My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 55: Digging your own grave.

”Hybrids? ” Victor asked in curiosity. Hearing that word, he remembered the movies he watched with his father; it was about a female vampire who wore a black tights outfit and had a hybrid boyfriend. He remembers that hybrids in fiction are often portrayed as the best of both races, and they are very strong.

”… ” Siena, Violet, Sasha, and Ruby ’s faces practically changed to disgust when they heard the word.

Lacus and Pepper don ’t seem to care much.

”Yes. Disgusting creatures that are the result of crossing a Noble vampire and a werewolf. ”

”Hmm… ” Victor looked around and saw the reaction that this word caused his wives; his curiosity increased:

”Are hybrids strong? ” That was his first curiosity.

”Hybrids, strong? Pfft… ” Siena started to laugh, she looked like she managed to regain control of her body. Siena wanted to irritate Victor as a form of revenge for what happened, but when she felt the gaze of Scathach, Ruby, Violet, and Sasha, she closed her mouth.

She only cared about her mother and Ruby; ’Why is my mom on his side now? ’ She thought.

”… ” Victor looked at Siena with annoyed eyes; ’That bitch hadn ’t shut up? ’

”Darling, unlike movies, hybrids aren ’t strong. They ’re like an error in the genetic code; they ’re something like a donkey. ”

”Oh? ” Victor looked at Ruby.

Ruby continued, ”Werewolves and vampires are two very different species genetically, and physiologically from each other, to put it in simple words, we are the opposite of each other, because of that quirk, we can ’t mix. ”

”And, when we get mixed up, an extremely rare case can happen, a hybrid can be born… ” Violet spoke in disgust, just imagining that a vampire slept with a wolf; her body shuddered in disgust, she even felt like throwing up.

”As we are very different species from each other, the hybrid will be born with various genetic problems. ” Sasha continued, ”they will be sterile, and they will have a short life expectancy. Sometimes they are born with unusual diseases that can affect the two species; because of that, when a hybrid is identified, it is immediately hunted and eliminated by the two races. ”

”Hmm, I see ” Victor placed a hand on his chin.

”I wonder what the Horseman Clan was thinking about protecting a hybrid. Don ’t they know they can cause a pandemic at any time? What are the royal guards doing? Those old eunuchs wouldn ’t allow that kind of monstrosity to run around. ” Violet was surprisingly more involved in the conversation.

”They ’re quiet…Surprisingly quiet… ” Siena spoke.

”Those old people who keep talking about how the past was a thousand flowers? ” Ruby asked, then she frowned, ”Do the king ’s guards have some sort of agreement with that Clan? ”

”That ’s not possible; the royal guards are just a kind of police to keep everything in order. They only follow the orders of the royal family… ” Sasha spoke, then she opened her eyes.

”Oh~, looks like you understand ” Scathach exhibited a small smile…

”Someone from the royal family is supporting that clan, ” Sasha spoke with disgust, she started to think of the princes and princesses of the king, but only one came to mind when she thought of this kind of dirty scheme.

”The first prince? ” She said.

”Probably I ’m not sure yet, but that ’s something he would do; he doesn ’t hide his intentions of desire about the throne much, ” Scathach spoke in disinterest, she doesn ’t like political schemes, she prefers to solve everything by force, though she knows that not everything can be resolved that way, especially delicate situations involving the royal family.

As she knows she doesn ’t have the patience for this kind of political bullshit, she avoids getting too involved in politics. After all, she knows that at some point, she ’s going to get angry, and she ’s going to end up destroying another clan of noble vampires.

”I don ’t understand something, ” Victor spoke doubtfully.

”Hmm? ” Scathach looked at Victor.

”Are hybrids so rare that they might attract my mother-in-law ’s curiosity? ”

”… ” Lacus and Pepper were somehow surprised that Victor could speak the word ’mother-in-law ’ so easily; it was as if he hadn ’t even insulted the woman a few moments ago.

”Yes. They are very rare, and there are a lot of stories about hybrids. Most of those stories are as bad as you ’ve just heard, but some of those stories have been twisted to think that hybrid blood is something ’delicious ’. ” Scathach nearly threw up.

”…You seem to have your own experience about it, ” Victor commented.

”In the past, I found a hybrid and drank its blood… That was one of the things I regret the most in this life; I felt like I was eating garbage. It ’s disgusting. ”

”… ” Lacus, Ruby, and Pepper didn ’t know how to react to this new information, but one thing was going through the sisters ’ minds, why did their mother always reveal pieces of her past so easily when Victor asks something?

