My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 254 - Is Roberta A Failure Of A Maid?

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”Ugh, you ’re screaming too loud, stupid princesses. ” Violet walked downstairs with Scathach and Ruby.

”If things continue like this, will Victor become a new kind of deity? People seem to enjoy shouting his name. ” Ruby thought aloud as she remembered Belial screaming Victor ’s name.

”…. ” Scathach looked at the two princesses with indifferent eyes, but soon the woman ignored the two women and walked towards her daughters.

Lilith and Elizabeth looked at Violet with an irritated look and said:

”Look what he did to our sister! ” They pointed at Ophis.

”… ” Violet and Ruby looked at Ophis and saw the little girl mumbling something about being hungry and wanting blood.

”Oh… didn ’t you know? ” Violet made a strange face as she looked at Elizabeth and said, ”But weren ’t you around when she drank Victor ’s blood? ”

”… ” Lilith looked at her sister.

”Yes, I was there, but I didn ’t expect that little drop of blood to get her addicted! ” Elizabeth justified herself, and she continued:

”I thought Ophis just marked him! I did not expect this result! ”

”Ah… ” Elizabeth just realized she was talking nonsense.

”…Eh…? ” Lilith opened her mouth wide when she heard what her sister said; ’Did she mark him? Huh? Why didn ’t she tell anyone about this? ’

”… ” All the girls looked at the two sisters with a neutral gaze.

Violet narrowed her eyes ”…Hold on for a few seconds. ”

”…. ” The two sisters looked at Violet.

”What do you mean by ’Mark ’? ”

”Yes, that seems to be important, given the reactions of the two of you. ” Ruby continued with a cold stare.

”… ” The two sisters were silent.






The whole room was enveloped in an awkward silence, and no one spoke as everyone just watched the two sisters.

”Why do you insist on keeping quiet? Explain yourselves! ” Violet demanded. She had no patience for things that were related to Victor and things that might affect him in some way.

The same could be said about Scathach and Ruby. Although the mother-daughter duo were a little different.

Ruby took care of Victor like a worried wife, while Scathach took care of him as her ’foolish ’ disciple.

”W-Well… ” Elizabeth didn ’t know what to say.

Being the eldest, Lilith decided to take the initiative:

”…Unfortunately, we can ’t tell you that, even if we wanted to. ” Lilith spoke in a neutral, professional tone and pointed at her throat.

”…A contract… ” Scathach spoke in a neutral tone, but inside, she was a little surprised that that old man, who loved his daughters so much, would do such a thing.

’Whatever this ’Mark ’ is, is it important enough for the old man to do this kind of deed to his daughters? ’ Scathach thought, and she started to get more interested in what it was as she looked at Ophis, who was looking at her sisters.

Noticing that someone was looking at her, Ophis looked at Scathach with an innocent look:

”…? ” She didn ’t understand why Scathach was looking at her like that since the only thing going through her head now was the boredom of having to wait for Victor to come back.

’…But… I don ’t have to wait? ’ Upon hearing about ’Mark ’, she just realized that she could also follow her father!

Her eyes glowed blood red, and she started to look around as if she was looking for something.

”How can I say, our father is quite strict with family secrets. ” Lilith replied in the same tone of voice.

’Hmm? ’ Elizabeth looked at her little sister, and, seeing the actions her little sister was doing, she narrowed her eyes in suspicion. She definitely knew what those strange movements were.

’She ’s trying to run away again. ’ She accompanied Ophis for a long time! Don ’t underestimate her!

She quickly made a move. She appeared behind Ophis and held the girl by her gothic dress, she looked like a baby cat that was caught by her mother by the neck.

”…? ” Ophis looked at her sister with an annoyed look.

”Do not do this. ” She spoke in a stern tone.

”I wasn ’t going to do anything… ” Ophis felt wronged now, she literally did nothing! She definitely wasn ’t planning on following Victor wherever he went!

Believe her! She is an obedient child!

”Do not lie to me. ” Elizabeth narrowed her eyes.

”… ” Ophis used her right to remain silent, she knew the rules of society! No one could force her to say something she didn ’t want to. And as the king ’s youngest daughter, she had the right to be spoiled!

She had every right to do whatever she wanted!

This is a free monarchy!

Elizabeth ’s eyes lit up a little, and she said, ”I ’ve been with you long enough to know your quirks. ”

”… ” Ophis made an annoyed face and turned away. She will ignore her sister!

Annoying woman!

Seeing Ophis ’s state now, she couldn ’t help but say, ”Ugh, she ’s become so troublesome ever since she found Victor. ”

”… ” Seeing her younger sister ’s state, Lilith was surprised again.

Ophis was normally a dutiful child who listened to everyone, and she had never heard about any trouble that Ophis caused. After all, she usually just stayed inside her castle and did nothing.

