My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 404: The past that definesus...

Chapter 403: Strong woman.2

Arriving in the middle of Eleanor ’s territory, the first sight Victor had was of a group of women wearing only light gym clothes whose toned abs could be clearly seen, glistening with a sheen of sweat.

”Hmm? ” The first to notice Victor was Alexa.

”Oh, you ’re back Count. ” When Alexa spoke.

Dorothy immediately stopped doing her training and turned to Victor, and she wasn ’t the only one, all 7 Valkyries did this.

”Count…- ” Dorothy looked like she was going to say something, but was silent when she saw the man just wearing a Yukata and carrying two women on his shoulder.

Her face couldn ’t help but turn red for several reasons, the main one being the beauty of that man who seemed to be capable of overthrowing nations.

And she wasn ’t the only one, everyone was speechless with his current appearance. Having him in a black suit was cool,

But him wearing these clothes was 1000x better!

The only relatively non-horny one was Alexa, a blue-haired, brown-eyed girl who had a cold appearance.

”Sup, girls. ” Victor gave a light salute.

”Where are the girls? ”

The one who answered was Alexa, the black haired woman.

”Pepper, Lacus, and Siena are in the house Eleanor gave you. That human is in a separate location. ” She responded with a slight blush on her cheek.

”I see… ” Victor couldn ’t help but show a small smile at the sight of those Valkyries in those clothes, and sweaty bodies acting like that.

”Hmm…Who are they? ” Dorothy asked curiously.

”I guess you could say they are your former Queens? ”

”Eh…? ”

”Ugh, can you put me down? ” Morgana complained, but she didn ’t struggle like before, she didn ’t want to get her ass slapped.

”How about… No? ” Victor smiled coldly.

”Ugh… ” She complained a little, and then she looked away: ”Why aren ’t you complaining, Jeanne? ”

”I ’m not a masochist… ”

”I mean, I ’m not talking about that… You ’re unusually quiet, you ’re not usually like that. ”

”…. ” Jeanne remained silent, but she couldn ’t help but think about her expression that she saw in the mirror.

She still couldn ’t accept that that was her, and it shocked her deeply, because of that, she wasn ’t reacting to what happened, she was quite lost in thought.

”…They ’re the former Queens…? Huh? ” Dorothy and the group recovered from their stupor and responded.

”Oh, you don ’t know, huh? ”

”Well, Vlad fucked up, and he got single again? ”

”And now, his ex-wives have come knocking on my door, and I ’ve decided to take care of them. ”

”…. ” The Valkyries just looked at Victor with a shocked look and open mouth.

This man just casually said that he took the Vampire King ’s ex-wives for himself!? He really has balls!

”Hey, idiot! The way you spoke makes it sound like we have-. ”

”Shut up, pig. ” Victor smacked Morgana on the ass.

”Ughh~… ” Noticing the sound she made, Morgana quickly put her hand over her mouth.

”Oh? ” Victor ’s smile grew: ”Don ’t tell me you-. ”

”Shut up! ”

”It was an involuntary reaction! ”

”…. ”

”…That hasn ’t improved your situation, Morgana. ” Jeanne commented with a sigh.

”Ugh. ”

”Ignore this pervert, where are the monsters? ”

”….. ” She ’s the King ’s ex-wife, you know?

They really want to comment on this, but decided it was best to keep quiet for their own mental health.

”Those hordes aren ’t a very ’common ’ occurrence, you know? ” The one who started to explain was Alexa.

She seemed to take the lead in the group.

”What do you mean? ”

”I mean there are times of the year when they show up, that time was an unusual occurrence. ”

”Hmm, so when will they come? ”

”We do not know? But probably next summer? ”

”Ugh, your timing doesn ’t make sense. ”

”When is it summer or winter in this place? ”

”When do monsters not attack? ” Dorothy replied.

”…If I go deep into the forest, I will find a monster, right? ”

”Well…Yes, but I don ’t recommend-. ” Alexa stopped talking when she saw the man ’s body begin to glow gold, and disappear in front of her.

”…. ” A silence fell over the group, and that silence lasted until Dorothy shouted:

”AHHH, don ’t tell me he ’s going to the forest!? ”

”And without equipment… ” The one who spoke was Judy, the blue haired, brown eyed woman, but the moment she said that, the odachi that was floating stopped in front of her darted towards the horizon.

’… Strange weapon. ’ Judy thought.

”Should we speak to Countess Eleanor? ” Dorothy asked.

”Of course we should. ” Alexa spoke in a calm tone:

”Even if he is strong, going into the forest without equipment that can kill immortal beings is sheer foolishness. ”

”…Hmm, I don ’t think that ’s his goal… ” Martha, a gentle looking woman, commented.

