My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 426: Warfall Problems.

Chapter 425: The day l destroyed my mother in law

While still cuddling with Victor, Natashia couldn ’t help but display an intoxicated smile. She was like an ex-alcoholic who ’d had her first drink in a long time, or an addict who finally had a hit of their product after so long without it.

’He smells great~ ’

Not to mention that Natashia was missing Victor. They hadn ’t spoken for a while, and she ’d missed receiving his affection!

”Hey Darling~. ”

Her eyes glowed blood red, Natashia ’s cheeks started to get redden, and a suggestive smile appeared on her face.

An intoxicating scent began to leave her body, a scent so strong even vampires from afar could smell it.

For God ’s sake, even a human could sense it.

’… Is she in heat? ’ Nero thought.

”Darling~ ”

Natashia started to run her finger down Victor ’s body, her red eyes rolling with an intoxicated fervor.

”…. ” Victor smiled slightly when he saw Natashia ’s state.

Victor lightly held Natashia ’s waist, and while holding the woman ’s back to the female spectators, he kissed Natashia.

”!!! ” She was surprised to feel something invade her mouth, but that didn ’t mean she didn ’t like it!

A war of tongues began as Natashia and Victor ’s bodies started to get hotter.

Natashia hugged Victor more, she wanted to feel all his heat in her body. The only thought on her mind was that it was a good thing she came in a Noble dress, because she was a mess down there.

Briefly pulling away from Natashia, Victor lowered her dress a little, and caressed her white bunnies. He groped and lightly pinched the tips of her breasts that were hard as stones, and pulled lightly.

”Hnnn~ ”

’…Really? Did she seriously just cum with only that much? … ’ Victor ’s smile grew very evil.

’Just how frustrated was she? ’

Despite having perverted thoughts about his mother-in-law, Victor was also worried. He knew he had to put out Natashia ’s fire now, because if she continued like this, the likelihood of her getting lost in her desires was very high.

’…An older Vampire ’s desires, huh? ’ Victor couldn ’t help but think about Scathach and the problem she had with blood.

Which left her with slightly disordered and dangerous thoughts.

He remembered that she had tendencies to sulk more often too.

Pulling away from his inner thoughts, he saw Natashia ’s messed up state. Her eyes were in a state of pure madness, her breathing was heavy and her face was a scarlet hue.

Seeing her in this state, his younger brother, who was already in a half-awake state when he smelled Natashia, woke up completely and was in the mood to pierce the skies.

Victor realized that he and Natashia could no longer turn back.

A little skinship wasn ’t uncommon for Nero and Pepper, but the state of the two right now was a big no.

And Victor may be many things, but he wasn ’t an exhibitionist.

Victor hugged Natashia tightly. The woman unconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, and when she felt something hard touching her belly,

Her insides contracted even more.

”D-Darling~ ”

”Hold tight. ” Victor spoke in an orderly tone.

”!!! ” Natashia felt her body shudder, and she quickly did as he ordered, and held his body tightly.

”I need to sort something out. ”

Victor threw Junketsu to Nero.

”W-Wha-. ” Nero was surprised by the Odachi coming towards her, but quickly caught it.

”Daughter, take care of my Odachi. ”

Holding the Odachi, Nero felt a sense of danger as the Odachi came towards her, but that feeling quickly passed when she unconsciously grabbed the Odachi.

”…H-Huh? ” Nero was confused by several things now.

”And remember, even though she ’s behaving now because you ’re my blood and my ’daughter ’, you must never take her out of the scabbard. Junketsu is very possessive. ”

”Pepper. ”

”Fwueeh? ”

”I bought you an anti-material rifle, it was specially modified to kill Hunters, and monsters. ”

”…Eh? ”

”I want you to test it on the immortal monsters. If it isn ’t efficient, ask Eleanor to create bullets from monster materials. ”

”W-Wait, I don ’t know how to use a rifle! ”

”Everyone has a first time for everything. ” Victor smiled.

”… ” Pepper ’s face turned red as impure thoughts flooded her mind after hearing the unintentional innuendo within his word choices. What could she do? Seeing Natashia ’s state, her imagination couldn ’t help but run in that direction.

She was a young girl herself, okay?… Okay, she confessed that she was a little degenerate, like her sister, after all, it wasn ’t just normal anime that she watched.

”And you need to learn to use weapons other than your fists. This is a good time for that. ”

”Mm, okay, Vic. ” Pepper spoke.

Victor waved, satisfied, and then he said:

”See you in a few days. ” and soon the lightning started covering his and Natashia ’s bodies, and the two disappeared.

