My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter​Chapter 338: Haruna The Moonlight Kitsune

is Genji, the leader of all the nine-tailed foxes and all the little foxes that will be born in the future. ”

”HAHAHAHAHA~, as expected of the Cursed Clan! They will bare their fangs against their own kind if need be! ”

”Ibaraki, shut up. ” Shuten punched Ibaraki in the stomach. He didn ’t have the patience to listen to Ibaraki ’s taunts, and he knew the man was just saying that to start a fight.

”Oof. ” The man held his stomach and gasped.

A thick fog began to appear in front of the woman. From that fog, a pair of neon-green eyes shone menacingly.

Step, Step.

Everyone could hear the sounds of someone approaching.

”Haruna, why are you doing all this show? ” A man ’s voice was heard around.

”You know very well. ” Haruna ’s smile grew.

”…To attain Godhood, huh? Are you trying to get this by force? ” A man came out of the mist, and everyone could see a man with long white hair, and 9 white tails, looking quite majestic in his sky blue kimono.

And the moment he came out of the mist, his eyes changed to sapphire blue.

A very different appearance than what he showed to Victor.

”… ” Haruna opened her eyes in shock as if the man had discovered a very important secret.

”Divinity cannot be obtained through violent means. ” He spoke in a deep voice as if he were a teacher who was teaching his disciple.

”And to think… ” Haruna ’s eyes were hidden by her long black hair.

”Haruna… ” Genji ’s eyes became kinder, and when he was about to try to make the woman give up this foolish idea, he heard:

”To think you would completely misunderstand my purpose here. ”

Haruna ’s entire atmosphere changed, and she flashed a big smirk:

”Divinity? To live forever in one place while listening to senile old men and fake talking nonsense? To have to sit in that boring place while I have to deal with the family dramas of these Gods? ”

”Hell no! ” Her voice echoed all over the place.

”The Gods can go fuck themselves! ” She pointed her middle finger at the sky:

”Take your flabby dicks and shove them in the old pussy of your filthy Goddesses! ”

”Because, I, Haruna, will not participate in this farce! ”

Rumble, Rumble.

The sky flashed with multiple lightning bolts, the gods were furious, but seeing this reaction, the woman ’s smile only grew.

”HAHAHAHAHA~! ” Her laugh sent chills through everyone present.

”…I don ’t understand, what do you want then? You even did this whole show to get my attention. ”

”What I want!? Isn ’t that obvious!? ” Her tails quivered in the wind, and she pointed at Genji.

”I want you in my Hyakki Yakō! ”

”….. ” A silence fell on the place as all the beings present heard what the woman wanted.

”That woman really is crazy… ” Shuten Douji couldn ’t help but speak.

”Indeed. There ’s no way that bootlicker could betray Inari. ” Ibaraki agreed with his Clan Leader ’s opinion.

”He doesn ’t need to betray Inari-sama. ” The man with the blade-like tail spoke.

”Remember that she summoned a Hyakki Yakō, meaning this is a challenge. If Genji loses, he is obligated to join that woman ’s side. ”

The Hyakki Yakō was more than just a show of power, it was a recruiting event and could even be called a battle event.

Bringing all your strength and showing that you were worthy, you could demand a challenge from another leader who had a Hyakki Yakō.

Haruna was basically declaring to everyone that she wanted Genji and his Hyakki Yakō under her banner.

Haruna had made a declaration of war!

”Hahaha, that SIMP must be very angry right now. He would never abandon his faithful, loving Inari… ” Ibaraki grabbed a handkerchief from somewhere, and wiped the tear from his face:

”It must be hard to be devoted to that woman and never having received Snu Snu. ”

Ibaraki ’s smile grew a little:

”…Although I doubt that woman could satisfy even a dog, after all, she is as flat as an airport runway. ” Ibaraki was spitting barbarities around.

He was a man who loved climbing mountains, and all the Oni women of his Clan had those mountains, so he believed that mountains were superior.

”…. ” Some Yōkai broke out in a cold sweat when they heard what Ibaraki said.

As the Gods of Chinese mythology said:

This man was courting death!

In fact, he was dancing to classical music with death!

They wouldn ’t be surprised if a war broke out because of Ibaraki ’s words, this Oni is crazy!

”I said shut up. ” Shuten Douji hit Ibaraki in the stomach again.

”Oof. ”

Genji ’s eyes weren ’t pretty, especially when he heard the words of a certain Oni, those big ears he had weren ’t for show, you know?

He had hellish ears, and, as a faithful devotee of Inari, he could hear any insult to his Goddess from thousands of miles away.

Deciding that he would punish a certain Oni later, he would first solve this annoying problem in front of him.

”…You ’re getting too arrogant- ” When he was going to say something to this fox, the woman cut him off saying:

”Blah, Blah, spare me the talk of that arrogant old Master sermon. ” Haruna rolled her eyes.

”I made my demand, in a week, I want a fight against all your Hyakki Yakō. If you lose, you submit to me, and you become part of my strength. ” She spoke in a casual tone while looking at her black nails.

”And just like tradition, if I lose, I ’ll join your Hyakki Yakō. ” She blew on her fingernail, and for a few seconds, her fingernail glowed sharply.

”… ” If Genji ’s eyes could poke holes, Haruna would have her entire body pierced.

He was furious.

Genji ’s ears twitched a little, and he heard:

[Accept. Teach this little fox her place, she will be a good addition to our forces.]

[…Your wish is my command, Inari-sama.]

”Fine, I ’ll play with you. You ’ll regret bringing this on yourself. ”

Haruna ’s smile grew wider, and her eyes, as black as a deep darkness, emitted a kind of miasma that came out of her eyes.

”HAHAHAHAHA~. ” She laughed as she showed her sharp teeth. It was as if her mouth had completely disappeared and was left with very sharp fangs.

’…This woman was really scary. ’ People were wondering if this woman wasn ’t actually a demon disguised as a fox.

”See you in a week, so don ’t be late. ” She turned around, and as she was turning around, her world slowed down, and for a few seconds, her eyes fell onto a pair of blood-red eyes.

”… ” The woman ’s fox ears twitched a little as she looked into the eyes of that child who was wearing a completely black outfit and black fox mask, and just for a few seconds, she had the feeling of familiarity with her.

It was as if she were her kind, a kin, but that was impossible. After all, all her kin were adult foxes, and she was sure that if she saw a child among her Clan members, she would remember.

’I ’ll investigate later. ’ She thought to herself, and then time returned to normal, and she looked at her subordinates.

”Boys, let ’s go back. ” A black miasma came out of her body, that same miasma started to come out of all her subordinates, and in the blink of an eye…

Everyone disappeared, including the Dragons in the sky.

”…. ” Ophis opened her eyes wide when she saw this.

’She ’s like me. ’ She thought.

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