”Remember he was with two guests, the King ’s ex-wives specifically… ”

”… ” The girls ’ faces darkened.

”Don ’t tell me he intends to throw them in that place? ” Alexa spoke.

”Well… It ’s a possibility. ” Martha didn ’t deny her thoughts.

And they were correct, as was Violet.

Upon arriving in the middle of the forest and seeing a group of monsters, Victor threw the women in the middle of the horde of monsters.

”Ugh, that ’s no way to treat a woman. ” Morgana spoke as she rose from the crater.

”I ’m sick. ” Jeanne spoke with a sick face.


Hearing a roar that froze their souls, the two women quickly looked around and braced themselves, and soon they saw several monsters of different shapes.

”Victor you bastard, are you trying to kill us!? ”

Victor didn ’t answer, instead he started talking in a voice that seemed to come from everywhere:

”You know? I like strong women. ”

”…Huh? ” Jeanne exclaimed, confused.

”Women who walk alone and with their own convictions, women who fight for what they want. These types of women are the most beautiful, and they are the ones that shine the most in my vision. ”

”… And it ’s those kinds of women that make me want to fight them. ”

Jeanne dodged the monster that attacked her and used her hand to break the monster ’s neck.

The monster fell to the ground, but in less than a few seconds, its neck snapped back into place.

”Fuck, he really threw us into this cursed forest. ” Morgana spoke as she kicked a seven-foot-tall monster away.

”We ’re without Clan Adrastea weapons either. ”

”And we ’re weak… ”

”I was a little excited to find out that you were Jeanne D ’Arc, and a former Demon General. ”

”But… Seeing the state you ’re in, I can ’t help but be disappointed. ”

”I know, you already said that! ” Morgana commented in a hateful tone as she dodged a monster ’s attack.

”Begone! ” A dark power came out of her hand and blew the monster in front of her into a piece, but a few seconds later, that monster started to regenerate.

”Tsk. ”

”Don ’t waste your energy, just push them away, we need to get away from this place. ” Jeanne made the most correct decision in this situation.

She kicked two monsters forward and left the crater, they still had enough time, at least those monsters around didn ’t attack yet…

Why didn ’t they attack her?

”Because of that, I will fix you. ” Victor ’s voice sent shivers down both women ’s spines.

Quake, quake, quake.

”…What is that noise? ” Jeanne asked.

”Sounds of footsteps?… the earth is shaking! ”

All the monsters around looked at one spot.

Looking in the same direction as the monsters, they turned…

Two Behemoths, actually it was just the top part of two Behemoths…

”He… He ’s fucking insane. ” Even an ancient saint couldn ’t help but curse at this moment.

Victor, that bastard, was carrying two behemoths with his two arms and walking leisurely towards them.

”Just how much strength does he have…? ” Morgana couldn ’t help but comment upon seeing this scene.

As an ex-wife of Vlad, she knew about Clan Adresteia ’s territory, she even came here a few times, the same could be said of Jeanne.

Because of that, they both knew that the monsters he was holding on his shoulders were the most dangerous in this place.

’The monsters are still struggling, but even so, they can ’t escape that man ’s hands… ’ Jeanne analyzed.

”Meet my new friends, Pocchi, and Ponta. ” Victor ’s smile grew.

”… ”

”Are you going to play with them? ”

”You wouldn ’t dare… ” Morgana said.

And all she got was Victor ’s smile which widened even more.

The muscles in Victor ’s hand flexed, and he threw the behemoths at the two women.

”F-Fucking bastard!! ” Jeanne and Morgana screamed at the same time as they saw two giant beings flying towards them.

”The best medicine to fix two women in despair is not a night of love, and loving words… ”

Victor ’s smile grew even wider, quite demonic, even the meanest Demons lost to his smile now.

”The best medicine is… despair… real despair. ”

”Now… ” Victor clapped his hands once, ”My two little pigs. ”

”Fight, fight, fight to your last breath, fight for your lives, fall into despair, and… ”

Victor ’s eyes gleamed fiercely:

”Show me your persistence. ”

”Gahhhhhhhhh! ”

A group of Valkyries were running at high speed, and in front of these Valkyries was a woman with long white hair and holding a large Greatsword.

”That man is beyond madness, he is insane! Even the word insanity would not be enough to describe his madness! Just what kind of madman walks into this place without preparation! ” Rose was beyond frustrated at this point, she was irritated by the recklessness of the new Count.

”He didn ’t even take our weapons! ”

”… ” Eleanor was silent.

To be honest, she really didn ’t know what to think, Victor was reckless, but… he wasn ’t reckless at the level of going into an unfamiliar location without information and preparation.

He even took two women who were identified as Vlad ’s ex-wives.

’Just what is he planning? ’

Arriving in front of a forest, Eleanor eyes glowed blood red:

”Two behemoths. ”

”Tsk. ” Rose clicked her tongue.

