My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 289: The result of a choice

”How long does he have? ”

Agnes looked at the man for a few seconds until she spoke:

”I do not know. ”

”…. ” Victor narrowed his eyes.

”Don ’t look at me like that, I really don ’t know. ” Agnes sighed as she looked at Adonis lying on the bed while several thoughts went through her head until she continued:

”Initially, I thought he would have a few years more, but… His condition suddenly started to get worse. ” She looked at Victor and said:

”It started happening when he found you. ”

”… Me? ” Victor made a strange face.

”Yes. ” Agnes was silent for a few seconds. She made the complicated face of someone who was making a difficult decision, but, in the end, she decided to be silent.

She couldn ’t tell this secret to Victor.

”Tsk, I can clearly see that you don ’t want to say something. ” Victor rolled his eyes.

”This is a delicate subject to talk about. ”

”Woman, stop being annoying and tell me soon, I won ’t tell anyone without your permission. Why do you have to think so hard? It ’s not like you, aren ’t you someone who acts without thinking? ”

”…. ” A vein bulged in Agnes ’ head when she heard what Victor said; ’This man, why isn ’t he respecting me? And that look, it ’s like he ’s looking at an idiot! ’

”Fine, Fine. ”

”To sum it up, by sleeping with those two bitches, he acquired an annoying gift from the two goddesses, and he has an ability to see into the future. ” She ignored the complicated process and summarized the situation.

”… ” Victor displayed a small smile. He liked things like that, it was so much easier to understand.

’Ability to see the future, huh? ’ Victor thought this was a boring skill.

Adonis was basically a walking spoiler man, as he could see the future. He knew things that might or might not happen, and for Victor, despite it being a useful skill, it was also a boring skill.

He believed that people should make their own future, not follow a path they ’saw ’ from some suspicious place.

Looking at Agnes ’ face, his smile grew a little:

”Finally, you ’re being yourself. ”

”Faltering off and not getting straight to the point is not like your Clan. ” Violet always spoke her mind, this was mainly because of her power that made her more emotional, and also because of her personality that she didn ’t like to waste time.

As she is Agnes ’ daughter, Victor thought the mother would be the same, and he was correct.

Veins started bulging through Agnes ’ head:

”Are you calling my clan stupid people? ”

”… ” Victor looked at Agnes with a shocked look. Is this woman High? Where did she hear me talking about it?

”Anyway, about bitches, are you talking about Aphrodite and Persephone? ”

”… ” Agnes clenched her fist, she clearly saw that this man was trying to change the subject.


She sighed again and calmed her anger. She couldn ’t be teased by a man who ’s not even half her age!

”Yes, I do. ”

”I see. ” Victor touched his chin, ”As I thought, not getting involved with that woman was a good choice. ” He was head patting past Victor, who made a smart decision!

”….. ” Agnes narrowed her eyes when she heard what Victor said:

”…which woman are you talking about? ”

”Aphrodite. ”

”What? When did you meet her? ”

”I met her in the past when I was looking for information to get back to Nightingale. ”

”… And what did you do? Knowing that bitch, she wasn ’t going to sit idly by while a yummy piece of meat like you is in front of her. ”

Victor ignored what Agnes said since he couldn ’t tell if she was trying to offend him or compliment him.

”Well, a lot of things happened, but to sum it up, I managed to escape her clutches. ”

”… That is good. ” Agnes nodded, satisfied. She didn ’t care why Victor went to meet Aphrodite, she was just glad he didn ’t sleep with that thot. After all, it would be annoying to treat him after sleeping with the goddess.

After all, as the goddess of beauty and sex, she could literally satisfy any man or woman in every way possible. Her affect was so great that normal beings cannot feel any pleasure other than with the goddess of beauty.

Even Adonis… The poor guy took over 1000 years to recover, and his younger brother started to react ’naturally ’ to Agnes.

Just thinking about what happened made her angry. Because of the goddess of beauty, she had to train the man she kidnapped from the start.

Remembering the pink-haired woman, Agnes ’ rage started to grow, and she felt like killing-…

”Wait, what are you doing!? ” Agnes woke up from her thoughts when she saw Victor by Adonis ’ bedside.

Victor ignored Agnes as he slapped Adonis in the face and said:

”Wake up, father-in-law. ”

”Ugh… ”

”What are you doing!? ” She roared in rage.

