My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 86: How can I not be excited?

”This power… ” The audience was speechless, especially the younger vampires.

”How did he achieve this form despite being so young? It ’s impossible! ” Some were unbelievers.

”OHHHHH! That ’s what I wanted to see! Now it ’s interesting! ” The most bored vampires didn ’t care; they just wanted to have fun.

”Hey blond boy, show me something interesting too! ”

The two fighters ignored the voices of vampires from the audience and focused their attention on each other.

”Father… ” Zwei spoke in a neutral voice, but one that held a sense of warning.

”I know. It ’s all right. It ’s not like it ’s rare for the sons of vampire counts to take that form. ” Niklaus didn ’t look worried.

Jessica looked intently at the arena. Although this was a power she still hadn ’t quite grasped, she hoped that by watching her brother do it, she might understand something.

”Lady Victoria… ” Hecate looked worried.

”…It ’s okay… My son can win, but…. ” After seeing the form her son ’s opponent took, she thought; ’These damn geniuses, how old is he? Only 105? And even though he ’s so young, can he take that form? ’

She was really starting to get worried about her son. Even though her son is a full-fledged genius, he hasn ’t released this transformation yet! She knows it ’s foolish to just let him fight without using all of his powers…

But despite knowing this, she ’s still a mother, she wants the best for her son and doesn ’t want to involve her son in Clan Fulger ’s schemes.

”…Hecate. If things get bad, send him a message telling him to use all his powers. ”

”…What about the Fulger clan? ”

”I ’ll deal with those bastards later, but first, we must win this game. ”

But despite being a mother who wants the best for her child. She was an ambitious woman. A contradiction of ambition, desire, and a mother ’s affection.

”I see. I will get the message across if something happens. ”

Crack! Crack!

Sounds of breaking glass can be heard. It felt like reality was breaking…

”This reality will decay in the face of my power! ” He raised his hands, and his power seemed to cover all the space around him.

The moment he raised his hand, the world around him began to rot, and slowly, the illusion disappeared and showed Tatsuya, who had a surprised expression on his cold face.

Einer broke Tatsuya ’s power with sheer brute force!

”And to think you surpassed my power with pure strength… And there ’s also this transformation… Do you call it Vampire Count Form? ”

”Are you scared now? Don ’t be. We ’ve just started. ” Einer ’s smile grew.

”Wrong…I ’m not scared. I just realized that I still have a lot to improve… that ’s a good thing. ” Tatsuya braced himself.

”I see. ” Einer didn ’t care. Einer ’s wings of power seemed to grow, and, as soon as he rose into the air, he spread his wings.

Black thorns began to grow inside the wings, and soon a shower of thorns flew towards Tatsuya.

Using a foot movement that would be the envy of any martial artist, Tatsuya dodged all the thorns.

He seemed to be dancing in the middle of the arena and avoided all attacks with as little effort as possible.

The thorns hitting the arena seemed to be causing a decaying effect, and the ground was becoming unstable.

But for Tatsuya, it wasn ’t a bother; he just realized that he shouldn ’t let those thorns touch his katana.

”His footwork is awesome. I want this technique… ” Scathach and Victor ’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

As two beings who were always wanting to get stronger, seeing a new technique was something that made them very interested.

Scathach; ’Does this look like a Japanese martial art? But it seems that whoever invented this martial art adapted it for use by vampires… ’ As a 2,000-year-old vampire, she could already understand the technique with just a glance.

And it took less than 10 seconds for her to understand that this technique was useless for her. After all, she had something like that, and the technique Tatsuya used was created specifically for Katana users.

But she thought it didn ’t hurt to learn, and, because of that, she just watched the boy fight. By doing that, she could learn faster since, as a master of all martial arts, it was something simple for her to do.

”Interesting… It ’s very similar to the technique I use, but it ’s more refined…. ” Lacus was interested in the match now. The vampire count form and Tatsuya ’s footwork caught her attention.

Sasha had the same feeling as Lacus, but she didn ’t want the speed, she wanted that calm that man has; even being in danger, his emotions were never altered.

She wanted that, and this thought was shared by Violet, she knows that one of her weaknesses is that she loses control of her emotions too easily.

”Tsk. ” Seeing that he wasn ’t making any progress, Einer decided to change his strategy.

”Cocoon. ” He whispered in a low voice.

Soon several black thorns came out from under the arena and formed a black cocoon.

”Hey!! I can ’t see the fight that way! ” The audience complained.

”Yes! Yes! Do something! It was just starting to get interesting! You mother fucker! ”

”Do not worry! ” The referee acted quickly, then used a magical observation device, and soon their fight could be seen through the giant hologram that was floating above the arena.

