My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 69: Countess Eleonor Adresteia 2

Victor looked at the army with eyes shining with curiosity since it was the first time he had seen something like that.

An army of black knights with black lances bigger than the knights themselves, their appearance was quite menacing, especially with those red eyes gleaming behind the helmet.

”They ’re all vampires, ” Victor ’s smile grew. He got up from the ground and released Yuki, who sighed in relief, and at the same time, felt disappointed for some reason.

He totally ignored the frightening pressure the army was putting out and approached the horses since he was very curious about them.

”These horses, they ’re not normal. ” Victor looked at the horses and saw that the horses ’ eyes were blood red.

Looking around, Victor saw a horse that was riderless, and soon he approached the horse and touched it then he started stroking the horse ’s head:

”Iiiiirrri, Rilinchin. ” The horse neighed happily.

”Hehehe, aren ’t you a good girl? Tell me, you ’re a good girl. ” He realized the horse was female.

”Iiiiirrri, Rilinchin! ” The horse hit the ground and brought her head closer to Victor.

Eleonor, the horse ’s owner, seeing this scene from a distance, couldn ’t help but comment:

”…To think that Chloé would like someone… ” She couldn ’t believe what she was seeing, Chloe never let strangers touch her, and Victor touched her so easily.

”Kakakaka, ” Scathach laughed in amusement, she was looking at everything with great pleasure; it was like she was waiting for something to happen.

Because of the noise of the army, the wives who were in a new unknown world slowly began to wake up.

”Huh? Who are these Stormtroopers? ” Ruby spoke a little groggy.

”They are Countess Eleonor Adrasteia ’s personal army, ” Luna replied.

”Eleonor? ”

”Hmm, ” Sasha looks at the tall woman.

She had long flowing white hair, pale skin like all vampires, and bright golden eyes. She was wearing a simple red coat with black gloves on her hands, a simple white shirt that couldn ’t hide her H-Cup breasts, along with a pair of black jeans that highlighted her big legs.

And what stood out the most about her was that she was a tall woman, she looked almost the same height as Victor, but with the eyes of an expert Maid, like Yuki and Luna, they could tell she was 190 CM tall.

”Eleonor? ”

”Hi, Sasha. How are you? ” She nodded to Sasha.

”I ’m fine, thanks. ” Sasha stretched.

Violet gets up off the floor and shakes her head a little to get rid of the feeling that her brain is melting:

”Yo, Bitch from the west, how are you? ” Violet stretched a little like Sasha.

”…You ’re still as rude as ever, Violet. And I ’m fine, thanks. ” She spoke with a gentle smile.

”Oh? That ’s too bad. I thought you were going to die from a random thug someday. ”

”… ” Veins began to pop in Eleonor ’s head.

”You ’re still tall as usual, huh? In fact, I think you ’ve grown even more in height… Are you trying to cosplay a giraffe? ”

Eleonor ’s smile threatened to break at any moment.

’Take a deep breath Eleonor, the master is here, the master is here, don ’t lose control. You know this bitch, she ’s always like that. It ’s nothing new ’.

”Fue…? Is the earth shaking? ” Pepper looked at the ground with a cute face.

”Have you forgotten what Eleonor ’s power is, Pepper? ” Siena looked at her sister.

Pepper looks at Siena with a cute expression, ”…Of course I remember! Eto, Eto… ” She started to panic.

”Sigh, ” Siena puts her hand to her head.

”Well, don ’t blame her so much. Pepper is a bit dumb sometimes. ” Lacus spoke.

”Yes, she forgets things easily. ”

”…. ” Pepper ’s face threatens to cry at any moment, but suddenly she is hit by a gust of wind in her face. ”Fueee!? ” She looks to the side and sees Victor swinging a completely black greatsword that was bigger than him, and he was twirling that big sword like it was nothing.

”HAHAHAHAHA, ” He looked like he was having fun.

”Hey! What are you doing with my sword!? ” Eleonor quickly yelled, she walked with quick steps towards Victor, but inside she was a little shocked that he managed to lift all that weight like it was nothing.

”Swinging it? ” Victor replied as he turned his face away.

”… That ’s not what I meant! ”

”Oh… ” Victor understood the problem, ”Can I borrow this horse and sword for a few hours? ” He asked with a polite smile while looking very noble.

”Iiiiirrri, Rilinchin ” Chloe approached Victor and whinnied as if asking permission too.

”Of course you can ’t! ” She practically screamed, and all her noble looks were gone like leaves in the wind.

”These are my things! Mine! And Chloe, don ’t pay attention to him! ”

”… Tsk. ” Knowing he was wrong to take other people ’s things without permission, Victor obediently backed off.

He looks at the horse and strokes the horse ’s mane, ”Don ’t worry, soon I will save you from this insensitive woman. ” He spoke like someone who was saying goodbye to a longtime companion.

”Iiiiirrri, Rilinchin. ” Chloe nodded, and everyone could see small tears in the horse ’s eyes.

”I know, I know. But, soon, I will save you~. ”

”HEY! Why am I the villain of the story! ” Eleonor stomped on the ground in frustration, she was freaking out!

Victor reluctantly pulls away from Chloe, but soon he feels someone touching his shoulder:

”What do you think you ’re doing…? ” He heard Eleonor ’s cold voice.

”Huh? But weren ’t you the one who asked me to get away from Chloe? ” He spoke in an innocent voice.

