”Look how dirty your beautiful red hair is, ” Victor spoke in a gentle tone as he arranged Ruby ’s appearance with his hands.

”… W-When did you arrive…? ” Ruby didn ’t move, she was paralyzed.

”From the part you said; ’she tricked me ’. ” Victor displayed a sneaky smile.

”!!! ” Ruby ’s face changed expression several times.

Victor watched with curiosity as Ruby ’s face changed to a shocked expression, then an embarrassed expression, then an angry expression, and finally a resigned sigh.


”…If you were there, you could have called me… ” she had a very dejected expression.

Finishing fixing Ruby ’s messy hair, Victor spoke with a big smile on his face:

”Hell no. ”

”… Eh? ” Ruby didn ’t expect that answer.

”I didn ’t want to miss this show, ” Victor spoke as he pointed to the landscape around him, ”A rare moment of my wife who is usually cold and aloof venting her emotions~, I will never miss this opportunity! Look, I even recorded it to see in the future. ” He takes out his cell phone and shows Ruby the video.

”!!! ” Ruby ’s face immediately turned crimson red when she heard Victor ’s words, and her face turned completely red when she saw the video Victor recorded.

”DELETE! NOW! ” Ruby yelled.

”Eh? ” Victor showed his face in horror; it was as if Ruby had asked him to do something inhumane, ”I wouldn ’t commit such blasphemy, I need this video to show my children in the future how cute their mother is~. ”

”C-C-Child…!? Y-Y-you, T-This- ” She was trying to say something, but because of Victor ’s words that caught her off guard, she wasn ’t managing to form a coherent train of thought.

Victor felt his heart being hit by an arrow when he saw Ruby ’s face.

”Ahh~, my wife is so cute! ” Victor suddenly hugged Ruby!

”!!!? ” Ruby ’s face got redder when she heard Victor speak, instinctively when Victor hugged her, she started to struggle, she didn ’t even know what she was doing, she just wanted to get out of here and hide in a hole, she was so embarrassed!

”L-Let go of me! ”

”Never! ” Victor spoke with a conviction that shook Ruby completely.

”… ” Ruby stopped struggling and looked at Victor.

Seeing Ruby ’s cute face looking at him, he unconsciously displayed a gentle smile and kissed her.

”!!! ” Not expecting this surprise attack, Ruby was completely melted in Victor ’s arms, she couldn ’t gather the strength to do anything else.

’Ah~, why am I fighting? He ’s my Darling… I ’m just supposed to accept everything, ’ She thought with her mind a little shaken, then she wrapped her arms around Victor ’s neck and kissed him back.

A few minutes passed, and Victor stopped kissing Ruby; when he stopped kissing Ruby, a bridge of saliva connecting the couple ’s mouth formed. He looks at Ruby ’s red eyes and Ruby ’s erratic breathing.

He understood what she wanted, displays a gentle smile, and shows his neck, ”Eat. ”

Ruby wasted no time, her teeth changed into sharp fangs, and soon she bit Victor ’s neck!

”Ugh, ” Victor held back the moan as he felt Ruby ’s fangs pierce his neck, and, if that wasn ’t enough, he felt two mountains that were quite soft against his chest.

He holds Ruby by her ass, and when he felt Ruby ’s entire body, he thought; ’This body is just very unfair; it feels like I ’m hugging a very seductive Succubus, I feel like I ’m going to lose myself in lust if I don ’t control myself! ’

Having sucked the blood from Sasha and Violet, the only one left was Ruby to quench Victor ’s thirst completely, soon a primordial desire began to rise in Victor ’s body.

His eyes changed to blood red, and sharp fangs replaced his teeth; he pushed Ruby ’s shirt back a little and bit down on his wife ’s collarbone!

”Ahhh~ ” Ruby moaned very loudly. For some reason, her legs were feeling very weak now, she also felt a clear liquid that was leaking from her secret place; this liquid was making a mess with her pants.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand why she reacted so strongly, but he didn ’t have time to think about it when the taste of blood touched his tongue. Unconsciously, he tightened his grip on Ruby ’s thick ass.

Ruby wraps her legs around Victor ’s waist; when she does this, she feels something thick touching her intimate place, ”D-Darling~ ” She looks up at the sky with unfocused eyes. She seems to be very ecstatic, she licks the blood that was running from her lips; this blood is very tasty!

Ruby ’s eyes begin to glow blood red, ”Darling! ”

Again, she bit Victor ’s neck.

A few minutes later, when the couple was completely satisfied.

”Hahaha, look what a mess we made ” Victor chuckled when he saw the messed up state of his and Ruby ’s clothes.

Ruby looked at a specific region of Victor ’s body; ’he reacted to me~. ’

For some reason, she was very happy.

”Hmm? ” Seeing where his wife was looking, Victor flashed a sly smile.

