My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 236 - Is Eleonor Adrasteia My Neighbor?

[Master, you need to wake up.] Kaguya ’s voice resounded in Victor ’s head.

[Yes, Master. You need to wake up.] Like Kaguya, Bruna spoke in a gentle tone.

[Master, wake up.] Eve spoke in a neutral tone.

The three maids called for Victor to wake up, but the man appeared to be in a deep sleep.

”… ” A silence fell on the spot… I mean, in Victor ’s mind.

[What do we do…? He isn ’t waking up..] Maria asked.

[Hmm…] Kaguya seemed to be thinking about what to do.

[…Did he die from being burdened with breasts?] A gentle voice spoke. Although it spoke in a gentle tone, the voice carried a tone of exasperation that was clearly perceived by the other Maids.

[…Master is not a Japanese protagonist, he won ’t bleed from his nose and die because of it. He ’s just sleeping soundly.] Eve narrowed her eyes.

”… ” Once more, silence fell upon Victor ’s mind.

[… Eve…] Maria spoke in a dry voice.

[Whistle.] Eve ignored the women.

[You ’re spending too much time with Lady Ruby…] Maria spoke up.

The other maids nodded in agreement with Maria ’s words.

Eve and Ruby, in a nutshell, could be described as…


Eve, thanks to the past she had with her ’parents ’, her only company was books, and the same could be said for Ruby.

From a young age, Ruby had to endure Scathach training, and her only escape was reading books, especially anime.

Although Ruby ’s training was difficult, it wasn ’t something ridiculous like Sasha ’s training that was done by Natasha.

But even so, it was difficult for a child.

In the past year, the two girls ended up getting very close due to their quirks that were very similar, and consequently, Ruby ended up influencing Eve…

Now, no one knew if this was a bad thing or not… Only time would tell.

Victor ’s eyes began to tremble.

[Oh, he ’s waking up! Get ready girls! Stand in a dignified position!]

[Yes!] Everyone except Kaguya started acting like proper Maids.

[…] Kaguya narrowed her eyes. She really wondered if she taught these girls so badly… Why were they so free?

She couldn ’t explain this strange feeling, seeing the girls having fun, and at the same time serving her master, a small smile couldn ’t help but appear on Kaguya ’s face.

Victor opened his eyes, and seeing an unfamiliar ceiling, he thought:

’Oh, I ’m still…- ’ But his thought was interrupted by a voice.

[No, you aren ’t.] Eve snapped before Victor finished.

[Master, are you enjoying having two of your wives ’ mothers in your bed?] Maria asked in a suggestive voice.

Before Victor could respond, he heard:


[Ouch… My Head!]

[Respect.] Kaguya ’s voice was cold as ice.

[… Ugh… Yes…]

[Fufufu, that ’s what happens when you do not listen to the ’LEADER ’.]

[Ugh, the ’LEADER ’ is very strict.] Maria flashed a small smile.


[Hiii~! It ’s nothing! I ’ll be quiet.]

Victor grew a small smile when he heard the argument that was going on in his mind:

”Girls, a little quiet, please. ”

[Yes, master!] They all spoke at the same time.

’Good. ’ He flashed a small satisfied smile.

Feeling a heaviness on his chest, he looked down and saw two golden heads.

’Oh, that ’s what she was talking about… ’ Victor thought with the same smile on his face.

”Hmm… ” Natashia and Sasha seemed to be sleeping quite comfortably.

”Darling… ” Sasha snuggled deeper into Victor ’s body.

”Husband… ” As if in sync with her own daughter, Natashia snuggled into his body as well.

’Oh… ’ He showed a faint smile.

As if seeking more comfort, Sasha moved around a little and lay atop Natashia.

”Ugh… ” Feeling heaviness on her body, Natashia used her hands and pushed the ’melons ’ away from her and turned to the other side.

”…Hmmm… ” Sasha furrowed her brows a little as she used her hands and pulled Natashia closer to her.

As if she had found what she was looking for, she grew a content smile and went back to sleep.

Victor couldn ’t help but flash an amused smile when he saw these two women. They were so much alike in so many ’little ’ ways, which was a bit amusing from Victor ’s perspective.