Only occasionally did Lilith hear that Ophis ran off to explore the ’city ’, but that was normal; she is a child, she must feel suffocated being in a castle alone with only Maids.

It was because of her peculiarity that no one could touch her without being ’enchanted ’ by her ’supernatural beauty ’.

She lived without any contact with her older brothers, and her own father paid no attention.

’Father… He ’s a stupid man sometimes. ’ Lilith knew the truth that Vlad watched his children from afar, but for a child, she didn ’t want her parents ’far away ’, but close to them.

When Ophis first ran away, Elizabeth, who was only recently considered the King ’s youngest daughter, began to spend more time with Ophis.

Because of this, of all the siblings, Elizabeth was the one who knew Ophis the most.

”…This Mark or whatever, can ’t you guys tell me about it? ” Ruby suddenly asked as she looked at Lilith.

Lilith looked at Ruby and replied, ”We can ’t, as you know, the contract is absolute. ”

Ruby and Violet narrow their eyes a little.

”You don ’t need to be so cautious… ” Lilith said.

”Oh? Why don ’t we? ” Ruby started questioning Lilith.

”The thing that Ophis did to Victor is not harmful to the man himself, in a way, it ’s a blessing. I even feel jealous of it a little bit. ” Lilith was honest.

”…. ” Ruby, Violet, and Scathach narrowed their eyes.

”What do you mean by blessing? ” Scathach was the one who asked this time.

”I can not say. ” Lilith made a hard face. She didn ’t like the look of Scathach, and her stare sent shivers down her spine.

”But just know that it ’s not a bad thing… And maybe this will help Ophis as time goes on too, maybe in the future she can be a normal girl? ” Lilith finished speaking with a gentle tone as she looked at Ophis.

Lilith didn ’t know who Ophis ’ mother was, but she knew something.

When Ophis appeared in Vlad ’s hands when she was just a baby, the power emanating from her body was terrifying. Despite being a baby, she put fear in a 500 year old vampire.

She is and always has been a little monster.

”Tsk. ” The three clicked their tongues at the same time. They didn ’t like it, not knowing anything.

”Anyway, where ’s the bitch from the west? ” Violet asked the three sisters who were silent as a way to change the subject or did she do it because her mood got worse.

”Fuewhh? ” Pepper was the first to react as she looked around and realized that Kaguya had disappeared!

Where did she go? And how is she going to explain what happened to these three women!?

Pepper ’s brain began to spin, and she came up with a magnificent idea!

”Lacus, you tell them. ” She threw the whole bombshell on her big sister.

”Eh? ” Lacus was speechless with Pepper ’s attitude. She knew that Violet asked the three sisters, and Pepper being more talkative of the three, fell in the eyes of women, but she couldn ’t she be more…


”Well… ” Siena, as a savior of the sisters, began to speak, ”Victor kidnapped Eleanor. ” But she explained it in the worst possible way.

”…. Huh? ” Ruby and Violet ’s faces narrowed.

”I ’m surprised you guys didn ’t hear Victor and Eleanor argue, he was literally acting like a Hooligan. ”

Scathach narrowed her eyes, ”… This is not an attitude worthy of my discip-… ” She looked like she was going to say something, but was interrupted by Siena:

”You know how it is, he took after my mother ’s quirks. ” Siena casually blamed Scathach.

”… ” Scathach opened her mouth a little in shock.

”… ” Violet and Ruby looked at Scathach with a dry look. In the end, as always, it was all the fault of Scathach ’s teachings, this woman…

Violet and Ruby felt a bit of a headache, and they really regretted not having stopped the woman from taking him to training.

… Not that they could ’ve stopped her in any way.

”Yes! ” Pepper looked excited for some reason, ”He literally showed up here, and he said… ” She got up from the couch and pointed to Siena:

”You come with me to a place. ” She perfectly mimicked Victor ’s expression.

”…. ” An awkward silence fell over the place, the silence lasted for a few seconds, and then that silence was broken by Ophis:

”…Father? ” She felt that Pepper was a lot like her father now, although Pepper ’s aura was much less overbearing than her father ’s.

Pepper ’s face returns to normal, and she said in an innocent tone, ”He was a lot like my mom when she wants something. ”

”…. ” All the women looked at Scathach.

The woman defended herself, ”Well, I taught him right, if he wants it ’s something, he should just get whatever it is. ”

”As expected of my foolish disciple. ” She flashed a small smile and said, ”He ’s learned well. ”

”….. ” Everyone felt like sighing now.

”Question, why didn ’t you teach us that too? ” Siena spoke as she raised her hand as if she were a child asking the teacher for knowledge.

”…? ” Scathach looked strangely at Siena, ”But didn ’t I have to teach that? ”

”Huh? ”

”After all, you already had that attitude from the beginning. ” Scathach spoke.

