My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 92: Tatsuya Gained a Friend...

One day after the events of the game between Clan Horseman and Clan Rider…

A pale-skinned woman with long white hair, wearing only a black nightgown, was sleeping in a King Size bed.

The bed was completely messed up, as if several people were sleeping in it.

The woman turns her body to the side and touches the bed as if looking for someone.

”Hmmm… ” Violet slowly opens her eyes, ”Darling…? ”

”!!! ” Realizing that Victor wasn ’t in bed, she quickly opened her eyes and sat up in bed.

The first thing she heard when she sat up in bed was:

[Countess Scathach Scarlett surprised everyone yesterday when she introduced her new disciple-.]

Suddenly the voice changed to that of a woman.

[What kind of connection does this man have with the three-]

”Tsk. ” She hears Ruby ’s annoyed voice, and soon the woman ’s voice is completely silenced.

”They ’re still talking about it… ” Sasha spoke in a sleepy voice.

”They ’re going to talk about it for a long time… And it ’s only been a day, ” Ruby said.

”One day is a long time! They should have forgotten already! But… ” Sasha knew she was asking the impossible. After all, vampires wouldn ’t forget so easily.

”Our husband caused chaos yesterday. The existence of a vampire who can use all three powers has shaken the entire vampire community… I think it ’s still not a good idea that he ’s demonstrated his capabilities. ” Sasha continued.

”It ’s not like he would listen to us. ” Ruby rolled her eyes.

”Indeed… He ’s surprisingly proud. ” Sasha grumbled a little.

”Well, he ’s a vampire, ” Ruby spoke.

”…Although his pride is only in matters involving fights. ” Sasha seemed to be thinking of something.

”That ’s true… ” Ruby nodded.

Violet looks toward the two women. Ruby and Sasha were sitting on a spacious sofa, and, just like Violet, they were just wearing a nightgown.

Ruby was wearing a very comfortable and provocative red nightgown, while Sasha was wearing a white nightgown that looked quite noble and innocent.

The two women were watching TV, the news channel from the vampire world. Despite being called the news channel, the entire vampire community knew that these news channels were gossip channels.

As a society that has been around for a long time, they have several companies that provide entertainment for these bored vampires, and gossip channels are the most popular.

Everyone wants to know what the famous are doing, right? Although some find this type of channel a waste of time, at the end of the day, they will watch these channels if they are interested in a famous figure currently being discussed.

Because of this, gossip channels are quite popular in the vampire world.

After the fight that took place yesterday, the channels kept talking about Victor, Scathach ’s new disciple, and his possible connection to the three great clans of vampire counts.

The vampire world community was dying to know who this man was. They were hunting for any information about this man, but it proved quite difficult despite his efforts to get any information about him. Since anything related to Scathach was deeply hidden, and no one dared to provoke the wrath of that madwoman.

After all, they don ’t know if at any moment that woman is going to knock on their door and cause mass destruction.

Suddenly everyone hears the sound of a phone ringing.

”Tsk. ”

Violet heard Sasha ’s annoyed voice.

”Are they still calling? ” Ruby asked.

”Yes. I don ’t want to answer and hear my mom ’s bullshit. ” Sasha was quite annoyed.

”I think she was surprised to find out about your relationship with Victor, especially since she wasn ’t informed, right? ”

”It ’s not like she cares either, she only cares about her image… And probably, she ’s just curious like all vampires, considering, in that game, Victor was using our family ’s last names… ”

”… ” The two women were silent for a long time, their eyes opened completely, they seemed to have discovered something.


Ruby sighed, ”My mom did it on purpose, right? ”

”Yes… ” Sasha nodded.

”I wonder what she ’s thinking. ” Sasha continued.

”She ’s probably just bored, and she ’s looking for some entertainment, and shaking up the whole vampire society seemed like something she ’d like to do. ”

”Hmm… ” Sasha started to think deeply.

”Where is my Darling? ” Violet finally asked.

”He said he was going to visit his new ’friends ’. ” Ruby spoke, she wasn ’t surprised to hear Violet ’s voice, she had already realized that the woman had already woken up.

”… ” Violet was silent, she seemed to be thinking of something.

”Aren ’t you going to get ready? ” Sasha asked.

”Huh? ” Violet didn ’t understand.

”You forgot? ” Ruby looked at Violet with a face of disbelief.

”…Hmm? ” Violet puts her hand to her chin and starts to think, but in the end, she couldn ’t remember, she could only think about Victor ’s blood that she ’d sucked last night.

”Today is that day. ” Sasha illuminated Violet knowingly.

”…Oh… ”

”… Are you okay? I thought you would be more excited. ” Sasha continued, finding Violet ’s reaction strange. Normally, she was supposed to be screaming around excited. Did she eat something bad?

