After coming out of Kaguya ’s shadow, Victor joined Scathach, Natashia, Ruby, and Sasha in a room. The first thing he did was give his blood to Ruby and Sasha, and while the girls were drinking his blood, he explained what happened to Natashia and Scathach.

And just as he ’d expected, only Natashia acted shocked. Scathach remained neutral with a small smile on her face, it was as if she already knew everything he was talking about.

… Wrong, the correct word here would be, did she expect this?

He was a little surprised that Violet had decided to go home, and he couldn ’t help but be worried about her. Because of this, he asked Kaguya to use her authority as second leader to receive constant reports about Violet.

He wanted to know everything she was doing.

Victor was worried about her mental state and her safety.

He was obviously a little sensitive when it came to Violet, and he ended up overreacting about his measures.

Finishing up his explanation of what happened, the first to speak was Natashia.

”In short, did you get stronger when you absorbed Adonis? ”

”…. ” The girls stared at Natashia with a neutral look, they had an expression that said: ’Who cares about Adonis? Tell me the news! ’

”… That ’s not how it works. ” Despite being a little shocked by Natashia ’s question, Victor quickly recovered since he was used to this woman ’s eccentricity.

”I absorbed the existence of an older vampire, yes, but that Vampire was Adonis. He was weak, and he couldn ’t even compare to the two of you. ”

”Hmm, even though he was weak, he was still an older vampire, you must have changed somehow. ” Ruby figured it out, but she was a little too busy licking her lips.

”Indeed, even the weakest of older vampires, those who have never trained, can put up a decent fight. ” Sasha continued, and then she added, ”Not to mention, the person you absorbed was Adonis, he wasn ’t just any older vampire. ”

Even though she kept her face neutral, Sasha ’s cheeks were still a little red, and she was holding back hard not to throw herself at Victor.

’His blood tastes better! ’ Sasha and Ruby thought as they looked at Victor with hungry blood-red eyes.

If before, Victor ’s blood was like a very tasty new wine, now it tasted like perfectly aged wine that has matured for thousands of years.

Absorbing thousands of souls, most importantly Adonis, who was someone who had been blessed by Aphrodite, had improved the quality a lot.

The Blessing of the Goddess of Beauty went far beyond giving just a ’supernatural ’ beauty to its recipient. This blessing enhanced a person ’s entire body to become attractive to the opposite sex.

And to combine that blessing with the being called Adonis was simply unfair…

If Victor announced that he was the most beautiful, perfect man alive, everyone would have no choice but to agree, but he wasn ’t going to do that.

He wasn ’t that narcissistic.

”Yes, I know… Because of him, I ’ve gained new troubles, especially one involving certain Goddesses right now. ”

”… ” Scathach narrowed her eyes, and her mood suddenly took a turn for the worse.

”Persephone and Aphrodite? ” She asked a simple question, but it had several meanings.

Meanings that Victor understood.

”Not just them, I think Hades, and Poseidon too… and I believe Athena as well? ” Victor touched his chin when he talked about Athena.

”…Are you planning a war? ”

”I don ’t have the strength for that. ” Victor flashed a small smile, ”And aside from that, fighting isn ’t efficient, not against the Gods. ”

”You know that too, huh. ”

”I ’ve got his memories, everything he knows, I know. ”

”…. ” Scathach ’s eyes sharpened.

”… ” Victor showed a small smile, ”A direct fight against the Gods is something I don ’t want. The damage would be immense, and I don ’t have a way to completely eliminate their existence… ”

”Not to mention… There are better ways to resolve this situation. ”

”How? ”

”Chaos. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”Just as I did with Belial, I will do with the gods. They will kill themselves for me, that ’s the best move now. ”

”…You can ’t use the same direct tactic as Belial, they ’re not complete idiots like demons. ”

”I know. ” Victor wasn ’t planning on doing that either.

”Although we are talking about this, this is merely a problem for the future. I need to get stronger first. ” Although he had planned to fuck with Olympus, he needed strength to defend himself and defend the people close to him when he poked at the great hive of beings called the Gods of Olympus.

”…. ” Scathach ’s sharp face slowly started to change into a small smile. She liked her disciple ’s decisions. It seemed that by absorbing Adonis, the most important thing he gained was his patience and ability to plan far ahead.

”… Come to think of it, you promised me training. ” Her eyes sparkled.

”You ’ve changed a lot in a short time… I need to check up on my disciple. ”

From Scathach ’s perspective, everything that had occurred with Victor happened quite rapidly.

But for Victor, it definitely wasn ’t a little time…although a year and six months is a short time for an Older vampire.

”…. ” The girls never ceased to be amazed at how Scathach and Victor had a ’fluid ’ and natural conversation, how the two beings understood each other completely, and they could converse on a level that the three women could not.

