” Scathach stares at Victor ’s back for a few seconds, but soon she turns her face to the side since, for some reason, she felt like she couldn ’t face him now.

Victor walked towards Natashia.

”… ” Natashia ’s body trembled slightly when she saw him approaching her. She was wondering if she had done something wrong.

Victor stops in front of Natashia.

Natashia faced Victor without fear, but inside she was in chaos.

Victor displayed a small, neutral smile, he touched the woman ’s head and caressed a little as he spoke,

”Remember what I said. ” He didn ’t have to say much. Even though he didn ’t say anything to Natashia, he and she understood each other in a way that didn ’t need words.

After all, she and Victor were a lot alike.

”… ” Natashia opened her eyes a little. She will be honest; she thought she would hate being treated like a child, but unexpectedly…

She liked…

Suddenly, everyone heard:

”Darling! ” Ruby and Violet appeared with an annoyed look on their faces, and their looks got even more annoyed when they saw Victor ’s and Scathach ’s current state and Victor ’s hand on Natashia ’s head.

Victor looked at Ruby and Violet with a gentle smile.

Seeing the state of the girls.

Somehow, Victor could hear the music of Boss Fight.


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