Chapter 390: Nero doesn ’t want towalk away from her father

Inside the temple, an old man and another golden-haired man with nine tails were sitting quietly while drinking tea.

Suddenly, the golden-haired man ’s fox ear twitched slightly.

He stopped drinking his tea and looked towards the entrance of the temple.

”They ’ve finished. ”

”…Are you sure you don ’t mind having your army destroyed? ” The old man spoke to the fox, his tone of voice indicating a lot of dissatisfaction.

”They are not my main strengths, and Yōkai will exist as long as humans exist… So, yes. I don ’t mind. ” The nine-tailed fox sipped his tea again and asked:

”How about you? ”

”Hmm? ” Feeling satisfied with what the fox had said, the God looked at him.

”You don ’t mind that he ’s coming to this place? ”

”No one can enter this place without my permission. ”

”Count or monster, it doesn ’t matter. He is still a being of the night, and when he comes in contact with the divine element of the Gods, he will become weaker. ”

”…So yes, I don ’t mind. ”

”…. ” The fox just drank some tea and nodded as if understanding the old man ’s thinking, but actually, he was thinking of something else:

’I don ’t think he ’s just an ordinary Vampire… ’ Unlike the God in front of him, he ’d done a little research on Alucard.

And he didn ’t even need to make much effort to get information from him since he was as famous as the Beatles when he first appeared, every Supernatural knew the new Count of Vampires.

Only old-fashioned Gods like the man in front of him didn ’t know. After all, they didn ’t care about beings ’below ’ themselves.

And he considered beings of the night like that, even Yōkai were considered lower beings to him.

The fox was only talking to this God because they ’d been working together for a long time.

The fox needs the blessing that the god can provide him, and the god needs his army to deal with ’rival ’ forces.

In this case, the ’rivals ’ being anything that the god considers an enemy.

This kind of agreement was quite common between youkai and gods since, despite treating youkai as lowly beings, the gods knew how useful they were.

It ’s no wonder that Tsukuyomi had to deal with the Tengu Clan leader just for the sake of this usefulness.

Although this type of agreement has been decreasing a lot over time, all because of the effect of a Youkai.

Precisely speaking of a nine-tailed fox.

Otsuki Haruna, the woman who is slowly swallowing up all the Youkai in her army. Leaving only a few Clans who are willing to work with the gods.

The gods even tried to ’gently recruit ’ Haruna to be their subordinate, but the woman just snorted and gave them the middle finger.

Which caused a lot of discomfort for the gods.

They even tried to do something about this woman using the Youkai themselves, but it wasn ’t until many years later that they found out that it was only further fueling the woman ’s army.

… Until, in the end, the woman challenged Genji, a man who had control of the greatest Youkai army, and defeated this man.

Although Inari intervened, the victory was definitely hers.

Although it wasn ’t a victory that Haruna wanted, it was the victory that she needed. With that, Genji became part of Haruna ’s army and all the youkai under him as well.

The woman had an army like never seen before in the supernatural world of Japan.

And she didn ’t seem to be satisfied yet. When she returned home to reorganize her army, the fox ’s informants said that the woman was going to any minor Clan and challenging those Clan to become her subordinate.

And just as expected, she beat them all if she continues like this… She will really win all the Youkai to her flag.

When this feat has been achieved, essentially, she will unify all of Japan ’s Youkai.

’If that day comes, I wonder what kind of changes will it have on a global scale? ’ Youkai are definitely not weak, their Youki techniques and various strange and complex abilities can place them in the top 5 of the great races.

This top 5 being led by Gods, Demons, Angels, Vampires, and Werewolves, with the witch close behind for the only reason that they are neutral towards everything and therefore not considered a ’competitor ’, but they definitely cannot be ignored.

But compared to the races mentioned above.

Youkai are very scattered and fighting over small things, in a way, they are similar to demons, with the only difference being that demons have a massively greater number.

’Maybe with that woman ’s leadership… The Youkai race will no longer need to ask the gods for crumbs. ’ It ’s not as if the fox isn ’t dissatisfied with ’cooperating ’ with this god.

He only cooperates because he has to. The lucky blessing of the god Ebisu is quite useful with whatever he ’s dealing with.

The only major clan left to become his subordinate is the Clan of the Oni, led by Shuten Douji.

And the most troublesome Clan, which is also a great Clan.

The Nurarihyon Clan, deceitful beings who use illusion tricks to fight, are especially troublesome if you don ’t have some means of counteracting their illusions.

Because it doesn ’t just affect the target but even the surrounding terrain, and when they act together, things get more complicated.

Quake, quake!

”…? ” The fox ’s thoughts end when he feels the temple tremble slightly as if having an earthquake.

”An earthquake? ”

”… Wrong… That madman is punching the barrier I created. ” God Ebisu commented with a small cold sweat on his face.

”…Eh? ”


With every punch that Victor threw at the barrier, the whole mountain seemed to shake. He was throwing casual punches, not even using Scathach ’s techniques, it was all just his brute strength.

”Holy shit, this is ridiculous! ” Gintoki was holding on to a tree.