Using the cocoon as a means of using his powers, Einer was throwing several thorns at Tatsuya, a simple overpowering tactic.

”This is getting complicated…. ” Tatsuya whispered while dodging the black thorns. Then, realizing he was getting cornered with each passing minute, ”I don ’t have any choice…. ” He decided to do something.

His eyes began to glow blood red, and golden energy began to shine in his Katana, ”I ’m sorry, Mother. I will be rebellious today. ”

He suddenly stopped moving and assumed an Iaijutsu stance.

”I got you! ” Einer yelled excitedly. He was finally going to kill this slippery eel! He completely forgot that he shouldn ’t kill opponents.

”Ryujin… ” Tatsuya whispered in a low voice as a colossal pressure started to come out of his body, and that pressure crushed all the black thorns. He drew the Katana from its scabbard, and everyone could see only the wake of the Katana attacking the air.

”Hakai no Sora. ”


The image of an oriental dragon with blue eyes and golden scales that appeared to be covered in lightning seemed to come out of Tatsuya ’s sword, and it flew towards Einer.

”What!? ” Einer quickly fled from Tatsuya ’s attack; he was not foolish enough to try to defend against that attack.

The dragon destroyed the cocoon easily and continued to fly towards the dark skies of Nightingale.

”That is! ” Sasha rose from her throne and looked at the dragon in shock, ”He has the power of my Clan!? ”

”… ” A moment of silence descended throughout the arena.

”OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ” This time everyone was impressed.

”That was amazing, blonde boy! ”

”Incredible! ”

”Do it again! ”

The audience looked like excited children now.

”… Tatsuya… ”

”Maybe it ’s better this way, ” Hecate spoke to Victoria.

”That ’s not what I ’m surprised at. ”

”Oh, he disobeyed you, huh? ”

”Yes, he was always an obedient boy. ” Victoria wasn ’t angry, she was just surprised that Tatsuya disobeyed her.

Einer continued watching the dragon until it disappeared completely. Then, he looked at Tatsuya, his eyes glowing for a few seconds. After that, he descended from the heavens, took his transformation off, and created a Rapier with his powers.

He positions Rapier in front of him and takes a fighting stance.

”Oh? ” Tatsuya was curious.

”I ’m just wasting energy uselessly, you ’re too fast, and my powers won ’t hit you. ” He looked completely different. Even his voice became more serious.

”This is the most efficient tactic. ” He understood that he couldn ’t overcome Tatsuya with raw power, and he also could only assume that form for a few minutes before he was completely exhausted; he didn ’t want to risk losing because of that.

”I wonder if this is a good idea. How are you going to hit me if you don ’t understand me? ” Tatsuya exhibited a small smile.

”You ’re wrong. ” Einer disappeared and moved in front of Tatsuya.

Soon the two blades collide in the middle of the arena. Tatsuya tried to use his powers to deceive the opponent, created a mirage of himself, then backed off.

But he was surprised when Einer ignored his mirage and ran towards him.

Again the two blades collide.

”Now, I ’understand ’ you. ” He displayed a small neutral smile.

”… ” Tatsuya exhibited a slight smile, ”I wonder about that. ”

Soon the two collide again and begin to fight.

Crack! Crack!

Broken ice sounds can be heard. Everyone looks at Victor and sees him squeezing the armrest of the ice throne as if holding on to keep from jumping into the arena and fighting.

A frightening pressure began to leave Victor ’s body, and his smile only grew and grew. But, this time, the pressure felt more terrifying, and it seemed to be affecting everything around.

Some places in the room seemed to be hot like the desert, some places seemed to be cold like the North Pole, some places in the room were making small sounds of electricity crackling.

”!!! ” Eleonor, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper quickly left the part that was too hot and went to the part that was cold.

”Heh~ ” Scathach flashed a small smile, she completely understood how Victor was feeling.

”V-Victor? Stop-… Hiiii! ” Pepper tried to talk to Victor, but she couldn ’t, she quickly fled behind her sister, she knew the place near Victor ’s wives was the safest.

”…Monster. ” Eleonor and Elizabeth spoke at the same time when they realized that this was being caused by Victor.

Elizabeth was the most shocked: ’That man has the powers of the three strongest Clans!? What in the seven hells is going on!? ’ She felt that she needed to find out what was going on. As a princess, she started to think that the three clans came together and decided to create a monster, and the result of that is Victor.

”Ahhh~… ” Victor let the air out of his lungs, the air seemed to be very hot, and while keeping his smile:

”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ” He started laughing madly.

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