My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 342: She is not a disease

Chapter 341: Two girls against the world.

7 days after the events of Haruna challenging Genji, and only a few hours after Victor left to look for Ophis,

Two beings completely covered in black were running through the narrow alleys of the city of Tokyo, Japan.

The moon in the sky was red, and a dangerous mood hovered around.

”There they are! ” Hearing someone ’s voice.

”Quick! Surround them! ”

The being who was wearing the Oni mask clicked its tongue in annoyance.

”Fox! ”

”Mm. ” The being with the fox mask nodded it ’s head slightly, and lightly touched Oni ’s shoulder.

The Oni disappeared and appeared on top of the men who were chasing them, grabbing the two Deagles that were holstered behind her, and pointing at the beings.

Bang, Bang!

She fired twice aiming at the individuals in the heads.

The first shot instantly killed an individual while the second the man defended with his arm which had grown hardened scales of a red hue.

”Tsk. ” The Oni kicked the wall behind her to build momentum towards the man.

”Do not underestimate me! ” The man roared as his human appearance was deformed and soon he took the form of a seven-foot monster that had red scales and horns protruding from its head.

He punched towards the golden-eyed Oni, but he just hit the black particles that were lingering in the air: ”Huh? ”

”I wasn ’t. ”

Feeling the cold of the metal on the back of its head, the monster started to sweat:

”Wai- ”


Brain and blood painted on the floor.

A silence fell around them, and that silence was broken by the sound of footsteps and screams.

”I heard a shot, over here! ”

”Fuck, they ’re like cockroaches. ” The Oni spoke in an annoyed tone as she began to run again with her accomplice.

’Demons, Werewolves, Servants of Vampires, Hunters, Yōkai, it seemed that the whole world was after this girl… Was her being the Daughter of a Count that important? ’

”… ” The Oni ’s companion looked at her in silence, and after a few moments she spoke:

”…I ’m sorry, Ne-…Oni. ”

”… ” The Oni glanced back, and saw her mate ’s sad red eyes.

”This is not your fault. ” She turned her face forward and continued:

”They are hunting you because you are the Daughter of an important person. ”

”…But if I didn ’t exist, you wouldn ’t be going through this… ”

”The child is not to blame for what their parents did or represent. ”

”…. ”

”At least it was something someone told me in the past. ” She laughed lightly.

Jumping past some garbage cans, and into another alley, she continued:

”…At first, I didn ’t believe him, but… As time passed, and as I traveled around the world, I realized that he was correct. ”

She pulled the gun from her holster, and pointed it up.


A body with its head exploded and fell to the ground. The body slowly lost its human form, and soon a pointy-eared monster with large tails and blue fur replaced it.

’Yōkai this time, Huh? ’ The Oni only glanced at him as she ran, then turned the corner followed by her companion.

”So you don ’t have to feel guilty… ”

”… ” Her accomplice opened her eyes a little in surprise, and then her eyes took on a gentle expression.

”None of this is your fault-… Get down! ” The oni pulled her companion ’s hand, and threw her to the ground, only for something to pass by, spinning at high speed.

Slash slash!

The two heard the noise of things being shredded at high speed, and when they looked up, they saw that everything in a straight line had been eviscerated.

”Just surrender, we will treat you well. ”

”Tsk, a Kamaitachi. ” Oni aimed her Deagle up and fired.

The bullets ricochet off the blades of the monster that looked like a 2 meter long weasel with a tail of blades.

”Give up, we don ’t want to hurt you if possible… ” Another weasel appeared in front of the Oni, they were surrounded.

The Oni let go of her partners hand, and pulled the other Deagle from her holster:

”That attack you sent our way says otherwise. ”

”… Like I said, if possible. ” The weasel flashed a smile full of sharp teeth.

”Give up Nero, you can ’t run away forever. ” The other Weasel spoke.

”… How do you know my name? ”

”Japan is a small place, there are ears everywhere. ” The weasel that defended Nero ’s bullets spoke up.

”… And there are people who sell information to anyone who is interested. ”

The two weasels started pacing back and forth, they were looking for an opportunity to act.

”…Fucking Witches. ” Nero hands gripped more tightly, it didn ’t take a genius to understand who sold the information.

”Give up. ”

”Never. ”

”I see, don ’t cry about losing a leg or two, later. ” The weasels ’ fur stood on end, and the wind began to circle around them.

They leapt into the air, and attacked with their tails.

The action sent two wind blades flying towards the girls.

Nero braced herself, but when she blinked her eyes, she saw that she was on top of a tall building.

”… Fox? ”

”Yes…? ”

”Why did you take so long…? ”

”I ’ve never used my power so frequently… ” A trail of blood left Fox ’s nose.

She wiped her nose with her clothes: ”And I ’ve never used my power on anyone else… ” She got this idea when she saw that black-haired nine-tailed fox do it.

Feeling a sense of familiarity with that fox, she thought that maybe she could do it too.

And with just a few tries, she was able to replicate what she saw.

If Haruna knew about this story, she would scream, ”Bullshit! ”

But that was how beings that had the blood of a Progenitor were, they learned fast. Mainly Ophis who had 50% of Vlad ’s blood inside her.

But… That power didn ’t come without consequences, that power caused a lot of stress on her body that wasn ’t developed yet.

Which was quite predictable. Ophis had never used her power as actively as she did now, and she had also never used her power on anyone other than herself.

”… Let ’s rest. ” Nero said, she wasn ’t good at comforting people or saying nice words, thus, this was her way of showing that she cared.

She walked to a spot and leaned against it while keeping her senses alert.

”Thanks. ”

”Mm. ” Nero just nodded.