”…Eh? ” This time it was Ruby, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper who were surprised.

”Wait, wait, wait. ” Pepper broke out in a cold sweat, ”I don ’t have the attitude of a hooligan! I ’m not that kind of person! ”

Siena touched her chin and began to speak, ”… I recently had to solve a problem with the vampires in Japan. You went to a manga store, and apparently, it was selling the limited edition of ’One Bikini ’. You wanted to buy it, but the seller didn ’t want to sell it, and in the end, you used your charm and took the product and left without paying. ”

”… ” Everyone looked at Pepper with a surprised look, except for Scathach, who flashed a small, proud smile:

”See? I didn ’t need to teach anything. ”

”B-But, it was a limited edition, and they didn ’t want to sell it to me! I even offered 10x the starting price! ” She tried to justify herself but only sank deeper into the hole she created herself.

Seeing the look everyone was giving her, ”Ugh, ” her cheek grew like a squirrel, and she pointed at Lacus.

”Lacus, when she went to E9, a gaming event, she literally caught every exclusive game hypnotizing the employees! ”

”Eh…? What the hell, Pepper! You promised to keep that a secret. ” Lacus felt betrayed now.

”If I ’m going down, I ’m taking everyone with me, HAHAHAHAHAHA~. ”

”… ” Why is she laughing like Victor? He ’s a bad influence, you know!

She suddenly looked at Siena, and she was going to say something, but in the end, she gave up and said:

”Well, Siena is Siena, right? ” She didn ’t have much to say about her older sister. After all, of the three sisters, she was the most authoritative and did what she wanted.

”… What do you mean by that? ” Siena narrowed her eyes in annoyance.

”She meant you ’ve been a bitch from the start. ” Violet didn ’t miss an opportunity to cause chaos.

”Huuuuh? ” Siena ’s eyes weren ’t pretty.

”Sister, you literally treat everyone who is not a vampire like cattle, who must do as you order. ” Ruby explained.

”… ” Siena looked at Ruby with an unjustified look. She ’s not like that!… Maybe…

”In the end, all vampires are equal, all are authoritarian. ” Lilith spoke, whatever the girls said would be something she would do if she really wanted something.

”Hey, I ’m not a bitch! I at least pay for the things I buy… Sometimes. ” Pepper muttered at the end.

”Pepper, Stop. You ’re only sinking further. ” Ruby facepalmed.

”Ugh. ” Pepper pouted and sat down on the couch again, looking pretty depressed.

”Bitch… ” Suddenly everyone heard Ophis ’ voice.

”…. ” Elizabeth ’s eyes gleamed blood red,

”You are teaching Ophis bad words! ” She looked at the girls who spoke bad words, including her sister.

”Eh? Me too? ”

”Sister, what will you do if our little Ophis becomes like Violet!? ”

”Hey, bitch. If you have a problem with me, why don ’t you say it to my face, huh!? Let ’s settle this outside! ” The air around Violet started to get warmer.

”See? She is the perfect picture of a delinquent! ” Elizabeth looked at her sister.

”… ” Lilith imagined Ophis becoming like Violet, and soon her face darkened, that wasn ’t a pretty picture…

Elizabeth looked at Violet again:

”And language! ”

”Language, my-… ”


Ruby hit Violet on the head.

”Stop. ”

Veins started popping on Violet ’s head as she looked up and said:

”What was that! ” She was ready to attack Ruby at any moment.

”You must learn to control yourself a little. When you have a daughter, you can ’t teach her those bad words! ”

”… H-Eh? D-Daughter… ” All of Violet ’s anger disappeared when she heard the word ’daughter ’ as she started to imagine a tiny version of herself screaming around ’Mom, and Dad ’.


She swallowed hard, for some reason that thought didn ’t seem bad to her.

”Daughter… ”

”Daughter… ”

Violet ’s voice was mixed with Scathach ’s.

The three sisters looked at Scathach:

”… Shit. ” They couldn ’t help but speak at the same time when they saw the state of their mother.

’She ’s not planning to adopt another daughter, right? Or worse… She ’s not thinking about having another daughter, right? ’ The three thought at the same time.

Siena looked at Ruby and said:

”This is your fault. ”

”Eh? ” Ruby didn ’t understand the sudden accusation.

”Look. ” Siena pointed at Scathach.

”…? ” Ruby and all the women looked to where Siena was pointing and saw Scathach, who appeared to be in another dimension.

She was completely lost in her thoughts.

”Oh… ” Ruby understood now, and she could only say one thing:

”Fuck. ”

”Language. ” Elizabeth spoke again in strictness like a teacher.

Veins popped on Siena, Ruby, Lacus, and Pepper ’s heads, and soon the girls spoke at the same time:

”Shut the fuck up! ”


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