”DARLING~! ’ A woman ’s voice was heard throughout the forest.

”That voice… ” Kaguya whispered.

”Fue!? ” Pepper was startled by the sudden voice.

Victor stops what he ’s doing and looks in one direction with a smile on his face, then he opens his arms and waits patiently.

”What is he doing? ” Lacus asked curiously.

Kaguya looked at Lacus and replied in a neutral tone, ”Taming a stalker… ”

”…Huh? ” Lacus didn ’t understand.

”Something is coming at a fast speed, ” Pepper warned in a gentle tone.

Before Lacus could ask Pepper anything, a long white-haired rocket hit Victor!


Victor was thrown towards the trees, which broke with relative ease, but throughout the shock of the ’white rocket ’, he never stopped smiling.

Lying on the forest floor, he lifted his head and looked into Violet ’s face, then he said, ”Welcome back, Honey. ” He ignored the small deforestation this reunion had caused.

He lifts his arm, then starts stroking Violet ’s head.

”!!! ” Violet ’s face took on a crazed expression, ”Ahh~~, Darling! ” She puts her face on Victor ’s chest and continues to talk like a broken record that repeated the same words over and over again. ”Darling~! Darling~! Darling~! ”

Victor just continued stroking Violet ’s hair with a smile on his face, ”I missed you, ” He said.

”Me too~! I was worried that these bi- ” Before she could finish, she heard someone ’s words.

”Oya? Who are you? ” Lacus asked.

”Tsk, ” Violet looked at Lacus with an ugly expression, but soon her expression became calmer when she felt Victor ’s caresses.

”Idiot! She is the heiress of Clan Snow, she is friends with Ruby! ” Pepper yelled in a voice cute.

”Who? ” Lacus turned her head in confusion.

Pepper just looked at Lacus with a disbelieving look, ”…You should socialize more, sister… ”

Lacus snorted, ”I prefer training and sleeping; socializing is for the weak! ”

”… You only say that because you ’re bad at socializing. ”

”… ” Lacus used her right to remain silent.

”Lady Violet… You took longer than expected, ” Kaguya said.

Violet looked at Kaguya, then she smiled, ”Good job, Kaguya! As expected of you! I ’m going to raise your salary! ”

Kaguya exhibited a small smile and placed her hand respectfully on her chest, ”Your words are an honor, Lady Violet. ”

Victor sits on the floor, hugs Violet, and starts to smell her; then he smells an unknown smell, ”A man… ”

”Hiii~ ” Pepper seems startled by something, and she quickly hides behind her sister.

”What ’s it? ” Lacus asked, looking at her sister.

”N-Nothing! ” Pepper refused to speak.

”Tell me, Honey. Did you meet anyone on the way here? ”

Violet turns her face to Victor, and suddenly her body shudders, but it wasn ’t out of fear; it was something else… She flashes a big distorted smile and replies:

”Yes, I found my father and mother. ”

”Oh… ” Victor ’s face returned to normal, and he smiled gently, ”How was your visit to your family? ” He started stroking her head again.

”Hmm, ” Violet thinks for a moment and replies, ”My mom is still a narcissistic bitch, and my dad is still sick… ”

”Oh, ” Victor didn ’t know what to say when he heard Violet, but he had a doubt; Can vampires get sick?

”And my dad wants to meet you…Is that okay with you? ” She looked a little hesitant.

”Hmm? It ’s alright; This is a good opportunity to meet your family. ” He spoke lightly.

”I see, ” She flashed a happy smile.

”But before that, I should get back to training, ” Victor stood up while holding Violet like a princess, then he leaves her on the ground and looks at Lacus:

”Let ’s continue? ”

Lacus exhibited a thirsty smile and said, ”Of course. ”

Victor walks to where he was, with Lacus following him.

”Hmm… Did I miss something? ” Violet asked as she looked at Lacus with dark eyes.

”Lady Violet, calm down first, ” Kaguya said.

”Huh…? I ’m calm… look at my face, I ’m calm, alright? ” She smiled with her sharp teeth bared.

”Sigh! ” Kaguya took a long breath and placed a hand on her brow.

”…Lord Victor is training with Lady Lacus; we found that the best way for him to learn the basics is through fighting, ” Kaguya began to explain:

”Oh, explain more, ” Violet was interested.

”We did a lot of tests with Victor, but in the end, he can ’t learn by logic, ” Pepper replied in Kaguya ’s place.

Violet looks at Pepper and, when she looked at Pepper ’s breasts, clicked her tongue in annoyance; why does all that witch ’s family have these big breasts? They ’re not even her real daughters!

”Darling, isn ’t stupid? Why isn ’t he learning by logic? ” Violet asked as she tried to ignore Pepper ’s melons swaying with every simple move she made.

”…Darling… ” Pepper ’s face turned red and, as smoke started to come out of her head, she began to mutter at supernatural speed; she seemed to enter her own world.

”…? ” Violet didn ’t understand Pepper ’s reaction.

”Yes, Lord Victor is not stupid… But he is very different from ordinary noble vampires, ” Kaguya continued.

”I know he ’s not normal after all; he ’s my Darling! ” Violet displayed a proud smile.