When her own daughters ask a question, she always avoids answering something…

”My mom was basically fooled by the hybrid stories. And, because she was bored, she didn ’t think twice about betting the vampire count title, and in the end, she lost… ” Sasha got angry, and she started to speak:

”That dumb blonde! The dumb blonde stereotype must have been invented by her! ”

”… ” Victor didn ’t know how to react to Sasha ’s words; in the end, he just patted her head.

Seeing that Sasha started to become visibly calmer, he said:

”So my mother-in-law was tricked… What a surprise~ ” He rolled his eyes, then he felt a foreboding, ”Why am I feeling this is going to become common in the future? ”

”Everyone feels that when they hear about that woman. ” Sasha rolled her eyes.

”… ” Victor was silent again.

”If Mom got the invitation, then was our clan invited to see the game? ” Ruby decided to ask something she was curious about.

”Indeed. I wasn ’t planning on going at first, but the situation has changed~ ” She looked at Victor with a small smile on her face.

”Hmm? ” Feeling her stare, he looked at Scathach confused.

”… ” Seeing their mother ’s look, the sisters just visibly sighed. They could clearly understand that she accepted the invitation just for Victor to see how the game works… their mother ’s interest in Victor is reaching the point of no return.

She ’s even changing her habits just to give Victor more experience in the vampire world!

”When will the game take place? ” Sasha asked.

”In 6 months, ” Siena replied in Scathach ’s place.

”Why so long? ”

”Probably because Clan Horseman wants to prepare. ”

Siena takes the card that was on the table and throws it towards Sasha; before Sasha can take the card, Violet puts her hand in front of her and takes the card.

”… ” Sasha looked at Violet with neutral eyes.

”…Humpf! ” Violet snorted, then she opened the letter:

”Blah, Blah, political bullshit, Blah, Blah. ” She started to read.

”… ” Everyone rolled their eyes, except Victor, who smiled kindly and patted Violet ’s head.

”Hehehe~ ” Violet displayed a satisfied smile.

”Oh? Are all Clans with the title Count invited? That Bitch is confident of winning, huh? ”

”Well, it ’s my aunt, unlike my mom, she never lost a bet, because of that, she built a big noble clan practically in less than 500 years, ” Sasha said.

”Question… ” Pepper held up her hand.

Feeling the stares of everyone in the room, Pepper asked cutely, ”What are we going to do about Victor ’s powers…? ”

Ruby opened her eyes a little, ”Oh… You ’re right, sister. If they find out he ’s a vampire who has the three powers of the Count houses, trouble could ensue. ”

”So, are we going to seal his powers? ” Lacus suggested.

”Hell no! If it ’s problems they want they will have them, I won ’t limit myself or hide my powers just because I ’m afraid of problems. ”

”Hell no! if it ’s trouble they want, they ’re very welcome to look for trouble~. ”

Victor and Scathach spoke in unison as the two wore a predatory smile.

”… ” Everyone was speechless when they heard their words; they spoke differently, but the essence was the same, do they want trouble? Then problems they will have! They even looked excited…

”… ” Scathach and Victor looked at each other, Scathach was visibly a little shocked by what she just heard, but soon her smile just grew and grew.

”Oh Fuck… ” Ruby, Siena, and Lacus realized it was too late to make Scathach lose interest in Victor.

Violet hugged Victor and looked at Scathach with possessive eyes, ”What are you smiling at, old hag, shoo, shoo, he ’s mine! ”

”Heh~, brat. You ’re looking forward to my punishment, huh. ” Scathach displayed her fist.

”Humpf, he ’s mine! Go find another man! ” Violet didn ’t flinch, she hugged Victor tighter.

”… ” Scathach ’s blood-red eyes increased in intensity for a few seconds but stopped as soon as Victor said something:

”Hahaha, my wife is so adorable ” He pulled Violet and hugged her, then he started stroking her head.

”S-Stop, I ’m serious! ” Violet spoke in a serious tone, and Victor ’s smile only widened.

”Umu, I know ” He kissed her cheek.

”… ” Violet ’s face turned a little red, but she didn ’t deny Victor ’s advances.

”…I ’ve decided something, ” Scathach suddenly spoke up.

”… ” Everyone looked at the red-haired woman, then she flashes a small smile at the others.

”I will start training Victor from today~. ”


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