My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 410: An existence thatbreaks common sense

Chapter 409: Daughter

”If what she said is true, it would be more beneficial for my husband to train demonic energy, but just like the Youki, he could only use that energy to its fullest capacity in hell. ”

”…This news will make Victor slightly annoyed. ”

”… ” Nero looked at Roxanne, who had joined the group along with Eve.

”Why would my father be annoyed? ”

”He wants to get stronger, but our vampire racial limit keeps him from rising even higher. ” Roxanne explained.

”Why does something inconvenient like that exist? ” Nero spoke.

”Hmm? In fact, I think of it as a good thing. ” Bruna spoke.

”What do you mean? ”

”Master Scathach has always said that strong foundations are important, vampire racial boundaries exist so our bodies don ’t break because of our power… At least that ’s something I ’d like to think about. ”

”And you ’re right, Bruna. ” Violet spoke.

”…. ” The girls looked at Violet.

”You may not have seen it, but when Lacus became an adult, Kaguya and I were present along with Sasha and Ruby. ”

”And… By the time she turned 500 years old… It wouldn ’t be an exaggeration to say that she was reborn. ” Violet thought of that scene of the woman becoming something like a cocoon and, after a few hours, walking out with a completely different look, power, and temperament.

”Each race has its peculiarity. Unlike humans who grow up fast, our maturity period is just a little longer because we are a race that lives a long life, almost being immortal. ” She said this because they know they are not entirely immortal. If their heart and head are attacked with their weaknesses, vampire or not, they will die.

”Darling is just in a hurry because he wants to fuck that antique and fill her dry land with his nourishing seeds. ” Violet spoke with a snort.

”….. ” The girls didn ’t know what to say when they heard what Violet said. After all, it wasn ’t a lie…

One of the main reasons Victor wanted to get stronger was to fight Scathach and defeat her.

Of course, there ’s also the gods and the pleasure of fighting a stronger opponent as well.

”Anyway, Victor knows my findings, and our guests are still in the room. I need to get back to the Snow Clan. ”

”Are you going back so soon? ” Kaguya thought that Violet would drain her husband a little more before returning.

”Yes, my mother is coming back. ”

”What… ” Kaguya opened her eyes a little.

”I heard that from Hilda. Apparently, she ’s going to attend the supernatural beings ’ meeting along with Natashia and Scathach. ”

”Will our master go? ”

”He was not invited. ” Violet replied.

”Hmmm…. Like it or not, publicly Darling has no ’influence ’, only people in high places in Nightingale know this is not true. ”

”If he had a territory and a power that can be proven on paper, Vlad would probably take him as a new count as well. ”

”But if so, Countess Adrastea would also be summoned. ” Kaguya replied.

”… Oh, now that you mention it, why didn ’t the king invite Victor then? ”

”Isn ’t it because he ’s going to seek trouble with the gods? ” Eve spoke in an innocent tone.

”…Nah, if that was why Scathach wouldn ’t be invited either, they have the same personality after all. ”

”Make sense… ” Eve spoke up.

Violet looks at Nero and says, ”Come here, Nero. ”

”…!? ” Nero ’s body trembled slightly when she heard what Violet said.

She looked apprehensively at Violet for a few seconds, but then she took a deep breath and approached Violet. She wasn ’t a coward!

When Nero was close to Violet, her violet eyes looked into Nero ’s red eyes.

A slightly intense mood seemed to form as the two women who had matching hair faced each other.

”…. ” Then a gentle smile appeared on Violet ’s face, a smile that took Nero by surprise.

Violet wrapped her hands around Nero ’s body and hugged the girl. As Violet was taller than Nero, the girl ’s face was directly on her breasts which, just like Ruby ’s, were big.

But not as big as hers.

Violet, while hugging Nero, stroked the girl ’s head a little:

”I never had the opportunity to do this properly… ”

”… ” Nero looked up, and her eyes met Violet ’s again.

Violet caressed Nero ’s cheeks, and as she stared into her eyes, she spoke in a motherly tone:

”Welcome to the family, My Daughter. ”

”… ” Violet ’s words took Nero by surprise, her red eyes opened wide, and a turmoil of emotions washed over her body.