Kaguya holds back the urge to sigh again and continues, ”When noble vampires go to do an action that, for our species would be commonplace, they succeed naturally, right? ”

”Yes, ” Violet remembers that it was the same with her.

”Lord Victor doesn ’t work like that; if he tries to do a simple action, some explosion of power will always happen. He looks like a battery that contains a lot of power and never gets discharged. Because of that, he can ’t control his power to learn the basics. ”


Victor was suddenly thrown into the sky by Lacus.


”He seems to be enjoying himself… ” Violet was a little annoyed.

While he was in the sky, he suddenly made a move. Victor kicked the air and launched himself towards the ground, and, when he did that, Violet could see that pure fire had gone out as he kicked the air.

And when he was falling towards the ground, his body started to be covered by lightning, and when he landed on the ground, a little ice explosion happened.

”…What in the seven hells was that? ” Violet asked in disbelief.

”As Lady Violet can see… Any small actions Victor does, he unconsciously releases his powers and, because of that, he can ’t learn the basic skills of a vampire. ”

Kaguya looks at Victor, struggling with a small shock in her heart; Didn ’t he notice? He ’s combining his powers perfectly; is that what people call a ’genius ’?

Victor went into combat again with Lacus. The red-haired vampire had a slight smile on her face as she used only her physical strength to fight. Although sometimes, she had to use her fog powers to defend herself from the flames Victor unleashed.

After all, these flames were dangerous even to her, who was a vampire that was over 400 years old.

Unlike Pepper and Ruby, Lacus didn ’t have the power of water or ice. However, Lacus had the power to control the mist, and she generally uses that power to confuse enemies and flee.

Small explosions can be heard when Victor and Lacus engage in combat.

”…He always seems to be at full power and never gets tired, so we decided he should get tired first. ” Pepper recovered and spoke in a cute voice.

”As Lady Lacus had nothing to do, we decided she should fight Victor, but while the two of them were fighting, we found that he learns faster by fighting than explaining. ” Kaguya finished explaining

”In the beginning… He wasn ’t managing to keep up with Lacus, but slowly, he started to get used to his body, now… He can give Lacus a decent fight; he ’s getting better really fast, ” Kaguya said.

”As expected from my Darling! ” Violet spoke with pride.

”…He reminds me a bit of my mother… ” Pepper commented with her finger on her cheek as she looked at Victor, who had a big smile on his face.

”How rude, he ’s not crazy, and an old hag, ” Violet huffed.

”That was not what I meant! ” Pepper yelled, seeing that Violet ignored her, her cheeks starting to turn squirrel-like, then she turned away, ”Humpf! ”

Boing! Boing!

Veins started popping in Violet and Kaguya ’s heads:

”This bitch… Is she teasing me? ” Violet growled.

”Calm down, Lady Violet, we must not commit murder here; we must take her to a dark alley first, ” Kaguya suggested with a stoic expression.

”Oh, that ’s a good idea. ” Violet smiled dangerously.

Pepper felt a shiver in her body, and since her instincts had always been good, she decided to slowly back away from Violet and Kaguya.

”…Silently… ” She whispered as she walked away.

But she didn ’t expect a big body to fly towards her!

”Kyaaa! ” She screamed in fear as her body collided with Victor ’s.

”Oh… I ’m sorry, sister, ” Lacus said a little regretfully.

”Ouch, ” Victor puts his hand on his head, ”This power to become mist is annoying ” He spoke annoyed, but the smile never left his face: Every time I go to hit her, her body turns and fog, and she runs away, it ’s very slippery… Hmm, I feel like I ’m doing something wrong, but I don ’t know what it is…

Feeling a heaviness on his chest, Victor looks down and sees Pepper ’s red face lying on his chest.

”It ’s decided… I ’m going to kill this one, Bitch! ” Pure fire started to come out of Violet ’s body. When Violet was going to run towards Pepper and Victor, she was suddenly immobilized by Kaguya.

”Let go of me, Kaguya! ” Violet began to struggle.

”Although the idea of ​​killing Pepper is interesting… I can ’t let Lady Violet do that; what just happened was clearly an accident. ” Kaguya spoke in a neutral tone.

”Wawawawawa! I ’m sorry— ” Pepper was about to say something, but suddenly Victor stood up while holding Pepper like a princess.

”Fue…? ” Pepper didn ’t know what to say, so she was silent as her face was completely red.

He puts Pepper on the floor and pats Pepper ’s clothes to dust them off, then, finishing knocking the dust off of Pepper ’s body, he squats down a little and puts his face level with Pepper ’s face. That is something he ’s needed to do a lot lately; being 195 cm tall has its downsides.

Then he says, smiling gently, ”Don ’t be too inattentive while two people are fighting, okay? ” He appeared to be talking to a small child.

”… Mm. ” Pepper nodded.

”Good ” Soon, he gets up and looks at Lacus with eyes glowing red, his smile changed from a gentle smile to a distorted smile, ”Let ’s continue. ”

”Yeah, ” Lacus agreed.

”… ” Kaguya and Violet were speechless when they saw Victor ’s attitude; they expected him to react differently when Pepper fell on him with those two melons, but why did he treat Pepper like a child!? For God ’s sake, she ’s over 100 years old!


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