”Roberta! ”


Johnny opened the door with a bang.

”Ara~? ” Roberta, who was sitting on a sofa, spoke, then looked at Johnny with a gentle smile: ”Why the hurry? ”

Johnny looked at the woman, she was wearing a flowing ankle-length black dress and had abundant silky black hair that reached the floor, healthy white skin that seemed to glow in the dim lighting, and violet eyes that shimmered with a playful light. But, what stood out most about her were her enormous breasts that were bigger than Johnny ’s head; they were the famous J-Cup.

Seeing Johnny staring at her breasts, she flashed a seductive smile: ”How was your job? ”

”Are you really 40 years old? ” Johnny asked as he stared at her breasts; the question was very reasonable. Even though she was an older woman, her breasts didn ’t seem to be sagging down.

he eventually replied: ”Yeah, the job was easy. ”

He approaches her and sits beside her, then extends his arms and places them on the woman ’s shoulder.

”Yes, I am~ ” She replied.


She slaps Johnny ’s hand that was almost touching her breast, she turns to face Johnny and speaks with a ’gentle ’ smile: ”Not in public. ”

”… ” Johnny was speechless, but he accepted her will; he doesn ’t like to force his women.

”Tsk, ” Jude was annoyed: ”Are those things growing? ”

”I do not know? I stopped caring about it~. ”

”I ’m surprised you don ’t have back pain, ” Judy said.

”The key is posture. ” She laughed.

”Tell me about it later; my back hurts a little, ” Jinsei said.

”Okay~ ”

”Johnny, we need to talk, ” Jessica said.

”What is it? ” Johnny looked at Jessica.

”… ” Jinsei, Roberta, and Judy are silent and wait for Jessica to speak.

”My brothers are in town, and they ’re working with the man who hired you. ”

”Oh? ” Johnny puts his hand to his chin: ”What does Clan Horseman want with Lucy? ”

Jinsei narrowed her eyes a little, she hated vampires. At first, it was difficult for Jinsei to get along with Jessica, who was a noble vampire, but she learned to accept her as time passed, especially since Johnny didn ’t like how the two women were constantly fighting. But other vampires? She hates them.

”I don ’t know. I ’m just the third heiress, so Father and my brothers don ’t tell me much, ” She didn ’t lie. Her brothers didn ’t tell her anything, she was the one who discovered their plans through conversations and documents.

They didn ’t tell her anything, but they didn ’t stop her from figuring things out either.

”Hmm, ” Johnny wasn ’t very interested in this. He just works for Lucy because the vampire sends large amounts of money for small services.

The job he did today was just to retrieve a relic from the hunters and throw it into the sea. Easy job. And, he was paid very well for it.

Jessica continued: ”But one thing I ’m sure of, they came to hunt a man named Adam William Lykos. ”

”…! ” Johnny narrowed his eyes: ”What do they want with that old man? ”

”… Do you know him? ”

”He is my father. ”

”!!! ” Jinsei, Jessica, Roberta, and Judy looked at Johnny in curiosity. Johnny never talked about his family to the women, and they never asked about it.

”What do your brothers want from my father? ”

”…they want the blood of an Alpha wolf. ”

”Hah! Let them try; my dad isn ’t weak. ” Johnny snorted.

”…But are his children… ”

Johnny ’s atmosphere changed, and he was becoming more aggressive, and his eyes started to glow bright blue, then he looked at Jessica fiercely.

”… ” Jessica just looked at Johnny indifferently, she obviously wasn ’t affected by Johnny ’s pressure. After all, she wasn ’t weak like the three women in the room, but inside, she was sad to see Johnny ’s reaction; ’As expected, vampires and wolves can ’t be together, huh? ’

That was a question she had always had since she started a relationship with Johnny.

Although Johnny doesn ’t care about the wolves and vampires ’ dispute, it was hard for Jessica not to think that way, mainly because he treated other women very differently from how he treats her.

Johnny might not realize it, but something inside him didn ’t like mixing with a vampire, and unconsciously, he treated her differently because of that.

And, Jessica is a new lover. Compared to the three women who have known Johnny for a long time, they ’ve only known each other for two months, and, since then, their relationship hasn ’t progressed much.

”Johnny, calm down. She ’s not guilty; you know that. ” Jinsei spoke in a calm tone.

”Grr, ” Johnny growled, but soon he swallowed his anger, the wolves were very protective of the pack members, and even though Johnny has been away for a long time, he never left his father ’s pack.

Seeing Jessica ’s face, he thought inwardly; ’Fuck ’.

”Don ’t think nonsense, and tell me what ’s going on, ” He was a man who didn ’t know how to apologize…

”… ” The women just sighed.