He stopped looking at the two women as he looked to the right and saw a head of white hair. Violet was sleeping in a very lazy way, while she seemed to be having a good sleep…

”Darling… Ughnyu… ”

She seemed to be having a strange dream…

Seeing the strange smile on Violet ’s face, Victor wondered what kind of dream she was having.

’I wonder what it could be… ’ He thought amusedly…

He looked to his left and saw Scathach ’s face, she was breathing steadily, and just like the other girls, she appeared to be getting a night of good sleep.

But unlike the other girls, her sleep was more constant, and she didn ’t seem to move much.

Victor flashed a gentle smile; ’I ’m back… ’ A feeling of peace began to take over his body, a feeling he scarcely experienced during the year he spent away from the girls.

A feeling he had only with his wife, Ruby.

She was always there for him during the entire year he spent away from everyone. She was the rope that kept him from going crazy for good.


Victor looks around the bed.

’Where ’s Ruby? ’ He didn ’t see the woman he ’d spent more than a year with, and for a few seconds, a feeling of anxiety passed through Victor ’s heart.

Victor ’s eyes began to glow blood-red as his world became a world of blood, and he looked around, carefully searching for Ruby until he found her.

She was sitting on a couch in the living room, and Luna was next to her.


Victor couldn ’t help but sigh inwardly when he realized she was nearby.

[Master… You need to relax, there are no enemies here.] Bruna spoke in a calm tone.

[Yes. Those dogs won ’t do anything to her.] Kaguya spoke in a cold tone that held a little hate.

[Relax… Master… Just Relax.] Eve spoke in a neutral tone.

”…Okay…I will… ” Victor ’s expression started to relax, but his eyes…

They were focused and glowing blood-red; ’Just for now… ’

He closed his eyes and relaxed a little.

Ruby lifted her face up and looked towards the direction of Victor ’s room:

”He woke up. ” She showed a gentle smile.

”It amazes me every time you do that. ” Luna spoke in a slightly surprised tone.

”You get used to it. ” Ruby flashed a seductive little smile.

”… ” Luna opened her eyes a little.

”You ’ve changed, Ruby… ”

”You think? ”

”Yes… I think so… ”

Luna couldn ’t help but show a faint smile since, even though it had only been a year, a lot seemed to have happened in that year, and both Ruby and Victor seemed to be different.

She couldn ’t explain exactly what was different about the two of them, but one thing was clear.

Something had changed in them.

Victor became more… ’Focused ’.

Ruby has become more ’sensual ’, and ’expressive ’. Something that would have been nearly impossible for the old Ruby.

Luna was dying of curiosity about what happened in the time when she wasn ’t watching the woman.

Ruby got up from the couch as she tossed her long red hair back and started walking.

”… ” Looking at Ruby walking with confident steps, Luna continued to smile, and soon she followed behind the woman.

As they walked towards the stairs, ”Are my sisters awake yet? ” She asked.

”Lacus and Pepper are still sleeping, but Siena is already awake. ”

”Oh, is she working? ”

”Yes. ” Luna spoke.

She continued, ”The incident that happened yesterday left Siena with a lot of work. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s eyes narrowed in a cold expression, as her eyes glowed blood-red:

”What was the king ’s reaction? ”

”From what Countess Scathach has informed me, he completely ignored the deaths of his grandchildren, but about the princes… I don ’t know. ”

”I ’m worried. What if they decide to retaliate? ” Luna asked as she looked at Ruby.

”Heh~. ” Ruby ’s smile grew a little, ”Let them come, I ’ll be looking forward to when they set foot in this place…- ” She stopped talking and went silent as her smile grew even wider, ”Ah~, I really will be looking forward to that… ”


Luna couldn ’t help but swallow hard when she saw the atmosphere around Ruby; ’Was she influenced by Victor? ’

’… Wrong, it was more correct to say the two were influenced by each other. ’ When she thought about it, it all started to make more sense.

’Yes… It ’s more correct to say that. ’ Luna thought.

Ruby made her way up the stairs and walked silently towards Victor ’s room. The moment she arrived at his room, her expression started to become sweeter.

