Chapter 287: Your legacy. 2

”I wouldn ’t be surprised if I were condemned to hell right now… ”

A few seconds pass in silence until…

badump, Badump!

Victor ’s heart began to beat frantically.


Victor coughed up blood on the floor as he started to feel his whole existence shaking in pain. It was the same feeling he had when he used the vampire count ’s power beyond the limit, if he continued like this, he would die because of his own powers.

And he knew it, Victor quickly took his gloves and placed them in his hands, the magic circle of his glove began to glow brightly.

’Start restriction process. ’

Victor ’s power began to go wild, like a beast that didn ’t want to be caged again.

’Level 1 ’

Victor ’s power began to shake around and damage the entire room.

’Level 2. ’

Slowly the wings behind Victor began to return to his body, his power stopped causing damage all around him.

’Level 3. ’ His skin started to go back to normal as, slowly, he started to go back to what he was before.

”… ” Victor waited a little, and when he felt that he was no longer feeling that pain in his whole body, he sighed in relief.

[Tsk, and I thought I could stay here longer.]

[Don ’t complain, this is inevitable.]

[You need to train harder!]

[Yes I know-.]


Victor coughed up blood again on the floor.

[It will start soon, get ready, unlike the other times when we only feed, you chose to absorb the entire existence of the man known as Adonis Snow. His entire life experience will enter you, it won ’t just be memories, you will experience everything.]

”Ugh. ” Victor held his head in pain

He felt like screaming, but he just bit his tongue in defiance. He refused to scream, he ’d already made a lot of noise, and it wouldn ’t be weird if Agnes showed up at any time.

And he didn ’t want to be in a weakened state when Agnes showed up, only God would know her reaction, and Victor needed to be prepared for that.

”Fuck! ” Victor punched the floor, he needed to vent the pain he was feeling into something.

Victor blinked his eyes.

And suddenly, he was in a completely different place.

1700 Years ago, somewhere in Greece.

Victor looked around, confused. He saw people wearing strange clothes, civilization seemed to be something close to the middle ages, strange buildings, very different from what he was used to.

A kind of setting he only saw in middle-aged films.

”Where I am. ”

”In my memories. ”

”!!! ” Victor turned around and saw Adonis ’ appearance.

Adonis flashed a wistful little smile and said, ”Don ’t get lost in my memories, Victor. You are the King, always remember that. ”

Slowly Adonis ’ appearance faded and entered Victor ’s body.

And soon, an immense amount of information began to appear in Victor ’s head.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” Victor shouted to the sky.

Victor woke up in a strange place that was completely dark with several floating screens.

Suddenly, Victor began to hear a voice in his head.

[My name, you may already know, and my story is well known around the world, but… I will tell you my version.]

Victor ’s world changed, and he was in the body of a child.

[Ever since I was a kid, I always knew I was different.]

[Whenever anyone looked at me, they opened their eyes in shock and screamed.]

”Kyaaaa, he ’s so cute! ” An older woman spoke as she hugged the little boy.

[Yes, I know, I was incredibly handsome. I had an undeniable charm.]

[If I, Adonis, said I was the most handsome man in the world.]

[Everyone, including the gods, would just have to agree.]

[After all, this was an absolute truth.]

[But… As with all tales related to the gods, everything is fucked up.]

Victor ’s vision changed again, and he was in front of a pink-haired woman.

[Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty. And the woman who fucked up my life out of childish jealousy.]

[At some point in time, mortals had said that my mother had a beauty that surpassed the Goddess of Beauty herself.]

[That bitch got jealous, and she cursed my mother, causing her to fall in love with her father.]

[The consequence of this action was my birth…]

[Because of this incestuous relationship, I was born with a weak body.]

[I mean… Come on, what kind of being curses someone because random people said X things about that being?]

[Isn ’t that very irrational?]

[Yes, it ’s irrational, but these are the Greek gods for you, irrational and petty beings that hold great power.]

”I knew not getting involved with that woman was the best choice of my life. ” Victor nodded to himself, he was just reaffirming that fact to himself.

[This story, I came to know a lot after I had relations with two goddesses.]