”…My brothers have come to see the ritual Lucy is preparing, but this is just an excuse; his main objective is to hunt the man named Adam William Lykos. They want alpha wolf blood to use… They probably want to keep that freak stable. ” Jessica said the last part in disgust.

”Freak? ” Johnny asked.

”Hybrid ”

”… ”

Realizing what she said, Jessica ’s face darkened. By badmouthing hybrids, did she just deny her relationship with Johnny? After all, if they ever had a child, their child would be born a hybrid:

”Anyway, I just came here to warn you not to get involved in this matter, but now that I know that man is your father, I find it hard for you not to get involved… Just don ’t die. ”

She got up from the couch, walked towards the door, and quickly left; Johnny didn ’t stop her from going.

”… ” All the women sigh at the same time.

”Johnny- ” Roberta was about to say something, but Johnny interrupted:

”I know, you don ’t have to tell me, ” Johnny sighed; he knew he wasn ’t good with feelings.

”She ’s a noble vampire, and it ’s difficult for her to change who she is. Plus, like all vampires, she hates hybrids. That ’s natural for her species. So she must feel disgusted just being around the hybrid who lives in her house, ” Jinsei explained.

”I know, older wolves are like that too, ” Johnny said; he didn ’t particularly care about that.

Roberta ’s eyes glowed violet for a few seconds: ”…You have to talk to her, or you ’ll lose her forever, ” she advised him.

”Another day, ” Johnny doesn ’t listen to her. Instead, he gets up and walks towards an empty spot, and then he takes out his phone, opens the contacts tab, and sees his father ’s number. Sighing, he clicks on the phone number then hears: ”Johnny? ”

”Hey, old man- ”

Seeing Johnny ’s decision, Roberta just shook her head, a little disappointed.

’He just does what he wants and never listens to anyone. That kind of attitude will bite his ass in the future… But that doesn ’t matter, as long as he ’s with me, he ’ll be fine, even if all his lovers die ’, she thought while showing a ’gentle ’ smile.

A week later.

”Scathach, why are you sitting? ” Victor asked curiously as he looked at Scathach, who was sitting on top of a pillar of ice.

”I ’m meditating… And stupid disciple, call me master. ”

”Hmm, ” Victor nodded, but he completely ignored the last sentence Scathach spoke. Instead, he looked around and saw several small craters that were starting to regenerate on their own; ’Magic is amazing, ’ He thought.

The training (beating) was going well, Victor fought Scathach for a week straight, and even now, he didn ’t feel tired. The only visible sign of tiredness on Victor ’s body was his sweat; since he moved around a lot, naturally, he would be sweaty; but that was it.

He progressed decently in swordplay and in the martial arts that Scathach was teaching him.

Scathach didn ’t name the martial art he was learning, she just said it ’s a martial art that she created herself. However, he noticed several moves from famous martial arts like Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, etc.

But while they were similar, they were very different. The martial art he was learning was created to extract 100% of the vampire race ’s potential.

”I think it should happen anytime now. ” Scathach opened her eyes and looked at Victor.

”…? ” Victor didn ’t understand, but he soon felt his throat go dry and fell to the ground while holding his throat.

”Bloodlust, one of the vampire ’s most obvious weaknesses, ” Scathach jumped off the ice pillar as she fell to the ground: ”Bloodlust can drive the individual mad. He won ’t recognize who is ally or enemy. A perfect berserker state. ”

Victor looks at Scathach. His appearance has changed, his eyes have turned blood red, and his teeth have sharpened.

He didn ’t understand; his bloodlust seemed to be stronger than before; ’Maybe it ’s because I used too much power? ’ He thought.

Scathach started to twirl her spear.

”If you ’re a vampire who has gone through the ritual, when you ’ve been bloodthirsty for a long time and can ’t control yourself. A ritual protection spell will be automatically activated… This spell forces the vampire into a coma state. ”

”… ” Victor took the greatsword and got up from the ground.

”The witches created the ritual at the request of the vampire king to control the bloodlust of the vampires who were running rampant at the time. The ritual spell is simple. They alter the vampires ’ human bloodlust and focus that bloodlust on their lovers. ”

”Because of this, female, and male vampires who have lost their lovers, will eventually fall into a deep coma until they perform a ritual with another lover. ”

”The ritual made it easier for vampires to control their bloodlust, and because of this tool, we were able to live in society. ”

Scathach stops spinning the spear and aims the sharp part of the spear at Victor ’s neck.

She displays a seductive smile: ”The time period for the spell to be activated is one month. If you can ’t control yourself in a month, you ’ll become an empty corpse~. ”


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