Wrong… Which the two women didn ’t understand.

Unlike Sasha and Natashia, Ruby spent considerable time with Victor, so she could do that with him too.

But she still wasn ’t up to Scathach ’s level, the woman understood him with just a look, and Victor was the same.

”…So you got stronger or not? ” Natashia asked in a way as if to change the subject.

”I don ’t know. ” He was honest.

”Hmm… ” Natashia continued looking at Victor ’s appearance as she seemed to be checking something.

By absorbing Adonis, he gained a lot of things and, at the same time, a lot of responsibilities. He had to take care of his responsibilities first, and he didn ’t have time to test the things he gained from Adonis.

”Anyway, let ’s train, stupid disciple. I need to know how much you ’ve evolved. ” Scathach appeared in front of Victor, and when she went to grab him by the neck as usual.

She was shocked that Victor avoided her and, at the same time, hugged her.

”… What are you doing? ”

”I thought you wanted to hug me? ” He flashed a sly smile.

And slowly, he hugged Scathach even tighter.

”That ’s not… ” She was going to continue, however, she caught a little whiff of Victor ’s clothes, and for some reason, his already addictive scent had become even stronger.

Scathach ’s breathing started to get uneven.

”Get away from me! ” She pushed Victor back.

”Huh…? ” Victor looked at Scathach ’s expression in shock, she was completely red in the face, and her breathing was a mess.

He had never seen her like this before.

”Oya… ” Natashia grew.

’It seems my husband has become a completely broken existence for women now… If even a woman like Scathach reacts like that, just how sweet has he become? ’ She licked her lips.

Unlike a certain someone, she didn ’t mind throwing herself at the pleasure called ’Victor ’.

”… ” Sasha and Ruby ’s smile grew since they were happy to know that they weren ’t abnormal for acting like this.

”Victor, starting today, you will stay away from all women. ” Scathach ordered with a red face as she pointed at him.

”Eh…? Why? ”

”Your existence has become too dangerous. ”

Nod, Nod.

Sasha and Ruby agreed with Scathach.

”Don ’t go near my daughters either! ”

Did Victor feel offended because they were treating him like a sexual predator?

He flashed a sly little smile, and he asked,

”So which women can I approach? ”

”…That ’s… ” Scathach ’s face turned a little redder.

”What? If you don ’t say it clearly, I won ’t be able to follow your order. ” Victor ’s smile slowly started to turn into a sadistic smile.

”Ugh… ” Scathach felt it rather difficult to speak right now, but she wasn ’t one to back down, not after seeing her disciple ’s smile.

”Me. ” She pointed at herself.

”Sasha. ” She pointed at Sasha.

”My daughter. ” She pointed at Ruby.

”This bitch. ”

”Oyyy! ” Natashia growled. Why was she the only one called Bitch?

”And Violet. ”

”Just those women. ”

”…Hmm… ” Victor touched his chin.

”I refuse. ”

”…Oh? ” Her face changed to a neutral expression.

”If I follow your orders, I won ’t be able to approach my Maids…and Agnes. ”

”… ” All the women ’s eyes narrowed when they heard Agnes ’ name.

”Your maids are fine… But why Agnes? ”

”I made a promise to Adonis. ” Victor replied with a look.

”Oh… That promise, huh. ” Ruby touched her chin.

”Which promise? ”

”Victor promised to take care of the Snow Clan, Violet, and Agnes for Adonis. ” Ruby summed it up for the two women.

”… ” Scathach raised an eyebrow.

”Oh… ” Natashia understood everything now.

’Hahahaha~, is he really going to have relationships with all the influential women in Nightingale? ’ Natashia was thinking that if Victor wanted to cause Chaos in Nightingale, it would be as easy as a snap of his fingers.

”Darling is not someone who breaks promises, although he takes time to keep them. ” Sasha looked at Victor with a sharp look.

”Ugh. ” Victor felt several invisible arrows shooting through his body.

He knew he owed Sasha a date, and he was planning to, but then the Adonis thing happened.

”Fine, Agnes is fine too. ” Scathach turned away and pouted.

She personally didn ’t like it, but she didn ’t want to force her disciple to break his promise.

Knock, Knock.

”Hmm? ” Everyone looked at the door.

”Master, the King has sent a letter. It ’s important. ” Everyone heard Luna ’s voice.

”…? ” Victor narrowed his eyes for a few seconds, and slowly all his playful, loving atmosphere disappeared, and he became serious.

”…Oh… ” Scathach and Natashia smiled a little.

”…? ” Ruby and Sasha didn ’t understand the two women ’s reaction.

Of course, they couldn ’t. What Victor just did might seem like a simple thing, but the ability to completely change your mood, as if you ’ve become someone else, and assume a professional expression, is something you only gain with time.