Victor looked at Agnes with indifferent eyes, ”Why are you reacting so intensely? Are you menstruating? ”

”Wha-. ” Her face reddened when she heard what Victor said, she didn ’t think her daughter ’s husband was so brazen!

”Calm your fire, woman. I ’m waking him up. ” Victor ignored Agnes and hit Adonis in the face again, and this time, he used lightning.

”Wake up! ”

Rumble, Rumble.

”Stop. ”

When Victor ’s palm would meet Adonis ’ face, Agnes took his hand.

”What are you doing? ” she asked with a lifeless, irritated look.

Crack, Crack.

The woman broke the bones in Victor ’s arm with her force.

Victor showed a small smile. He liked the look Agnes had right now, it reminded him a lot of Violet, although…

That gaze was not directed at him but at the man lying on the bed.

Victor displayed the face of an innocent boy and spoke while looking at Agnes, who looked like she was going to kill Victor at any moment:

”Adonis, if you don ’t wake up, I ’ll be sure to steal your wife for myself. ”

”…Huh? ” Agnes looked at Victor with a shocked look.

”Who will steal my wife!? ” The man quickly got up from the bed with a furious look.

”Oya? ” Victor ’s smile grew in amusement.

”… What is happening? I was sleeping. ”

”Darling! ” Agnes looked worried when she saw Adonis ’s confused state.

Victor took advantage since, now that Agnes was calmer and had let go of his hand, he could pull away and allow his bones to recover as he started talking:

”Finally, you woke up, mother fucker. ”

”…? ” Adonis looked at Victor.

”… Son in law? ”

”Yo. ” He raised his hand in a simple salute.

”Darling, you should get more rest. ”

”Woman, stop being clingy, I just woke him up. Why do you want to put him to sleep again? ”

Hearing Victor ’s irritating voice, veins started bulging in Agnes ’ head, ”HUH!? ”

”What ’s the matter with me worrying about my Darling? ” she roared.

”I ’m saying it ’s not the time for this. ” Victor narrowed his eyes coldly.

”How long did I sleep…? ” Adonis asked, still in a confused state.

”I don ’t know, and I don ’t care. ”

”Darling, you—. ” When Agnes was about to go into careful wife mode again, Victor intervened.

”Shut up, you ’re in the way. ”

”HUUUH!? ” Agnes looked at Victor with the same look a female delinquent would look at her enemy.

”…. ” Adonis flashed an uncomfortable smile. The attitude that Victor was having now towards Agnes was something he shouldn ’t have, considering that, even though he was as strong as an older vampire, he was still much weaker than Agnes, and a slap from the woman would make his whole body tremble.

And besides, he was still afraid of Agnes on occasion.

”How long do you have? And I want exact numbers. ”

”… How do you know that…? ”

”A lot has happened, stop wasting time and answer my question! ”

Victor was impatient, he wanted to know the information from Adonis himself, but the people around kept wasting time with something useless. What if this man sleeps again, and this time never wakes up?

”Hey, you should have more respect. ” Agnes would protest again.

Veins started bulging in Victor ’s head, and he looked at Agnes with a blood-red gaze that could pierce a person ’s body.

”Shut up, Agnes. ”

”…Yes. ”

”…. ” Adonis looked at this situation with a look of pure shock. Did someone really manage to make this woman be quiet?

”Now, you. ” He points to Adonis.

”Huh? Me? ”

”Yes. Answer my question. ”

”How long do you have? ”

”Less than a year, I don ’t know the exact time. ”

’Less than a year, huh… ’ Victor thought in his head.

”Is there any way to heal you? ” he asked again.

”Does not exist. What they did to me is a divine curse from the goddess of the underworld, I will die… ”

”… ” Victor touched his chin, he ignored Agnes ’ depressed state, and asked:

”If you die, you go to Persephone ’s realm, right? ”

Agnes bit her lip in frustration and screamed in her mind angrily; ’That bitch! ’

”Yes. ”

”What is the underworld realm, is it something like hell? ”

”Yes… ”

”I don ’t know exactly how it works, but is the underworld one of the layers of hell? ”

Adonis touched his chin, ”Just like in heaven, there are 7 heavenly heavens, in hell, there are 7 layers too. ”

”Hmm, let ’s put it this way as an example. Hell is like a 7-story building, right? Hell would be the top floor, the Underworld is on which floor of this building? ”

