My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 395: My Beloved Maids

Chapter 394: Maids

Currently, the group was seated on the mat of a relatively minimalist temple. Victor was seated on the floor in the seat that was reserved for Ebisu.

And he was treating this place like his home, an attitude that bothered Ebisu a lot, but he didn ’t want to complain about it. He wanted only Victor to go away!

At some point, Kaguya appeared next to Victor and observed everything while sitting next to her master.

Of course, she wasn ’t the only one watching. The people within her shadow were too.

”…So this is a God. ” Nero stared at the old man.

”Isn ’t he just an old man? ”

”You ’re looking at him too superficially. Didn ’t you see that he put up with that attack from Victor? ” Roxanne was the one that spoke as she looked at Ebisu with a surprisingly serious look. Some might even say it appeared to be hostile.

”Only a few beings can do this, and the Gods are one of them. ” She continued.

”Not to mention he ’s not a God focused around combat. ” Roberta was the one who spoke this time.

”He doesn ’t specialize in any kind of fighting. You can tell in the way he sits nonchalantly. ”

”He ’s not a fighting God, and he ’s that strong… ” Nero thought.

”Strength is subjective. He has no offensive power, so he can only use his Divine Energy around him and in his temple. ”

”One of the reasons why he could withstand my Master is that he was in his temple. ” Roberta explained.

”Here, in this place, he has better control of his energy and what he can do. He ’s not a fighting God, but he ’s physically stronger than a Vampire Noble, that ’s for sure. ”

”And if his Divine Energy is taken into account, he is a terror to any night being that is not fully developed. ”

”…And he ’s not even a fighting God. ” Eve commented after she heard Roberta talking.

”Isn ’t that unfair? ” Nero commented after listening. Even though he didn ’t have any offensive power, only using his base stats, he was stronger than a Noble Vampire.

”Life is not fair. ” It was Eve who spoke.

”You of all people here should know that. ”

”…. ” Nero was silent because she realized that Eve was right.

”And if you ’re going to talk about fair… Our master doesn ’t qualify as fair either. ” Maria laughed.

”Indeed. ” Bruna and Roxanne spoke while smiling.

”…Hmm, can you explain where we are? ”

”…. ” The Maids and Nero looked at Shinji and Gintoki, and they couldn ’t help but sigh when they saw them confused.

”You do it. ” Nero spoke while looking at Roberta.

”Eh? Why me. ”

”You explain better than all of us. ”

”…Well… ” She couldn ’t deny that.

”Since they are going to be part of the group that serves our master, they should know about it. ”

”…Huh? ” This time it was Gintoki and Shinji who were surprised.

”Since when are we part of your group!? Isn ’t this just a job!? ” Gintoki spoke for him and Shinji.

”Oh, they didn ’t know. ” Roxanne looked at them with a pitying face as if she were looking at a dying dog.

”To simplify what we were saying. ” Bruna was the one who started to speak.

”From the moment our master laid eyes on you, you were fucked. ”

”…… ”

”Bruna, idiot. You summed it up too much! ” Maria spoke.

”But it ’s the truth, right? ”

”…Of course, what the master wants will be his, and that ’s that… ” Maria let her yandere out for a few seconds but then returned to normal and said, ”Wait, that ’s not what I ’m talking about. You should be more sensitive and talk about the pros and cons. ”

”Oh… ” Bruna opened her mouth.

”In short, you will earn money, a lot of money, and whatever the master can offer you, as long as you do a good job. ” Bruna spoke. are the pros. ” Eve spoke.

”…. ”

”Cons is that you can die, but that ’s common, right? ” Bruna flashed a sweet little smile, which could have been cute for both men if it weren ’t for the scary words she said.

”…Do we have a choice? ”

”Of course… ” She continued smiling.

”I see-. ”

”Not. ”

”…. ”

”Hey, don ’t despair. Working for the master can be very rewarding. ”

”You can help your family too, Gintoki. ”

Gintoki opened his eyes wide, ”…How do you-… Of course, you know. ”

”Yeah, no one will approach the master without having been investigated first. ” Bruna spoke.


Shinji took a deep breath. Those maids ’ smiles were really terrible. How does he manage to deal with all these crazy women around?

”… ” The Maids looked at Shinji.

Finding information on Gintoki was relatively easy since he was a human before all this happened, but Shinji?

With his Living Ghost nature, he could stay hidden as long as he wanted, and no one would ever know where he came from. Because of this, the Maids weren ’t too sure about Shinji.

But his skill was too useful for them and their master to care about it.

The deal the Maids made was just to let these two men know the basics of the group and not get too deep.

Because at the end of the day, only Maids had that permission. After all, despite being called Maids, they were like family to Victor.

”Fine, I ’ll do it, I doubt I can die even if I want to. ” Gintoki spoke after some thought.

”That is the necessary motivation we need! ” Bruna laughed.

”What about you? ” The one who asked was Maria.

”Well, why not? I don ’t have anywhere to go anyway… ” Shinji said.

”Good, good. ” Bruna nodded several times, and just that gesture made her mountains sway a little.

”Oya? ” Roberta flashed a small smile when she saw Shinji and Gintoki ’s gaze.

”Just a piece of advice. ” Her red eyes changed to those of a snake, and at some point that Shinji didn ’t notice, Roberta was behind him.

”If you want to live long, don ’t look with those eyes at the girls present here. ” Her long hair that reached her heels began to float as if defying gravity and circle around Shinji ’s body.

And it was at that moment that he realized that those hairs were restraining his body!

”After all, we all belong to our master… ” Her teeth became sharp and pointed like a beast ’s.

”And just one look like that is enough for you to disappear. ” Her Master didn ’t even need to raise his hand to do it since she would do it herself.

It ’s not like she had a high opinion of men in general anyway.

Feeling as if he was slowly being trapped by a snake, he hurriedly said,

”Yes, yes. I promise! It was just a casual look! ”

”…Good. ” Roberta spoke in a gentle tone that only sent chills through Gintoki ’s body.

Roberta separated from Shinji and rejoined the group.

”…. ” Looking at Roberta ’s back, they realized that she was the most dangerous of the group. The feeling they had now was like she was a completely different person.

”Did you need to do all that? ” Eve asked when Roberta returned.

”Yes. ” Maria replied with a dark look.

”They must know their place from the beginning, even though they are useful, and they have skills that can help our master, our priority will always be us… And these national treasures are only the master ’s. ”

Roberta spoke while holding her I-cup breasts and pointing to Bruna ’s breasts.

”Stop calling them national treasures… ” Bruna complained.

”Hahaha~. ” Roberta just chuckled sensually as her hair seemed to dance around her, proof that she was still mildly annoyed.

”As the master said, we are irreplaceable… They are not. ” Roberta spoke after laughing with the same gentle tone, a gentle tone that carried a cruel coldness.

”Mm. ” Eve nodded in agreement with both of them.

”…You guys are scary, huh… ” Nero couldn ’t help but comment.

”Ara, eventually, you will be like that too. ” Roberta laughed.

”I doubt it. ” Nero snorted.

”Eve said those words at the beginning too. ” Maria laughed as she looked at Eve and said,

”Right, Eve? ”

”… ” Eve used her right to remain silent.

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