My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 75: I just do what I want.

Victor was walking through the streets of the capital accompanied by Yuki, who was on his left side, who had several bags in her hands. These were the purchases Victor made for Ophis.

Talking about Ophis, the little princess was sitting on his right shoulder and gently holding his neck as if she was afraid of falling.

Ophis was back in her goth dress, she bought several outfits, but she still decided to keep her dress. However, she had said she would wear the dresses at home.

On Victor ’s right side was a very elegant and dazzling looking woman, and all the little gestures she made were charged with a lot of nobility and elegance.

”Kakakaka, they sure are tense. ” Victor chuckled as he looked at the group of royal guards.

He waved softly at them, and he could see that some were annoyed to see him making the gesture.

”Well, that ’s their job… even though they ’re overreacting, ” Elizabeth spoke in an elegant voice.

After Victor and Elizabeth ’s brief encounter at the clothing store, Victor somehow gained new company on his visit to the capital.

The princess seemed quite interested in accompanying him and, as he saw that Ophis wasn ’t afraid of her, he didn ’t mind having this princess accompany him.

Apparently, Ophis just didn ’t want to go home.

According to Elizabeth, Ophis lives in a very isolated location, and she has little contact with other people so, because of that, she speaks very few words.

Unlike before, when he was enjoying the capital in a carefree way, this time, he was more aware of his surroundings.

The group started visiting various stores while talking about random things. If anyone saw it from the outside, they would think the group looked like a group of friends enjoying the local festivities.

In a suspicious-looking store.

”What is that? ” He pointed to an object that looked like a black banana.

”This is animal food. ”

”Oh? ”

”In some isolated regions of the East, there is a group of monkeys that can be domesticated, and this is their food, ” Elizabeth explained.

”Heh~ ” Victor ’s eyes sparkled with interest, ”Why is everything here the darkest color? ”

”Evolution. ” She said.

Victor immediately understood what she meant, ”Oh, as this is a world where there is no sunlight, they evolved differently. ”

”Yes. Because of this peculiarity, there are many strange animals. ”

”Interesting…I hope to see these animals in the future. ” Victor soon turned and started walking again in search of something else that piqued his curiosity.

Elizabeth looked at Victor ’s back for a moment, she seemed to be thinking deeply about something. Then, seeing Victor playing with Ophis, who pointed towards a strange item, the princess exhibited a small smile on her face and soon followed the two.

One thing Victor noticed was that he was getting more attention now.

It turned out that walking around with an elegant princess caused that kind of effect… And the royal guards who weren ’t that far behind the group didn ’t help either. This kind of situation was a dish full of curiosity for vampires who were always bored.

Victor didn ’t mind the looks this time. After all, they weren ’t looking at his wife. He just kept his senses alert since he expected something to happen at any moment.

And he wasn ’t wrong.

Something actually happened… But it wasn ’t with him.

”Did you touch me? You inferior! ” A grown man yelled.

”Huuuh? The street is public! And you were the one who leaned against me, look at my clothes, they ’re dirty! ” The other man, who looked like a teenager, yelled as he pointed at his shirt, which had a small spot of dirt.

”Fuck your outfit. I want compensation! You hurt me!! ”

”Fuck you! ” The younger man held up his middle finger.

”Hmm. Are they idiots? ” Victor looked at a group of Vampires who were arguing in the middle of town.

”Idiots… ” Ophis repeated what Victor said, she looked like she was learning a new word.

”… This happens more often than you think, ” Elizabeth spoke.

”Ego the size of the world… ” Victor said.

”Indeed, ” Elizabeth agreed…

”…I wonder how I would feel if I stepped on these fragile egos, what expressions would they make~? ” Victor muttered under his breath with a neutral expression that threatened to break into a smile at any moment.

With vampire senses heightened, the women heard what Victor said, but they decided not to comment on it.

”Hmm… ” Victor looked at the two men and saw that they immediately fled when the royal guard approached them.

”Boring. Let ’s keep walking. ” He started walking again.

The group walked through several streets and stores, they ended up entering a street that had no vampire in sight, Victor thought this would be a shortcut to the other street, but it ended up being a dead end.

”Let ’s go back…. ” He was going to turn around, but suddenly Elizabeth said:

”Unfortunately… ”

”Hmm? ” He looked at the princess.

”I need to go home, and so do you, Ophis. ”

”!!! ” Ophis quickly gripped Victor ’s neck tighter, she looked at her sister with an expression that said she didn ’t want to go.

”Ophis-… ” Elizabeth tried to say something, but she was interrupted by Ophis.

”I don ’t want… Idiot. ”

Veins began to pop in Elizabeth ’s head.

