My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 50: Ruby and Victor.

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On the porch of Scathach ’s mansion, two women were enjoying the tranquil mood of Nightingale ’s endless night. If strangers looked at them, they would think the women were sisters because of their identical appearance, but they could barely imagine that they were actually mother and daughter.

”Mother… Be honest with me… ” Ruby spoke in a neutral voice.

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at her daughter.

”Why are you interested in my Darling? ” She looked into her mother ’s eyes for answers. Ruby knew that her mother was interested in people with great powers; an example of this is Siena, her eldest adoptive sister. In the past, Siena showed great potential, and because of that, her mother adopted her.

Victor ’s potential is obvious; this is undeniable. Ruby still remembers the day that Victor assumed the form of ’Count Vampire ’ with only the awakening of powers, this kind of potential only appeared in the children of the King Vampire and Count vampires.

But if it were a small interest, Ruby would understand, but… Her interest in Victor is very abnormal, she went so far as to build an entire coliseum just for Victor. Building a coliseum was not cheap, and especially hiring witches for the service.

”… ”

Scathach ’s neutral face suddenly changed into a big smile, ”Ah~, my sweet and beloved daughter, my precious little Ruby. You really have no idea what you ’ve got yourself into, huh? ”

”…? ” Ruby didn ’t expect this response from her mother.

Scathach gets up from the chair she was sitting in, and slowly she walks to the front of the chair where Ruby was sitting, she kneels in front of her daughter and lightly touches her daughter ’s face:

”Look at you, so young, so innocent, so pure, like a little red flower that ’s just growing~. I always had concerns that someone might try to deceive you, ” She started to caress her daughter ’s face.

”M-Mother? ” Ruby didn ’t understand her mother ’s sudden reaction.

”Because of that, I was always overprotective of you. Who knew I could feel like this soon… ” Scathach placed a hand on her chest, and her face showed a little disdain, ”In the past, I hated that feeling, but… It ’s not so bad… ”

”… ” Ruby looked at her mother ’s expression without understanding anything. In moments like this, when she was frustrated with herself, she always said that she understood her mother, but in the end, she couldn ’t understand anything.

”…Mother, are you running away from the question? ” Ruby asked

”… ” Scathach exhibited a gentle smile, she looked at her daughter and stroked her face again:

”Who knows? Maybe I am, you know, right? I ’m an old person, and I get emotional easily. ”

”… ” Ruby looks at her mother ’s smile with neutral eyes; ’Again, she always evades questions, she ’s like a slippery eel, she never gave me a satisfactory answer, how can I try to understand her if she doesn ’t say anything? I ’m not psychic!… This is frustrating… ’

Since she was a little girl, Ruby has always felt like this. Just when she thought that she understood her mother, something happened that made her realize that she really didn ’t understand anything about her mother. For a child who wanted to be closer to her mother, it was frustrating, that was annoying!… And most importantly, that was lonely…

Scathach flashes a loving smile and tugs on both of Ruby ’s cheeks.

”Fua~!? S-Stop. ”

Scathach lets go of her daughter ’s chubby cheeks. ”My little Ruby… Don ’t try to understand me; you ’ll end up going crazy just like me, ” She strokes her daughter ’s head.

Ruby looks at her mother, and she thinks; ’Oh, I already know this pattern, she ’s going to say something like. ’

”A being who has lived for two thousand years on this Earth always has screws loose in their head. ”

”A being who has lived for two thousand years on this Earth always has screws loose in their head. ”

Ruby repeated her mother ’s words in unison.

”… ” Scathach exhibited a surprised face.

Ruby flashes a slight smile, ”It ’s the same pattern; when you don ’t want to say something to me, you keep throwing these confusing phrases in an attempt to distract me. ”

”… ” Scathach ’s smile began to grow, ”Pfft… ” Then, unable to take it, she started to laugh, ”HAHAHAHAHA! ”

”…? ” And that laugh only made Ruby ’s brain stop working again.

Scathach laughed as if finding something very funny; after a few minutes of laughing, she looks at her daughter with a gentle smile:

”Ah~, since Victor appeared, I seem to be laughing more. ”

”!!! ” Ruby looked at her mother with a wary look, ”Mother!? ”

”Hmm? ” Seeing her daughter ’s gaze, she understood something, ”Oya? Are you thinking indecent things? You ’re already that age; what a perverted daughter I have~. ”

Ruby ’s face turned pure red, she never imagined her mother would tease her.

”Hahaha, you ’re so cute, ” Scathach pulls her daughter ’s head to her chest, and soon she starts stroking Ruby ’s head.

’It ’s different from Darling… ’ She thought when she felt her mother caress her head.