”I ’m excited!… But I also wanted to just stay in bed with my Darling~ and drink his blood…Maybe do this and that, hehehehe~ ” She lay back on the bed and grabbed the pillow, and began to laugh with a perverted smile.

She sniffed the pillow, ”Ahhh~, Darling~. ”

”… ” Ruby and Sasha rolled their eyes when they saw Violet ’s attitude, but…

”Actually…I think this is a good idea since we haven ’t had a lot of time with our husband these days. ” Ruby spoke after thinking about it a bit.

”Hmm. Soon we will be returning to the human world, our husband misses his family, and we can spend a lot of time with him. ” Sasha spoke.

”…That ’s true. It ’s been six months since Victor arrived in this world. Our husband ’s mother must be worried. ” Ruby nodded.

”I have some unfinished business in the human world too. ” Sasha ’s eyes gleamed with a dangerous glint.

”Don ’t do anything stupid. ”

”Indeed. Darling would be sad if you did something like that. ” Violet suddenly sat up in bed and looked at Sasha.

”I know. I will ask for your help when the time comes. You will help me, right? ” Sasha smiled.

”… ” Ruby and Violet were a little shocked when they heard Sasha ’s words, but soon they both flashed a small smile and spoke at the same time.

”Of course. ”

Victoria Rider mansion.

A man wearing an all-black suit was walking calmly through the corridors of Victoria ’s mansion.

Strangely, despite passing by several vampires, these vampires could not feel this man. The image of this man seemed to be blurry, and no one could feel his presence.

”Tic~, Toc~. I arrived Bitches! ” Victor suddenly opens the door, he came to this place to visit his new friend! Who was his friend?

Tatsuya Rider, of course!

After the fight, Victor felt like fighting his new friends! And because of that, he went to visit!

”Oh? ” Upon entering the room, the image of a blond man did not appear in his vision, and instead…

”… ” Victoria looked at Victor with a neutral gaze, she was in the middle of changing clothes.

Pale skin, slim body, B-Cup breasts with little pink nipples, a small pert ass. Victoria ’s appearance was what you expected from a noblewoman.

Victor looks Victoria up and down, then he nods, ”As expected, genes are an unfair thing sometimes. ”

”Heh~ ” A vein pops in Victoria ’s head, ”I wonder what you mean by that… ” Her eyes changed to blood red.

”I was comparing you to my wife Sasha, ” Victor was brutally honest as usual.

Victoria ’s eyes seemed to sharpen, ”…By Sasha…Are you talking about my niece, Sasha Fulger? ” She wouldn ’t let this information go unnoticed, and she wasn ’t a little girl either who would scream when a man saw her naked body…

As a woman of high status, she would usually order this man killed. Or, she would personally kill the man who saw her naked body without permission, but that is impossible to do with this man.

”Who else would it be? ” Victor replied, and soon he lost interest in Victoria. He started walking around the room while looking around like he was looking for something, and his eyes seemed to be glowing a little red.

”… ” Victoria nodded, she learned something new. ’So that ’s why he has the surname of Clan Fulger… Wait, what about the other clans!? Don ’t tell me he ’s married to members of the other clans? Scathach has confirmed that he is her son-in-law, so which daughter is he married to? Ruby? Lacus? Siena? Maybe it ’s Pepper? What about the Snow Clan? ’

Her head was spinning too fast in an attempt to absorb the information she just learned, she even forgot to wear her clothes.

”Tatsuya~. Tatsuya~. Where are you~. ” Victor looked like a child who was looking for his childhood friend.

”… ” Victoria was speechless when she saw Victor ’s reaction, she was actually doubting her appearance now. ’Why didn ’t he react to me? Am I not cute!? ’ That ’s what she thought.

As a woman, she was proud of her appearance and seeing someone so…insensitive. It bothered her a little. ’He is gay? But that ’s impossible… He ’s married… Hmmm ’

Victoria couldn ’t accept the fact that she didn ’t attract a man ’s attention; it hurt her pride a little.

What she didn ’t know was that Victor has no interest in women who don ’t have the ’quality ’ he likes best, and he was also too loyal to his wives to try to look out for other women.

Victor ’s eyes suddenly stop in front of a wall. ”I found you~ ” Victor ’s smile grew unnaturally.

Victor gently touched the wall and, soon, the magic circles on his glove began to glow.

’These symbols…. ’ As a woman who had always had hired witches around, she knew a little bit of magic, and it took only a glance to understand the incantation; ’Restriction? ’

Victoria ’s face darkened a little when she realized that Victor was holding back in the fight with Tatsuya and Einer.

Suddenly Victor ’s image began to distort, and soon he was through the wall.

”!!! ” Once again, Victoria was surprised; ’Monster… ’ That was the only thing that crossed her mind, since she knows how difficult it is to do what Victor just did, and he did it so naturally like it was too easy.


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