”Pff… Cough. What? ” A laugh almost escaped from Victor, but he quickly controlled his expression.

”This is your fault. She has never spoken those words before! ”

”Eh? I ’m innocent, believe me, I never lie. Look at my smile. Is this a liar ’s smile? ” Victor smiled with a smile that showed all of his sharp teeth.

”… ” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

”Ophis, we have to go. You don ’t want to upset our Maid, right? ”

”… ” Ophis pouted cutely.

Ophis looks at Victor and says, ”Give me. ”

”What? ”

”Hand. ”

”Hmm…Okay. ” He saw no reason to refuse.

Victor reaches his hand toward Ophis, and soon she does something that leaves Elizabeth gaping.


Ophis bites Victor ’s hand and drinks his blood.

”O-Ophis!? ”

Victor looks at her with a curious look, he waits patiently, and in less than a few seconds, Ophis stops biting Victor.

”Yummy~ ” Ophis licked her lips.

”What did you do? ” He asked.

”Mark. ”

”Mark? ” Victor looked at his hand in curiosity, but he saw no difference, and the wound Ophis had made has already healed.

”Yes. ” She nodded and jumped off Victor ’s shoulder.

As she falls to the ground, Ophis ’ appearance begins to distort, she looks at Elizabeth:

”Returning. ”

”W-Wait! ” Before Elizabeth could catch Ophis, the little girl disappeared, and all everyone could see was just a dark trail.

”She ran away again! ” She stomped to the ground in frustration.

”Hmm… ” Victor analyzed the situation. He could feel that the girl didn ’t run somewhere, she just disappeared from existence; he couldn ’t even feel her presence anymore.

’Some kind of concealment technique? ’ He tried to deduce what he just saw.

Elizabeth looks at Victor and, her eyes begin to glow blood red, then she speaks in an ordering tone:

”Keep what you saw a secret. ”

Victor looks at Elizabeth, then starts to laugh:

”Kakakaka. I will keep the secret, don ’t worry. ” He walks towards Yuki, takes the things he bought for Ophis, and quickly gives the items to Elizabeth.

”Eh? ” Elizabeth was surprised by several things now, but unconsciously she held the bags.

”I also need to leave now. Be careful where you walk, Princess~. ” He picks up Yuki like a princess.

”M-Master? ”

”Close your mouth, or you ’ll bite your tongue. ”

Not expecting Yuki to prepare, Victor takes a step in a random direction, then disappears.

”!!! ” Elizabeth was surprised again by this display of speed, ”Fast… ”

”Princess. ” The royal guards approached when they realized the princess was alone.

”Who is that man? ” She asked aloud, ”My charm didn ’t work… He didn ’t seem affected by Ophis ’ condition either… ”

”And my sister called him Father… ” She muttered.

”Princess? ” The guards called her again.

But Elizabeth didn ’t mind, ”I forgot to ask him for personal information…? ”

”Wrong… ” She shook her head, ”Actually, he deflected the questions on purpose. ”

Elizabeth remembers that when she asked personal questions, Victor pretended to be interested in something and didn ’t answer her question.

Elizabeth started to think with a frown on her face, but soon she wore a smile on her face, ”Whatever. I can get this information easily. After all, nothing escapes the eyes of the king ’s shadows. ”

Elizabeth hands the purchases to the guards, ”Let ’s go back. My sister should be home now. ”

On top of a tall building, Victor was standing on the highest part of this structure.

Victor was watching all this from several miles away, he couldn ’t hear it from so far away, but he could see from that distance because of his special eyes.

’Hmm. She ’ll probably be interested in me and send someone to investigate me. ’ Victor was thinking of talking to Scathach, she seemed to know a lot about the king ’s family.

’Some kind of concealment technique, or a power I don ’t know about… This world sure is interesting~. ’ Victor had a huge smile on his face.

”M-Master, don ’t drop me. ” Yuki looked down with a bit of fear.

”Kakaka. Even being a vampire, are you afraid of heights? ”

”…This has nothing to do with being a vampire or not. ”

Seeing Yuki ’s expression, Victor felt an itch in his heart, and it was a feeling as if someone had said ’tease her ’.

And that ’s precisely what he did.

”Don ’t scream, or you ’ll bite your tongue. ”

”Huh? ”

Victor takes a step in the air, and soon gravity begins to do its work.

”!!! ” Yuki quickly hugged Victor ’s neck when she realized he was falling at high speed, and she did as he asked, she didn ’t scream, but she wanted to scream now.

”Good. ” He nodded in satisfaction.

Victor does a somersault in the air and kicks the building ’s wall, and soon he disappears from view.

His control was so perfect that he didn ’t destroy anything and didn ’t make any noise when he made all these extravagant moves.


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