”Okay. ” Pepper spoke.

”…Wait, Days!? ” Nero screamed when she realized what her father had said.

”Well, Countess Natashia is an older Vampire, and she ’s been very frustrated, so… Yes… We won ’t see him for a few days. ”

”What the hell… ”

”But that doesn ’t mean we ’re going to soften up in training. ”

”…. ” Nero opened her eyes a little:

”You ’re right, Father told me to train the basics first, he also gave me exercises. ”

”And I need to improve my speed more… I think I ’ll talk to my sisters. ” Pepper thought about doing what her mother wanted a long time ago.

Pepper and Nero soon left the training area.

Victor stopped in the air.

”Where are we going? ” He couldn ’t go to his temporary home, after all, his daughter and Mizuki were there.

”To my house! ”

”Do you have a house here? ”

”All the old families of the Vampire Count Clan have at least one, we use these houses when we come to visit Clan Adrastea. ”

”Okay, let ’s go. ”

”I will take us. ”

Natashia ’s body was covered by the lightning, and soon that lightning went towards Victor and covered his body.

”…. ” Victor raised his brow a little as he looked at Natashia ’s lightning, it was as if her lightning had a feeling of an aggressive storm.

Natashia ’s lightning was like an ordinary rainy day, quite calm and controllable.

’Her control is better than mine… She ’s not a Countess for nothing. ’ Victor chuckled lightly.


Clan Fulger Mansion in WarFall City.

Appearing in her personal room.

”We arrived-. ” She stopped talking when she felt Victor grab her dress by the breast area, and tugged.

”Kyaaa! ” Her entire dress was ripped, and soon she was only in her white lingerie, and long white stockings of thin fabric that went up to her upper thighs.

”D-Darling!? ” She asked with a tone of fear, but Victor could clearly see the expectant looking light in her red eyes.

Victor ’s blood raced even faster when he saw the kind of lingerie Natashia was wearing, and it increased even more when he saw the mess that was in her panties.

Coupled with this sight with the intoxicating scent that came out of Natashia ’s body, Victor ’s instincts took over his body.

And like an animal in heat, the scent of his body exploded into the room, and that scent only got stronger as Victor barbarically ripped his clothes off.

”Huff. ” Natashia was out of breath for several reasons now.

Taking the woman by the arms, he threw her on the bed.

”Kyaa~ ” Natashia couldn ’t resist, she was obviously enjoying it.

Climbing on top of her, he ordered:

”Turn around. ”

”!!! ” Her entire body visibly shuddered when she heard Victor ’s tone, a big smile appearing on Natashia ’s face, and while Victor was on top of her, she turned around.

’What is he going to do now~? ’ She was very excited.

And then her question was answered when she felt something hard and big pierce her insides and reach her womb.

Her entire body felt like it was electrocuted by the pleasure, her back arching up a little as her hips were held by the man.

”Ahhh~ ”

’Finally it ’s here! ’ Natashia ’s insides contracted harder as she finally received her most desired wish.

’Ugh. So tight! ’ He felt that if he weren ’t a Vampire, his little brother would have been ripped from his body, her grip was too wild!

It was much tighter than his Wives, and her insides moved as if they wanted to suck Victor completely.

’Is this what an older Vampire ’s interior feels like? ’ He couldn ’t help but think about it, but that thought didn ’t last long.

He grabbed Natashia by the neck with his right hand, and with his left, he ripped off the woman ’s bra.

”Haan~ ” Natashia couldn ’t get enough of this wild act.

He caressed her modest breasts that had grown slightly compared to the past, and pulled the tips hard and twisted.

Feeling Natashia ’s insides tightening even more, Victor ’s smile grew.

Natashia didn ’t need gentle sex. To satisfy the thirsty older Vampire ’s desire, he needed to be as wild as possible.

And that ’s what he did, he surrendered to his wild side!

Holding Natashia ’s cheek with his right hand, he squeezed her breasts that fit perfectly in his hand with his left arm.

Victor turned Natashia ’s face a little, and licked Natashia ’s neck.

”!!! ” Feeling Victor ’s tongue on her neck, Natashia shook once more.

”Darling~ ”

”Tell me what you want. ” He spoke as he slowly moved inside the woman ’s tight interior, and licked her neck.

”Fuck me. ”

”Fuck me while you suck my blood! ”

”As you wish. ” He wasted no time, and, with a thrust of his hips, he pierced his mother-in-law ’s womb, and his entire cock was inside her.

Normally, this act would be an excruciating experience for normal women, but for a Vampire in heat? That pain turned to pleasure.