That was the attitude of a leader… the leader of a clan.

Victor opened the door and saw Luna outside:

”Come in. ”

”Y-Yes. ” She felt a little awkward for a few seconds, she couldn ’t get used to Victor ’s change.

Luna entered the room, walked to Scathach, and handed the letter to the woman.

Scathach opened the letter, and read.

A few seconds later, she flashed a troubled face.

”I had forgotten that we were at that time. ” The letter that was in Scathach ’s hand turned to ice and shattered into thousands of pieces.

”What is it, Scathach? ” Natashia asked.

”The meeting of supernatural beings. ”

”The king is inviting me as his bodyguard. ”

”…Does the king really need a bodyguard? ” Sasha asked.

”Of course not. ” Victor spoke in a neutral tone and continued:

”It ’s just for looks. ”

”This is an important event that cannot be ignored. ” Natashia emphasized the importance of the subject.

”God-Kings of Pantheons like the Greeks and Norse, Archangels, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, and Humans. ”

”All the leaders of those races will attend this meeting. ”

”I ’ve heard about it, but doesn ’t it only occur once every thousand years or something? ” Sasha commented, even she, who didn ’t read as much as Ruby read about it, knew the just of it. After all, it was something like a historical culture.

The meeting of supernatural beings was like the UN of humans. Various leaders meet and decide how the supernatural world would progress in the future.

”They only get together when they want to discuss something. ” Natashia spoke.

”Last time this meeting took place, it was about how they should treat witches, and I think it ’ll be something similar this time? ” Ruby commented.

”Something must be going on, and we don ’t know. ” Sasha spoke her thoughts.

”Are you going to participate? ” Victor asked Scathach.

”Yes, I ’m curious about something. ”

”… I see… If you need support, let me know. ” Victor spoke.

”…Sure… ” She flashed a satisfied smile.

Suddenly a Maid appeared in the room and said:

”Master, the anti-material rifle has just arrived. ”

Victor looked at Maid and saw that it was Bruna, ”Oh? It ’s ready? ”

”That was quick. ” Ruby commented as she had asked for this rifle a few days ago, and it was ready so soon?

”And you have a gift sent by Mizuki. ”

”Oh… so it ’s ready, huh. ” Victor ’s smile grew as he became excited.

A few months ago, after finishing his training with Mizuki, she said that she would send a gift that Victor would like. Victor had been looking forward to it.

Victor walked towards the exit and followed Bruna.

”… ” The girls looked at each other and nodded their heads. They would put the previous subject aside for now.

Eleonor and the Scarlet Sisters were looking at the boxes on the floor.

Eleonor particularly was looking at the big box with a wary eye.

”Oh, they ’ve finally stopped talking. ” Pepper perked up.

”…Victor, what is this? ” Eleonor pointed to the box she was wary of.

Victor didn ’t answer, while he just looked at the huge box, Victor ’s eyes glowed violet, and soon his smile grew.

He reached for the air.

The big box started to shake, and soon it shattered.

And in the blink of an eye, everyone could see an Odachi in Victor ’s hand.

But it wasn ’t an ordinary one, it was a massive ōdachi! The blade was bigger than Victor!

’An Odachi, when did he learn to use that? ’ Scathach thought.

Victor held the massive Katana-like weapon in his left hand and placed it on his waist.

He took a step and appeared outside the mansion.

He assumed an Iai-Jutsu stance and closed his eyes.

”What is he doing…? ”

”… He isn ’t going to do ’that ’, is he? ” Sasha started to sweat.

”That? ” Natashia asked.

”Tatsuya ’s attack, that of the dragon. ”

”Oh… ”

”Hahaha, I wish it was that simple attack. ” Ruby laughed with a lifeless look.

”…? ” Everyone was confused when they saw Ruby ’s tired look.

”Soon, you will understand. ”

He looked up to the sky.

His smile grew, and grew.

Rumble, Rumble.


An aura of lightning, fire, and ice began to cover Victor ’s body, and slowly this chaotic aura began to become one as if a supernatural power had eaten away those powers.

His aura turned blood red, a red that had the characteristics of lightning, fire, and ice.

His right arm was surrounded by a dark power that was the same as when he used his blood power.

Slowly, that red aura began to cover his ōdachi.

Victor still remembered when he discovered this technique while he was training his blood power, and that was 1 year ago. Before, he couldn ’t control this power well.

But now?

Victor ’s face distorted and completely darkened, and soon the only thing the observers could see were two blood-red eyes and a big toothy grin.

’Blood sacrifice. ’

And with a quick draw that defied logic, he sliced through the sky.

A gigantic slash-shaped blood power soared to the heavens at inhuman speed.


The clouds for tens of kilometers were cut straight. Even with their supernatural visions, the women could see no end to the trail of Victor ’s attack.

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