My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 371: Scathachs feelings.

Chapter 370: Ruby and Victor.[+18]

Chapter 370: Ruby and Victor.

A man was lying on a large bed that had black fabrics, and his violet eyes were open as he looked at the ceiling as if he had found something interesting.

He was gently stroking the head of the woman who was laying her head on his chest.

With every caress the man gave the woman, a silent, satisfied moan was heard.

”Hmm… ” The breathing sound of a woman with long red hair and a voluptuous body was heard in the silent room.

The woman sleepily began to open her eyes, and the first thing she saw was her husband ’s face.

And that unconsciously put a happy little smile on her face.

”Darling… Didn ’t you sleep? ”

”Umu? ” Victor looked at Ruby as if he was awakening from a stupor. Then, seeing her sleepy, beautiful face and her messy long red hair, he flashed a small smile and said:

”…Not yet. ” He didn ’t lie.

”…. ” The woman was silent as she enjoyed her husband ’s caresses.

”How many days have you not slept…? ”

”Since the incident with Adonis happened. ” Again, he didn ’t lie.

He had no need to lie to his wives, especially Ruby, who was the woman who spent over a year and six months by his side.

After the small meeting the group had the day before, Ruby immediately pulled Victor into the bedroom, and a long night of intensive ’training ’ was practiced.

The training was so intense that Victor had to fill her insides over and over and over again.

The two were only satisfied when Ruby ’s ’thirst ’ was completely satisfied, and Victor ’s too.

Although they could still go on, they decided it wasn ’t a good idea. They were making love, not just ordinary ’sex ’, after all, sex without feelings is quite…unnatural for them.

That was also one of the reasons Violet didn ’t spend much time on this training.

Though she wouldn ’t mind going on for all eternity.

But as a good immortal once said, everything in an immortal ’s life needs a little ’spark ’ to make it more interesting and not become a tedious practice.

Now, they were fine since they were young, but what if this practice continued for 500 years? 1000 years? 10000 Years?

Eventually, it would get boring, and so, because of that, pranks, fetishes, and restraint were always welcome.

A very mature thought to have for someone as young as Ruby, a thought that unconsciously grew out of seeing Scathach ’s complaints about how ’boring ’ things were.

And that thought was born in the year, and six months they were together. After all, the way they fell into depravity in those years was quite… intense.

Therefore, she swore to herself that she would have control!

An oath she breaks easier than priests who break their promise not to indulge her lustful desires.

But she ’s trying, okay?

…Even though the liquid inside her just made her more horny, she ’s still holding back!

”… Why don ’t you sleep? ” She questioned Victor.

Come to think of it now, it ’s been a while since she ’s seen Victor sleep or heard someone else say he has.

”A certain bitch will bother me if I sleep. ” Victor spoke in a casual tone as he looked back at the ceiling.

’Oh… ’ Remembering why he did what he did to Adonis, Ruby understood why he didn ’t sleep.

”…Can you contact her? ” Ruby ’s face twitched slightly when she heard what Victor said. Although her face didn ’t change, her mood was completely different.

And Victor could feel it perfectly.

”Through the curse, yes. ”

”…Are you going to be okay? ”

”… ” He displayed a small smile.

”Probably. ” He wasn ’t sure. Dealing with the gods was always an open question, and in watching Scathach ’s fight with Inari, he learned something.

He learned not to underestimate the gods.

Inari, she wasn ’t even a warrior like gods specialized in that.

Like the gods of war or gods related to martial arts.

And yet, she was so strong.

Persephone, the daughter of Demeter and her brother Zeus.

As the queen of the underworld, she might not be a warrior, but she was still a goddess.

A queen goddess… She might be on her own level and might not be as naive as she demonstrated the first time Victor encountered her.

Proof of this was all the memories he had of Persephone and Aphrodite, memories he had received from Adonis.

In all these memories, the women were so much more… cunning and spoiled.

’Could she have matured over time? Victor immediately dismisses this thought as impossible.

A god ’s perception of time is different from a human ’s. For them, 1800 years go by as fast as the way they switch partners during an orgy.