”I think it ’s 4 or 3? ” Adonis thought the example Victor spoke of was very easy to understand:

”How do you know hell is the lowest floor? ”

”Well, I went by logic, the realm itself is called ’hell ’, so it would only be fair that it was the most dangerous, right? So I thought he was on the top floor. ”

”Hahahaha, indeed. The correct word would be upper realms for the 7 heavenly heavens and lower realm for the 7 layers of hell. ”

”But those words were lost with the passage of time. ”

”I see… ” Victor touched his chin, and his head started to spin, he really couldn ’t think of any method other than force, and precisely because of that thought, he said:

”…Hmm, I don ’t know if that ’s possible, but when you die, could someone go to the underworld and rescue you? ”

”…… ” Adonis and Agnes looked at Victor like he was looking at a madman.

”Stop looking at me with that silly look, I know I ’m handsome, but you guys don ’t have to be staring a hole through me. ”

”… ” They were even more speechless at how shameless this man was.

”So? Is it possible or not? Answer my question! ”

”…Y-Yes is possible… ” Adonis replied.

”… ” Victor narrowed his eyes, ”Why am I feeling like there ’s a ’But ’? Are you hiding something? ”

”It is not my intention to hide anything, but how can I say… There are only two methods to enter the lower realms. ”

”You must die. ”

”… Well, that ’s obvious, what ’s the second method? ”

”You must become an evil god. ”

”Evil God? ” Victor asked.

”Evil god is just slang, but the correct way is to be a god, and be responsible for some area of the lower 7 floors. By doing this, you can walk through the lower floors without problems. ”

”Hmm…? ” Victor still didn ’t understand.

”Basically, you must become a god like Hades, someone who is responsible for walking through hell. ”

”Oh… ”





A silence fell on the strange place, until Victor suddenly spoke:

”So, how do you become a god? ”

”….. ” The two looked at Victor in shock.

Adonis was the first to wake up from his stupor, and he spoke:

”I do not know. ”






”Bruh, this way you complicate my situation. ” Victor puts his hand on his brow.

”Is there no other method? I feel like this method of becoming a god is going to take a lot of ’time ’. ”

”Well… There is a method, but I really don ’t want you to do it. As a parent, I feel kind of-. ” He began to mutter incomprehensible things in another language.

”What? What is this method? ”

”Ugh… ” Adonis really didn ’t want to talk.

”Look motherfucker, I don ’t want to see my wife sad about her Father ’s death. You better speak up now, or I ’m really going to steal your wife. ”

”…. ” A vein bulged in Adonis ’ head, and he spoke irritably:

”You must fuck Lilith. ”

”Eh…? ”

Thinking Victor didn ’t hear what he said, he said, ”Like I said, you should fuck Lilith, make her your wife, your puppy, whatever. ”

”… ” This time it was Victor who was shocked.

”Lilith, are you talking about that, Lilith? The one from Genesis? ”

”Yes. ”

”…is she still alive? ”

”Yes, she is the mother of all demons and an evil deity. ”

”…. ” A cold sweat broke out on Victor ’s face.

”…is there no other method? ” Victor didn ’t really want to get involved with Lilith. He had a bad feeling about this woman, he felt she was more troublesome than Aphrodite.

”…. ” Adonis looked into Victor ’s eyes deeply with his violet eyes.

’Ha, huh? ’ Victor thought when he saw Adonis ’ gaze.

”Agnes, please leave us alone. ” Adonis suddenly spoke.

”Huh? Hell-no, I won ’t leave you alone with this man. What if he attacks you? ”

”Woman, I don ’t swing that way, thank you very much. ” Victor rolled his eyes with an irritated look.

”Agnes, please? ” Adonis practically begged.

”Ugh… ” Agnes had never seen that look on Adonis, only when she was ’training ’ him, but that ’s not something that should be commented on here.

”Fine, I had things to take care of at the mansion anyway. ” She turned her face, annoyed.

”… Thanks. ” Adonis flashed a small smile.

”Take care of yourself. ” Agnes spoke without turning around, and then she continued walking towards the exit.

”… Of course. ” He whispered in a low voice.

When Agnes left the room, Adonis looked at Victor with a serious look.

”There is a method I didn ’t tell you about. ”

”… ” Victor was silent and waited for Adonis to speak.

”You, a king of the night, must use your authority as king, and devour me. ”

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