”Are you really going to comment on that now after what this little girl did? ” Shinji pointed at Nero, who at some point got out of his father ’s arms and started watching her father punch the ’air ’.

It turns out that when they tried to enter the temple, they were stopped by some sort of invisible wall after a few small conversations with each other.

The group understood that the god did not want to receive visitors.

… So what did Victor do?

Victor is a good citizen who pays his taxes and is praised by everyone as a good man?

He punched the barrier!

”Little Girl? ” Nero looked at Shinji with a slight feeling of irritation. She didn ’t like being called a little girl, she was at least a teenager.

Although she didn ’t mind being called a little girl by her father, but this and that are different cases.

”Tsk motherfucker thinks he can hide from me. ” Victor clicked his tongue, annoyed.

”You ’re really sounding like a Villain right now, Master. ”

”…Eh? ” Victor looked at Kaguya with a little shock.

”Since when am I the villain? ”

”…. ” Shinji and Gintoki really want to comment on this, but they decided to keep quiet, their life was precious.

”I mean, committing mass genocide is not something you would be seen in a good light. ” Kaguya retorted lightly.

”Rumor has it that you are a heartless monster who kidnaps little girls for his lustful desires. ” Maria spoke what she heard from a random Youkai she interrogated. Of course, that Youkai was no longer alive to tell the tale.

Guilty or not, no one speaks ill of her master in front of him.

”What the fuck? Who spread this? ”

”I don ’t know, it ’s hard to know where a rumor originated from, but… I have a slight feeling it was men who were jealous of you, ” Maria continued.

”…Huh? ”

”Hmm, if you think about it, it even makes sense, he ’s surrounded by beautiful women. ” Roberta commented.

”…I have a slight feeling it wasn ’t because of that, but because of the master ’s appearance. ” Eve commented in a low voice.

”Oh… ” Roberta thought that was quite possible.

”Make sense… ” Roxanne spoke, even though she felt a little envious of her husband/master/mate ’s appearance for eternity.

”…Father is unfairly handsome after all… ” Nero commented with a little blush on his face.

”… ” All the maids, and even Shinji and Gintoki nodded in unison.

”What the fuck? Have all men decided to become Apollo now? ” Victor remembered the conversation he had with Vlad, and when he heard about Apollo, he had a faint feeling that he would be the enemy of all male gods just for the fact that he existed.

”Master, you underestimate the ego of men who consider themselves ’beautiful ’, in a way, they are worse than women. ” Kaguya commented lightly.

”Although it is more common to find these types of people on the side of vampires and gods, they are one of the most beautiful races after all. ” Roberta commented lightly.

”Werewolves are too muscle headed to care about that. ” Bruno spoke.

”Witches are crazy whores who are more concerned with their grandiose research. ” Nero spoke as she spat on the floor.

”Language. ” Eve spoke as she looked at Nero.

”…Hmm, okay? ” Nero didn ’t know how to respond to his older sister? Clan member?

To be honest, her current position in her father ’s clan was quite confusing to her. She was his daughter, but Eve and Roxanne also took her father ’s name, so are they Clan members or her sisters?

Eve mostly was closer to being a daughter to her father than a regular Maid.

Roxanne was his wife for eternity, at least that ’s what she says.

Even the title of Maid was ambiguous here, she understood very well that her father ’s relationship with his maids was not just the simple master-servant relationship he demonstrated with Shinji and Gintoki.

The word ’maid ’ to be just something to say to people who aren ’t aware of your relationships with these women.

’Ugh. ’ She felt a slight headache when she thought about it, and she did something she was starting to get used to.

She ignored it.

If the problem can ’t be solved right away, just ignore it and solve it later. This kind of thinking is much better for her sanity.

”Anyway, let ’s get this fox soon, I need to get back to Eleanor ’s territory. ” Victor ignored this subject for the time being.

”Kaguya and the Maids will return to training with Scathach. ”

”Ugh. ” They all made the same sound in unison.

And they could already hear Scathach ’s booming laughter in their ears.

”I have a slight feeling that Scathach will train us more rigidly now… After all, she found out about your feelings. ”

”Fuck. ” All spoke at the same time.

”Oh, Nero will train with Scathach too. ”

”Eh…? ” She looked at her father with a shocked face.

”But, F-Father, I don ’t want to… ” She felt quite reluctant to get close to Victor right now, it was a sensitive time for her, she wanted to be close to him.

”…Ugh. ” Victor felt a slight twinge in his chest, he thought hard about Nero ’s situation and realized he was rushing things. She just turned into a vampire, not to mention she suddenly became his daughter. Her life changed. in 360 degrees compared to before.

’I must give her time to get used to these changes. ’

”Sure, you come with me then. ”

”Mm. ” Nero nodded and displayed a small, gentle smile.

”…. ” The maids looked at Nero with a look that said; ’she ’s very sneaky. ’

”Back to the subject. ” Victor stretches his body a lightly and positions himself in a martial arts pose as his smile grows a little:

”Let ’s break this thing. ”

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