”… ” Ruby sighed wearily and snuggled her head into her mother ’s breast, ”It ’s frustrating… I ’m your daughter, but I can never fully understand you. ”

For a moment, Scathach stopped stroking Ruby ’s head, ”…Silly, it is impossible for someone to completely understand another being. ”

”Mostly understand someone like me. ” Scathach chuckled a little, and then she started stroking Ruby ’s head again.

Ruby looks up and looks at her mother, ”Is there anyone who can understand you? ”

For a moment, the face of a man smiling just like her appeared in Scathach ’s mind, but she shook her head inwardly, saying it was impossible for that to happen.

”…Who knows…? If there were someone like that, I would like to meet that person. Sometimes even I don ’t understand myself completely, I just do what I want, hahaha. ”


Ruby sighed again, she snuggles her head in her mother ’s breast and says without looking at her mother, ”One day… One day, I ’ll understand you completely. ” She made a promise to herself.

”… ” Scathach didn ’t say anything, she just kept stroking her daughter ’s head. Then, slowly, she turns her face to the moon and thinks; ’Ah~. My beloved daughter… I really wish that day will never come. ’

After Ruby ’s conversation with her mother, the redhead decided it was time to visit her Darling.

Ruby was walking through the forest with an annoyed face; it was only when she left her mother ’s presence that she understood something:


Ruby sighed again, ”She tricked me! ” She stomped the ground in frustration.

She wanted to ask about her mother ’s interest in Victor, but at some point, the conversation turned into a mother-daughter conversation, and she avoided the subject entirely.

”She ’s always like that! ” She steps on the ground again, and when she hit the ground, the ground froze completely, she ignored the frozen ground and yelled in frustration as she ruffled her hair, ”Gaaah!! ”

”She always uses that lip service and deceives me! Damn it! I should have known this, but why do I always fall for this trick!? ” With frustration building inside her body, Ruby looks at a poor tree with her eyes glowing red.

”FUCK! ” She closes her fist and attacks the tree.


The poor tree flew towards an unknown place…

Now that she was letting off steam, various feelings she had been holding in her heart started to come out.

She remembers an arrogant blonde vampire, ”And that fucking arrogant son of a bitch! He always caused me trouble, and I had no excuse to kill him, but the first plausible excuse I find, he runs away! Damn it! ”

She started attacking the surrounding landscape in frustration!

Stones, trees, sand, plants, everything wasn ’t safe from Ruby.

”Violet, this spoiled bitch! Always causing me trouble! Doesn ’t she know how hard it is to clean up her mess!? Especially in that incident where she blew up a damn building in the middle of New York! ”

She created ice out of nowhere and attacked a rock!

”I mean…I know she was angry at being harassed, I was angry too, but she didn ’t need to blow up the entire building! She could have just killed the man! This would avoid drawing the attention of humans, and it would also avoid problems with the royal guard! If it weren ’t for the fear that the royal guard has of my mother, we would be in much bigger trouble! ”

”AHHHHG! ” She ruffles her hair again.

She sighs a little relieved, but soon the frustration rises in her heart when she remembers something:

”Sasha isn ’t out of the loop either! Though she isn ’t as troubled as Violet, can ’t she be any less reckless!? She was almost killed by hunters, and instead of looking for help, she isolates herself and doesn ’t accept anyone ’s help! ”

”Irritating! Doesn ’t she know how worried I was!? ”

”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ” She kicks the ground several times, and every time she kicks the ground, little ice explosions occur, so the whole area around Ruby feels like a pretty epic battle has taken place.

”And Darling is very insensitive! Because he hasn ’t come to find me yet! Doesn ’t he know how much I miss him!? And why am I having such strong feelings for someone I just met!? Ahhhhhh! ” She ruffles her hair again.

After screaming in frustration.

She puts her finger to her lips and thinks, ’It ’s his blood, right? It ’s his blood that made me interested in him, right? ’ She tried to convince herself that this was it.

’But what is this feeling of obsession!? I feel like I want him just for me, and I get annoyed when Sasha and Violet are around; I want to kidnap him and lock him up in a basement. I want him just for me! ’

”Aaaah! What are these feelings!? ” She was very confused.

She lays on the ground and looks at the moon for a long time, she sighs, then she says, ”It ’s all Violet ’s fault…Yes, it ’s all Violet ’s fault, she always loses sight of what ’s important when she ’s angry, and I have to clean up her mess later! If it was not- ”

She was going to say more but stopped when she heard something.

”Whistle! ” She heard someone whistle.

”Who ’s there!? ” She stood up and looked at the visitor in a fighting stance. As the moonlight illuminates the visitor, Ruby ’s face darkened.

”D-D-D-Darling!? ”

”Yo, ” Victor smiled gently as he looked at Ruby ’s disheveled appearance.


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