Chapter 302: Kaguya is getting smarter.

”…….. ”

A deathly silence fell around them. No one could believe what they were seeing, their expressions were ones of pure shock.

Even Scathach.

’Is the power of blood that strong? ’ Scathach seriously doubted if Vlad could do that when he was Victor ’s age.

She could tell that Victor used his three powers in harmony and then used the blood to unite everything into one attack.

’I think the percentage was 30% ice, 30% fire, 30% lightning, and the last 10% he used the power of blood to act as a catalyst? ’ Despite having thought that, Scathach thought she was probably wrong.

She could feel something else in the attack just now, but she couldn ’t tell what it was.

”…Jesus Christ… this is bullshit! What the hell was that!? ” Eleanor broke the silence and Scathach ’s reasoning.

’Just how much strength did that attack need to have to do that kind of damage. ’ She looked at Victor like he was a monster.

”Well, that ’s good, I guess… ” Although the attack was devastating, Victor wasn ’t satisfied.

’That ’s nice? Is that just GOOD!? ’ The girls couldn ’t believe what they were hearing from Victor.

”Darling… ” Ruby glared at him, ”You were planning to destroy the moon, right? ”

”… ” Victor ’s body visibly shook.

”…What are you talking about, I never planned this. ” Victor displayed a neutral face that obviously showed that he wasn ’t lying.

Thanks to Adonis ’ memories, he could lie as well as he could breathe.

”Lie. ”

But unfortunately, that didn ’t work on the wives he ’d known for a long time.

”Ugh… ”

”Don ’t destroy the moon! Do you want to fuck up the planet ’s ecosystem!? ” Ruby stomped to the floor furiously.

”This is not an anime where if you destroy the moon, everything will be fine! ” She regretted a little that she let him watch anime. He always had these crazy ideas, what would happen if he destroyed the Nightingale moons?

The moon that acted as the planet ’s natural satellite?

The whole planet would go to shit, literally.

”I know, I know, I wasn ’t planning on doing that… I just wanted to cause a scratch-. ”

”Not even a scratch! ” She approached Victor with a cold face. Even though she was speaking in a neutral tone, it was pretty obvious she was annoyed.

”What did the poor moon do to you!? Why do you want to blow it up? ”

”Leave moon-chan alone! ”

”… Okay. ” Now that he thought about it, that was a stupid idea. But, he swore to himself that he just wanted to know if his power had the ability to reach the moon. However, it seemed it still wasn ’t strong enough.update faster perks? google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

’Tsk, and to think that a green alien managed to do that easily. ’

”Sigh… ” Ruby sighed in relief as she somehow felt like she ’d just saved the ass of every being on the planet.

”What is this Odachi made of? ” Scathach and Eleanor suddenly appeared at Victor ’s side and continued to stare at Victor ’s red-striped black odachi.

”Can I hold it? ” Eleanor asked with an excited look.

”…I don ’t think it ’s a good idea. ” Victor spoke.

”Huh? ” She looked at Victor with a shocked look since she didn ’t think he would refuse.

’This man, he took advantage of my sword in the past, but now he doesn ’t want me to use his? Isn ’t he very stingy? ’

”Don ’t look at me like you ’re looking at a mean man, I just didn ’t give you the Odachi because it ’s dangerous. ”

”Look. ” Victor threw Odachi towards the sky. It flew a few KM, but suddenly stopped mid-air through some supernatural force, and returned to Victor

And then stopped beside Victor.

”See? ”

”…? ” Eleanor looked confused at Victor, unable to understand what was happening.

”He ’s saying he ’s Thor now, and this is his Mjolnir. ” Pepper suddenly appeared at the side of the group as she looked at the gigantic Odachi floating around with a curious gaze.

”It ’s not that… ” Victor looked into Pepper ’s eyes.

”Hmm? ” Pepper looked at Victor.

”Fueeh… ” She stared into Victor ’s eyes as if lost in time.

”I told you not to approach other women. ” Scathach spoke from behind Victor and stood in front of her daughter, ”Your existence is dangerous! Stay away from my daughters! ” She held Pepper like she was a mother protecting her from the big bad wolf.

”M-Mother? ” Pepper was so confused.

”… ” Veins started popping in Victor ’s head, why was she treating him like he was something lewd? Shall he censor his face with a mosaic?

”She was the one who approached me! ”

”It ’s not her fault, it ’s your looks that are irresistible! She is innocent. ”

”Oh? So you like my current self? ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”Clearly. ” She didn ’t deny it.