Yes… Victor had very prejudiced thoughts against the Greek gods.

But who could judge him? He had memories of a man who lived at that time, so he knew very well that at that time, people would have to pray not to attract the attention of a Greek god.

Because attracting a god ’s attention is more dangerous than being mugged, look at all the Greek heroes and their tragic fates.

And he also has someone who has personal grudges with the Greek gods, his dear Maid. When she told him everything that had happened, he couldn ’t help but want to extinguish this entire race from his existence.

’In due time… I ’ll do it… ’ Victor thought. He ’s learned to be much more patient now.

Benefits of having the memory of an older vampire.

”…. ” Ruby was silent, and when she was like that, Victor knew she was thinking, making plans, and analyzing the situation.

He knew his wife very well.

”Don ’t think too much… ” Victor softly kisses Ruby ’s lips and says:

”Goddess or not, I will deal with her… I owe it to Adonis… ”

’And to my Maid… ’ He thought as he spoke.

”… ” Ruby doesn ’t say anything, she just kisses Victor harder and climbs on top of him.

Looking at Ruby ’s glowing red eyes, her long messy red hair, her two globes, feeling the warm feeling of a viscous liquid coming out of her important area and splashing onto his little brother.

Victor started to get excited again when he saw this beautiful yet sexy sight.

Even though she was satisfied with her husband ’s gaze devouring her entire body, Ruby still had something to say:

”Don ’t deal with the gods alone. ”

”… ” Victor looked into Ruby ’s eyes which were incredibly serious.

”If it ’s revenge you want for what happened to Violet ’s family. ”

”We as a family will do this. ”

”If you want to burn the world down like you did in Japan. ”

”We will do it TOGETHER . ”

”Don ’t forget your promise… Wrong, our promise. ” Ruby ’s eyes went darker than Violet ’s.

Victor ’s smile grew a little, and soon the two spoke in sync:

”Forever. ”

”You are mine, and I am yours. ”

”And those who stand in our way… ”

”Will die. ”

”…. ” A silence fell around the two of them as they finished their sentence. By staying away from others for a long time, a form of dependency grew in them, and coupled with their twisted personalities, they created a kind of unbreakable bond.

Victor ’s smile grew a little, ”These words work for you too… You can always count on us. ” He was talking about Sasha and Violet.

”I know… ” A gentle smile appeared on Ruby ’s face.

She definitely knew, considering that she was one of the first ones that, when she heard about Ophis ’s situation, insisted that Violet tell Victor about it.

They could never be too careful since, even though Ophis is the king ’s daughter and was always protected, mistakes happen, and those small mistakes can lead to something terrible.

That was the example she had herself when she was little. Despite being Scathach ’s most beloved daughter, someone still managed to kidnap her, and because of that incident… A country of humans disappeared from the map.

Ruby made a few moves with her hips, and her precious spot grazed Victor ’s little brother.

A smile that could be considered a perverted smile appeared on Ruby ’s face, and that smile grew even wider as she felt the thing straighten up. Then, she lifted her hips a little and devoured the tool inside her, she was claiming her rightful place.

’Ugh… as tight as ever. ’ Victor thought as his face grew into a smile just like Ruby ’s.

”I want more~. ”

”…Seriously, if you keep this up, you ’re going to get pregnant. ”

When they practiced the ’training ’ during that time, they used condoms. Since it always ended up inside his wives, they didn ’t allow him to go elsewhere either.

Ruby ’s smile grew a little, and she stroked Victor ’s chest:

”As a race that lives for a long time, it ’s impossible to have children so easily… ” She lowered her body while still connected and licked Victor ’s chest:

”This is the so-called natural law of life. The stronger you are, the longer a race has a life, the more difficult it is to have a child. After all, with how many women that the vampire king has fucked in his life, he should already have an army of children, but… He only has 7… Well, 6 now. ”

”Even the vampire king was an anomaly to have so many children in such a ’short ’ space of time… ” Ruby thought that this ’fertility ’ was somehow involved with the progenitor ’s powers.