Arriving in the room where Victor was, she looked at Luna and said:

”Wait here. ”

”Yes, Lady Ruby ”

Ruby nodded, satisfied, as she opened the door and entered the room while looking at Victor:

”Did you have a good sleep, Darling? ”

”Yes… I did. ” He flashed a small smile.

”Did you wake up early? ” He continued.

Ruby closed the door and said, ”Yeah. I also wanted to make room for the girls, after all, I monopolized you for a year. ” She showed a playful smile.

”How nice of you… Ruby. ”

”… Mother, did you wake up? ” Ruby displayed a gentle little smile.

”… ” Seeing her daughter ’s smile, Scathach said, ”I ’m a light sleeper these days. ”

”… ” Victor and Ruby were silent since they clearly understood why Scathach was being a light sleeper.

If you put it in a nutshell, she is on full alert. After all, it wouldn ’t be strange if someone decided to attack them at any moment now.

When Scathach was about to get out of bed, Victor pulled the woman close to him:

”Stay here for a while… ”

She looked at Victor ’s face, ”…I need to do something-… ”

”Please? ”

”… ” Seeing the man ’s expression, she thought for a while and then sighed:

”Fine… Just a little… ”

She snuggled into his arm then closed her eyes.

It was like she had hit an off button.

She slept…

’Fast! ’ Ruby and Victor thought at the same time.

”Well, that was unexpected. ” Ruby spoke honestly.

”… ” Victor was silent, but he thought the same thing as Ruby, although he was sure that if something happened, Scathach would be the first to wake up.

Ruby ’s eyes widened a little as she seemed to remember something, ”…Darling, I forgot to ask, but… ”

”Hmm? ”

”What are you going to do with Ophis? ”

”…Nothing. ” Victor answered honestly.

”The little girl is innocent, she ’s not to blame for anything, and… I got attached to her a little. ” That was the main reason why he wouldn ’t do anything. He just had issues with Vlad and the king ’s eldest sons. The little girl had nothing to do with it, well, at least that was the excuse he told himself, since, even after all that he said earlier, he didn ’t do anything with the little girl because he got attached to her.

Victor looked at the ceiling while he seemed to be thinking about something deep.

”Darling… ” Ruby narrowed her eyes.

”…You know I don ’t see her that way… ” He displayed a small smile, ”You know very well. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s face turned a little red when she heard Victor ’s suggestive tone.

Out of the corner of his eye, Victor could clearly see someone ’s ear twitching; ’Violet woke up, huh? ’ He laughed a little.

Ruby tossed her long red hair back and said, ”W-Well, what are you doing today? ”

”Nothing. ”

”…? ”

”I ’m just going to spend time with all of you… A lot of time. ”

”Oh…I see… ” Ruby made a wistful face.

”You don ’t have to make that face, everything has passed, and we met them again, and that ’s all that matters. ”

”I know. ”

”… ” A moment of silence fell between the couple, and then Victor spoke:

”Have that Witch prepare something for me. ”

”What do you want, Darling? ”

”Two anti-material rifles, with each having a cartridge of bullets blessed by the power of hunters. ”

”And another that is extremely heat resistant. ”

Ruby didn ’t waste time questioning why he wanted this, while she just thought about how to get it:

”… The first rifle is easy to get, the second is a little tricky, but if we ask June ’s help, it is possible to create it. The problem is the ’holy bullets ’… ” Ruby touched her chin.

A few seconds later, she continued, ”The pope will not willingly give this to us. ”

”Talk to Mizuki, she can get it for us. ”

”Oh… If it ’s with her, it ’s possible. ”

”How long do you think until my order will be ready? ”

”2 weeks maximum. ” Ruby replied.

”I see… ”

”… ” Ruby looked at Victor. Now that she knew what he wanted, she was curious:

”Why do you want this equipment, Darling? ” She knew that Victor didn ’t know how to use an anti-material rifle, but it was not something that was too complicated to learn using the vampire ’s natural senses.

Victor ’s smile grew a little, and he replied, ”To kill monsters. ”

”…Oh? I like that idea. ” Their smiles were quite similar now.

”… ” The girls who were pretending to be sleeping just asked themselves something:

’What happened in the past 1 year? Why are they acting like they ’re in sync? ’

But… That was a mystery that should be told another time.


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