”…Mother… ” Lacus and Siena both facepalmed. How can she say those words out loud and not notice? This is a new level of density.

Pepper started to struggle in Scathach ’s arms.

”What? ” Scathach looked at her daughter.

”Let go of me mom! You are suffocating me! ” Her face was a little red, Scathach was squeezing her daughter ’s neck a lot.

”Oh. ” She quickly let go of her daughter.

”Sigh, I thought I was going to suffocate to death… ” She breathed a sigh of relief.


Victor coughed in a way to change the subject.

”Anyway. ” He pointed to the floating Odachi.

”This is a unique weapon, a weapon made with my blood, and the metal that this Odachi is made of is blessed; it is the same metal that is used to kill beings of the night. ” This was something Victor discovered, but his blood had a natural resistance to the hunter ’s element, and he came up with this idea because of that.

He gave this idea to Mizuki, but he didn ’t expect this woman to be able to make this weapon a reality.

This is indeed an Odachi to kill Monsters.

”And just so you know, the property of my blood is to devour. Meaning if someone who didn ’t have the genetic signature of my blood touched this Odachi, the Odachi would consume that being. ”

But thanks to the blood that is connected to the Odachi, this weapon is not just for killing monsters, it is also for killing other beings.

”… This is dangerous! ” Eleanor spoke as she backed away from the Odachi.

”That ’s the objective. ” Victor laughed as he took the Odachi and put it in her sheath. He held the Odachi with his left hand since the Odachi was just too big for him to leave on his waist and also too big for him to leave on his back. Because of that, he had to carry the odachi by hand.

”More importantly! ” Natashia and Sasha appear near Victor.

”Does this Odachi have a name!? ” The two asked with eyes shining.

”…She doesn ’t have a name. ”

”Ehhh? This is cruel, you have to name her! ” Sasha spoke up.

”Even if you say that, I don ’t know a good name. ” He thought for a moment and looked at his shadow.

”Kaguya, what do you think? ” Kaguya stepped out of his shadow and looked at the Odachi in Victor ’s hand.

”That ’s too big a blade to be called a Katana… Even for an Odachi, that blade is too big… ” She put her hand on her chin and started to think.

”As it is made of your blood, a blood that is very strong, and the purest of all… ”

”What about… ”

”Junketsu? ”

”Junketsu? ” Victor repeated Kaguya ’s words, confused.

”Junketsu means purity, as it ’s a Japanese weapon, you have to give it a Japanese name. It ’s common sense. ” She flashed a small smile.

”Hmmm… ” Victor touched his chin, he thought what Kaguya said made sense.

”In this case, the name of that weapon will be Junketsu. ”

”… ” Kaguya flashed a smile as she thought: ’Junketsu, The Odachi Of A Progenitor Vampire? ’

Somehow, she was quite proud to suggest that name.

”… Ehh? You need to give it a nicer name. How about Excalibur, or something like that? ” Sasha complained.

”Indeed, indeed. ” Natashia could not help but agree with her daughter.

”Wait, do you guys have a problem with that name? ” Kaguya narrowed her eyes.

”Hmm… The name is very cute, for a weapon that will kill millions of beings. ”

”Yes. ” Natashia agreed with Eleanor ’s thoughts.

”… Why do you already assume that I will kill millions of beings? ” Victor looked at Eleanor with a dead look.

”You are not going to? ” Eleanor looked at Victor with a shocked look.

”…. ” Victor couldn ’t answer that question. After all, he knew that if he had to, he would do it.

”…. ” Siena, Lacus, and Pepper gathered along with Ruby.

”Eleonor is right. Isn ’t that a very cute name for a weapon of mass destruction? ” Siena spoke.

”…Yes, but I don ’t think he ’s going to change her name now. ” Lacus continued.

”I was hoping for a better name, like Blade of Chaos or something. ”

”…That ’s not a dual sword. ” Ruby couldn ’t help but retort.

”You don ’t get the point. The important thing is to have a cool name! So what if it doesn ’t match? ”

”You didn ’t just name it after a certain bald man who defied the gods, did you? ” Ruby narrowed her eyes.

Pepper turned her face away and started whistling, ”I mean, I thought that name would be cool… ” She said while whistling.

”Master, the girls are gathered in the coliseum. ” Kaguya suddenly spoke up.