”Oh…? ”

’Looks like something interesting happened… ’ Ruby would never say something useless, and if she corrected herself like that, it ’s because something must have happened to that man ’s children.

Even when Alexios was present, Victor never sought to know about Vlad. After all, that could be weird, and he wanted to keep his Alibi of being innocent.

He hasn ’t done anything wrong… Until they find out otherwise.

”And… I haven ’t reached my 500th birthday yet, so I ’m not an adult yet, and my fertile period hasn ’t arrived yet… Therefore, I can ’t get pregnant. ”

”… ” Victor stops thinking about what happened and focuses all his attention on the beautiful woman in his arms.

”The woman you ’re pushing down to her cervix when the opportunity arises… ” She licked his chest until her face reached Victor ’s ear.

”By vampire standards… It ’s just a child. ”

”Congratulations, Darling… You ’re fucking a kid right now… How do you feel? ”

Victor ’s face couldn ’t help but distort when he heard this:

”…That was quite unnecessary information. ”

”HAHAHAHAHA~ ” She laughed in amusement when she saw Victor ’s face. It was a bad joke, but for Ruby, it was so much fun.

The way she laughed now, Victor couldn ’t help but think she looked like Scathach…

’Well, they ’re mother and daughter for a reason. ’ ’

Despite looking like a woman in her early twenties, by noble vampire standards, she was just a baby vampire. At best, she could be considered a teenage vampire.

”Stop laughing. ”


He smacks her butt.

”Ahh~. ” A sensual moan left her mouth, and her insides contracted a little more.

”I wasn ’t born a noble vampire, so this rule doesn ’t work for me, and you seem like a grown woman. That ’s enough for me… ” Victor didn ’t want to think too much of vampire customs, or he ’d go crazy.

’It ’s better to ignore it. ’ He practically hit a ’delete ’ button in his mind and tried to erase this useless information from his brain.

”Hey? You didn ’t like the idea of fucking a child? ” Ruby spoke in the same tone of dark amusement.

”Of course not, I ’m not a degenerate. I ’m mentally ill. ”

”That ’s debatable. ” Ruby chuckled a little.

Victor ’s smile grew, ”…And I prefer older women. ”

Ruby ’s face twitched a little, and then she bit into Victor ’s skin.

”Ouch… ” Victor feigned pain when he saw Ruby ’s slightly irritated face.

”Is that why you like my mother and Natashia ’s mother? ”

”Because they are old? Because they are antiquities from the past? ” Her eyes were slowly getting darker, and a black pressure was coming out of her body.

”Clearly. ”

”… ” Her eyes shone brighter.

Victor laughed as if this were his revenge and continued:

”Fool, have you never heard the saying that old pots make good food? ”

”I never heard that. ” Ruby ’s eyes brightened even more, and her insides started to tighten even more as if she was squeezing Victor ’s tool. She was punishing him!

”… Let me teach you the meaning of this saying… ” He turns around suddenly and throws Ruby on the bed, and then he is on top of her.

”… ” Ruby continued looking into Victor ’s eyes.

The man smiled, and then he said, ”It means older women have their own charm. ”

”The charm of a milf! ”

Victor grabs Ruby ’s waist and pushes harder!

”…Ahhh~. ” She felt something invade a place that shouldn ’t have been invaded. The pain hurt like hell, her eyes couldn ’t help but roll back, and she held onto the bed a little tighter, but for Ruby, that pain just turned into more pleasure than anything else. What a nuisance.

”But… ” While holding Ruby ’s hip, he slowly lowered his chest, brushed Ruby ’s red hair out of the way, and spoke in her ear:

”Younger women, especially the smart and the completely crazy ones, also have their own charm~. ”

Ruby felt as if electricity had run through her spine, her eyes glowed blood red, and she wrapped her legs around Victor ’s waist.

She pulls the man ’s face with unparalleled fervor and says:

”Fuck me! ”

”Those are the words I wanted. ” Victor ’s smile grew, and soon moans of pleasure echoed throughout the room.

Not even 15,000 words would be enough to describe the second round that an incredibly aroused, slightly masochistic vampire with the blood of Scathach could do in the bedroom.

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