My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 244 - Misunderstandings Happen.


Rumble, Rumble!

A great burst of air, along with a crash of lightning, was heard by all present.

”Holy-… Is this the fight of two high-level beings? ” Siena spoke, but the moment she said it, her face had a strange expression.

’At some point, I started to consider Victor as a high-level being? ’ She was perplexed to think about it unconsciously.

”He received good training… ” Eleanor couldn ’t help but comment as she watched the scene in front of her.

Victor attacked Anderson ’s face with his feet, but…

The scene of seeing the werewolf flying was not seen.

Instead, what happened was:

”Yes, I ’ve already been kicked at the speed of sound. ” Anderson parried Victor ’s attack with his arm.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile threatened to distort his entire face.

Frankly, it was very bizarre!

That was Liza ’s opinion and that of Anderson ’s group.

Grab! Crack!

Anderson quickly makes a move, and he grabs Victor ’s foot, everyone hears the sounds of bones breaking, but no one seems to care as he spins around Victor in the air.


He rotated so fast that a small hurricane formed in his place.

”Oaaaaaaaa! ”

He threw Victor skyward.

His eyes glowed azure blue, a white power covered his body, that power condensed in his claws as he raised both claws to the sky and made an animal bitting gesture with his hands.

”Can he use this technique too…? ” Scathach ’s smile grew.

’That woman raised them well, huh? ’ Scathach laughed a little.

”That technique? ” Natashia didn ’t understand what Scathach was talking about, but when she paid attention to the man ’s position, a memory of a woman seemed to overwhelm him.

”Oh… I remember now. ” Natashia narrowed her eyes as she looked at the wolf ’s appearance: ’As expected, he inherited that woman ’s blood… And that disgusting power too. ’ She knew that this technique couldn ’t be used if the individual did not have something special.

And what is this special something?

The blood of a deity, a deity that is extremely close to animals, specifically the wolf.

’If he receives this attack directly, being a very strong vampire or not, he will receive severe damage. ’ Natashia looked dangerously at Anderson; ’If that happens… ’ Killer thoughts started running through Natashia ’s head.

”Stop. ”

”Eh…? ” Natashia ’s thoughts stopped racing wildly, and she looked at Scathach.

”If you stop this fight, Victor will hate you forever. ”

”!!! ” Natashia ’s entire body shook when she heard Scathach ’s warning.

”He doesn ’t like it when someone steals his ’prey ’ and ruins his ’fun ’. ”

”… ” Natashia was silent since she understood this personality of Victor too, but despite understanding, she… She didn ’t like it.

Her insides twisted when she saw Victor get hurt, and she felt that if she didn ’t know about Victor ’s personality, she would practically jump up and stop the fight.

… She looked at Violet and saw the woman ’s clenched fists.

And it looks like she wasn ’t the only one who thought so. This time, she looked at Ruby, who, despite her neutral expression, was looking dangerously at Anderson.

Her eyes clearly gave away the woman ’s annoyance.

”… ” She flashed a gentle little smile and thought, ’I guess that ’s what it means to be a good wife? ’

In the same way that Victor lets his wives do whatever they want and always supports them in whatever they want to do, the same applies to Violet, Sasha, and Ruby.

Even though they hated to see him get hurt, they never interfered in Victor ’s fight because they knew.

After an enemy that messes with his family, the second thing Victor hates the most is someone ruining his fun.

”What are you talking about? ” Sasha asked when she saw her mother look at her.

Natashia flashed a small smile, ”…You ’ll see soon. ”

”…? ” Sasha looked at her mother, confused.

The moment Natashia said that everyone heard:

”The beast devours the heavens. ”


A white power came out of Anderson ’s arm and flew to the skies.

Slowly the power began to take the form of something.


The white wolf ’s head flew skyward towards Victor.

”What!? This is… This is her power… how can he use it? ” Yuran looked quite distracted.

”… ” Victor ’s eyes began to glow blood-red, and he did several somersaults in the air.

Soon, he is standing on Kaguya ’s ’ceiling ’ of darkness,

He looks down and sees immense power flying towards him.

’This feeling… ’

badump, Badump!

Victor touched his heart.

He definitely didn ’t expect this. He didn ’t expect this opponent to be this strong, he ’s completely shocked.

… And that ’s definitely not bad!


Rumble, Rumble, Rumble.

His body began to glow brightly in lightning.

’My Friend, you are definitely not a disappointment. ’ For the first time, he thought with genuine happiness, he had found a strong opponent of the same generation as himself, an opponent that could force him to go all out.


Lightning sounds were heard by everyone.

With Victor ’s current speed, he could dodge Anderson ’s attack in the blink of an eye since, in his perception, the power would take forever to get close to him, but…

Why would he do that?

