My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 284: Mother-in-laws secrets

”Tsk, if it continues like this, I wouldn ’t be surprised if he provokes a revolt to seize the throne of our king. ”

”Don ’t underestimate our king, Alucard is nothing compared to the progenitor of all vampires. ” The bald man spoke in a serious tone.

”Indeed. ” Everyone nodded in agreement with the bald man ’s thinking.

”Continue the report. ” The bald man spoke as he looked at the blond-haired man.

”Sasha Fulger, the heir to the Clan, has returned home. ”

”!!! ” Everyone seemed to react to this news.

”That is all. ” The blond-haired man was silent after that.

”Ooohh… That ’s good, can we finally put the plan into action? ” The black-haired man spoke.

[…..] Victor narrowed his eyes.

”Not yet. ” The bald man looked at the Snow Clan.

”Any changes in the Snow Clan? ”

”…Countess Agnes ’s toy has gotten worse. ” The man began to speak in a neutral tone.

”Countess Agnes has tried to hide it as much as possible, but rumors have begun to circulate around the mansion. ”

”…We don ’t work with rumors. ” The bald man narrowed his eyes.

”I know. ” The man laughed and showed a small smile:

”Thanks to our collaborator, I got this information. ” The man placed an orb on the table, and soon an image appeared in the middle of the room.

”This is the current state of Agnes ’ toy. ”

”He has his foot in the grave. ” The black-haired man spoke.

The white-haired man ’s smile grew, ”Yes. ”

”Finally…we ’ve waited a long time for this. ” The bald man said:

”We have to take advantage of the situation. When Adonis dies, Agnes will be weakened, this is our chance to topple her from power. ”

[Master…] Kaguya looked at Victor with a serious look.

[I know, but not yet…]

”… It won ’t be that easy. You know the power of a Count, especially that of the Snow Clan, which is considered a special Clan. ” The weak-looking man spoke.

”As a member of the Snow Clan, I can assure you that if you hit our heart with a hunter ’s weapon, we will die, special or not. ”

”…well, if you say so. ” The weak-looking man dropped the matter.

”What shall we do with the heiresses? ” the black-haired man asked.

”They will be the last of a vampire ’s bloodline with the power of vampire counts, they will be useful in making new heirs. ” The bald man spoke in a neutral tone.

”Ohh, that ’s a good idea. ” Before the black-haired man could finish speaking, an intense bloody pressure descended all over the place that left them all paralyzed.

Soon a man… Wrong, a monster with a deformed body was standing in front of them.

Victor had decided to wait since he wanted to hear the whole meeting of these insects, but… When the names of his wives were put on the line, he didn ’t have the patience to wait any longer.

”A-A-Alucar- ” The weak-looking man stuttered.

Victor just looked at the man, and with just one look, the weak-looking man ’s entire existence shook before him.

”Worms, you were talking about something interesting. Do you mind if I join? ”

Crack, Crack, Crack.

The whole place began to break down under Victor ’s pressure.

”H-How did you find ou-, ” The bald man tried to say something, but Victor didn ’t want to hear anymore.

”Only the bald one, and those two traitors will be left alive. ”

”The rest… will die. ”

[Yes, Master]

Kaguya came out of Victor ’s shadow and started killing people all over the place, no one else was left alive from her blade of darkness.


”Wha- ”

Hearing the screams of their comrades outside the meeting room, none of them needed to be a genius to know what was going on.

”F-Fuck, we have no choice, kill him now! ” The bald man yelled at the black-haired man.

He wasn ’t sure how this monster found this place. After all, it was in the middle of nowhere and between Clan Fulger ’s city and the royal capital.

It was literally an invisible place for all powers, considering no one would care about ’rats ’, right?

The bald man and black-haired man, who were the older vampires, tried to get up and attempted to react to Victor.

But… They lacked a key piece of information, information that would prove to be their downfall.

In base form, Victor may be weaker than them in power, but… To face Victor, …

They needed to overcome 3 initial obstacles.

His Charm that could overwhelm any weak-minded opponent.

His innate killing intent of a Night King, a killing intent that would strike fear into all creatures of the night.

And… His speed.

And they failed right from the start.

Victor just looked at the bald man, and his entire existence shook.