Again, she didn ’t know how to express her feelings yet, and this kind of emotion wasn ’t something she was used to.

”Mmm… ”

Violet laughed lightly as she stroked Nero ’s head.

The Maids can ’t help but flash a small smile for this scene.

Especially Eve, who had a similar past to Nero but not the same level of suffering as the girl.

What Eve suffered doesn ’t compare to what Nero suffered. Of course, that doesn ’t negate her suffering either.

As two people who had suffered something similar, she felt that Nero was one of the people who could become her friend.

And because of that, they became friends at a relatively fast pace.

”Two people who have gone through a similar traumatic experience understand each other better than anyone else. ”

That phrase was something very true for Eve.

Eve is currently doing much better emotionally, all thanks to Ruby and Victor, who have always been close to her.

Mainly her master, who always made sure she was welcomed.

He was her teacher, her companion, her listener, and the person who gave her a family.

[Heh~, throughout your thoughts, you never called him father.]

[I consider him an older brother… He is my family, a family I never had… But I don ’t want to be his daughter or sister… After all, a daughter or sister cannot stay with their father and brother, right?]

The word ’father and mother ’ has always been a sensitive topic for Eve, and those two words are tied to something ’bad and traumatic ’ in her mind, and so, because of this, Eve doesn ’t consider Victor her father.

She considers him her family.

[That is debatable, we are not human, but… You are right.]

[Nero can ’t understand now why she is a child and is suffering from her trauma, but when she becomes an adult, probably 30 years from now, she will realize that she doesn ’t want to be just a daughter to her father.] Alter Eve said.

[….] Eve just shook her head internally. That wasn ’t something to think about right now, the future was uncertain, and there was no point in thinking about it. After all, considering her master is unpredictable, predicting the future will probably only cause unnecessary stress.

”See you later, Nero. ” Violet separated from Nero when she saw that the girl had regained her emotional state.

”Mm. ” She nodded her head as she wiped the tears from her face.

’Fuck, Why am I crying like a fool. ’ She thought to herself, but it was involuntary, and people didn ’t laugh at her when she cried like that, but she didn ’t want to look weak in front of her family.

”… ” Looking at the way she was clenching her teeth, Violet had a flashback to herself in the past.

And those memories prompted her to take action:

”…Showing your feelings is not a bad thing. ” Violet stroked Nero ’s head.

”… ” Nero looked at Violet.

”Even I have my moments of weakness, and that ’s not a bad thing. ”

”If you want to cry, you cry. If you want to laugh, you laugh. You are free, Nero. ”

”Don ’t create a cage for yourself. ”

”… ” She opened her eyes a little in shock:

”How did you know…? ”

”It ’s not hard to understand, I was like you too… My father was always sick, and I didn ’t want to cry in front of him… Because of that, I cried silently and clenched my teeth like you do now. ”

”… ” The maids opened their eyes a little.

”Kaguya, Kaguya. ” Maria pulls Kaguya aside.

”What? ”

”Are you sure this is Violet? ”

”Huh? Of course, I am. ”

”Really? She is kinda sus for me. ” Maria spoke. In the Maids group, she was the one who spent the most time with Victor ’s wives and understands Violet ’s personality well because of that.

”…. ” Kaguya raised her eyebrow when she heard what Maria said.

”Maria, did you forget that I ’m a vampire, bitch? ”

”!!! ” Maria felt her spine prickling, and she quickly looked at Violet.

Seeing Violet ’s not-so-friendly smile, she said:

”I ’m sorry, Lady Violet. It ’s just that you are… ”

”Different? ”

”Yes… ”

”You ’re different too, and nobody ’s talking about it. ”

”Well… ”

”It ’s just a little surprising, right? ”

”Yes… ” The Maids spoke at the same time, while only Roxanne and Eve were silent.

You know, right? Violet is…Violet, and seeing her acting like that is quite a surprise.

”…. ” Veins started popping in Violet ’s head. These Maids really need to be disciplined.