”…Huh? ” Everyone looked at Kaguya.

”Why are they there? ”

”Master forgot? ” Kaguya asked, a little in shock.

”…? ” Victor looked confused at Kaguya.

”Before the Master left for Clan Fulger, you told the Maids to gather at the coliseum. ”

”…Did I say that? ” Victor was confused.

”Yes. ” Kaguya nodded with a neutral look.

”Strange, I don ’t remember… ” Victor touched his chin.

”It ’s not strange that you don ’t remember, after all, many things happened to Master. ”

”… That makes sense… ” Victor trusted Kaguya completely. He knew that the Maid wouldn ’t lie to him, so he must have said that in the past and didn ’t remember because of the huge amount of memories?update faster perks? google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

”The coliseum in the forest, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”I will go there. ”

Kaguya ’s smile widened a little, and she said, ”Good. I will wait for Master there. ”

”…. ” The Scarlet sisters and Luna looked at Kaguya who disappeared with a dead look.

”She planned this, huh. ” Luna spoke.

”Yes, it ’s pretty obvious. ” Lacus nodded.

”Kaguya is getting smart. ” Pepper looked impressed.

”Stopping to think now. Isn ’t Kaguya the luckiest of them all? ” Siena commented.

”Huh? ” Ruby looked at her older sister.

”I mean, she ’s always with Victor in his shadow. ” Siena pointed out this fact.

”Oh… ” Ruby had never thought about it deeply, considering that she was just Victor ’s maid. She didn ’t believe she had to be so careful.

”Are you going to train? ” Eleanor asked Victor.

”I guess so. ”

”Ugh… ” Eleanor grumbled.

”…I haven ’t forgotten about you. We will go to your territory tomorrow. ” He flashed a small smile.

”Good. ” She nodded happily:

”Can I go with you? ” Eleonor asked.

”To train? ”

”Yes. ”

”Sure. ” Victor didn ’t deny it since he was also curious about Eleanor ’s ability.

”Scathach, Natashia, and Sasha. ”

”Hmm? ” The three women who were talking at one point looked at Victor.

”Do you want to go train? ”

”… ” Scathach ’s eyes glowed blood red.

”Sure, I have a few things to teach my daughter, and you too, ” Natashia said.

”Why me? ” Victor looked confused.

”You can use lightning, right? I ’m the lightning master, I can teach you a few things. ”

”Oh…that makes sense. ” Now that he thought about it, didn ’t he have the three best teachers of the powers he possessed close to him?

Agnes was a master of the fire element.

Natashia was a master of the lightning element.

Scathach was a master of the ice element.

All that ’s missing is the element of water, and the power of blood since those powers were ones he hadn ’t progressed much in. But he was in no hurry, he could always train his blood alone, and he always trained with Ruby the most when it came to the water element.

He even made some progress. For example, in the ’Blood Sacrifice ’ technique, he used the element of water along with that of blood to make the blood ’thicker ’, and properly contain all the other powers.

”I can ’t give my opinion…? ” Sasha commented, her mother just accepted it for her.

”… ” Natashia looked at her daughter with a neutral look, and then she approached her daughter ’s ear.

”You are the girl who is the furthest behind in this competition. ”

”Huh? ”

”Ruby, and Violet already got their Date, you ’re the only one left, and your husband ’s life is Chaotic. God only knows when he ’ll have time again. ” Every time Victor went out somewhere, something always happened.

While Victor was on the date with Violet, Victor ’s in-laws, who at the time didn ’t know each other, came to visit him.

Consequently, when Victor returned, it turned out that he fought Natasha.

While Victor was on the date with Ruby, the incident where he was locked up for a year and six months happened.

’Fate is a bitch, and there was no time for peace for that man. ’ Natashia thought.

”Because of this, you must take the initiative! Love is a war, and like a Fulger, you always have to push, push, push, until you get what you want! ”

”… ” Sasha stared at her mother with an expressionless look, but she agreed with her mother ’s thoughts internally. Although she didn ’t express it, she didn ’t want the woman to get more out of control.

”Fine, I will… ” She turned away with a huff.

”Why is she acting like a Tsundere? ” Pepper whispered.

”Wasn ’t she always like this? ” Lacus commented.

”I thought she had passed that stage, and was in the Yandere stage. ”

”Oh… ” Lacus thought that made sense.

”Even our sister has risen from being the coolest woman to the coolest yandere. ” Pepper commented.

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