My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 305: Scathach feels weirdfor several reasons

Chapter 304: The Snow Clan Treasure.

From the moment Violet left the room, an uncomfortable silence descended behind her.

”… ” The entire time Violet was talking, Agnes couldn ’t utter a word, she was too shocked…

”Agnes… ”

Hearing Hilda ’s voice, Agnes slowly began to wake up from her stupor.

Slowly, she looked down at her hands.

Hilda couldn ’t see her face because it was covered by her long white hair.

”The woman I respect, huh…? ” She clenched her fists tightly. She had never heard those words from her daughter before.

Slowly her golden eyes began to turn blood red, a cold red that carried all her silent hate.

Agnes looked up.

Hilda could see Agnes ’s cold, lifeless and serious face. She had finally made a decision.

She flashed a small smile:

’It seems that Violet ’s words took effect. ’ Hilda thought.

She was a little surprised by this development too. She thought she would need to help her master if she kept it up, but who would have thought her own daughter would help her?

’The best way to cheer up someone like Violet and Agnes is not to say that everything was fine, but to point out what they should do. ’ Hilda understood the personalities of the two women, like mother, like daughter.

The two women were troublesome. Normally, if they had a normal life, they wouldn ’t do anything crazy. But when something or someone touched their deepest ’desire ’…

Something… Something would emerge from the depths of these women ’s souls, something dark.

Something that could harm everyone if left unchecked.

But Hilda had a feeling… A feeling that ’he ’ could handle the craziness of these women relatively easily.

For any man, just Violet alone was a big problem. They wouldn ’t like her crazy attitude that could harm her and everyone around her.

’But he isn ’t a normal man… ’

Even Scathach and Annasthashia Fulger accepted this man, and these two women were very troublesome.

Scathach accepted him as a disciple and a son-in-law.

And Annasthashia Fulger accepted him as her son-in-law.

Hilda thought that if it were that man, he could handle it easily.

”Hilda, I want all our resources and contacts in search of something. ”

Hilda had her thoughts interrupted by Agnes. She looked at the woman and asked in a neutral tone:

”What is it you are looking for, Lady Agnes? ”

”I want information on any possible weapons capable of permanently killing a God. ”

”…. ” Hilda opened her mouth in shock.

’Was she really going to do this? Kill a God? ” Hilda couldn ’t imagine the chaos that would ensue in the supernatural world.

”It doesn ’t matter if it ’s a small rumor or some illogical folktale. Investigate everything. ”

’Yes, she would do it. ’ Hilda saw that the woman was too determined to back down.

The biggest obstacle to killing a God was finding a suitable weapon. After all, gods were beings with immortal souls, and they could only be killed by extremely specific types of weapons.

”I want all members of Clan Snow and Clan Blank looking for this information. All Clans associated with Clan Snow should work on obtaining this information as well. ”

”Tell them that if they refuse to work, their clan will cease to exist. ”

”And cancel all my appointments. ” Agnes crawled out of bed, then stood.

Agnes loosened her hair that had always been tied up, while she walked a little until she saw the fake glasses she always wore, slowly she approached the glasses, and with a bit of force in her hand, she shattered her fake glasses.

Soon she passed Hilda.

”What are you going to do? ” Hilda was curious what her master would do.

Agnes turned her face and looked at Hilda with her blood-red eyes glowing as if they were a great fire that was about to engulf everything, but at the same time, that fire was being contained by the coldness of her gaze:

”From today, I will train in seclusion. I need to regain my old strength, and get stronger. ” She raised her hand, and soon flames began to appear in her hand, and like a magic trick, a completely red western sword appeared.

”… ” Hilda looked at Agnes in shock. She only saw the face that Agnes was making once in her entire life.

And that ’s when her parents died.

From the beginning, Agnes always had great potential, but she always felt that it was not necessary to train anything more than her fire powers.

And she never trained anything beyond the basics of her Clan ’s basic martial arts.

Originally, like Clan Scarlett and Fulger, Clan Snow also had a primary weapon from which a martial art was derived.

And that weapon was a common western sword that you could see anywhere in the past.

The only difference is that this sword was made with the scales of a fire dragon and bathed in the blood of the fire dragon ’s heart.

What did that mean…?


The sword could channel the full power of the Snow Clan leader ’s fire and increase it.

Hilda looked at the sword with appraising eyes.

The Snow Clan ’s greatest treasure, a ’divine ’ class weapon, a weapon made from the remains of a Dragon King.

A Dragon King whose name caused everyone despair in the past.

Fafnir, the King of All Fire Dragons.

The being known as a calamity that could easily destroy countries.

And in Agnes ’s hands was a part of that being ’s power.

’The Snow Clan will once again use the Blade of Fafnir… ’ There was a saying that was passed down from generation to generation of the Snow Clan.

Wrong, was it more like a superstition?

’When a Snow Clan leader uses Fafnir ’s blade, great chaos will arise in the near future. ’ Hilda wasn ’t much of a believer in superstition, but…

She had a feeling.