Indeed, why would he do something so boring? A worthy opponent was in front of him, and he must face him open-hearted!


His fists began to glow brightly, and slowly, he began to ’fall ’ towards the wolf.

Seeing that Victor was within his reach.

Anderson folds his hands, ”Catch. ”

The wolf closes its mouth on Victor ’s entire body.


The result that Anderson and his group had hoped for did not happen.

”…Bullshit. ” Anderson couldn ’t help but say with a big smile on his face when he saw that the man just ’held ’ the wolf ’s mouth!

”Little Wolf, be polite, and go back to your owner! ” Victor punches the wolf in the face!

And soon, the power returned to Anderson.

”This is fucking BULLSHIT! ” Yuran practically screamed, he completely lost his posture, but no one could blame him. After all, he was one of the few who knew what technique Victor used.

’That man… Wrong, that monster is dangerous! He ’s a monster! How can he just ’slap ’ the power of a god? Huh? ’ Yuran started to look at Victor more carefully.

”Pftt… HAHAHAHAHAHA! ” Scathach laughed like a woman possessed.

”Hmm? ” Liza looked at Scathach.

Scathach laughed for a while until she looked at the woman and said:

”When you ’re really close to him, you get used to that kind of irrationality. ”

”…Just what did Darling eat to get so strong in just 1 year? ” Violet couldn ’t understand what she was seeing, she ’s seen enough of Victor ’s display of irrationality, but this was the first time she ’s seen something of this level.

”… ” Ruby ’s face turned a little red when she heard Violet ’s words.

”…Oya, OYA? ” Natashia flashed a suggestive smile as she looked at the woman with long red hair.

”…Hmph. ”

”… ” Violet looked at Ruby, and seeing her friend ’s embarrassed face, she understood pretty much everything with one look.

”… It ’s decided, he will be sucked. ” Violet ’s smile grew, and thoughts that weren ’t safe for children started popping into her head.

But… There was one little problem that Violet forgot about… Precisely speaking, a little girl.

”… Eat? Suck? Huh? ” Ophis looked completely confused by the thoughts she was ’hearing. ’

”!!! ” Violet quickly lets go of the girl ’s hand.

”…Violet, what did you do? ” Scathach asked.

”Hmm… I-… ” Violet broke out in a cold sweat, and she didn ’t know what to do.

Ophis looked at Violet with a neutral gaze of hers, and she asked in a monotone, ”…Violet, what is sex? ”

”….. ” A deafening silence fell around the area, and it was as if a supernatural creature cut through the silence of the place.

”Violet… ” All the women looked at Violet with serious looks. Just what did she do for Ophis to ask that?

Violet started to use her brain as she thought of various ways to come up with an excuse but in the end…

She gave up. If you can ’t fix the problem, just make the problem worse! And everything will be fine!

Trust her. Those are the words of a wise woman.

Soon, she began to explain in a teacher ’s tone:

”Well, sex is when… ”


Ruby and Sasha smacked her on the head, ”Stop! ”


”What do you think you ’re saying to a five-year-old? ”

”But I didn ’t say anything! She just read my-… ” Violet would grumble that it wasn ’t her fault, but she couldn ’t.


”!!? ” The girls looked at the explosion site and saw that the entire area around Anderson had become one enormous crater.

The man himself appeared completely unharmed.

’This resistance is insane… ’ Eleanor thought when she saw that the man had no visible wounds on his body.

”… My garden… ”

”… ” The girls rolled their eyes when they heard Scathach ’s useless worry, what is this cheap sentimentality?

The garden did not exist from the beginning! It was just trees around!               

Victor came down from the skies and looked into Anderson ’s sky blue eyes, and then he did and said something that left everyone shocked.

He undoes his transformation and says:

”I am satisfied, for today… Shall we enter the house? I ’ll ask someone to fix you a drink. ”





”…Huh!? ”

Hearing the noise, Vlad commented to himself, ”The fight is over, huh? ”

Several shadows fall behind Vlad ’s throne:

”Should we investigate the details of the fight, master? ” The leader of the men spoke in a respectful tone.

”It ’s not necessary, if the Count isolated the place, it ’s because he wanted to fight in peace without anyone getting in his way. ” Vlad shared his thoughts.

”Or because he wanted to hide something. ”

”… That too. ” Vlad continued, as he looked to the right, his gaze seemed to pass through all the walls and fell on top of a person, precisely speaking of a woman:

A woman with long white hair and blue eyes.

”… ” The woman stops doing what she is doing and looks into the man ’s eyes:

”Husband? ” Her smile blossomed as if it were the first spring.

”…I have things to do, let me know if ’it ’ makes a move. ” Vlad spoke to his shadows

”Yes, Master. ”





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