”It ’s not that! Give me back my sword! ”

”Oh ”

”Don ’t give me that ’Oh ’! Give it back! ”

”…F-Fine, T-Take it. ”

”…Why does this seem so difficult to you!? Goddammit! ”

”… Just take it! ” Victor puts down the sword and hands it to Eleonor, and he uses his other hand to cup his face as if covering his crying face.

Eleonor ignores all this and grabs the sword hilt.

”…Ahhh, you did it. ” Violet suddenly appears beside Eleonor.

”Huh? ”

”You made him cry, you made my husband cry… Look what you did, ” Violet spoke with a sad face.

”… ” Eleonor ’s face changed several times, she gripped the hilt of her sword harder and looked at Violet with a face red from anger, but in the end, she wasn ’t a bad person. She took a long breath as if she were giving up on something.

”Fine. I will lend it! But for just an hour! ”

”Seriously!? ” Victor turns his face away and looks at Eleonor with his eyes shining.

”Y-Yeah, ” Eleonor was taken aback by this sudden change.

”Yes!! ” Victor hugged Eleonor.

”W-Wh? ” She didn ’t know how to react to this sudden intimate contact.

Soon Victor separates from Eleonor and approaches Violet.

”I love you, Violet. ” Victor kisses Violet on the mouth.

”H-huh? ” Violet was taken aback as she returned Victor ’s kiss.

Victor stops kissing Violet and runs into the forest.

”W-Wait, Darling! We need to go to the capital! Don ’t go too far! ”

”Oh, ” Victor stopped running and stared at the forest as if he was thinking about something.

”Whatever. ” In the end, he just decided to swing the sword right there.

He positioned himself and brandished the sword!

”Fuuushhh, ” A gust of wind flew in a straight line and destroyed several trees.

”Hahahaha, this is fun! ” Then, he began to practice what he learned from Scathach.

Every time he brandished the sword, powerful gusts of wind were felt throughout the group.

”Oh, ” Some knights spoke. They looked impressed, although because of their training, they didn ’t react much.

”Here, take some blood. ” Ruby appeared beside Eleonor.

”Thank,s ” Eleonor drank all the blood in one gulp, and somehow, she was feeling better.

”Kakakakaka, I knew something interesting was going to happen when he met you, ” Scathach chuckled.

”Master, I heard about him a few days ago, and I didn ’t believe it, but… It ’s really true. ” Eleonor looked at Ruby, Sasha, and Violet.

”He actually married them… ”

”Yeah. He is also my last disciple. ”

”Huh? What do you mean, master? ”

”Exactly what I mean, I won ’t teach anyone else for a long time. Six months was just enough to teach him the basics; I need more time to cut this diamond~ ” Scathach chuckled in amusement.

”… ” Scathach ’s daughters, Victor ’s wives, and Eleonor didn ’t know how to react to Scathach ’s words. Especially Eleonor, since she hoped that her teacher would train her army again.

Siena, Lacus, and Pepper might not look it, but they were freaking out internally. Did he get so strong just learning the ’basics ’? Bulshit!

They know that Scathach ’s teaching standard is very high if she said she only taught the ’basics ’. This means that she has completely strengthened Victor ’s foundation for the future.

Watching Victor brandish the sword, Pepper also noticed something, ”He ’s using my force control technique… ”

”Huh? ” Siena and Lacus didn ’t know how to react.

”Mother! Did you teach our techniques to that man!? ”

”Yeah~ ” Scathach spoke like it was no big deal.

”…M-Mother… ” Ruby stuttered and didn ’t know how to react to this knowledge, she knows that learning what the sisters learned was not easy, especially Ruby, who had to go through a long period of torture to learn how to control her power precisely.

”He was like a sponge that soaked up everything I threw at him, and I thought; ’Why not? ’ I wanted to test how much he could learn… And in the end, he learned all five of the basic techniques. ”

”As expected from Darling… ” Violet was just as happy as if she was the one who had achieved something.

”… ” Sasha was silent, she heard about Scathach techniques directly from Ruby ’s sisters, and she knows how absurd these techniques are.

”Five!? Wasn ’t it four!? ” Lacus asked.

”It ’s five. I just didn ’t teach any of you the last one because you weren ’t ready, ” Scathach said.

”Just out of curiosity, what is the fifth technique. ” Pepper raised her hand and asked in a cute voice.

”It ’s Control… And the prerequisite for learning this technique is learning all four other techniques. ” She decided to demonstrate since it ’s easier to show than to explain:

”Victor! ”

”What!? ” Victor stopped brandishing the sword and looked at Scathach.

”Come here! ”

”Okay. ”

”And return Eleonor ’s sword! ”

”…O-Okay, ” He replied with a little difficulty.

He looks at the sword as if looking at a friend who has to say goodbye, then after that. He positions himself as if he is about to throw something, then with a small gesture of strength. He throws the sword he was holding towards Eleonor!

”W-Wha, ” She couldn ’t believe he threw her sword like that!

Seeing that Violet was going to try to get the sword, she said, ”Stop, you ’re going to get hurt. ”

”Huh? ” Violet stopped walking.

She steps forward and raises her hand, then a loud sound as if a heavy object is colliding with another heavy object is heard, she grabs the sword hilt and holds it comfortably on her shoulder.

Even the ground beneath Eleonor was damaged with a cobweb of cracks.

”… ” Just how many kilos does that sword weigh? Those were the thoughts of Violet, Ruby, and Sasha, who were close to Eleonor.


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