”Are you curious…? Do you want to see? ” He held his pants like he was going to take them off at any time

”…Huh? N-No! I do not want to! ” Ruby turned her face to the side.

”Heh~ ” Victor appeared beside her, ”Are you sure? ”

”Yes! ” Despite saying this, unconsciously, she looked again at the hard member.

Victor added information, ”When I evolved, I noticed that all the muscles in my body grew and became denser and stronger~, and as that limb is a muscle… ” He didn ’t need to continue; after all, Ruby was an intelligent woman.


She swallowed hard, and indecent thoughts began to form inside her head; just imagining her being ravaged by Victor, a sense of anticipation began to grow in her heart.

Victor ’s smile grew; he approached Ruby and lightly pulled the tip of Ruby ’s nipples that were hard as stones.

”!!! ” Ruby ’s face turned red, and she pulled away from Victor quickly as she covered her breasts.

”W-What are you doing!? ”

”Teasing my wife. ”

”… ” Ruby ’s face turned completely red, then she turned her face away again as she pouted.

Victor appears beside her again, ”I can ’t help it~. My wife, who is usually cold and distant, is showing so many reactions; somehow, I feel like my sadistic side is waking up~. ”

He blows in Ruby ’s ears.

”!!! ” Ruby walks away again. ”S-Stop! ” Despite saying this, her face was completely red and panting.

”Okay, I ’ll stop, ” Victor backed away and spoke, still smiling.

”Eh…? ” Ruby didn ’t expect this answer, somehow she got…

He appeared again beside her, ”Are you just disappointed now? ”

”…. ” She showed a face that said, ’how did you know? ’

”Heh~, I have a very perverted wife, huh? How lucky~. ”

Ruby ’s face starts to turn completely red, and soon, a small explosion happens in her head.

”Idiot! ” She screamed.

When Ruby tried to run away from this situation.

”You can ’t run away~! ” Victor holds her like a princess and starts walking towards the place where Sasha and Violet are sleeping.

”Let me go! ” She started to struggle as she screamed.

Victor squeezes Ruby ’s ass a little hard, ”If you don ’t stop, I ’ll continue what I was doing before. ”

”… ” Ruby looked at Victor with a blank expression.

”Let me go!! ” She screamed louder and began to struggle.

”… ” Victor looked at Ruby with an incredulous expression, but slowly his smile started to grow, ”Heh~ ” He kissed Ruby ’s mouth.

”Humpf!? ” Ruby was taken by surprise, but soon she returns Victor ’s kiss.

A few seconds later when Victor stopped kissing Ruby:

”I never thought my wife was a masochist~ ” He chuckled.

”!!! ” Ruby ’s face turned completely red, and she turned her face away in an attempt to hide her embarrassment, she completely gave up on running away now; ’Masochist? Me!? How absurd… ’ She thought.

Victor displayed a gentle smile and then started walking again.

As he walked through the forest carrying Ruby like a princess, Victor ’s eyes glowed blood red for a few seconds, and he stared at a distant spot in the forest.

”Heh~, ” Seeing two individuals up in a tree, Victor exhibited a smile that wasn ’t a satisfied smile; after all, he wasn ’t an exhibitionist, and he didn ’t want anyone to see that side of his wife, even if these individuals were Ruby ’s sisters.

”It somehow developed into something e-exciting… ” Lacus stuttered a little with a slightly red face.

”… Y-Yeah. ” Pepper nodded, her face completely red.

The two sisters were originally sleeping, but when they heard Ruby ’s voice in the mansion, they quickly woke up and went after the younger sister; they were missing Ruby so much.

But they didn ’t expect them to see this scene…

”…Somehow, I ’m feeling that seeing this scene, it ’s going to come back to bite my ass in the future… ” Pepper spoke with a grim face.

”… ” Lacus was silent, she knows Pepper ’s instincts are usually correct.

Soon she shrugs as if it ’s not important, ”Well, he won ’t hurt us. After all, we ’re related to his wife, and we didn ’t do any harm to Ruby. ” She understood a little of what Victor ’s personality was like.

In simple words, to understand, Victor was like their mother…

”Fuck, ” Now that Lacus thought about it, he really had their mother ’s personality, and if one thing their mother knew how to do was tease people when she wanted to.

But despite not liking to be bothered, Lacus was a little expectant about what Victor was going to do with them.

”Sister, stop NTR fetish, ” Pepper spoke into Lacus ’ ear.

”Kyaaa! ” Lacus was startled by the sudden voice and yelled in a surprisingly cute voice, she looked at Pepper, ”What are you doing!? ”

Suddenly her face turned a little red, ”I don ’t have an NTR fetish! ”

”Funnnnn ” Pepper stares at Lacus in away cute.

”What? ”

”How do you know what NTR is? ” After all, that wasn ’t a word ’ordinary ’ people knew.

”… ” Lacus used her right to remain silent.


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