”Anyway, I ’m going. ” Violet walks up to Ruby and Anna:

”Ruby, I need to get back-. ”

”I know. ”

”Oh? Weren ’t you concentrating? ”

”How can I stay focused on the show if you ’re talking like a little group of cheerleaders in puberty… ”

”… Pfft, don ’t feel left out, Ruby. You are the nerd of the bunch, and we love it. ”

”Fuck off. ” Ruby raised her middle finger.

”Hahaha~. ” Violet laughed lightly and looked at Anna:

”Mother-in-law, I ’m going back. ”

”Umu? ” Anna, who was eating and thinking about her own thoughts, woke up when Violet spoke to her.

”What did you say? ”

”I am going back. ”

”Oh…but so fast!? ”

”Yeah, I need to work something out with my mom. ”

”I see… I really want to see your mother and Sasha ’s mother in the future. ”

”I will tell her that. ” Violet laughed lightly as she hugged her mother-in-law.

”…You ’re pretty hot for a vampire. ”

”We ’re not dead, remember? ”

”I know… ” She laughed lightly, but she just wanted to comment on that.

Violet flashed a small smile, then turned and walked toward the basement where Natalia was already waiting for her.

”Is my mother home yet? ”

”Not yet. ”

”Good… I need to prepare some things.

A portal opened, and soon the two women passed through the portal.

After finishing her food, Anna was about to get up and put the dirty dishes in the sink, but before she could get up herself.

A Maid with long black hair that reached her ankles appeared beside her and spoke:

”Don ’t worry, Lady Anna, that ’s our job. ”

”…Ugh, I ’ll never get used to this. ” She wasn ’t used to being served in her own home.

And even if she tried to complain, the Maids group would come up with a million arguments about why she shouldn ’t wash the dishes.

Because of that, she just gave up at that point.

Roberta laughed lightly and took the plates and glasses from the table.

Anna looked around and realized that only Ruby and Roberta were present.

”Where are the girls? ”

”Eve, Bruna, and Maria are training. Kaguya left somewhere she didn ’t communicate, and Nero and Roxanne are studying. ” Ruby replied.

”Wow, I was pretty focused on my thoughts, huh. ”

”I don ’t blame you. You have a lot to think about…mostly related to Aphrodite. ”

”…Aphrodite… ”

”Have you decided something? It ’s unusual to see you hesitating so much. Usually, you ’re the woman who speaks her mind here. ”

”…Hmm, you ’re right. ”

”As my husband said, if you want to solve something, solve it quickly, don ’t leave it for the next day… Because otherwise…- ”

”Otherwise, there will be infinite reasons for you not to solve the problem. ”

”…. ” Ruby smiled a little.

”I thought he had forgotten about that. ” She smiled a little.

”He never forgot his teachings. ”

”And his father ’s too, although I don ’t know what his father taught, considering that your presence in his life is very big. ”

”Meh, my husband just taught him not to be a coward and to treat his family well. ”

”I am to assume that this is one of the qualities that you were attracted to in your husband? ”

”Yeah… The muscles helped too. ”

”Hahaha~. ” Ruby laughed lightly.

”Let ’s not be hypocrites. Both the inside and the outside matter, especially in our society today… People who say that the outside doesn ’t matter are hypocrites. ”

”Indeed. ” Ruby agreed with Anna. Even though the outside wasn ’t one of the critical factors, that factor definitely did help but wasn ’t everything either.

No matter how beautiful the book cover may be, if the content isn ’t at least decent, readers won ’t stay and read your story.

And that applied in real life too.

”That matter aside, tell me about Nero. ”

”… ” The smile on Ruby ’s face died, and a serious expression appeared on her face:

”Do you really want to know? ”

”Yes. She is my granddaughter, and I want to know why my beloved son adopted her. ”

”… Okay… ”

”Do you want to know the details or the abridged version? ”

”The details. ”

”Very well… ” Ruby sighed lightly, and with a solemn tone, she began to explain Nero ’s story to Anna.

”A few years ago, a Noble vampire and a werewolf committed a taboo that is disowned by both races… ”

”They had a daughter… But unlike any daughter, this daughter was special. ”

”She was a perfect union of two worlds… a perfect union of two races… ”

”A hybrid. ”

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