”Ahhh~ ”

Victor wasn ’t finished, as his teeth became sharper, and he bit into Natashia ’s neck.

Gulp, Gulp.

”Uggghhhh~. ” The moment Victor bit into Natashia ’s neck, her whole body shook and she experienced her fifth orgasm so far.

Her insides tightened so unbelievably that Victor couldn ’t help himself and painted her entire insides with his seeds.

’This is it! ’ Natashia ’s eyes glowed fiercely blood red.

She could feel it! Her entire interior was being filled by him! Filled by her beloved Darling~.

And understanding that, somehow, Natashia ’s body began to relax.

The moment Victor ’s seeds painted all over her insides, it was as if a non-existent anxiety disappeared from Natashia ’s heart. She was absolutely sure that now, she really would be his, and he would be hers.

Feeling the woman ’s insides become less tight, and caressing his entire member gently, Victor began to move as the seeds came out of his member.

”Ohhh, Ahhh~. ” Natashia couldn ’t form coherent words, she couldn ’t even ask for more.

The combination of having her blood sucked while her insides were painted with her lover ’s seed and shaken by her lover.

Her mind went beyond the clouds of pleasure.

That combination hit all her fetishes that she liked best.

The sound of flesh hitting each other, the low groan of her lover, the feeling of having her blood sucked, the feeling of a strong man taking her from behind violently as he ravaged her insides.

The heady sound of her liquids being mixed with her loved one ’s liquid and making a mess of her bed.

She loved it!

But… It still wasn ’t enough, he was being too kind!

’More… I want More! ’

”More~, Harder~, Darling, destroy my insides! ”

Victor was mildly surprised at what Natashia asked for, if it was his Wives, what he ’d done would ’ve been more than enough, but it was evident that this type of sex was child ’s play for an older Vampire.

Suddenly, he felt something click into place inside of him, a primal instinct he never knew he had.

He wanted to take down and conquer this older Vampire!

Now… It was war.

Victor stopped sucking Natashia ’s blood, and lifted her hips. With this movement the seeds that were trapped inside the woman began to leak, but neither of them cared.

Natashia leaned against the wall, and looked at Victor with expectant eyes.

Victor ’s smile grew as his hair started to float unnaturally.

Natashia ’s smile grew, her insides twitched, she could feel that something amazing was coming, something her previous husbands could never give her.

Grasping Natashia ’s hip for support, Victor thrusted forward with all his might.

And the extremely loud noise of two meats slamming was heard, Victor no longer held back his strength.

Crack, Crack.

The wall Natashia was leaning on cracked in the shape of a spider ’s web.

If she were a normal woman, her hips would have already turned to dust.

But for Natashia?

A Vampire Countess who was only below Scathatch and Vlad in strength?

All she felt was a great pleasure spreading throughout her body.

”Yesshhh. ” Natashia screamed as she felt once again Victor pierce her insides, and once again she reached orgasm:

’This is what I wanted! Like this! ’

She was on cloud nine, with just these impulses, she realized that her desire for someone to turn her insides around had been granted.

Her Ex-Husbands were just too weak to achieve that feat, and…

She turned her face to Victor once more, and smiled.

Despite looking at her with pure desire, Natashia could feel…

She could feel her partner ’s genuine love.

Something she always wanted but never got.

’My Darling~… ’ The image of Victor ’s face began to be imprinted on her brain.

She once again fell in love… And it made her so happy.

”…Darling~… ”

Victor stopped his urges, and looked at the woman.

”Destroy me! ”

Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red, and he released his restraints until level 2.

And with a thrust inside the woman, the pressure generated by that act created a gust of air that spread through the room and destroyed everything.

Crack, Crack.

The wall Natashia was leaning against sank even further, and the woman ’s eyes rolled up as she bit her lips and drool came out of her mouth.

She was on cloud nine, and inside she was a mess.

Victor picked up Natashia and threw her onto the bed as he got on top of her.

Looking at the man ’s face, Natashia ’s perverted smile grew, and her insides tightened even more, she wrapped her legs around Victor ’s waist as if she was preventing him from running away, and screamed:

”More! ”

That day, everyone around the Fulger mansion reported a small earthquake that seemed to originate from the Fulger Clan mansion which was in a relatively isolated location.

When the Valkyries went to investigate what had happened, they noticed that the ground around Clan Fulger was a little deeper than usual, and the mansion appeared to be almost falling apart.

But even with these oddities, they didn ’t dare approach, all because of the moans that echoed from the mansion.

It didn ’t take a genius to understand what was going on.


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