My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 60: The White Wolf. 3

”Your sister is in love with a newborn vampire, ” Eddy repeated as he wiped his face with a damp cloth.

”…W-What kind of bullshit are you talking about…? ” Even though he heard it again, he still couldn ’t believe it.

”My little sister would never fall in love with anyone! She ’s just a child! ” Johnny started to remember his sister, she was so little, and she kept screaming around, ”big brother ” unconsciously, he smiled like a fool.

”Johnny, it ’s been 18 years; she ’s grown up, ” Eddy shattered his illusions.

Johnny imagined his little sister, grown-up and embraced by a random vampire.

His face distorted in anger, ”I won ’t allow it! ”


He smacked the wood of the counter.

”…I ’ll put it on your account, ” Eddy said with a small sigh. ”And your sister is already an adult, she can make her own decisions, and this passion won ’t last long; after all, vampires and wolves can ’t mix. ”

”Oh? What do you know? Spit it out! And give me more tequila! ”

Johnny decided not to comment on what Eddy said. After all, he knows that Eddy ’s words were wrong; wolves and vampires can relate. If the two individuals want, nothing can stop them, only death, of course.

”You have money? ” Eddy smiled.

”Tsk, you ’re going to make me poor again, ” Johnny complained.

”Business is business. Friendship should not interfere with business. ”

”Whatever, just spill it! ” He took another amount of money and threw it on the table.

Having already prepared this in advance, Eddy takes a document from under the counter.

Name: Victor Walker.

age: 21 years old

Height: 175 CM

Weight: 50 KG

Personality: Stupidly honest, vindictive, petty, loyal to the family. According to witnesses who live close to the individual, he is a nice guy that if you don ’t upset him, he won ’t mess with anyone.

Warning: Has tendencies towards sociopathy. Very jealous of those close to him, he has chances to become a Yandere like a certain pink-haired girl.

”What is this amazingly nice man? ” Johnny can ’t help but talk, and he remembers seeing him somewhere, ”And what is this ending? Yandere? Explain! ”

Eddy puts his hand to his head as if he has a headache; ’that crazy woman, can ’t she make a correct report? ’

”Basically, Yandere means that a person has an unhealthy love for another and would be able to kill, usually out of jealousy or fear, any ”obstacle ” to being with that loved one. ”

”…Isn ’t he a nice guy? ” Johnny said, after all, for wolves, this was normal, they were very territorial, and if anyone touched his women, he would do the same.

”… ” Eddy was speechless.

”Kyaaa! ”

Hearing a familiar scream, Johnny turned his face and saw a blond woman with blue eyes being held by a tall, bald man.

”Bitch, how dare you refuse me!? I ’m paying! ”

”Fuck you; this isn ’t a prostitution club! ”

”Grrr, ” Johnny ’s face distorted, sharp fangs appeared in his mouth, his face became more animalistic, his blue eyes glowed like neon blue, and then he stood up.

”I ’ll put it on your account, ” Eddy said; he already knew what was going to happen.

Johnny ignored Eddy, so he grabs a chair next to him and throws it at the man!


The chair hits the man ’s bald head and shatters, the man ’s face distorted in anger, and soon he screams like a roar:

”Who did that!? ”

”J-Johnny, ” The woman spoke.

”Judy, step back. ”

”Y-Yes! ” Judy quickly kicks the man ’s balls and runs.

”Bitch! ” The man roared.

”Where do you think you ’re going? ” Johnny appears in front of the man and holds his face, and then he throws him into the middle of the club.

Whistles! Whistles!

Several men started whistling, and shouting ”Fight! Fight! Fight! ”

”That man is fucked, ” A woman said, laughing.

”Of course he is; he touched Johnny ’s wife. That was expected to happen. ” The man beside the woman laughed.

”Hey! I ’m not his wife! ” Judy complained.

The man looks at Judy, ”Tell yourself that and keep believing it. But, at the end of the day, you still go to his bed, right? ”

”…Fuck off. ” Judy held up her middle finger.

”Judy, are you okay? ” A pale-skinned woman with slightly curly hair and dark blue eyes spoke in concern.

”Yes, I ’m fine, Jessica, ” Judy smiled gently.

Seeing the attitude of the customers who seemed to be enjoying themselves, Eddy ’s eyes sparkled a little, ”This is getting common now… Should I make a fight club? ” He could smell money when he thought of that idea.

”What the fuck is going on here!? ” A woman looks at the center of the club and yells in frustration, ”That damn wolf again! ”

Eddy looks to the side and sees a woman with short silver hair and a golden eye, she was wearing an eye patch covering half of her face, and she had a tired expression.

She was wearing a stylish black suit, and she was smoking a black cigarette that looked like it was custom made.

”Madam ”

”Eddy? Why didn ’t you stop that mother fucker- ” She started to complain again, but Eddy cut her off.

”Madam, I have a proposal for you; I guarantee you will make a lot of money. ”

”Oh? Tell me more, ” The woman ’s tired eye seemed to come back to life.


”Do you think you can demand something from her!? Huh!? In my territory! Know your place! ” Eddy and Madam look at Johnny slamming the bald man ’s head to the ground

”As expected, he didn ’t last long, disappointing, ” A woman spoke up in annoyance.

”Yeah, at least we made some money, ” A man next to her said, laughing.