”Sit down, like a good dog. ”

”…Yes. ”

”And you… Become dog food. ” Victor pointed his hand at the man.

”W-What? ”

”Run now! ” The weak-looking man spoke, but it was too late.

Victor ’s shapeless hand began to grow and distort, and soon the head of a creature made of darkness and a blood-red colored liquid was created in his hand.


He couldn ’t finish talking because he was completely swallowed by the creature.

Crack, Crack.

The sounds of crunching bones were heard in the room, and the area the man was in became a bloodbath.

Initially, Victor couldn ’t do that; he couldn ’t turn part of his body into different things.

But by training the basic powers of a vampire for a year and six months, he achieved a feat similar to Natashia ’s.

The countess could transform her entire body in any way she wanted, something similar to Vlad, and it was through using this power that she enlarged her breasts when she found Victor.

Victor managed to do the same now, but he could only transform a part of his body.

Initially, he could only transform into simple things, like changing his arm size, increasing the length of his claws, simple things that every vampire could do.

But… By drinking the blood of the tree, that limitation was removed.

The proof was evident from the head of a demonic beast he had just created.

He didn ’t know how he did it. He just felt he could do it, and so he did, it was like a basic instinct.

You don ’t think when you raise your hand, do you? It moves ’naturally ’.

That was the feeling he had now.

Victor looked at the weak-looking man and the man who had been silent throughout the argument.

The silent man had a neutral expression and didn ’t seem intimidated by Victor ’s appearance, much different from the weak-looking man.

”Alucard, we can talk about this. ”

”Talk…? ” Victor looked at the man with the expression of a person who couldn ’t believe what he was hearing.

”HAHAHAHAHA~ ” His laugh shook all the people present.

”From the moment you targeted Clan Fulger and Snow… ” He flashed a big smile that showed all of his sharp teeth.

”That was where the option for ’discussion ’ disappeared. ”

”Shit. ” Those were the man ’s last words before he was engulfed by the head of a demonic beast.

Clan Fulger.

All was at peace in Clan Fulger.

Every one of the vampires in this mansion were doing their job properly.

And in the personal office of the Clan Fulger leader.

Natashia and Sasha were present.

Natashia was teaching Sasha about the duties of a leader, something she had never done before in her life.

”Ugh… This is quite complicated. ” Sasha looked at the stack of paper in front of her with an annoyed expression.

”…Hahaha, it took me a bit of time to get used to it too, but with our power, these things become faster. ”

”Ohhh… ”


Sasha looked like she was going to use her power to speed up the work she got from her mother.

”Stop. ” Natashia held her daughter ’s head.

”Ugh. ”

”You can ’t use your power in this place if you don ’t have 100% control over it. ”

”…why? ” Sasha pouted.

”Well, you don ’t want to burn all the documents, do you? ” Natashia displayed a gentle smile.

”…Oh. ” Sasha understood now why her mother had prevented her from using her powers.

”Hmm? ” Sasha looked out the window towards the clouds.

A few seconds later, Natashia did the same, as the two felt someone ’s presence.

Although Sasha was faster…

And that bothered Natashia a little bit; ’Is this the power of connection? ’

”Darling is irritated… ”

”…Oh? ” Natashia touched her chin and thought the only things that could make Victor angry were when things involved his family.

Rumble, Rumble!

Lightning struck the garden, drawing the attention of all the servants.

”All of Clan Fulger, out here, now. ”

”…. ” Feeling the pressure of Victor, Sasha swallowed hard and said:

”Correction, he is very angry. ”

The first members of Clan Fulger who came out were shocked by the sight in front of them.

A being completely made of darkness was holding a member of their clan, and that member was missing arms and legs.

”Count Alucard-. ” Some tried to protest and help their Clan member but fell silent with just a glance from Victor.

Soon, all members of Clan Fulger were out of the mansion.

Everyone was silent when they saw Victor and didn ’t dare say a word.

And that lasted until the moment when Sasha, followed by Natashia and Victoria, appeared.

”Countess, please do something, look at how he is treating a member of our clan! ”

”Husband, what happened? ”

”Mother…? ” Sasha was going to say something, as she didn ’t expect her mother to speak openly to Victor like that.

She didn ’t have that courage! It was one thing to say that in front of Violet and Ruby, but in front of a bunch of her clansmen?