’Should I have used her power less? But I didn ’t know that Vampires could get tired using their powers, that man never seemed to get tired, and being his daughter, shouldn ’t she be the same? ’

’… Nero idiot! She is a child! Of course she has no resistance when using her powers. ’

’Her regeneration is also not like that man, and they don ’t have the same willpower. ’

’…Now, I ’m feeling bad… Should I have asked her to use her power less? ’

’But if she didn ’t use her power, we would have died many times over. ’ She looked at the moon, which at some point had turned white again, and sighed.

’Why is he taking so long? This is not like him, for the man who ’d said he would burn the world down if he had to to protect his family… He seems very neglectful of this matter! It ’s been 1 week! ’

Nero was getting a headache from thinking so much, she had several complaints and frustrations that she was holding back, after all, it wasn ’t fair for her to vent to Ophis.

She was just a child, and Nero knew it.

She wasn ’t an idiot to take out her frustrations on a child.

When Fox was about to take off his mask, Nero suddenly spoke:

”Do not do it. ” Nero spoke.

”We can never know who is watching us. ”

”Oh… ” Understanding that it was important to keep her identity a secret, Fox nodded, and sat down on the floor.

These seven days that passed were marked by intense escapes. The first two days were all at peace, Ophis stayed with Nero and waited for someone to come and get her, and Nero took care of Ophis thinking she was the daughter of someone who took care of her in the past.

But everything started to change on the third day when a rumor began to circulate in the Supernatural world of Japan.

”The daughter of a Big Shot from Nightingale is here, and she is unprotected. ” Hand-drawn photos were being distributed in Japan ’s underworld, the photo had two beings of similar heights wearing a completely black outfit.

The first onlookers who came towards the group ended up dying at the hands of Nero, and that made them more curious.

This incident caught the attention of several Supernatural Beings, but for two days, all these small fish were killed.

The Noble Vampires of Nightingale were targets of various Supernatural Beings, there were several reasons for this.

Revenge. After all, Younger Vampires, when they leave Nightingale, think that Earth is a playground for them.

Jealousy. This one is more for Vampires who couldn ’t enter Nightingale or who had been driven out of the promised land. Nightingale was a haven for Vampires. They could live in peace, and didn ’t have to worry about threats.

Curiosity. This was the one that attracted the most people, several groups were curious to know who Big Shot ’s daughter was.

”Maybe it ’s the daughter of someone I know? ”

”Perhaps it is the daughter of someone important? ”

Everyone knew that the ’Big Shots ’, that is, the children of Noble Vampires who had relations with the Clan of Vampire Counts, were filthy rich, and they believed this could be an opportunity to make money.

And those beings that came after the group were all handled by Nero. She ran into a new group every 4 and 6 hours, and she dealt with them as usual.

A bullet to the head.

… But it wasn ’t until the fifth day that everything got worse.

A new rumor began to circulate:

”A blood relative of the King of Vampires is in Japan. ”

With the recent rumor, plus this rumor, everyone thought that this rumor was talking about these two beings.

Given the size of the photo, everyone thought it was one of the Vampire King ’s Youngest Children.

And the only child the Vampire King had that was that small was…

Ophis Tepes, the child who was considered the most beautiful flower in Nightingale.

And like moths drawn towards the flame, all supernatural beings present in Japan went towards Tokyo in search of the Daughter of the King of Vampires.

The offensives that used to happen every 4 or 6 hours, started happening every hour, and that time interval was getting shorter with each passing day.

And on the seventh day, they were swarming every minute.

Each of these beings had their own motivation. The most stubborn were the Vampires from Japan that Mizuki almost exterminated, they were making Vampire Servants with the sole intention of throwing them in the direction of the girls.

But how could mere newly created slave Vampires be better than someone who had always been fighting for her life?

Nero annihilated them.

And that drew even more attention, with each being that Nero killed, the Supernaturals of Japan grew more and more curious about the ’guardian ’ of the Daughter of the King of Vampires.

The Witches saw an opportunity to do business, and tried to discover the identity of the two beings at any cost.

But after all their efforts, they only managed to learn the name of one of the individuals.


And with just that name leaked out, another group got involved, the Hunters, and the Werewolves.

Unlike General Leonardo and his minions who came here to deal with the Demons,

The Inquisition sent a newly promoted commander, who was promoted when Commander Carlos died fighting the new Vampire Count.

August and his companion Sylvie. They were the new recruits commanding General James ’ personal army.

What was strange was that they came in a much smaller group than General Leonardo.

So far, no one knew why the Werewolves took an interest in this particular subject.

But this incident was definitely getting a lot more attention than it should.

A General, and a Commander of The Inquisition.

Witches used spells and their contacts to hunt for information to sell more dearly to select groups.

The remaining Noble Vampires of Japan were acting like psychopaths, and using all their resources to capture the girls.

Werewolves, whose goals were unknown.

Several groups of Yōkai chasing the girls as if they had been ordered by someone.

Japan was a mess all because of these two girls!

Where these two girls passed, as if it were the eye of a hurricane, these groups faced each other and end up in death.

Five minutes passed, and Nero smelled a different scent in the air. It was only for a few seconds, but she definitely felt it, she moved away from where she was, and appeared in front of Ophis.

”…? ” Ophis looked at Nero with a curious look.

”Rest time is over. ” She spoke as she looked around, her eyes glowing gold for a few seconds.

And then she pointed to the water tank with her two deagle.

”…Your senses are very good, child. ” Someone appeared on top of the water tank.

”…A Nurarihyon, huh? ” Nero spoke when she saw a small creature that had a big head.

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