My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 76: Its not like theyre trying to keep secrets.

Using the connection to his wives as a guide, Victor managed to find Scathach ’s mansion.

”Hey, Girls. I came back- ” Before Victor could finish his sentence, a Violet-shaped rocket attacked him.

”Darling~! Darling~! Darling…? ”

Violet stops snuggling and smells Victor ’s clothes:

”A woman… ” His eyes darkened, but soon she wore a confused expression, ”Wrong, is that a little girl…? ”

”Hmm… ” Violet pulls away from Victor and looks at him, ”Did you get your hands on a little girl? ”

”Kakakaka… ” Victor laughs, then he looks at Violet and says, ”When I was visiting the capital, a strange little girl approached me. ”

He started to explain to her his meeting with Ophis and Elizabeth.

In the middle of the explanation, Ruby and Sasha also appeared, accompanied by Lacus and Pepper.

”Yuki… Are you okay? ” Pepper asked, a little worried.

”Do I look okay? ” Yuki commented with a tired face.

Her elegant appearance was totally worn out, and even her hair was messed up.

”Ugh. ” Yuki put her hand over her mouth, she felt like throwing up.

”I think you should take a shower… ”

”I ’m still working- ” Before she could finish speaking, she felt someone patting her head.

”You ’re off your job today. Go rest. ” Victor chuckled, then went back to explaining what happened to his wives.

”… ” Yuki exhibited a small smile, she nodded her head and soon entered the mansion.

In a room at Scathach ’s mansion.

Victor was sitting on the couch, Violet was on his left, Sasha and Ruby were on his right.

”…Darling…How can you get in so much trouble when you ’re alone? ” Ruby asked in disbelief.

’Did he just go to a random shop and suddenly meet the king ’s two youngest daughters? Bulshit! ’ If Ruby didn ’t know Victor ’s personality and trusted her husband, she definitely wouldn ’t believe this story.

”In my defense, I was walking around the capital having fun, I didn ’t look for trouble, and it was Ophis who approached me and started calling me ’Father ’. ”

”But you could avoid that by turning down Ophis ’s request, right? You just didn ’t do it because you found it interesting. ”

”… ” Victor couldn ’t deny Sasha ’s words.

”See? He ’s a lot like my mom. ” Pepper laughed as she spoke to Eleonor.

”Shh, ” Eleonor put her hand over her mouth in a silent gesture, she looked like she was about to watch a very interesting scene.

”… ” Pepper pouted cutely.

”Letting my mother take care of you for six months was a big mistake… You ended up acquiring her quirks of looking for problems. ” Ruby commented.

”Kakakaka, no need to be so upset, I know what I ’m doing, and I do what I do on purpose. ”

”Husband, you don ’t know! They are- ”

Victor interrupted, ”They ’re from the king ’s family, and they ’re definitely going to investigate me, and they ’re going to find out about our relationship, right? And that can cause problems because some of the children or relatives of the king will not like this situation. They will think that the three families have become allies. ” He commented with a smile on his face.

”And some of those relatives are definitely going to come looking for trouble. ”

”… ” Sasha was silent.

”Sasha… My beloved wife, I ’m not stupid. ” He patted Sasha ’s head.

”Then why-. ” Violet, who was silent, was going to ask why he did it even though he knew the consequences, but Victor interrupted her:

”I did it because I wanted to. ”

”… ” She was silent.

”I do what I want, whenever I want, and wherever I want. I won ’t limit myself because I ’m afraid that ’X ’ or ’Y ’ person will be upset with my actions. ”

”And I ’m not ashamed of our relationship either. I love you girls. And this is definitely not wrong. ”

”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby ’s cheeks turned a little red at the sudden confession.

”I will live my life however I want, and if someone doesn ’t like it, they are most welcome to knock on my door. I will rip their guts out and hang it on the gate as a warning. ” He spoke with a smile that showed all his sharp teeth.

”But what if you get it wrong…? I mean, what if you make a wrong decision? ” Eleonor asked.

”If I make a mistake, I make a mistake… I ’ll just have to live with the consequences of my mistake. I ’m not a perfect being who never makes mistakes, and I also don ’t want to live by planning every step I take. That isn ’t living; that ’s just a way of mentally torturing yourself. ”

”… ” Eleonor was silent, she seemed to be thinking of something.

”And if I get it wrong… ” He showed a gentle smile, ”I also have my wives to advise me, and say something like; ’Victor, you idiot, you made a mistake. ’ ”

”I ’m not alone… My wives are my greatest allies. ”

”… ” Sasha, Violet, and Ruby showed a small smile on their faces.

They were so happy that Victor thought so deeply about them.

