Kaguya side.

Kaguya was up in a tree, and she ’s been standing there without moving for a week, she was looking at the coliseum with a complex look.


Kaguya sighed.

Kaguya was in big trouble, she got fired! And the second she was fired, she got another job…

She became Victor ’s personal maid…

But that wasn ’t what she was freaking out about:

”What about my salary!? And my retirement plan!? My extra benefits!? And most importantly, what about my vacation!? ” She started to ruffle her hair.

”Gahhhhhh! ” She was freaking out!

She sighed again and looked at the coliseum with a complex face.

”I mean, I ’m glad I ’m free of Clan Snow, but Lord Victor can ’t support me! I am a very expensive maid! The perfect maid! ”

She knows that she is not totally free from the chains of Clan Snow, but now that Victor ’owns ’ her, she will have more freedom; it all depends on what kind of contract Victor wants to make with her.

And Kaguya trusts Victor, she knows he won ’t make a contract with too many restrictions like Clan Snow.


She sighed again, she doesn ’t know how many times she sighed this week…

But the money problem still remains, she is a very expensive maid! However, she has some savings that she ’s saved over the centuries, so it ’s not like she ’s going to be poor all of a sudden…

But work is work, personal life aside, she needs money! Everyone needs money! Even vampires need money!

”Hmmm, ” She puts her hand to her face like she ’s thinking about something profound.

”But… Lord Victor ’s personal maid, huh? ” She showed a small smile on her face:

”Heh~… That doesn ’t sound bad… that doesn ’t sound bad at all. ”

Ruby and Sasha side.

After being separated from Violet, the two women returned to Scathach ’s mansion and immediately began training.

Ruby, who had the strongest foundations, was teaching Sasha the basics, and she noticed something:

”Your basics are a complete mess. What were you doing for a living? ” Ruby spoke as she looked at Sasha on the floor.

She realized this a week ago, and she didn ’t say anything because she thought Sasha would get better as she taught, but no! She hasn ’t gotten better yet, she is like a chicken, she tries to teach her something, but when Sasha takes three steps, she forgets about everything!

A vein popped in Sasha ’s head, and then she rose from the floor:

”You ’re too bad at explaining! What in the seven hells is; Boooo! Baaahhhh! Pew, Pew! ”

”… ” Ruby ’s face turned red.

”I ’m not a damn translator! Explain correctly, good dammit! ”

”I didn ’t explain it like that! ” Ruby countered.

”Huuh!? So I ’m deaf!? ”

”Maybe… ” Ruby didn ’t want to give up.

”Bitch! ”

”What did you say!? ” Ruby was irritated.

The two ran into each other and were about to fight again.

”Okay! Stop! ” Lacus appeared in front of Sasha and Ruby.

”Lacus!? ”

”Big sister? ”

”For God ’s sake, can ’t you guys go 10 minutes without arguing!? ”

”She is the one who can ’t explain! ”

”No, you are the one who doesn ’t understand! ”

”… ” The two look at each other for a few seconds.

”Humpf! ”

”Humpf! ”


Lacus sighed, she had been watching the two of them train for a while. After all, she had nothing to do and, after watching them for a whole week, she understood something.

The two women were two different types of geniuses.

Ruby was a genius at learning things faster and, because of that, she was able to finish Scathach training more quickly. But she had a problem, she couldn ’t explain what she learned.

And Sasha was a genius at learning things by instinct, and she knew how to explain things she learned verbally, but she was terrible at trying to learn from someone else. She ’s the kind of genius who learns everything her way.

When the friends were younger, it didn ’t cause much trouble, since they were just learning to control their powers, but after each one grew up and each one acquired a peculiarity… It became impossible to train together without an intermediary.

The two were complete opposites, so they needed someone to bridge the gap between the two.

Chomp! Chomp!

The three women heard a noise of someone eating, so they looked in the direction of the noise and saw Pepper eating something that looked like popcorn but had a deep red color like blood. Beside her was a completely red drink like Strawberry juice.

She was wearing pretty big black glasses with a ”3D ” symbol on the rim of the glasses, she looked like a woman who went to the cinema to enjoy a movie.

”… ” The three women just looked at Pepper in disbelief.

”Fueee? Why are you looking at me? ” She looked like a cat that was caught eating something it shouldn ’t.

”… ” The three sighed again.

”Let ’s take a break, ” Sasha said.

”Yes, ” Ruby agreed.

Some hours later.

”Okay, let ’s start again, ” Sasha got up and looked at Ruby, ”This time, don ’t say anything, just fight using basic moves. ”

”…What about the Count transformation? When are you going to teach me? ” Ruby asked.

”After you teach me something useful… ” Sasha ’s eyes narrowed.

Ruby frowned a little, ”…Okay. ”

”Lacus will be responsible for stopping us if we ’re doing something wrong, ” Sasha continued.