[Persephone, and Aphrodite.]

Victor suddenly found himself in front of a woman with long black hair who was wearing a loving expression but, for some reason, Victor couldn ’t fully see her face.

He could just see what kind of expression she was making.

[Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld, the only child of Zeus and his sister Demeter.]

[A poor little girl who was kidnapped by her uncle Hades who forced her to marry him in the underworld.]

[The tale of Persephone was known even back then, because of these tales, I was not on guard when I first met her.]

[And that was the biggest mistake of my life.]

The scene changed again, and this time, Victor was lying on a bed, and the same dark-haired woman was on top of him.

[Cheating on her husband Hades with me, Persephone raped me…]

”Ugh. ” Victor touched his head.

Victor felt all of Adonis ’s feelings.

Humiliation, pleasure, fear, hate, anger.

He was going through a whirlwind of emotions.

And Victor felt it all.

’Don ’t be swallowed up… Remember, you are a King. ’ Remembering Adonis ’ words, Victor understood what he was talking about.

Victor assumed a serious expression and maintained a steady, and regal stance. It was like a King who was holding his sword to the ground.

[After this traumatic experience, I walked through the forest, and I came across her again…]


[Despite being scared, angry, and hateful.]

[In front of this woman, everything seemed meaningless.]

[The moment she looked at me with her pink eyes, I ’d realized that…]

[I couldn ’t resist from the start.]

And then the previous scene repeated itself.

Victor was lying in bed with Aphrodite on top of him.

But all he felt from Adonis in this situation was anger and hatred.

But who was the woman in front of him?

The goddess of beauty, she could erase those feelings with just a snap of her fingers.

And that ’s what she did.

[She turned the hatred I had for her into love.]

[My sin was being born weak.]

’I hate that. ’

[My sin was being born too beautiful.]

’That ’s debatable. ’

[My biggest sin was meeting that bitch Aphrodite.]

’I hate this arrogant bitch, she thinks she can do whatever she wants just because she ’s the goddess of beauty. ’

[My biggest sin was being born in Greece, which was the territory of these irrational gods.]

[If I could have one wish, I wish I ’d never met Aphrodite and Persephone.]

Crack, Crack, Crack.

Victor ’s entire world shattered like a crack in glass, and soon he found himself in the woods again.

[But not everything was in vain…]

[By relating several times with the two goddesses, I acquired something strange.]

[I became more handsome, which I think is Aphrodite ’s influence.]

[People began to fear me, with just one look from me mortals would run away if I wanted them to.]

[Something I think came from the Goddess of the Underworld.]

[What ’s more important…]

Victor found himself looking at his reflection in the water.

[My eyes turned violet, and…]

[I acquired a strange skill.]

[The ability to see the future.]

[The way the skill activates is random, I have no control over this power, and every time this skill is activated, I get weaker than I already am.]

[But, I hadn ’t given up hope, the first time I had this ability, I saw a future.]

Victor ’s vision changed, and he saw what Adonis saw.

A woman with long white hair holding a small baby.

”Agnes, what are you-… ”

[This was the first time I saw this vision. The vision of a happy future, but far, far away.]

[I was able to glean some information from that vision, although the woman ’s head was down looking at the child, I could identify an obvious feature in her.]

[Their incredibly pale skin as if it had no blood.]

[And this is a trait that few supernatural beings have.]

[A vampire.]

[The second time this ability activated was when I was in town, and in this vision, it showed me the location of the woman I saw.]

[And what did I do? I went to meet her.]

”Hmmm!? What the fuck are you talking about, why can ’t I stay here!? ”

[And what I saw was a beautiful woman who acted like a delinquent.]

[The woman stopped fighting with the man, sniffed the air, and then she turned to me, and when she laid her eyes on me, she showed an expression of shock.]

[And then a crazy smile…]

[Seeing her smile, I realized I had dug my own grave.]

The vision changed, and soon Victor saw a replay of the two scenes he saw earlier.

[That was the first time I met Agnes Snow, the woman who was going to be my future wife.]

He looked to the side and said:

”Your life… ” he had no words to describe what he witnessed, and all he could say was.

”It was shit. ”

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