”Follow me. ”

”Yes! ”

The group suddenly picked up the pace, and in less than a minute, they were in front of a large plain of ice.

”Umu? You took your time. ”

”…. ” The Valkyries looked at the voice and saw a man sitting on a tree branch while his back was leaning against the trunk. He was holding a red apple in his hand and seemed to be playing with it by throwing it up and catching it.

Even though the group was close to him, his eyes were elsewhere.

”Victor, what is your intention with this!? ”

”Commander, look! ” Dorothy pointed forward.

”…. ” Eleanor lost her attention on Victor and looked ahead.

Soon she saw two injured women fighting two Behemoths and a horde of monsters.

”They are…- ”

”Vlad ’s ex-wife… And currently my two little pigs. ”

”…. ” Eleanor looked at Victor with a twinkle in her eye.

”What is the meaning of this!? ”

”Why aren ’t you helping them!? ”

”Do they need help? ” Victor commented.

”Commander, if it continues like this, they will die. ” It was Rose who spoke.

Her eyes were focused on the battlefield: ”Even if they are two weaker class Behemoths. They ’re just avoiding the monsters, but that ’s not enough, they can ’t defeat them, eventually they ’ll get tired… ”

”And they will die. ” Victor chuckled lightly.

And his smile was so beautiful that it caught the other Valkyries and even Rose off guard for a few seconds. Even if he was saying something so horrible, he couldn ’t help but look beautiful.

”They can ’t stay on the defensive forever. ” Rose finished what she was going to say.

”Victor-. ”

”Eleanor. ”

”!!! ” Eleanor ’s body shook when she heard Victor ’s voice calling her name.

She looked into his eyes deeply, and saw an unprecedented seriousness in them:

”I admire your willingness to help, and that ’s not wrong… But don ’t meddle. ”

”This is none of your business. ”

Victor fell out of the tree he was in and floated calmly in front of the Valkyries.

He lifted his hand to the side, and in less than a few seconds his Odachi landed in his hand.

Victor unsheathed the Odachi with his finger, and with just that movement, a horrible blood pressure erupted out around him.

”!!!! ” The group felt like they were drowning in a sea of ​​blood, and it wasn ’t blood that made them thirsty, it was blood that could kill them, that sword alone sent shivers down everyone ’s spine.

”…Just what is this sword… ”

Victor fully drew his Odachi, and with a slight swing, he created a gigantic gash in the ground that spanned several kilometers.

”… What is this? ”

”A limit. ” Victor sheathed his Odachi again.

”Don ’t cross that boundary, or… You will die. ”

A silence fell around them, and everyone could see he wasn ’t joking.

”…Will you go that far, Victor? ” Eleanor ’s eyes narrowed:

”Are you going to kill me? ” Eleanor took a step forward.

And in that moment she felt as if the world was crashing down on her.

Victor ’s entire appearance had turned into something obscure and only a cold, heavy killing instinct remained:

”Do you think not? ”


She swallowed, and in that moment, her body unconsciously took a step back.

And that ’s when she felt the pressure of the world leave her, and everything went back to normal.

”…Good decision. ” Victor turned around and sat in the air, he released his Odachi, and the Odachi was left floating beside him.

Eleanor held her hands that were shaking:

’He… He would really kill me… If I took one more step… He would really…- ’ She bit her lip, and blood poured from her lips, and with that pain, she helped herself to recompose.

”…. ” Victor flashed a small smile when he saw Eleanor ’s expression.

’So innocent… If it was Violet, she would have crossed the line without caring about anything… Well, she probably doesn ’t trust me as blindly as Violet does, because of that single reason, this bluff worked on her. ’

[Your killing intent that has been refined by the souls of thousands of beings cannot be treated lightly, My Friend. And she ’s not as close to you as Violet is.]

[Even so, she should be able to confidently cross the line, isn ’t she a Countess?]

[That would be the case if it was someone else, but since it ’s you… She won ’t do that.]


[She highly values ​​your friendship.]

[…I know, because of that, I ’ll apologize later.]

[I ’m curious, why didn ’t you use another method?]

[She is quite stubborn when it comes to her territory and these monsters, she wouldn ’t stop if it wasn ’t for a solid threat from me… Even now, I can feel her killing intent growing every time the monsters hit the women ’s bodies.]

[Hmm, you ’re not wrong, I wonder why that is the case?]

[Me too… It ’s like she has a pretty deep hatred for these creatures.]

[Well, that ’s understandable… They ’re quite ugly, and hard to kill… Like an immortal cockroach.]


All that was heard for a few minutes was the sound of explosions, screams, and the screams of hatred from Morgana and Jeanne, they were still holding up just fine.

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