”Ehhh? But I don ’t want to do anything~ ” Lacus, who was lying on the ground, looking like a caterpillar, spoke.

”Big Sister…Please. ” Ruby looked at Lacus like she was a kitten who wanted something.

”… ” Lacus looks at Ruby. ”I refuse- ”

”Pleaseeeeee? ”

”Ugh-…O-Okay. FINE! I ’ll do it… ” Lacus rose from the grass, and at the same time, she wondered why she was so weak to Ruby ’s eyes.

”But if we are going to do this, we must do it correctly. ” She became serious.

”Yay, ” Ruby laughed.

”… ” Sasha glared at Ruby.

”…W-What? ” Ruby returned to her cold expression.

”You should show your smile more…Darling would like it. ”

Ruby ’s cheeks turned a little red, ”S-Shut up. ”

”Says the woman who can ’t be honest with her feelings, ” Pepper suddenly said.

”…! ” Sasha ’s cheeks turned a little red, and she looked at Pepper.

”S-Shut up! And stop making noise with that food! You ’ll get fat if you eat a lot! ”

”Vampires can ’t get fat~, this might look like popcorn, but it ’s basically crystallized blood. ”

She started laughing like she was a child who did something evil, ”Muahahahaha. ”

And as if it were a law of nature, her two mountains began to shake heavily, which caused damage to Lacus.

Veins appeared in Lacus ’ head, and she screamed:

”…You don ’t get fat because everything you eat goes to your breasts! ”

”Eh? ” Pepper looked at her older sister with an innocent face, ”Sister, are you stupid? Vampires can ’t get fat~ ”

”… ” Lacus didn ’t know how to react to her sister ’s innocent face.

Realizing something, Pepper flashes a sly smile, ”I pity you, Big sister~. ”

”Huh? ”

”You ’ll never be able to grow up, and you ’ll always get stuck in that Loli body~. ”

”… ” Lacus lowers her head a little, and that causes her red hair to cover her face; soon, she disappears from everyone ’s view.

”Pepper, you just did that… ” Ruby looked at her sister with pity.

”Fueeee? ” Pepper didn ’t understand, she just tried to tease her sister a little.

As soon as Lacus appeared again with a rope in her hand, she lifted her face and looked at Pepper.

Pepper seeing Lacus face that had several pulsing veins and glowing red eyes:

”Awawawawa, I ’m sorry, big sister! ” she started running.

”Excuses are useless… ” Lacus vanishes into mist and appears in front of her sister:

”All that remains is punishment. ”

”NOOOOOOOO! I don ’t have a BDSM fetish! ”

”Accept your fate! ” Lacus snaps the rope.

”NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, ” Pepper ’s scream can be heard throughout the forest:

”Ugnya~ ” Along with an awkward moan.

Violet side:

After separating from Ruby and Sasha, Violet returned to her house, and the first thing she did when she got home was, start her training.

As she didn ’t have complete control of her powers, she spent this entire week learning how to control her powers again.

This was an arduous task; after all, despite saying that she wanted to train, her mind was thinking about Victor.

She couldn ’t stop feeling that it was a bad idea to leave Victor and Scathach alone.

And that made her very angry!

But despite having these thoughts, she made a lot of progress in controlling her powers.

”I was surprised when you said you wanted to complete your training, my daughter~, but I ’m impressed, ” Agnes said as she looked at a huge crater.

”That kind of power at just 21 years old? Amazing~ ”

”That ’s still not enough; I feel like I can ’t control my power like I used to, ” Violet said.

”Okay~ ” Agnes smiled.

And soon, Violet ’s training continued under her mother ’s supervision.

Unlike Sasha and Ruby, who are training in martial arts, Violet focused more on her power, she doesn ’t know martial arts and has no interest in it either. Which is a mindset that Scathach very much disapproves of.

Vampires who focus only on power are like glass cannons; they have a lot of power but little stamina. And if these vampires face their natural enemy of wolves, they will lose without any resistance.

After all, wolves have better physical attributes and resistance to the elements than vampires.

Scathach doesn ’t much like the Snow Clan mentality. They think they ’re superior because they have one of the powers that are the vampire ’s deadly weakness, fire…

Yes, indeed. This clan is deadly to vampires, but what about wolves? And the witches? And the hunters?

The strongest wolves can get their body covered in fire, and they won ’t feel anything. The strongest witches just cast a magic shield.

And the strongest hunters will use the high-level defensive enchantments.

And Voila! Their Clan trump card is lost.

”Lady Agnes. Lord Adonis needs to talk to you-. ” Hilda stops talking when she feels Agnes rushing past her.

”Darling!! I ’m coming~! ”

Hilda holds back her will to sigh and says, ”…It looks like I ’ll have to take over your training for a while. ”

”I ’m counting on you, Hilda, ” Violet said.

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