A premonition that something terrible is really going to happen in the future.

”I never needed to train, and now, I realize how foolish I was… ” She gripped the sword ’s hilt tighter and looked at the red blade:

”I ’ll make her pay for it. ” Agnes ’ cold tone sent little shivers down Hilda ’s spine.

’She ’s returned? That crazy, hedonistic woman? ’ Hilda assessed Agnes a little better, and soon she internally shook her head: ’Something has changed, she hasn ’t gone back to what she was before, she ’s changed to something else. ’

”Your wish is our command, Master. ” Hilda expressed a gesture of respect with a smile on her face.

It was only her secret, but she liked her master the way she was before, a ruthless and do-what-you-want woman, although, over time, she learned to like the ’loving ’ Agnes too.

But if given a choice, Hilda would definitely choose the old Agnes.

”… ” Agnes nodded and then left the room while holding Fafnir ’s blade in her hands.

Changes would occur in the Snow Clan, changes that would shake the very structure of Nightingale society.


Sounds from the explosions of two people clashing repeatedly could be heard throughout the colosseum.

”…So this is a high level vampire fight? ” Bruna asked curiously as she looked at her master, who was fighting Scathach.

”Wrong, they ’re just measuring each other ’s strength, they haven ’t really started fighting yet. ” Eleanor spoke.

”What!? ” Bruna didn ’t believe what she heard from Eleonor.

”…So this is just a warm-up? ” Eve asked in a shocked tone.

”Yes. ”

”Although it ’s a warm-up, not everyone can fight Scathach like that and be okay. ” Natashia spoke while looking at her daughter, who had her whole body covered in lightning, and eyes closed. She seemed to be teaching her daughter something.

”Oh my god… ” Bruna looked at Victor with a more devout look.

”What do you mean ’not everyone can fight Scathach like that ’? ” Maria asked curiously.

”Exactly what it means. ” Natashia looked at the girls.

”Scathach is the strongest female vampire in the world. Few people can withstand her destructive punches. ”

”Not even me or Agnes could take a punch from her as openly as Victor is doing now. ” Even though she was greatly decreasing her strength, that didn ’t take away from Victor ’s merit. After all, even though her strength was restricted, she was still using her martial arts.Do you want to read more chapters? Come to panda-novel,com

And the martial arts she created were extremely dangerous.

Natashia couldn ’t take a direct punch from Scathach for the main reason that she didn ’t train her stamina, compared to Scathach, who was a complete warrior who made a point of training everything.

Natashia just focused on her lightning, speed, and her dagger martial arts.

While Agnes just decided to train her fire.

’If we had trained as diligently as Scathach from the beginning, we would be at a level similar to Scathach now. ’

But as time passed, the two women grew lazy while Scathach never stopped trying.

”Amazing… Master ’s master is amazing… ” Eve impressed.

Nod, Nod.

Victor ’s maids nodded in agreement with Eve ’s words.

’If I train with her, can I be like that too? ’

”… ” Eleanor, Natashia, and Kaguya looked into Eve ’s gaze with sweat on their face.

They could definitely tell what this girl was thinking right now.

”Girl, forget it. You don ’t have to go through this hell. First, basic vampire training… After that, you can throw yourself into hell. ” Natashia spoke.

Nod, Nod.

Eleanor waved furiously, ”Definitely not a good idea to train with Scathach right now without having a base. ”

Eve looked at the girls with a neutral gaze:

”…But I already have a base. My Master and Kaguya taught me how to fight. ”

”Even if we taught you how to fight, that doesn ’t compare to training with Scathach… Although, Master can be pretty spartan too sometimes. ”

”… ” Roberta, Maria, and Bruna ’s bodies visibly shuddered when they heard Kaguya ’s voice.

”Did you all train with my Master? ” Roxanne, the tall Dryad, asked in a curious tone.

”Yes. ”

”I see… ” She started to think, she didn ’t necessarily need to train to fight, considering she wasn ’t a fighter, she was something more along the lines of a protector.

But it didn ’t hurt to learn some techniques…

[What do you think?] She asked as she looked up at the highest part of the coliseum, and in that area, she could see a giant gorilla looking around as if it was watching over everything.

The gorilla looked at Roxanne.

And soon, a man ’s voice appeared in her mind.

[Master should do what she wants, I will always support you, but don ’t overdo it too much… Although this isn ’t your real body, it ’s still part of you.]

[Don ’t worry, I can ’t die.]

[I know, as long as that man exists, you can ’t die, but you still feel pain, and even if you ’re safe because your main body is in that man ’s body, you still have to be careful.] He didn ’t want Roxanne to fight, but he could not stop her will.

[For now, I suggest you just watch everything, you ’re still a baby after all.] Because of that, he just decided to advise her.

[Umu… You ’re right.] Roxanne decided to follow her guardian ’s advice.


A loud explosion ensued, and everyone looked to where Victor and Scathach were training.

The two were in the middle of the arena facing each other, and in less than a few seconds, they walked away from each other.

Scathach was the first to initiate the conversation:

”Victor… ”

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