”Tell me, my wives. Was the decision I made today a mistake? ” He asked, still smiling.

”…If you look at the whole situation coldly… You didn ’t make a mistake because it looks like you ’ve earned the affection of the king ’s youngest daughter, ” Ruby commented, she looked like she was planning to do something.

”I don ’t know, and I don ’t care about politics either. I just don ’t like other women getting close to you! ” Violet spoke as honestly as ever.

”I think contacting the king ’s daughter now was a rash decision… Although I understand you didn ’t know that Ophis was the king ’s daughter…. ” Sasha commented.

”…See? ” He smiled and looked at Eleonor, ”My wives have different opinions from each other, and with those opinions, they can help me a lot… But in the end, I ’ll still do what I want, just as my wives will do what they want… ”

”And if any of us make a mistake, we just have to help each other, together as a family… ”

”… ” Violet, Ruby, and Sasha felt their hearts were quite sweet now, and they even had a goofy smile on their faces.

”My beloved mother always told me when I was a teenager that making mistakes is normal. Every human makes mistakes, but to keep making the same mistake is just insanity. You must learn from the mistake so that in the future you don ’t repeat the same mistake. We must always seek to improve. ”

”…Although I am no longer human, that concept still applies to me and to everyone in this room. ”

He always took his mom ’s lessons seriously since his dad just taught him not to be a coward, and he thanks his dad for teaching him that since he was little.

Seeing the faces of the women in the room, he said:

”I think I said too much, Kakakakaka. This turned out to be a moral lesson, ignore what I said, okay? Those are just my honest thoughts. ”

”It ’s okay…I could learn something from this conversation. ” Eleonor seems to have understood something.

”… ” Pepper, Lacus, and Siena also nodded in agreement with Eleonor ’s words.

”Umu! ” He nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly, he felt the presence of someone around the mansion, and Victor exhibited a smile of a predator:

”This is something Scathach always told me while I was training with her; ’Victor, you must not limit yourself, live however you want, but you must know the consequences of your choices. ’ ”

”That ’s something my mom would say…. ” Siena commented.

”… ” Everyone in the room agreed with Siena ’s words.

”You know what? I agree with Scathach. ”

”… ” Everyone in the room rolled their eyes; for them, this was no longer a novelty.

”KAKAKAKAKA! ” Scathach ’s laugh echoed throughout the mansion.

”Oh no… ” Pepper said.

”…He definitely did it on purpose. ” Lacus sighed.

”Well said, stupid disciple! ” Scathach appears behind Victor, she leans behind the couch and looks down towards Victor ’s face.

Victor lifts his face and looks into Scathach ’s green eyes:

She holds Victor ’s face and displays a distorted smile:

”Why live limiting yourself? Why live by the rules of others? Why live always planning the future? That is not life. ”

”Just do what you want. So what if you make a mistake? Just don ’t make the same mistake in the future! You should just move on and never give up on the path you ’ve chosen; that ’s the way of life I live. Living this way is a lot more fun, right~? ”

Victor ’s teeth sharpened, his smile grew, and his red eyes glowed:

”Indeed… Indeed, it ’s a lot more fun to live like this. ”

”Pfff…KAKAKAKA! ” Scathach laughed madly; it was like she found something hilarious.

”KAKAKAKAKA, ” Victor started laughing along.

”… ” Violet, Sasha, and Ruby didn ’t know how to react to their words, but one thing they were sure of, it was a mistake to let Victor stay with Scathach for six months! Just what has he become!?

By teaching Victor, Scathach basically created a version of her in male form!

They could handle one Scathach… But two!? Two is impossible!

”…Now, I understand why my mother reacts so much to Victor… ” Siena commented in a low voice.

Lacus, Pepper, and Eleonor looked at Siena.

”They ’re the same… ” But, then, she corrected her words, ”I mean, they ’re not exactly the same because that ’s impossible; after all, no one is the exact same as anyone. ”

”What I mean is that the starting point of the thoughts that dictate their actions are the same. I think that ’s why my mother reacts so much to Victor… She found someone who is similar to her… ”

”… ” Hearing what Siena said, the women looked at Scathach, who had stopped laughing, and was sitting next to Victor.

”… You may be correct, sister… ” Lacus commented, then she added, ”But Victor is still not as crazy as my mother, he has not experienced tragedies or fought wars, he is very green… ”

”Yes, but the seed is there, and that similar way of thinking has been there from the beginning. He just has to experience it… And, when he experiences it, he will turn into something terrifying… ”

”… ” Lacus was silent, but inwardly she agreed with Siena ’s words.

”War…Huh. ” Eleonor seemed to be thinking of something, she looked at Victor, and for a moment, her eyes flickered with interest.


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