”He ’s going to kill that man if he keeps this up, ” a woman with chocolate skin, sapphire blue eyes, and long straight white hair spoke worriedly.

”Jinsei? Can you stop him, please? I don ’t want to have to clean up another body tonight. ” Madam spoke in annoyance.

”Yes ” Jinsei closes her eyes for a few seconds, then she opens her eyes. Her old blue sapphire eyes changed to golden eyes with a reptilian-like slit.

”Johnny~, you ’re back; let ’s talk a little? ” Her seductive voice flew towards Johnny and visibly affected him.

”Hmm? ” Johnny stopped hitting the man and looked at Jinsei; soon, his predator ’s smile changed to a gentle smile.

”Heh~, I missed you ” He leaves the middle of the club and ignores the man who was in a half-dead state. He gets close to Jinsei and hugs her.

”… ” Madam looks at a subordinate and gestures as if to clean up the mess.

”… I missed you too. ” She spoke in a soft voice, feeling Johnny squeezing her ass, she got annoyed:

”Stop it! ”

”Hahaha. ” He laughed a little and looks to the side:

”Oh? Jessica, you ’re back. ”

”Yes. ” She exhibited a gentle little smile, and then her expression changed to serious, ”We need to talk later. It ’s important. ”

”Okay, ” Johnny looks at Madam:

”I already paid my debts. So don ’t look at me like that, old hag. ”

Madam looks at Eddy, and, seeing her subordinate nod his head, she sighs, ”Just don ’t make trouble again, boy. ”

”Eh? But I never caused any problems. ”

”… ” Everyone rolled their eyes.

Johnny looks at Judy, and soon the atmosphere around him changes, ”Judy, ” He growled.

Judy ’s body visibly shook, ”W-What? ”

”Were you ’working ’? Did I already mention that I don ’t allow it? Do I have to kill every man in this club so you don ’t work again? ”

”I-I… ” She swallows hard when she senses Johnny ’s mood, she was scared, but soon her face changes to an annoyed expression, and she growls at Johnny, ”I wasn ’t working! ”

”You know since I… Hmm… stayed with you, ” Her face turned red, ”I don ’t work anymore! ”

”That man looked at me coming out of the second floor and started screaming, demanding services. ”

Johnny smiled when he saw Judy ’s expression, ”…You ’re too innocent sometimes for a former stripper dancer. ”

”Fuck off, ” She flipped her middle finger and turned her face away.

”Madam, that man must not come back here, ” He said with a serious face; he would never let a man live after talking like that to his wife.

”Sigh… I ’ll put it on your account, ” Madam said, she didn ’t want to get her hands dirty again today, but money is money, and she knows Johnny always pays his debts.

”How is your father ’s health? ” He asked Judy…

”… ” Judy visibly softened, ”Thanks to the bite, he ’s as healthy as ever. ”

”…He ’s in my pack now, but out of consideration for you, I won ’t force him to do anything. ” Johnny sat down on the bench and drank another shot of tequila.

”…Thanks, Johnny… If it weren ’t for you, I ’d still have to be working in that disgusting place. ” As a former stripper dancer, she went through many things that she prefers to forget about. If it weren ’t for her father ’s illness that needed a lot of money to treat, she would never have subjected herself to that kind of work.

She hates her old profession, she knows and has many friends who had a similar situation like her; women who needed money, and when they need it most, they had no support from anyone and somehow had to find the money. Pimps take advantage of these struggling women and make them prostitute themselves in exchange for scraps of money.

A disgusting market…

She hates all of this, and if it weren ’t for Johnny, she would still have to live this life.

”No need to thank me, I had a crush on you, and from that moment on, it was already decided that you would become my woman. ” He drinks some tequila:

”I couldn ’t leave my wife in that deplorable place. ”

”Jerk! ” Judy turns her face away in annoyance.

”Can ’t you be a little more honest with yourself? ” Jinsei asked in a gentle voice.

”… ” Judy threw Jinsei the middle finger.

”…Now that I remember, my sister… ” He clenches his fist angrily.

”Even though that man seems like a nice guy, I need to see him in person. I won ’t give my sister away easily… ” Then, he suddenly realized something, ”Wait, did you say he became a vampire? So his appearance might have changed? ”

Eddy said, ”Exactly. This information is from before he became a vampire; his appearance may have changed according to his potential. ”

”Plebeian vampires are weak, and they are slaves… I feel sorry for that man, ” Johnny spoke in a disappointed voice. But, he didn ’t look sorry, he drinks some tequila while out of the corner of his eye he looks at Jessica who is sat beside him.

”Eddy, explain your plan to me, ” Madam asked curiously.

”Oh, ” Eddy looks at Madam and starts to explain what he was thinking of doing.

Jessica climbs up on the bench and takes the document, she looks at the document, and soon her eyes light up a little, she seems to know the man.

Johnny noticed this but decided to remain silent.

”Where ’s Roberta? ” He asked Madam.

Madam, who was talking to Eddy, just pointed up, indicating she was on the second floor.

”I ’ll go see her, ” He said, then he left the bench and walked towards the second floor.

”I ’ll go with you, ” Jinsei said.

”Me too. ” Jessica got off the bench and followed Johnny.

”… ” Judy didn ’t say anything, she just followed Johnny silently.


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