She couldn ’t! The obstacle was too big!

”….. ” The man was silent, he expected the woman to be more annoyed, but she greeted him with a calm look and a gentle smile.

And… ’Husband? ’


’The man swallowed, wasn ’t that just a rumor that was very popular? But the countess herself called him that! Which means he agreed to marry this madwoman? ’

’Wait… Doesn ’t that mean Clan Alucard and Fulger have joined forces? Huh? What the hell is going on here? ’

The man ’s head started to spin like crazy. He didn ’t understand anything anymore.

Victor stopped looking at the members of Natashia ’s Clan.

”You still have mice in your mansion. ”

”… ” Natashia ’s gentle gaze disappeared, and a serious look took over her face.

”Who? ”

She didn ’t ask how he found out about this or how he was absolutely sure what he was talking about. She trusted Victor 100%, and because of that, she got straight to the point.

”…. ” Victor flashed a smile, he liked Natashia ’s attitude.

Victor, who was holding a member of Clan Fulger by the head, lifted the man and opened his eyes.

He looked into the man ’s eyes and said:

”From now on, you will answer every question Countess Annasthashia Fulger asks you, and you will answer with the truth and nothing but the truth. ”

”…Yes, Master. ”

Some members of Clan Fulger were sweating visibly, and others looked shaken, ”C-Count Alucard, why are you doing this. ”

”Silence. ” Victor and Natashia spoke at the same time.

Natashia looked at the man with a dead and lifeless look for a few seconds, and then she looked back at Victor and then looked at her Clan member:

”Who are the traitors? ”

Victor turned the man ’s face to the audience around him, and the man started talking in a robotic tone:

”Maid Joan. ”

”… ” Everyone looked at a Maid who was slowly trying to get out of the room.

Everyone thought, couldn ’t she be more obvious?

”Shit. ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The maid started using the power of lightning and tried to increase her speed to get away, but in Victor and Natashia ’s eyes, she was so slow…

”No one leaves this mansion without my or Natashia ’s permission. ” Victor snapped his finger, and soon a giant cocoon of ice formed around the Fulger mansion.

He snapped his finger again, and thorns began to be created in the sky, these thorns slowly started to change and became several swords.

”Die. ” Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, and soon a sword fell from the sky towards the maid who fled.

The thorn-turned-sword pierced her head, and soon another fell towards her heart, killing her completely.

Victor returned to his normal appearance.

”Victoria, where is Tatsuya? ” He didn ’t see his friend around.

”He is sleeping… ”

Victor narrowed his eyes.

’This motherfucker, is he sleeping at this hour? ’ He thought.

”Natashia, take it. ” Victor threw the man ’s body to Natashia.

Natashia held the man by his head.

”I don ’t need to tell you what to do, right? ”

”Of course not. ” Natashia ’s smile grew.

Victor nodded in satisfaction and walked towards Sasha.

”Sasha… ”

”Darling…? ”

”Follow your mother. ” He stroked her head and continued in a gentle tone:

”You will need this in the future. ”

”Okay… ” She flashed a gentle smile, but she didn ’t even notice that unconsciously, she said ’Darling ’ in front of everyone.

”… ” The audience was speechless and looked at this sight with an open mouth:

Even the daughter…? EVEN THE DAUGHTER!! Everyone thought at the same time.

The men of Clan Fulger looked at Victor with a lot of respect in their eyes.

’Giga chad… ’

They swallowed hard.

’He managed to calm that crazy woman, and on top of that, he was able to have relations with her daughter at the same time he has relations with her mother! Oh, my God! ’

”Kaguya, explain what happened to Victoria and Natashia. When you ’re done, meet me at the Snow Clan. ”

”Yes, Master. ” Kaguya stepped out of Victor ’s shadow and walked towards Victoria.

”Natashia, the cocoon will last for three days if I ’m not present and providing energy. ”

”This is enough. ” She clasped the man ’s head in her hand with an irritated look.

”I will solve this in less than a day. ”

”As expected of you. ” Victor flashed a small smile.

Rumble, Rumble.

And then he disappeared, leaving behind a streak of lightning.

”…F-Fast… ” Some members of Clan Fulger who saw Victor ’s speed for the first time were shocked.

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